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VIEO Newsletter 2018 (3rd-4th QTR) - Final Revised

Published by molissa.brin, 2018-12-28 12:27:13

Description: VIEO Newsletter 2018 (3rd-4th QTR) - Final Revised


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UNITED STATES VIRGIN ISLANDS VIRGIN ISLANDS ENERGY OFFICE 3rd—4th QUARTER EDITION 2018VIEO SERVICES & ACT 7075...It’s the Law!PROGRAMS: USVI Solar Water Heater Requirement E n e r g y E d u c a ti o n P r e s e n t a ti o n s f o r The Virgin Islands Renewable and Alternative Energy Act of 2009 Government, Community Chapter 23, Subchapter II O r g a n i z a ti o n s , K - 1 2 School & Summer § 1122—Installation of solar equipment in new developments Programs (a) In the construction of new developments or Rebate & Loan substantially modified developments after the Programs effective date of this subchapter, the developer shall use energy-efficient solar systems for providing not W e a t h e r i z a ti o n less than 70% of water heating, unless the Assistance Program Commissioner of the Department determines that the use of such a system is not cost-effective or interferesUPCOMING EVENTS: or conflicts with the use of the building. BORDEAUX FARMERS (“Department” means Department of Planning and Natural Resources) Direct Circulation System AGRICULTURAL & CULTURAL VEGAN FOOD FAIR Be an ENERGY STAR® with Rebates January 2019 ST. CROIX AGRIFEST February 2019 JUNIOR SOLAR SPRINT & KIDWIND CHALLENGE March 2019INSIDE THIS ISSUE: ENERGY EFFICIENCY & RENEWABLE ENERGY REBATE PROGRAMUSVI Solar Water Heater 1RequirementWhat You Should Know 2 Air Purifiers Light FixturesBefore Going Off-grid Ceiling Fans PrintersPublic Outreach 3 Computers & Tablets Roof CoatingUnderstanding the 3 Computer Monitors SkylightsEnergyGuide Label The purpose of the Energy Dehumidifiers Smart Thermostats Efficiency & Renewable EnergyWeatherization 4 (EERE) Rebate Program is to spurAssistance Program economic activity in the USVI and invest in long-term energy savings Doors UPS Battery Backups by helping consumers replaceLighting Tips & Special 4 older, inefficient appliances with Gas Dryers Ventilation FansFeatures new, efficient models. Visit for Gas Tankless Water Heaters Water Coolers information on eligible products.STX: (340) 713-8436 LED Light Bulbs WindowsSTT: (340) 714-8436Websites: Commercial & Residential Dishwashers &

PAGE 2What You Should Know Before Going Off-grid Going off-grid means Roof space for solar panels Battery safety risks shading, azimuth, and pitch.totally disconnecting from theVI Water and Power Authority Is there enough of your roof All battery types have risks Shading can come from(WAPA) electricity network in the sun for the amount of including explosion, fire, and various obstacles or it can varyand relying on your own panels you’ll need? chemical leakage. They can by the season. Solar installerselectricity generation, without also be the most expensive use specialized shading toolsthe grid as back-up. Back-up power generation component of the system. that analyze and account for shading throughout the year.Here are some things to Your system won’t supply Ongoing costsconsider power under the following The solar azimuth is used toPayback on your investment conditions: if the battery System components have calculate the orientation of the The purchase price has been discharged, a different warranty periods, panels toward the direction Solar panel capacity system fault or breakage and repairs could be costly. where the sun is shining from, required Battery/storage capacity occurs, or equipment is System maintenance as it dictates how much of the being serviced. sun will be shining on the required System maintenance Spikes in your power use Regular services by an panel. electrical professional are costs (annual servicing) The inverter must be able to essential. Is there someone Pitch, or the tilt, of how the Pricing fluctuations in supply high start-up power to call early in the morning or panels are laid out is the least in addition to other late at night for assistance? important of the three, but it electricity market electricity loads that may does affect production. Your electricity usage — run simultaneously. Understanding the solar The National Renewable Energy daily peak demand Lifestyle changes production estimate Laboratory (NREL) operates an Energy saving habits and online calculator which calculates appliances will help to Production estimates can vary how much a solar system will prevent your system from greatly, depending on many produce. Use it to compare not having enough power to factors, and is dependent on against solar company quotes. run your home. the Right Generator for Your Residence GENERATOR TYPE WATTS PROS CONS Recreational Inverter Up to 2,000 Lightest type, quiet, no Cannot connect to circuit installation costs, easy to store breaker panel or used to and transport power devices without a standard plug Midsized Inverter Up to 3,500 Lightweight, quiet, efficient, capable of keeping the fridge Generally power only Add up the wattage of everything you & lights running for 8 to 18 110-V items with standardwant to power during an outage, but keep in hours using only 2 to 3 gallons two or three-prong plugmind some appliances draw more wattage of gasmomentarily when they’re cycling on. Surgewatts can throw off your calculations if you Portable Up to 7,500 Certain models can meet Expensive to connect todon’t account for them. Additionally, how household power demands, circuit breaker panel,much wattage your hardwired appliances connect to your breaker panel noisier than other type ofrequire is a question for your electrician. with a transfer switch to run generators, only runs on hardwired equipment gasoline For more information, visit Large Inverter Up to 7,500 Can connect to breaker panel Expensive, cannot run onto-choose-the-right-size-generator/. to run hardwired equipment, natural gas or propane quiet, produces steady power ideal for sensitive equipment, fuel efficient Home Standby Up to 20,000 Permanently installed, Expensive, cannot be automatic to provide installed in low-lying uninterrupted current, can run areas prone to flooding on natural gas or propane

PAGE 3 3rd—4th QUARTER EDITION 2018Public Outreach USVI AGRIFEST 2018 Estate Lower Love Fairgrounds, St. CroixUnderstanding the EnergyGuide Label  All appliances do not have EnergyGuide labels.  The estimate is based on typical use and national average price for electricity. How much you pay depends on how you use the appliance and your local electricity cost.  All labels are appliance specific.  The ENERGY STAR® label helps you identify high efficiency models. To learn more, visit https:// articles/0072-shopping-home- appliances-use-energyguide- label#how or http://

Weatherization Assistance Program PAGE 4 The V.I. Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) goal is to reduce HOUSEHOLD SIZE THRESHOLD 200% Note:energy costs to eligible families with young children, seniors, disabled For each additionalindividuals and high energy users. Income is one of the primary factors 1 $13,670 $27,340 family member add:affecting eligibility. Household income is based on the following 2 $18,430 $36,860guidelines (200% below income threshold shown). 2016 Annual Poverty 3 $23,190 $46,380 $4,780Guideline Data being used in Hawaii & the USVI. 4 $27,950 $55,900 5 $32,710 $65,420 Following an energy assessment of eligible homes, inefficient 6 $37,470 $74,940appliances, water heaters, and light bulbs are replaced with approved 7 $42,230 $84,460energy efficient items along with installation of water conservation 8 $47,010 $94,020elements.Saving Energy is a Bright IdeaHow to Choose the Right Light BulbChoose the watt-equivalent that best matches the brightness(lumens) you want.For more information, visit FeaturesNASEO 2018 Annual Meeting sector and energy codes, energy security, energy efficiency and renewable energy financing, fuels and grid integration, government The National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) is a affairs, industrial and advanced manufacturing, and transportation.national non-profit association for governor-designated energyofficials from each state and territory. Formed by the states in The U.S. Department of Energy1986, NASEO facilitates peer learning among state energy officials, provided updates on the status of theserves as a resource for and about state energy offices, and State Energy and Weatherizationadvocates the interests of the state energy offices to Congress and Assistance Programs, along with currentfederal agencies. and future energy policies of Congress and other federal partners. NASEO held its annual meeting during the month ofSeptember in Detroit, Michigan. Staff from the VI Energy Office Visit for more information.were afforded an opportunity to meet with regional state energyoffices and discuss energy policy and programs on the buildingDO-IT-YOURSELF HOME ENERGY AUDITS VIEO MISSION STATEMENT To promote energy efficiency and advocate the use ofYou can pinpoint where your home uses the most energy renewable energy technology for the public and privateby doing a simple home energy audit. sectors, and residents of the VI through energy education, outreach, financial incentives, and technical assistance.Unplugging an item when it is not in use to prevent phantomloads. This material is based upon work supported by the U.S.Change the settings or using the item less often. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and RenewablePurchase a new, more efficient product. Energy (EERE), under Award Number DE-EE0006998.

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