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Grade 4 weekly newsletter 1

Published by sheejajayagopal, 2019-11-07 12:32:07

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DUNES INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Volume 5 Issue 4 ACADEMIC SESSION 2019-2020 3rd– 7th November 2019 Sneak Peek  Carnival will be held on ‘Coming together is the beginning; keeping together November14 ,2019. It will be a non instruction- is the progress; working together is success.’ al day for the students. They can come to school Children performed mime under the value of cooper- at 5 p.m. in the evening ation and teamwork as a theatrical medium or as along with their parents. a performance art. They involve themselves in acting out a situation through body motions, without the  Each student to bring a use of speech. They distinguished silent come- story book to create a dy, in which they acted as a character without classroom library. sound. They facilitate a silent communication by fos- tering an atmosphere of mutual support in which  As school observes chil- each participants of the team feels supported by the dren’s day on 13th No- others. This silent communication between team vember, students can members increases feelings of solidarity as everyone come in colour dress. begins to develop similar ideas about where their  Moral Science and Islam- ic Studies weekly test will be conducted on

Dunes International School joined in the UAE Flag Day celebrations held nationwide on Sunday, 2nd November, 2019 with respect and fervour. The UAE Flag symbolizes the country‛s unity and greatness and represents the as- pirations of the people in UAE. The students were fascinated to learn about the significance of the red, green, white and black colours of the UAE Flag. The entire school gathered for the flag-hoisting ceremony that commenced at 11 am. The oc- casion was graced by our Principal who hoisted the flag . The UAE National An- them was enthusiastically sung by all teachers, students and non-teaching staff who were present for the event. The day commemorated the contribution of the founding fathers of UAE and saluted the country‛s leadership. The children carried the decorated flags on their way back home from school with immense pride and a sense of belonging to UAE.

“Of all the arts in which the wise excel, Nature’s chief masterpiece is writing well” The students from grade 3 to 5 had an interactive session with the author Pablo Harren and experienced him speaking about his interest in writing books and film making. He spoke about how writing helps him to be more cre- ative and keep away the problems and struggles from life. He made the students understand the importance of writing and how they can be happy by reading books. The students enjoyed asking him questions about what inspired him to write books and learnt many ways to develop a story and be creative while writing a story. He developed the interest in students of writing by giving them few words to form stories. The students enjoyed making short stories and shared their stories with Mr. Pablo. He was happy to hear the creative short stories made by the stu- dents. It was overall a unique learning experience for the

Dunes International school hosted UAE Social studies forum on 6th of No- vember in which 7 CBSE schools of Abu Dhabi participated. The forum fo- cused on the best practices and assessment strategies used in the school to impart UAE social studies. The participant teachers shared the best activities and assessment practices in the curriculum. The workshop overall proved to be highly productive. The core outcome of the workshop was to discuss the importance of AFL strategies to enhance stu- dents learning and realize the importance of the use of assessment data to enhance the learning outcomes. The teachers raised the concerns regarding the challenges like time constraint and inclusion of more number of lessons in the curriculum.

‘Beautiful hair with beautiful care’ The most important aspect of maintaining good health is good personal hy- giene. Hair care is an important part of our hygienic routine as it involves proper grooming to lead a healthy life. With an aim to impart hair-health edu- cation in children, Dunes International School arranged a ‘Hair Care Program’ for the students of Grade 3 to 5. The session facilitated by Ms. Noor Al Anssari of Care Direct Health Cares, Dubai. The presence of ‘Mama Moov’ mascot

SAFE TOUCH SESSION WITH COUNSELLOR To make students aware of the feelings in the body and how to identify the good touch and the bad touch, a session was conducted by our counsellor. Students were briefed how to be away from the strangers and to identify their touch.

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Our leadership team at Dunes con- ducted a friendly football match be- tween the school team and the school bus drivers. We express our gratitude for their consistent commitment to the safety and well being of all the stu- “Every child is an artist” - By Pablo Picasso The students of Dunes International School partici- pated in Inter School Art Competition on November 6, 2019. It was a proud moment when it was de- clared that our school had received laurels. It was a day where creativity exploded in every piece of art. It was a wonderful opportunity for our students to dis- play their imagination run wild and create absolute magic. It was indeed a very successful event and a



Oral health enables an individual to speak, eat and social- ize without active disease, discomfort or embarrassment. Oral health is fundamental to general health and wellbe- ing, significantly impacting on quality of life. Oral health is often taken for granted but is an essential part of everyday life. Students were able to design a dental friendly poster, write about the problem caused due to poor oral health and oral awareness promoted by Abu Dhabi Smiles. They understood the importance of oral health and promised to follow the oral health diet.

Questions are the heart of discus- sion. A great question will chal- lenge students, sparking collabo- rative thought-provoking class conversations that lead students to communicate with their peers. If the right questions are asked, students will be thoroughly en- gaged in the discussion, where they will share prepared and re- searched ideas, explore thoughts and reflections and actively prac- tice 21st century skills such as:  communication  critical thinking  collaboration  creativity problem solving grade 4 students actively partici- pated in the activity. They framed the questions and discussed with other group members.

A character Profile One of the most important elements of writing fiction is the task of writing character profiles for the most important characters in story or a poem. Character profiles can be as simple or as complex as you need them to be, if they help you to develop and maintain the im- portant characteristics of the people within your writing. Children created a character pro- file of an English poet ‘Jack Prelutsky’. They have written about his literary career including his personal details.

A Venn diagram is a diagram that shows all possi- ble logical relations between two places or things. It helps to structure the way students think about the similarities and differences between concepts. Here a simple Venn diagram used to compare two important mineral resources of India- Metal miner- als and non- metal minerals. Students explored the symbol of a metallic mineral like ‘Cu’ for copper and ‘Fe’ for Iron from the periodic table. Cross curricular links always makes the subject more interesting.

Book Buffet This activity was used to introduce to the students a variety of French books available in the school Li- brary. This method helped to expose the students to a different world which they might not have come across on their own. The students were introduced with new vocabularies and they could make use of their Dictionary in an effec- tive way.

Water colour is a painting method in which the paints are made of pigments suspended in a wa- ter-based solution. Watercolor refers to both the medium and the resulting artwork. The most common support material to which the paint is applied for watercolor paintings is paper. Students of grade 4 are learning basic Japa- nese water colour paintings techniques they are learning

THE ROOTS OF TOLERANCE IN The 8 L’s of Parenting UAE SOCIETY 1. LOVE your child. For your child to be The location of the UAE continues successful, he or she must feel valued. to play a critical role in entrench- Your gentle touches, smiles and hugs ing the values of acceptance and communicate love. openness. 2. LOOK for the good in your child and Pre-oil economic activities make specific comments on what he or she like fishing, raising livestock and does well. You must believe in your child's pearling helped strength- worth before he or she can believe it. en cooperation and solidarity among people. 3. LISTEN, without judgment, to your child express his or her thoughts and feel- Mechanisms to settle disputes ings. If you do not listen, your child may among traditional tribal society attempt to gain your attention by misbe- played an important role in en- having. hancing the values of tolerance. 4. LAUGH with your child, not at him or The principle of tolerance was in- her. Laugh and play together. strumental in overcoming disa- greement, as well as fostering a 5. LABOUR diligently and with pride so unification of positions and aims. that your child will want to work hard, and do his or her best. 6. LEARN new information. Take the time to read and thus instill a love of learning. 7. LEAVE the television and other media 10.11.2019 Moral Science/ 12.11.2019

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