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Best Pediatric Surgeon in Delhi | Best Vaccination Center in Delhi

Published by tritonhospitalnewdelhi, 2022-11-11 08:55:33

Description: If you are looking for the best pediatric surgeon in Delhi or the best vaccination center in Delhi, do visit Triton Hospital, one of the most reputed pediatric hospitals in Delhi.

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Website: Best Paediatric Surgeon in Delhi Technological advances help medical sectors to grow and develop not only in India but across the globe. Paediatric surgery is one of the finest examples of today's medical advancement. Paediatric surgery is a popular

Website: surgery nowadays that helps to save the lives of millions of new-borns and young adults every year. Children's Hospital in Philadelphia invented paediatric surgery. The concept of paediatric surgery began in 1879 century with C. Everett Koop. The rise of paediatric surgeries has helped in the growth in the medical or healthcare sectors. And it also reduced the death rate of children due to birth defects. In the late 1970s, the death rate due to congenital malformation syndrome decreased to 0% with the help of paediatric surgeries. Currently, India also has many top-rated paediatric surgeons and you can find several best paediatric surgeons in Delhi if you need paediatric surgery for your kid. Also, here we will share details about paediatric surgeries along with a list of top paediatric hospitals in Delhi. Paediatric surgery Paediatric surgery is a sub-speciality surgery in the medical world. It deals with the surgery of foetuses, new-borns, children, and adolescents. So, Paediatric surgery is an umbrella term that includes surgeries for all those aforementioned minor age groups. The Paediatric surgery field is a vast felid that has many special areas and specialists (like Endocrinology paediatric, neurology paediatric, Haematology Paediatric, oncology paediatric etc). Paediatric surgeons are specially-trained surgeons who understand and treat various child health issues. Paediatric surgeons are taught to detect birth defects in children in the pre and post-birth period and perform necessary surgeries to restore normal health. Qualification Paediatric surgeons deal with children's healthcare. They get specific education and training courses where they learn to communicate with kids, understand their medical problems, and diagnose and treat them. In these courses, they also get training to take care of kids during and after surgery. So, it is very important to visit the best paediatric surgeon in Delhi who has all the necessary qualifications and experience to provide quality medical care to your kid.

Website: Here, we will provide the key qualification that every paediatric surgeon must have: • 5-year residency program degree • 2 fellowship programs in paediatric surgery degree • Certification in general surgery • Works of paediatric surgeons The work of paediatric surgeons is a bit different from surgeons dealing with adult people because they have to deal with children. Communicating with adults and diagnosing their medical issues is quite simple but when it comes to kids, the matter becomes very tricky. Mostly, kids fail to articulate their medical issues and, in some cases, they are not even aware of their medical issues. So, the work of a paediatric surgeon is to comfortability communicate with children and diagnose their health issues, perform necessary surgeries and take care of them during the pre and post-surgery period. Specialties Every Paediatric surgeon has their special area according to which they work to treat children's health issues. Here are the three main specialty areas of paediatric surgery: • Trauma – Trauma surgery is a part of paediatric surgeries in which a kid gets surgery for moderate to severe injuries including fracture, burn, cut, internal injury etc. In this kind of surgery, kids get extensive medical care. • Prenatal – In Prenatal surgeries, a paediatric diagnoses defects in a child still in the womb (with the help of a radiologist) and plans surgery to resolve

Website: the problem after birth. Prenatal surgery is a recent addition to the world of paediatric surgery and very few top-rated child specialist hospitals have this facility. • Neonatal – Neonatal surgeries help to fix congenital malformation and other birth defects in children (after birth). Paediatric surgeons who diagnose and perform neonatal surgeries are called neonatologists. • Paediatric oncology – In paediatric oncology, paediatric surgeons diagnose and treat cancer and precancerous tumours in kids. These paediatric surgeons are called paediatric oncologists.

Website: When to see a paediatric surgeon? Paediatric surgeons diagnose and treat various health problems in kids. They are also suitable for kids because they are specially-trained to understand children's health problems. Here are some common issues that you can count as the reason to visit the best paediatric surgeons in Delhi for your kid: • Congenital malformations (problems arose during birth) • Injuries • Organ transplants (like heart transplants, kidney transplants, etc) • Colonoscopy or endoscopy for digestive tract infection and other related issues. • Tumour or cancerous tumor removal etc. Top orthopaedic centre in Delhi • Triton Hospital, New Delhi • Madhukar Rainbow Children's Hospital, New Delhi • Apollo Cradle Maternity and Children's Hospital, Gandhi Nagar • Max Multi Speciality Hospital, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi So, if you are looking for a top paediatric hospital or the best vaccination center in Delhi, do visit Triton Hospital, one of the most reputed paediatric hospitals in Delhi. Website: Thank You

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