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My Equestrian Story

Published by Kingston Maurward, 2021-05-17 14:24:24

Description: A collection of case studies from previous Equine students at Kingston Maurward College.


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Kingston Maurward College My Equestrian Story

Paul Marsh Full-time Course | Finished in 2015 I currently work as a Senior Data Analyst for work-based learning Apprenticeships and a Residential Support Officer for young people. The course taught me that teamwork and good communication are vital, especially within a busy environment which has helped me with my current career and allowed me to do my job efficiently. I think being prepared, hard-working, showing flexibility and communicating in all forms has played a key role to get me to where I am now. For my current job, I required some training, but most of it came down to experience and ensuring my CV was professional and easy to read.

Rachel Collins Full-time Course | Finished in 2014 I currently work as a Maternity Support Worker at Poole Maternity which I love. My role includes assisting the midwives and helping with the babies. I work on a very busy high-risk ward which can be very challenging, both physically and mentally but gives you an amazing feeling. The course taught me to have a lot of patience; as horses have a mind of their own, this taught me quick thinking and to prepare ahead which has helped in my job role. I feel honoured to do my job and wouldn’t change it for the world. I am part of an amazing team of midwives and doctors who do an incredible job of ensuring that every delivery is safe for the mums and babies.

Katie-Anne Dennet Full-time Course | Finished in 2014 I currently work as a Head Girl at Moreton Equestrian Centre. I love being able to look after the horses regularly and having responsibilities of running the yard 2 days a week when the Yard Manager isn’t on shift. This is a huge responsibility that can be quite stressful, but it is very rewarding and I feel very lucky to do this job. The course taught me the importance of doing everything correctly. We were taught about different types of horse feeds, different forms of exercise if we couldn’t ride, how to treat an injury and what to do in the case of an emergency. One of the more challenging aspects of my job is dealing with a severe injury and having to contact a vet or handling liveries but the training at College has helped me hugely.

Lydia Goodband Full-time Course | Finished in 2019 I am currently working as a Second Head at Griffiths Eventing Ltd. I love the leadership opportunities this role provides and the chances to ride and be amongst so many wonderful horses. The long days can be quite physically and mentally challenging, especially after multiple days with short breaks however this is something you adjust to and learn to deal with. I would advise you to work hard from the beginning and earn the respect of your employer and fellow employees, but be mindful not to put too much pressure on yourself as you aren’t expected to be perfect! If you can do any extra training, this is beneficial, but it wasn’t essential for my job. A good work ethic and willingness are key.

Charlotte Honeybun Full-time Course | Finished in 2001 I currently work at Fortune Centre of Riding as a Therapy Assistant. My role includes helping and assisting students to be more independent in their daily lives. I didn’t need any extra training for my role, but they helped! I have a degree in Equine Science, and a BHSAI, which, upon completion, allowed me to teach riders in dressage to novice level. I have also been a nanny for 12 years, which gave me some experience working and supporting others. There are challenging aspects to the role; communication is one. A few factors or miscommunication can allow a situation to arise which has to be dealt with differently than if the information was clearer from the start. I do love my job though! And helping people to develop and improve their skills is a wonderful feeling!

Olivia Williams Full-time Course | Finished in 2016 I currently work as a freelance groom but am preparing to study Equine Science at Sparsholt University in September. I learnt so much at College which has helped in my role from social and teamwork skills to the practical and theoretical side. There are definitely challenging aspects to the role; in particular, finding time to do the various jobs in the day and ensuring I am also taking care of my horses. In my current role, I was required to have a BHS Stage 1, Stage 2, and a Ride Safe Award.

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