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Grade 3 weekly newsletter

Published by sheejajayagopal, 2019-10-03 09:34:41

Description: Grade 3 weekly newsletter


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DUNES INTERNATIONALSCHOOL Volume 5 Issue 1 ACADEMIC SESSION 2019-2020 Sneak Peek 29th Sep- 3rd Oct 2019 REMINDER World Heart Day  Encourage your ward to World Heart Day is a reminder to each one of us about this life sustain- participate in Spell bee competition. For details ing organ and Marking this day globally aims to increase public awareness please refer the circular . and promote preventive measures to reduce the global incidence of cardi- ovascular disease (heart disease and stroke). To achieve this, Students  Enroll your ward for the must be educated and be aware of how they can lead a heart healthy life- Asset exam as it is man- style. Dunes International School marked this day by organizing numerous datory activities; of which CPR session conducted by Ahalia hospital .  Kindly refer the portal Facilitated by Ms. Neenu Joseph and Ms. Shruthi Rajagopal impinged the for revision worksheet students on measurements one should take in case of any heart related and answer key. emergencies. Replica of huge heart displayed in the reception area attract- ed everyone’s attention and the students stapled their messages of the  SEP and support classes day. The morning assembly resplendently showed the importance of a will resume after the ex- heart healthy lifestyle. The students, staff and parents pledged to live a am. precautious life and avoid any admonitory actions that could threat our heart.  Students will disperse at 12 noon from 9thOctober to 17th October.

TRUTH AND NONVIOLENCE are generally considered to be the two key ingredients of Gandhian thought. It is possible to pursue one without the other. It is thus possible to pursue truth without being nonviolent. Students of grade 2 D presented an as- sembly on values taught by Ghandiji. Values of honesty and cleanliness were presented in the form f short skits and also highlighted nonviolence as another important value of Ghandiji. A PPT on life of Ghandhiji prepared by the senior students was shown to the students. A PPT was presented to enlighten the stu- dents about the life of Gandhiji and his views .

Haseebuddin -3A Miffin Timothy -3B Aaryan Satheesh -3C


Quiz time Quiz is a test of knowledge especially following a les- son or series of lessons, the teacher and the child were able to use the result to determine what spe- cific areas the child has missed in learning. Its objec- tive is to motivate students to look beyond their tex- tual knowledge. It does not only promote a fun way to study but also encourages students to think out of the box. A quiz was conducted in the class which covered all the key points of the topic. Each team was able to explore their knowledge and develop a sense of searching and inquiry. Quiz also helped in developing a sense of participation and co-operation and learn from their mistakes.

Puzzle time Math puzzles are one of the best way to encourage student engagement. Students were given to com- plete the puzzle by solving the problems and find out the name of a person. It helped them to en- hance their problem solving and critical thinking skills. They enjoyed this activity with enthusiasm. They solved the puzzle and found out the name of the person, Hazza Al Mansouri ,who became the first astronaut from UAE.

National games of UAE.  Every country shows his identity in differ ent ways such as their traditional costumes, games, food, art, music, dance, different customs and traditions.  Grade 3 Student wrote about their identity- the games played in UAE.  Students wrote about different games. They drew and pasted pictures of the games. They were eager to tell about these games .

A mind map is a graphical way to represent ideas and con- cepts. It is a visual thinking tool that helps structuring information, analyze, compre- hend, synthesize, recall and generate new ideas. Grade3 students by using this mind map tool, recreated the topic, Kolkata. Apart from the con- tent from the lesson, they added more concepts from the extensional learning prac- tice

DAYS OF THE WEEK In this activity, the students learned the days of the week in Arabic. The students drew a mind map and wrote the days of the week on it .

Topic: Adhan Objective: Able to explain the additional phrase in Fajr Adhan. “If people came to know the blessings of calling Adhan and standing in first row, they could do nothing but would draw lots to secure these privileges” Al-Bukhari and Muslim The students of grade 3 enthusiastically participated in the activity done in the class. They made a card “As-Salatu Khairum Min- Nan-Nawm” in Arabic and in English. Some of them called Adhan in a beauti- ful melodeous voice in the class.

Keeping rhythm in music is like walking with coordination. Students learned how to keep beat with shakers, cabassa and tambourine. This is a fun routine where children learn different instruments as well, which increases their learning capabilities.

Year Of Tolerance Digital addiction in kids H.H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Digital Children insist that playing endless Chairman of the Supreme National Com- hours of video games makes them happy. mittee of the 'Year of Tolerance', presided But too much screen time is bad for their over the committee's meeting in the pres- psychological well-being. ence of Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Na- hyan, Minister of Tolerance and the Com- Study shows that children who spent less mittee's Vice Chairman. time on their digital devices and more time on non-screen activities, like sports, Sheikh Abdullah welcomed the members homework, religious services, and other of the committee, stressing the importance in-person activities are happier. of consolidating values of tolerance within the UAE community through sustainable Limit access when doing family activities, initiatives and projects that enhance the riding in the car, or when playing outside. role of the UAE as a global capital for toler- And set clear guidelines about how much ance, civilizational coexistence and human time child can spend watching TV and brotherhood. using the computer. The Supreme National Committee for Tol- erance said that the law on the licensing of places of worship in the UAE is in its final stages, which includes the required condi- tions and standards for licensing places of worship in a way that reflects the image of tolerance on the land of the state. What next Day / Date Subject Science Wednesday Wednesday Islamic Education/Moral 09.10.2019 09.10.2019 Science Half Yearly Exam Thursday SST begins 10.10.2019 Arabic Sunday 13.10.2019 Math Monday Hindi 14.10.2019 English Tuesday 15.10.2019 Wednesday 16.10.2019 Thursday 17.10.2019

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