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Virtualmerge incorporated in 2011, A Cloud Based MSP/VAR Company and SAAS Provider on IAAS Cloud Infrastructure in USA Phoenix and Netherlands, Amsterdam to countries Pakistan, India Philippines USA, Canada and UK . Virtualmerge having combined talents of telecom and internet specialists in business consultants with industry expertise and backgrounds from value added solutions, by developing and integrating sophisticated VAR applications. Our team has extensive knowledge of following technologies. • Cloud Based Hosting Services for SaaS Applications. • Application Virtualization and VDI Solutions. • SLA monitoring for ICT and Business Automation. • Class 4 and Class 5 VoIP BILLING. • Call Center / Contact Center Integrated Solutions. • Infrastructure Security Monitoring And Alert Systems. 2

Technology innovations are occurring on a daily basis, as companies are coming up with better, efficient, more cost effective solutions to provide for success and profitability. dynamic, scalable solutions are needed to keep your company current with emerging technology. Interactive Voice Blasting is a telecom technique using technology to send pre-recorded phone messages to hundreds or thousands of recipients at once. Outbound voice technology allows you to simultaneously run multiple outbound campaigns. Interactive Voice Blasting Managing outbound campaigns easy, timely and cost effective. Virtualmerge offers an integrated voice ballasting tool to help you communicate with your client base via telephone. This integration makes it easy for you to not only pass messages to your customers, but market your services to them as well in a quick, five-step process! 1 23 4 5 CONTACTS AND GROUPS AUDIO RECORDING CAMPAIGN TYPE SCHEDULED DELIVERY MESSAGE, DELIVERED Import Phone numbers Prerecorded messages in • Message delivery . Message will be delivered Send a single message or through CSV files in the mp3 or wav file can be • Live lead generation. on scheduled based on thousands messages instantly contact list . Or add uploaded , alternatively build • Phone Polling time & date with uploaded With Interactive Voice manually in to different in text to speech can be use. • Surveys and Voting. contact. If the phone is Blasting , All the stats & group and sub group. There multiple TTS engines with • Appointment reminders. unavailable it will retry delivery reports are available is no limit to adding phone . multilingual are available • Outbound for Call Center depends on the setting on real time. Send dynamic messages with Text-to-speech Multi-question surveys via menu Advanced scheduling for day, month & year Easy to set up \"Do not call\" list Real-time campaign IVR delivery reports Use your own number for Caller ID Complete Integrated online call center Create your own virtual voice mail box Set up automatic retries if necessary 3 Multi Tenant Cloud Based Application

Interactive Voice Broadcasting is VoIP Application based on Auto dialer messaging.  Support Cloud/Standalone Servers.  Free-switch (VoIP Server) to outbound/inbound calls,  Integration with 3 party Through API  intensive on real-time operations  Distributions to Clustered Architect 1 IVB Blasting 42 SLA 5 6 VoIP Billing V Call Center 3 1. Customer Admin / NOC 2. Interactive Voice 3. Customers will listen to 5. Cloud Call center filter 6. Customer Call transferred services for setting campaign & Broadcast offer & select the IVR the inbound transfer route to agents or IVR or Voice mail voice broadcasting System call to potential OPTION. i.e. Interested or the call to agents customers. not, DNC, Talk to agent or 4. Customer DTMF selection record message option selected rerouted

Voice blasting/messaging sends pre-recorded voice messages to your prospect client list, getting millions of people in just matter of hours rather than days. Voice blasting technology saves time and money by alternating the need of active life agents for consumer service or representative to manually call for each client. Voice Broadcasting delivers pre-recorded messages to your contact list, reaching thousands of individuals in a particularly matter of hours instead of days. Our technology saves you cash by eliminating the requirement to own a live shopper service representative manually decision every shopper.  Interactive voice dialer can be used for different products and services marketing just upload the Phone numbers or auto generate the acceding given prefix .  Telephone numbers that can be dialed consecutively at very CPS rates of calling depending following  Carrier/Trunk/Gateway capacity and Hardware Limitation.  Grantee of millions of calls per day. • Multi-tenant platform for Enterprise / Service Providers / ITSP • Store and display Customers Responses for results and call status data • Smart Auto dialer and Smart Predictive Dialer capabilities • Importing phone number lists / contacts for use in multiple campaigns reports • Filtering and Categorization of contacts • Scheduling of campaigns on the basis of selected days of week and • Multiple Technologies SIP/IAX2, Multi Codecs particular times • User-friendly web-based configuration interface • Separate web portals for users and Admin • Set up, Configure, and Run multiple campaigns simultaneously • Interface with multiple long distance carriers and gateways • Custom CallerID with personalized Name • Answering Machine Detection also playing custom message for Answering • Control rate of concurrent calls for multiple campaigns Machines • Web-based IVR Designer • Separate messages for answering machines and live person • Scalable to generate thousands of calls; capable of handling heavy loads • Real-time System and Call Statistics for active as well as completed • Real-time Control of campaigns using pause and start buttons • Real-time Changing of campaign parameters using edit button campaigns • Real-time Management of the number of concurrent channels available • Web Management Interface for uploading and creating Voice Recordings / for active campaigns • Simple Voice Broadcast, as well as Interactive Voice Broadcasting support Support multiple audio file formats like wav, mp3 etc (press 1 voice broadcasting) Call Center Features • Inbound Voice Campaign support for inbound telemarketing • Basic Call Center functionality allows agents to receive calls • External Call Center support for advanced call center functionality • Queue Calls with custom Music On Hold or Pre-recorded message • Single Extension or Batch of Extensions creation • Forward to agent on answer without playing IVR OR forward to agent with IVR on key press • Web-based Fax, SMS and Voice Broadcasting application 5

Special offer Follow-up Scheduled service As a marketing tool to notify customers As a follow-up tool to call customers who Apart from the competition by offering a call- of a special offer your company is haven't returned their proposal ahead service to notify customers of a running scheduled service Announcement Outstanding reminder The threat of terrorist activity is an Feed-back As a collections tool to call customers important consideration for international Take feedback from customer or employee who have an outstanding bill to remind business travellers and their employers. for or public with recorded comments or yes them to send in their payment no.

Retail Politics (Promotion, sales, client satisfaction, market research, delivery, product orders) (Campaigns, presentation) • Scenario 1: Are you a company that is about to announce its first product or • Scenario 1: Reach potential customers whether you are taking your first deliver yet another brand new one? The most genuine way to do a market step into politics or a veteran, introduce yourself and let them know about research on these products would be to use voice broadcast messages to get your projects. in touch with potential clients. Health • Scenario 2: Expand your sales network to reach a broader spectrum of clients. • Scenario 3: Once your product is available to the market reach customers to (marketing, patient monitoring, patient satisfaction) • Scenario 1: Reach existing and potential clients to tell them of services assess satisfaction. • Scenario 4: Monitor your products logistics with voice broadcast service to exclusive to your business. • Scenario 2: Monitor your patients with voice broadcast and notify them stay in touch with agents and clients. about “appointment dates and the agenda of your doctors and other Banking staff”. • Scenario 3: Evaluate rate of satisfaction. (Information, product advertisement, certain procedures, marketing) Law • Scenario 1: Let your potential customers know about your products and services. (Information) • Scenario 1: Reach your clients even when you’re not available to call • Scenario 2: Reach customers via Voice Broadcast to create a more personal relationship and save time and money by offering “Live Support”. them on the phone to notify them about important dates such as court appointments and decisions. • Scenario 3: Notify your customers of new services and inform them of • Scenario 2: Update your clients on debt collections. upcoming debts. Utility Services Insurance (Electricity, water, gas, phone, internet) (Reminders, product advertisement, processes, marketing) • Scenario 1: Inform your subscribers on all sorts of campaigns. • Scenario 2: Remind unpaid bills with voice messages. • scenario 1: Notify clients of products and services. • Scenario 2: Send all sorts of information (new products) and warnings (deadline Entertainment for payments) to clients. (Shows, prize draws) • Scenario1: Utilize voice broadcast to gather votes and communicate the Ministries – Finance, Justice results during entertainment event that you hold on TV and radio. (Information, warnings) Municipalities • Scenario 1: As the Ministry of Finance update tax payers on new and changed “regulations and laws” and receive their feedback. (Information, warnings) • Scenario 1: Inform citizens of your activities and offer them an option to • Scenario 2: Get in touch with tax payers to inform them on near or past payments and where and how to solve the issue. decide whether to join or not. • Scenario 2: Remind tax payers of duties. • Scenario 3: As the Ministry of Justice, update citizen on new and changed “regulations and laws” and receive their feedback. Meteorology • Scenario 4: Notify citizens of important upcoming dates such as court (Notification, warning) appointments and invitations. • Scenario 1: Inform citizens about daily weather casts. Police – Ministry of Internal Affairs • rSaciennsa, rsitoor2m:sW, sanronwcaitnidzefnlooadbso.ut7critical events forehand such as heavy (Information, warnings) • Scenario: Reach citizens for all types of legal and civic topics

IVB on Private And Public Cloud Integrated Application Customers Reports Recordings Voice blasting Agents Call center Queue Inbound Call 8

VMware vSphere (also called \"ESXi\"), an enterprise-level product, can deliver greater performance than the freeware VMware Server, due to lower system overhead. VMware ESXi, as a \"bare-metal\" product, runs directly on the server hardware, allowing virtual servers to also use hardware more or less directly. In addition, VMware ESXi integrates into VMware vCenter, Multi Tenant Architecture refers to a principle in software architecture where a single instance of the software runs on a server, serving multiple client-organizations (tenants). Multitenancy contrasts with multi-instance architectures where separate software instances (or hardware systems) operate on behalf of different client organizations. With a multitenant architecture, software application is designed to virtually partition its data and configuration, and each client organization works with a customized virtual application instance. A service-level agreement (SLA) is a part of a service contract where a service is formally defined. In practice, the term SLA is sometimes used to refer to the contracted delivery time (of the service or performance In this case the SLA will typically have a technical definition in terms of mean time between failures (MTBF), mean time to repair or mean time to recovery(MTTR); various data rates; throughput; jitter; or similar measurable details. Unified Security Management (USM) products provide a way for organizations with limited security staff and budget to address c9ompliance and threat management needs. With all of the essential security controls built-in, and continuous threat intelligence updates from Alien Vault Labs, USM provides unparalleled security visibility.

Telephony PBX A business telephone system is a multiline telephone system typically used in business environments, encompassing systems ranging from small key systems to large-scale private branch exchanges. Multitenant Multiclustering Owner IVB Runs on one or more machines for single application or multi-level administration. Supports cloud Tenant 1 / clustering server on Service provider network combination offers a variety of features to let you Tenant 2 trade off performance with reliability, including persistence, delivery acknowledgements, publisher confirms, and high availability. Support messaging over a variety of protocols. Concurrency Multi-Clustering 4 PRI Runs on many concurrent, or simultaneous, calls can you have on a particular bandwidth. Concurrent calls Intake on the same time 120 CHANNELS so to work out how many calls a particular bandwidth/CPU/RAM can support, divide the bandwidth by the bit rate of the codec like Total 8 Mb limit G.729 takes 8 Kbit/s Web Interface IVB managed by voice broadcasting campaigns in real-time access through web based dashboard. Web based is self-sufficient with powerful reporting system or multi access for the same for easy support from service team can assist from remote site Scheduling Supports periodic scheduling backend tasks like cron services, or specifying an exact date or countdown for when the campaign should be auto run. It automatically re-tries to the busy or out of range numbers at a later time Interactive IVR IVB support multi-level campaign IVR branching with many options to choose from, if required to connect the customer to some other IVR/phone number on pressing a number from 0 to 9 creates your outbound calls more interactive with 0 to 9 options on each level to make more branching. This makes IVR with a lot option which can go up till no limit. Emails/SMS/CALL Error Alerts Administrative reports and e-mail alerts can be pre-configured to send on the system and campaigns related issues, if a task fails. This alert can be also forwarded to SMS/CALL with predefined number or CC to many people, at the same time, with the recorded voice messaging for predefining specific alerts. Upload /Import Contact Phone list can be uploaded through web access in different Phonebook. There is no size limitation for the phone list or can edit & updated later, system accepts csv files with name, phone numbers, and other data to merge in different campaigns. Additional fields can be added easily with JSON script option.

Do-not-call List Assistant A do not call list, do not call registry, or similar is a list of personal phone numbers that are off-limits to telemarketers in some countries. Specific examples include: Customer can create DNC list for the federal do not call list and also add own personal DNC list. The National or international Do Not Call List (DNCL) gives consumers a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls. Real-time Reporting IVB generates instant call reporting that comprises the performance of running campaign, it shows how many calls were responded, calls that were transferred to agents, talk time for each call, with the system time and date stamp, it records how many calls were answered, minutes used with additional information. If IVB integrated Call Center Module used for transfer calls, an audio recording of each call can be achieve. From all the call recoding can be downloaded with more statistics available immediately and can be used to update your campaign response result. Record Campaign Over Phone Call Customer can record campaign over the phone, by using SIP extension or by calling themselves from the IVB system to record message directly. This is a flexibility to change campaign messages as frequently as required. Voice recording required permission from the admin panel to upload or record the messages. Personalized Message With Text To Speech IVB has built in text to speech engine, helps to use for calling customer’s accounts, names, account information, like balances, address or location, previous purchase and more. This way personalized messages can be send to each person from the contact list. Customized message can be merge database information directly into your messages. If you want to use another language or accent you will need to buy addition license for TTS engine. Like Acapela or IVONA. Integrating Data With Text To Speech Integrating data with text to speech technology supports to upload text files that can be converted to speech, for making a customized message delivery to each person on your calling list. This customization feature is ideal for institution like collections, banking, appointment reminders, the insurance industry, or any other company looking to target customers with specific information. You can send thousands of customized calls at the same time. Audio file upload A prerecorded audio file can also be uploaded from either Admin panel for specific customer or customer panel if allowed. Only MP3, WAV and OGG formats are supported. From admin panel the format can be inter changeable, WAV to MP3, OGG or vice versa. Free software “Audacity” can be used for proficiency, in recording and editing, the best practice is to record common messages including greetings and closing messages in advance to use commonly in all voice blasting campaign.

3rd party Application Integration Straight forward integration with third party applications using API’s that correspond to every function available via the web interface. Comprehensive API ‘s to integrate into third party applications to automate call distribution. A complete API reference is available on the customer ands admin panel Real-time extensive call reports Real-time extensive call and survey reports exportable to CSV. Transfer logs provide complete details of calls were transferred to life agents, shows total duration and minutes used with the Caller ID, and a recording of the call. The quality of the call associates and can be accountable, ensure quality control with these powerful reporting solutions. Additionally CDRs and tariff reports can monitor through VoIP billing account of each customer. Answering Machine Detection AMD stands for “Voice Mail Detection\" is designed to detect the beep sound at the end of voicemail or answering machine greetings. This is useful in cases where you wish to leave a recorded message on the recipient's message system. Detailed Call Logs Our call logs come to you in real time and can be accessed online or through an automated email report. We provide you with detailed information that includes: phone numbers called, date and time of each call, the Caller ID that was used, call disposition, call duration, and more. You can put the report information into excel for easy report management. Survey Campaign IVB offer the ability to run automated telephone surveys through voice messaging and collect data immediately, as soon as the campaign is launched. The Survey campaign templates comes many option, please check other option related to Survey campaign. Telephone Surveys Conduct automated telephone surveys and gather data instantly. Within minutes of launching your automated survey you can have thousands of responses. This amazing option is the tool you have been looking for!

Admin Monitoring • SLA/Security • VoIP Billing • IVB/FS • VMware Admin LAN#1: LAN#3: VoIP Gateway LAN#2: NIC#1 NIC#2 NIC#3 GoIp SIM box VMware Virtual LAN Network IVB FS VB SLA Sec CCC Virtual Machines Call Center Agents Campaign manger IVB Interactive Voice Blasting SLA SLA monitoring 13 FS Free-switch Sec Security monitoring VB VoIP Billing CCC Complete call center

Admin Monitoring SLA/Security VoIP Billing IVB/FS VMware Admin SSL/TLS LAN#1: LAN#3: VoIP Gateway ITSP SSL/TLS LAN#2: NIC#1 NIC#2 NIC#3 14 VMware Virtual LAN Network IVB FS VB SLA Sec CCC SSL/TLS Virtual Machines Call Center Agents Customers Access IVB Interactive Voice Blasting SLA SLA monitoring FS Free-switch Sec Security monitoring VB VoIP Billing CCC Complete call center

Admin Monitoring SLA/Security VoIP Billing IVB/FS VMware Admin SSL/TLS LAN#1: PRI MSSC SSL/TLS LAN#2: NIC#1 NIC#2 NIC#3 LAN#3: VoIP Gateway VMware Virtual LAN Network SIP2TDM IVB FS VB SLA Sec CCC Virtual Machines Customers Access IVB Interactive Voice Blasting SLA SLA monitoring 15 FS Free-switch Sec Security monitoring VB VoIP Billing CCC Complete call center

Admin Monitoring SLA/Security VoIP Billing IVB/FS VMware Admin SSL/TLS Admin Vlan LAN#2 LAN#2: PRI Vlan Trunk NIC#1 NIC#2 NIC#3 TDM over IP VMware Virtual LAN Network VoIP Gateway SIP2TDM CC Vlan SSL/TLS Dep. Vlan IVB FS VB SLA Sec PSTN Virtual Machines CCC MSC/IP MSSC PRI Call Center Agents Braches /department TDM over IP Campaign mangers 16 IVB Interactive Voice Blasting SLA SLA monitoring FS Free-switch Sec Security monitoring VB VoIP Billing CCC Complete call center

Free Free SWITCH SWITCH ETH0 ETH1 1 ETH1 ETH0 3 WAN WAN WAN WAN Billing Billing 31 SIP SIP RTP RTP Class 4 Switch Class 4 Switch Application Application SIG SIG RTP RTP RTP TDM RTP TDM SIG SIG RTP RTP SIG SS7 SIG SS7 SIG SIG 2 2 Main IVB • Web Interface Main IVB • Web Interface Engine • Admin Account Engine • Admin Account • Customer Account • Customer Account • Campaign Setting • Campaign Setting • Scheduling • Scheduling • IVR Branching • IVR Branching • ERROR Alerts Logs • ERROR Alerts Logs • Phone Book • Phone Book • Gateway Setting • Gateway Setting • Reporting • Reporting

SLA monitoring is an enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring solution for networks and applications. It could be used for monitoring data sets, SLA reporting, alerting and notification and graphing of the history data. IVB integrates seamlessly with SLA monitoring for its advance monitoring reporting and alerting requirements. 18

USM (Unified Security Management ) SIEM (Security information and event management) • Intrusion Detection • Risk Assessment • Anomaly Detection • Correlation • Vulnerability Detection • Risk Metrics • Discovery • Vulnerability Scanning • Inventory system • Data Mining for Events • Real-Time Monitoring 19

Intel Architecture 20

What is A2Billing? Features & Benefits VoIP Billing & Termination A2Billing is a class 4 and class 5 softswitch with inline A2billing help each and number of channel assign to IVB provide VoIP services for residential, business and billing, designed for providing residential, business and each camping with help of LCR ACD and ASR which wholesale customers, IP-PBX systems, class 4 and 5 wholesale VoIP services, calling cards, call-back and correct usage of the voip providing telecoms customer telecom switches, rating the calls in real-time with telephone number resale backed by our management including admin, agent, customer and flexible postpaid and prepaid billing options, and a full- professional support services online signup pages, with flexible inline rating and featured customer portal with online payment billing of calls and services in real-time. options. check next slid for more information 21

Call Center Main Menu Admin Reports Inbound Campaigns user Lists • Call Times Real-Time Reports • Show In-Groups • Statuses • Show Users • Show Lists • Shifts • HotKeys • Add A New User • Add A New List • Phones • Real-Time Main Report • Add A New In-Group • Lead Recycle • Copy User • Search For A Lead • Templates • Auto-Alt Dial • Search For A User • Add A New Lead • Carriers • Real-Time Campaign • Copy In-Group • List Mix • User Stats • Add-Delete DNC Number • Servers • Pause Codes • User Status • Load New Leads • Conferences • Summary • Show DIDs • Presets • Time Sheet • List Custom Fields • System Settings • Add A New DID • AC-CID • Copy Custom Fields • Agent Screen Labels Agent Reports • Copy DID User Groups • System Statuses • Agent Time Detail • Show Call Menus Continue sub menu.. Filter • Voicemail • Agent Status Detail • Add A New Call Menu • Audio Store • Agent Performance Detail • Copy Call Menu • Music On Hold • Team Performance Detail • Filter Phone Groups • Single Agent Daily • Add Filter Phone Group Continue sub menu.. • User Stats • Add-Delete FPG Number • User Time Sheet Inbound and Outbound Continue sub menu.. • Show User Groups • Show Filters • Add A New User Group • Add A New Filter • Inbound Report • Group Hourly Report • Bulk Group Change Scripts • Inbound Report by DID Continue sub menu.. • Show Scripts • Inbound Service Level Report • Add A New Script • Inbound Summary Hourly Report Continue sub menu.. • Inbound Daily Report • Inbound DID Report • Inbound IVR Report • Outbound Calling Report • Outbound Summary • Outbound IVR Report - Export • Fronter - Closer Report • Lists Campaign Statuses Report • Campaign Status List Report • Export Calls Report • Export Leads Report Continue sub menu.. 22

One of the most indispensable telemarketing services, the Press 1 Campaign suits all businesses that need to contact a target list. Press-1 Campaign also known as Interactive voice broadcasting. Simple to set up, and simple to run, Auto DialerPress-1 Campaign calls a contact number from the list. On recipient pick-up, the IVB software plays a recorded message. If the contact then wishes to speak with a live agent, he or she can press key \"1\" to progress the call. If you're going for voice broadcasting campaign you'll need to decide whether your message will be just an announcement or if you want to give your prospects the ability to press 1 on their phone to be connected with a live agent of your company. If you go for the second option then interactive broadcasting is what you need. This gives you instant results and allows you to speak to your prospect when they are most interested. MULT-LINE DIALING MACHINESKIP AND SMARTDROP Our autodialer lets you sit back and Your agents can avoid answering wait for an answer as it dials up to four machines automatically or leave high- numbers at once. quality prerecorded messages as voicemails. SCALABILITY ROBUST DATA COLLECTION CCC can be integrated for a single Record calls, track results, add custom scripts, agent or thousands – the ere are no collect responses, and export data so you can see limits and a simple hourly rate. how the team or one agent is performing. 1. Customer Admin / NOC 2. Interactive Voice 3. Customers will listen to 5. Cloud Call center filter 6. Customer Call transferred services for setting campaign & Broadcast offer & select the IVR the inbound transfer route to agents or IVR or Voice mail voice broadcasting System call to potential OPTION. i.e. Interested or the call to agents customers. not, DNC, Talk to agent or 23 4. Customer DTMF selection record message option selected rerouted

VMWARE 5.5 Free Switch Unified Security Management VMware® vCenter Server™ provides centralized FreeSWITCH is intended to be a softswitch USM Sensor combines asset discovery, visibility, proactive management and extensibility for that is built on top of a solid core, driven by a VMware vSphere® —all from a single console. state machine. The stated goals of the project vulnerability assessment, threat detection, and include stability, scalability, and abstraction. behavioral monitoring to provide full visibility Simple Deployment To eliminate complexity, FreeSWITCH uses into deployed assets, identification of freely available software libraries that vulnerabilities, detection of attacks, and vCenter server appliance – Quickly deploy vCenter perform needed functions. Some analysis of network behavior. The Sensor Server and manage vSphere using a Linux-based virtual dependencies are: provides frontline reconnaissance for Alien appliance. Vault's Unified Security Management (USM) Host profiles – Standardize and simplify how you • Apache Portable Runtime (APR and APR-Util) platform and is designed to reduce the cost and configure and manage vSphere host configurations. • SQLite – a lightweight implementation of a SQL complexity of implementing stand-alone IDS, Capture the blueprint of a known, validated HIDS, vulnerability assessment, net flow configuration—including networking, storage and engine analysis, and asset discovery products. security settings—and deploy it to many hosts, • PCRE – Perl Compatible Regular Expressions Additionally, Alien Vault's flexible USM simplifying setup. Host profile policies can also • Sofia-SIP – an open-source SIP user agent library architecture enables the Sensor to be deployed monitor compliance. • libspeex – Speex DSP library (replaced centrally alongside the other USM components or distributed to strategic points in the network. Centralized Control and Visibility libresample as of version 1.0.3) A port scan is detected by the firewall. • mod_spandsp for T.38 fax gateway or pass- Source address of scan is correlated with vSphere web client – Manage the essential functions destination address of an SSH session from an of vSphere from any browser anywhere in the world. through are supported. internal host. A lookup in an automated asset vCenter single sign-on – Allow users to log in once and • libSRTP – an open-source implementation of the inventory automatically identifies the risk access all instances of vCenter Server and vCloud profile of internal host - the host is critical to Director, without the need for further authentication. Secure Real-time Transport Protocol business operations creating a critical security Custom roles and permissions – Restrict access to incident. entire inventory of virtual machines, resource pools FreeSWITCH includes many modules that Compromised host is then scanned for other and servers by assigning users to custom roles. Users provide many telephony applications, such as vulnerabilities and it is found to be missing a with appropriate privileges can create these custom conferencing, XML-RPC control of live calls, critical security patch. roles, such as night-shift operator or backup interactive voice response (IVR), speech Compromised host is patched and returned to administrator. synthesis and speech recognition, public service. Inventory search – Explore the entire vCenter switched telephone network (PSTN) interfaces Complete forensic analysis for the past 30 days inventory—including virtual machines, hosts, data for analogue and digital circuits, voice over IP is run for compromised host to determine if stores and networks—from anywhere within vCenter protocols including Session Initiation Protocol additional corrective action is required. (SIP), Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP), Incident is automatically reported to Alien Vault Scalable and Extensible Platform H.323, Extensible Messaging and Presence Labs so other Alien Vault installations are Protocol (XMPP), GoogleTalk, T.38 and others. protected from a similar exploit. Improved large-scale management – Manage up to 1,000 FreeSWITCH provides an application hosts and 10,000 virtual machines with a single vCenter programming interface that exposes primitives For more information please visit 24 Server instance. Using Linked Mode, manage up to 30,000 for call control and IVR functionality. virtual machines across 10 vCenter Server instances. Use Applications may be written in C language, VMware HA and DRS clusters to support up to 32 hosts and C++, Python, Perl, Lua, JavaScript, Java and 3,000 virtual machines. Microsoft .NET via Microsoft's CLR or via Mono Linked mode – Replicate roles, permissions and licenses across the infrastructure, so you can simultaneously log in, For more information please visit view and search the inventories of all vCenter Servers. For more information visit

VoIP Billing Features SLA Monitoring Features Call Center Features • Add Customers Monitor everything • Ability to start and stop recording an agent's calls at • Prepaid and post-paid customers Using SLA monitoring, you can easily monitor • Flexible auto account debit servers, network devices and applications, any time • Auto refill gathering accurate statistics and performance • Ability to automatically record all calls • Credit limit notifications by email data. • Ability to manually or automatically call up to two • Bulk updates to customers • Multiple expiry options for cards Performance other customer numbers for the same lead • Percentage discounts on a per customer basis Monitoring performance indicators like CPU, • Automatically dial unlimited alternate numbers per • Customer history and CRM memory, network, disk space and processes can • Customer grouping be done easily with SLA monitoring agent, which customer until you get an answer • Import from legacy calling card platforms is available for Linux, UNIX and Windows • Ability to schedule a callback with a customer as • Multi currency support platforms. • Mass mail delivery with customer grouping It is a native process and does not require a either any-agent or agent-specific • Call recording specific environment like Java or .NET. • Ability in Manual dial mode to preview leads before • Multi-language support • Caller ID delivery Network Devices dialing • Call-back A and B-leg billing SLA monitoring supports SNMP agents, present • Ability for agents to be logged in remotely • Web, DID and ANI based call-back in all network devices like routers and switches. • Follow on calls So SLA monitoring can help you with monitoring anywhere with just a phone and a web browser • Caller ID manipulation via IVR and capacity planning on your network providing • Faster hang-up and dis-positioning of calls with one • Speed dials key figures such as network utilization, CPU, • Last number dialed Customer information. memory and port status. key press (Hotkeys) • Refill information on time periods In addition, SLA monitoring can monitor any • Definable Agent Wrap up-time per campaign • Payment information by month other device with an SNMP agent like network • Ability to add custom call dispositions per campaign • Daily call statistics appliances, storages, cooling and power systems. • Ability to use custom database queries in campaign • Selection of rates based on LCR • Automatic selection of route with multiple VMware Monitoring dialing VMware virtual machine monitoring allows • Recycling of specified status calls at a specified carriers monitoring VMware vCenter and vSphere • Carrier rates for carrier reconciliation and installations for various VMware hypervisor and interval without resetting a list virtual machine properties and statistics. • Dialing with custom Time Zone restrictions accounting SLA monitoring can use low-level discovery rules • Sell Rates with multiple options, including to automatically discover VMware hypervisors including per state and per day-of-the-week and virtual machines and create hosts to monitor • Dialing with Answering Machine Detection, also stepped billing them, based on pre-defined host prototypes. • Bulk import of rates Ready to use templates can be applied to start playing a message for AM calls • Rate simulator monitoring the virtual components quickly. • Multiple campaigns and lead-lists are possible • Easy updating of existing rates via the merge • Option of a drop timer with safe-harbor message For more information please facility contact [email protected] for FTC compliance • Detailed searching, and bulk updates of rates • Variable drop call percentage when dialing • LCR export facility • Rate simulator predictively for FTC compliance • System-wide and per-campaign DNC lists that can For more information please optionally be activated per campaign visit • All calls are logged and statuses of calls are logged as well as agent time breakdowns • Load Balancing of call across multiple inbound or outbound Asterisk servers is possible • Several real-time and summary reports available • Real-time campaign display screens • 3rd party conferencing(with DTMF macros and For more information please visit http://www.

Dashboard Application Administration Customer Panel General Dialer Campaign Auth • List, add and edit campaigns • Campaigns • Group • Campaign Key Recent action • Subscriber Site • Campaign Name • Sites • Campaign Start date Setting Dialer CDR • Campaign Type VoIP Dialer • Call Requests API Explorer • Campaign App • Dialer Campaign • VoIP Calls • Campaign Contact • Subscribers • Bulk Contact • Campaign Status • Dialer CDR Dialer Contacts • Branching • Campaign Action • Call Requests • Contacts • Campaign Dialer Contact • Phonebooks • Section Phonebook • Contact • Gateway • Phonebooks Dialer Gateway • DNC Contact List, add and edit phonebooks Surveys • Dialer Gateway • Survey • Surveys • DNC Add • Branching Dialer string • Store CDR • Name • Branching templates • Dialer String • Survey Aggregate Result • Description • Result aggregates • Subscriber Per Campaign • Results Djcelery • Campaign Delete Cascade To View • Section templates • Crontab • Subscriber • Phonebook ID • Sections • Intervals • Phonebook • Phonebook • Survey templates • Periodic task • Call request • Phonebook Description • Surveys • Task • Phonebook Date Audio Files • Workers Customer Panel • Phonebook Contacts Do Not Call • Phonebook Action Reporting Do Not Call Voice Dash Board Quick link • Do Not Call Contact REAL-TIME MONITORING Contacts Last News • Do Not Call list Select : Campaign Name • Add User graph Select : Time Duration • Select Phonebook Notification Total Campaign • Contact Number Application • Notice queue batches Total Phonebook Contacts • Select Status Active/Inactive • Notice setting Total Campaign Contacts • Last Name Admin Tool Stats • Notice Type Contacted Today • First Name • Dashboard Stats • Notices • Total Calls • E-mail • Dashboard Stats Criteria • Observed items • Answer Calls • Address Audio filed • Busy Call • JSON fields • Audio Files Redisboard • No Answer Calls Auth • Redis server • Cancel Calls (adding more • Admins • Congestion Calls • Customers Surveys • Failed Calls Detail Call Reports • Country Dial Code • Branching • Branching templates For Complete List Check VoIP Calls Search • Result aggregates Customer Panel • Class From • Results • Calls To • Section templates • Calls Description • Sections • Calls Campaign Name • Survey templates • Calls Leg Type A/B • Surveys For Complete List Check Tagging Customer Panel Tagged items • Tastypie 26

Dashboard Contacts DNC Modules Survey Customer Setting Voice Dash Board Phonebook DNC LIST Survey List Account REAL-TIME MONITORING List, add and edit phonebooks List, add and edit DNC list Add And Edit Surveys • Name Select : Campaign Name Select : Time Duration Add • DNC ID • Survey Name • Frist name Total Campaign Total Phonebook Contacts • Name • DNC Name • Survey Description • E-mail Address Total Campaign Contacts Contacted Today • Description • DNC Date • Survey Date • Address • Total Calls • Answer Calls To View • DNC Contact • Survey Action • City • Busy Call • No Answer Calls • Phonebook ID • DNC Action Add Survey configuration • State • Cancel Calls • Congestion Calls • Phonebook Add Survey Language for TTS • Country • Failed Calls • Phonebook Description DNC Name Survey Description • Zip code Campaign • Phonebook Date DNC Contacts Add section /Close Survey • Phone Number List, add and edit campaigns • Campaign Key • Phonebook Contacts List, add and edit DNC contacts (branch to unlimited) • Fax Number • Campaign Name • Campaign Start date • Phonebook Action • Import DNC contacts Section Type (Options >) • Company Name • Campaign Type • Campaign App Contacts • Export DNC contacts • Call Transfer • Language • Campaign Contact • Campaign Status • Add • DNC Contact ID • Capture Digits • Note • Campaign Action • Select Phonebook • DNC Contact Name • Conference Password Audio Files • Contact Number • DNC Phone number • Play Message • Old Password List, upload and edit audio files • Audio Name • Select Status Active/Inactive • DNC Date • DNC • New Password • Audio system given name • Audio URL • Last Name • DNC Action • Hang up • New Password Conformation • Audio Date • Audio Action • First Name Modules Add-on • Multi-choice Account Limits Add • E-mail • Rating Question • Audio Name • Address Add-on • maximumiCall Per Minute • Choose File • JSON fields SMS(test Messaging) Record messages • maximumiCall Duration • maximumiCampaigns Section title (adding more files) Voicemail DECTION (AMD) Audio File • maximumiSubscription Per Reporting Rebinding (uploaded Audio from Section) Campaign Survey Complete Detail Call Reports API Explorer • maximumiNumber Of Contacts VoIP Calls Search (Uncheck if more branching) • Class From • Bulk Contact Per User • Calls To • Branching • Calls Description • Campaign Edit Section • Whitelist • Calls Campaign Name • Section Branch Section • Black list • Calls Leg Type A/B • Gateway Survey Reports • DNC Contact Collapse Section Number Check • Survey Move Section Up/Down Survey Result • DNC Delete Section • Phone Number calling authorized Campaign Name, From, To • Store CDR Survey Calls • Survey Aggregate Result Change Language Campaign Name, From, To • Subscriber Per Campaign Survey Daily Call Report • Campaign Delete Cascade Section Title : (Section type) • Select language: English Campaign Name, From, To • Subscriber • Phonebook Audio Files : (Audio file chosen 1s section) • Call request Branching : Go to (Pull down menu to select section created before) Continue .. For more Section / Branching

Dialing Gateway Account Administration Campaigns Allocation • Can create gateway • Create Account: Admin, Staff & Manger Account • Upload Audio File • Allow multiple VoIP gateway • Login information: Create, Delete & Edit Login • Allow And Disallows Audio Files • Increase or decrease trunk VoIP channels • Can allow and disallow : All dashboard tools • Allow Campaigns or Survey • Can set VoIP codec • Reports , Stats & Logs: Allow or Disallow to Account • Allow Number of Campaign • Can set the VoIP gate retries & timeout • Create Delete & Edit Account: Allow Or Disallow to • Allow Maximum Subscriber To Call • Create VoIP billing account • Allow Maximum Contact on Per Account • Refill VoIP minutes Admin And Staff • Edit or Delete Phonebook or Contact List • Allow call frequency per minutes • Allow Blacklist Prefix or Phone Number • Allow minimum or Maximum Call Duration • Allow Whitelist Prefix or Phone Number • Allow maximum or minimum call time out • Allow or Disallow campaign stats & Reports Super-Admin All permission over single or cluster based server, can allow or disallow function to the admin , staff and customer or campaign manger in multitenant application . Admin All permission given by super admin over single or cluster based server, can allow or disallow function to the staff and customer or campaign manger in multitenant application . Staff All permission given by super admin over single or cluster based server, can allow or disallow function to the staff and customer or campaign manger in multitenant application . Campaign Manger or Customer All permission given by Super-Admin, Admin or Staff over single or cluster based server, can allow or disallow function to the staff and customer or campaign manger in multitenant application . Campaign Campaign Campaign 28 ---C--a-m-- paign ---C--a-m-- paign ---C--a-m-- paign ---C--a-m-- paign ---C--a-m-- paign ---C--a-m-- paign -------- -------- --------

Admin Menu Staff-1A Campaign Campaign Campaign Campaign Sub-Admin Menu Manger ---C--a-m-- paign Manger ---C--a-m-- paign Campaign Menu 1A-01 ---C--a-m-- paign 1A-02 ---C--a-m-- paign -------- -------- Admin1(Organization1#) Campaign Campaign Campaign Campaign Staff-1B Manger ---C--a-m-- paign Manger ---C--a-m-- paign ---C--a-m-- paign ---C--a-m-- paign 1B-01 -------- 1B-02 -------- Staff-2A Campaign Campaign Campaign Campaign Manger ---C--a-m-- paign Manger ---C--a-m-- paign 2A-01 ---C--a-m-- paign 2A-01 ---C--a-m-- paign -------- -------- Super-Admin Admin2(Organization2#) Campaign Campaign Campaign Campaign (Service Provider) Staff-2B Manger ---C--a-m-- paign Manger ---C--a-m-- paign ---C--a-m-- paign ---C--a-m-- paign 2B-01 -------- 2B-02 -------- Staff-3A Campaign Campaign Campaign Campaign Manger ---C--a-m-- paign Manger ---C--a-m-- paign 3A-01 ---C--a-m-- paign 3A-02 ---C--a-m-- paign -------- -------- Admin3(Organization3#) Campaign Campaign Campaign Campaign 29 Staff-3B Manger ---C--a-m-- paign Manger ---C--a-m-- paign ---C--a-m-- paign ---C--a-m-- paign 3B-01 -------- 3B-02 --------

Admin Admin1 (Admin, Staff, Supper User) Change Account Username Customer Admin2 Add Account Password Admin3 Username: Person Information Auth ……….. E-mail address: History First name First name: User Last name Dashboard Status Task Manger User Customer1 Last name: History Action E-mail Customer2 Active: (Active/Inactive) View on site Permission Customer3 Staff status: yes/no Active ……….. Super user status : Yes/no Staff status Super user status Group Group1 Change Group Group Name : Available permission Group Group2 Group History Permissions : Chosen permission User permissions Group3 Important dates ……….. Last Login Date joined Sites Select site to change There are 177 Group User Profile Djcelery Domain Name Permissions In Reference Slides Address Display Name City Admin Tools Stats Add Domain Useful description State Task (registered): Country Crontabs Select Crontab To Change Minute: Task (custom): Zip code Add Crontab Hour: Enabled Phone Day of week: Schedule Fax number Intervals Select Interval To Change Day of month: Interval: Company name Add interval Month of year: Crontab: Company web site Use one of interval/crontab Language Every : Arguments Note Period: Arguments: JSON encoded Account code Keyword arguments: JSON encoded Gateway Execution Options Dialer setting Expires: Periodic Select Periodic Task To Change Queue: Tasks Add periodic task Exchange: Routing key: Tasks Filter By state By name ID By event received at Graph key By ETA Graph title Model name Workers Worker Nodes Add worker Hostname: Visible Add worker heartbeat Date Dashboard stats criteria Select Dashboard Stats To Change ID Add dashboard status Graph key Graph title Filter Model name Visible Dashboard stats Select Dashboard Stats criteria To Change Date Add dashboard status Filter


Sub-menu Admin Tools Auth Survey Notification Dialer Tagging Djcelery • Dashboard Stats • Branching • Campaign • Crontab • Dashboard Stats • Branching Template • Campaign Subscriber • Interval Tastypie API Access Criteria • Result • CDR Call Request • Periodic Task Tastypie API Key • Log Entry • Add Result Aggregate • CDR VoIP Call • Periodic Tasks • Add Section • Contact • Task State Country Dial code Prefix • Section Template • Contact Phonebook • Saved Group Country Dial code • Add Survey campaign • Settings • Add Survey Template • Gateway Result • Task • Worker Do Not Call List • Group • Notification Notice • Adding Tagging Do Not Call Contact • Permission • Notification Notice Queue • Adding Tagged Item • Admin Customer API Play Ground Feedback Batch Dashboard Preferences User • Notification Notice Setting • Notification Notice Type Audio Field • Notification Observed Items Menu Bookmark Sessions Sites User Profile South Migration History Redisboard Redis Server Content Type 32

(Page 1/6) Auth Admin Customer User Admin Tools Dashboard Stats • Auth | User | Can Add Customer • Auth | User | Can Add Admin • Admin Tool Stats | Dashboard Stats | Can Add Dashboard Stats • Auth | User | Can Add User • Admin Tool Stats | Dashboard Stats | Can Change Dashboard Stats • Auth | User | Can Change Customer • Admin Tool Stats | Dashboard Stats | Can Delete Dashboard Stats • Auth | User | Can Change Admin • Auth | User | Can Change User Admin Tools Dashboard Stats Criteria • Auth | User | Can Delete Customer • Auth | User | Can Delete Admin • Admin Tool Stats | Dashboard Stats Criteria | Can Add Dashboard Stats • Auth | User | Can Delete User Criteria • Auth | User | Can See Manager Interface • Admin Tool Stats | Dashboard Stats Criteria | Can Change Dashboard Stats API Play Ground Feedback Criteria • API Play Ground | Feedback| Can Add • Admin Tool Stats | Dashboard Stats Criteria | Can Delete Dashboard Stats Feedback Criteria • API Play Ground | Feedback| Can Change Admin Log Entry Feedback • Admin | Log Entry | Can Add Log Entry • API Play Ground| Feedback| Can Delete • Admin | Log Entry | Can Change Log Entry Feedback • Admin | Log Entry | Can Delete Log Entry Tastypie API Access Auth Group • Tastypie | API Access | Can Add API • Auth | Group | Can Add Group Access • Auth | Group | Can Change • Tastypie | API Access | Can Change API Group Access • Auth | Group | Can Delete Group • Tastypie | API Access | Can Delete API Auth Permission Access • Auth | Permission | Can Add Permission Tastypie API Key • Auth | Permission | Can Change • Tastypie | API Key | Can Add API Key Permission • Tastypie | API Keep | Can Change API Key • Auth | Permission | Can Delete Permission • Tastypie | API Keep | Can Delete API Key 33

(Page 2/6) Country Dial code Prefix Dashboard Preferences • Country Dialcode | Prefix | Can Add Prefix • Country Dialcode | Prefix | Can Change Prefix • Dashboard | Dashboard Preferences | Can Add Dashboard • Country Dialcode | Prefix | Can Delete Prefix Preferences Do Not Call List • Dashboard | Dashboard Preferences | Can Change Dashboard Preferences • DNC | Do Not Call List | Can Add Do Not Call • Dashboard | Dashboard Preferences | Can Delete Dashboard List Preferences • DNC | Do Not Call List | Can Change Do Not Audio Field Call List • DNC | Do Not Call List | Can Delete Do Not Call • Audio Field |Audio File | Can Add Audio File • Audio Field |Audio File | Can Change Audio File List • Audio Field |Audio File | Can Delete Audio File • DNC | Do Not Call List | Can See Do Not Call • Audio Field |Audio File | Can See Audio File List Menu Bookmark Do Not Call Contact • Menu | Bookmark | Can Add Bookmark • Menu | Bookmark | Can Change Bookmark • DNC | Do Not Call Contact| Can Add Do Not Call • Menu | Bookmark | Can Delete Bookmark Contact Content Type • DNC | Do Not Call Contact| Can Change Do Not Call • Content Types | Content Type | Can Add Content Contact Type • DNC | Do Not Call Contact| Can Delete Do Not Call • Content Types | Content Type | Can Change Content Contact Type • DNC | Do Not Call Contact| Can See Do Not Call • Content Types | Content Type | Can Delete Content Contact Type Sessions 34 Country Dial code • Sessions | Sessions | Can Add Session • Country Dialcode | Country | Can Add • Sessions | Sessions | Can Change Session Country • Sessions | Sessions | Can Delete Session • Country Dialcode | Country | Can Change Sites Country • Sites | Site | Can Add Site • Country Dialcode | Country | Can Delete • Sites | Site | Can Change Site Country • Sites | Site | Can Delete Site

(Page 3/6) Survey Section Template Survey Branching • Survey |Section Template | Can Add Section Template • Survey |Section Template | Can Change Section Template • Survey | Branching | Can Add Branching • Survey |Section Template | Can Delete Section Template • Survey | Branching | Can Change Branching • Survey | Branching | Can Delete Branching Add Survey campaign Survey Branching Template • Survey | Survey |Can Add Survey • Survey | Survey |Can Change Survey • Survey | Branching Template| Can Add Branching Template • Survey | Survey |Can Delete Survey • Survey | Branching Template| Can Change Branching Template • Survey | Survey |Can Export Survey • Survey | Branching Template| Can Delete Branching Template • Survey | Survey |Can Import Survey • Survey | Survey |Can See Survey Survey Result • Survey | Survey |Can See Survey Report • Survey |Result | Can Add Result Add Survey Template • Survey |Result | Can Change Result • Survey |Result | Can Delete Result • Survey | Survey Template |Can Add Survey Template • Survey | Survey Template |Can Change Survey Template Survey Add Result Aggregate • Survey | Survey Template |Can Delete Survey Template • Survey | Survey Template |Can See Survey Template • Survey |Result Aggregate| Can Add Result Aggregate • Survey |Result Aggregate| Can Change Result Aggregate Redisboard Redis Server • Survey |Result Aggregate| Can Delete Result Aggregate • Redisboard | Redis Server | Can Add Redis Server Survey Add Section • Redisboard | Redis Server | Can Inspect Redis Servers • Redisboard | Redis Server | Can Change Redis Servers • Survey |Section | Can Add Section • Redisboard | Redis Server | Can Delete Redis Servers • Survey |Section | Can Delete Section 35

(Page 4/6) Dialer Campaign Notification Notice • Dialer Campaign | Campaign | Can Add Campaign • Dialer Campaign | Campaign | Can Change Campaign • Notification | Notice | Can Add Notice • Dialer Campaign | Campaign | Can Delete Campaign • Notification | Notice | Can Change Notice • Dialer Campaign | Campaign | Can See Campaign • Notification | Notice | Can Delete Notice • Dialer Campaign | Campaign | Can See Campaign Notification Notice Queue Batch Dashboard • Notification | Notice Queue Batch| Can Add Notice Queue Batch Dialer Campaign Subscriber • Notification | Notice Queue Batch| Can Change Notice Queue Batch • Notification | Notice Queue Batch| Can Delete Notice Queue Batch • Dialer Campaign | Subscriber | Can Add Subscriber • Dialer Campaign | Subscriber | Can Change Subscriber Notification Notice Setting • Dialer Campaign | Subscriber | Can Delete Subscriber • Notification | Notice Setting | Can Add Notice Setting Add Tagging • Notification | Notice Setting | Can Change Notice Setting • Notification | Notice Setting | Can Delete Notice Setting • Tagging | Tag | Can Add Tag • Tagging | Tag | Can Change Tag Notification Notice Type • Tagging | Tag | Can Delete Tag • Notification | Notice Type | Can Add Notice Type Add Tagged Item • Notification | Notice Type | Can Change Notice Type • Notification | Notice Type | Can Delete Notice Type • Tagging | Tag Tagged Item | Can Add Tagged Item • Tagging | Tag Tagged Item | Can Change Tagged Item Notification Observed Items • Tagging | Tag Tagged Item | Can Delete Tagged Item • Notification |Observed Items | Can Add Observed Items • Notification |Observed Items | Can Change Observed Items • Notification |Observed Items | Can Delete Observed Items 36

(Page 5/6) Djcelery Periodic Tasks User Profile • Djcelery | Periodic Tasks| Can Add Periodic Tasks • Djcelery | Periodic Tasks| Can Change Periodic Tasks • User profile | User Profile |Can Add User Profile • Djcelery | Periodic Tasks| Can Delete Periodic Tasks • User profile | User Profile |Can Change User Profile • User profile | User Profile |Can Delete User Profile Djcelery Task State • User profile | User Profile |Can See Api-explorer • Djcelery | Tasks State| Can Add Task State South Migration History • Djcelery | Tasks State| Can Change Task State • Djcelery | Tasks State| Can Delete Task State • South | Migration History | Can Add Migration History • South | Migration History | Can Change Migration History Djcelery Saved Group Result • South | Migration History | Can Delete Migration History • Djcelery |Saved Group Result | Can Add Saved Group Result Djcelery Crontab • Djcelery |Saved Group Result | Can Change Saved Group • Djcelery | Crontab | Can Add Crontab Result • Djcelery | Crontab | Can Change Crontab • Djcelery |Saved Group Result | Can Delete Saved Group Result • Djcelery | Crontab | Can Delete Crontab Djcelery Task Djcelery Interval • Djcelery | Task| Can Add Task • Djcelery | Interval| Can Add Interval • Djcelery | Task| Can Change Task • Djcelery | Interval| Can Change Interval • Djcelery | Task| Can Delete Task • Djcelery | Interval| Can Delete Interval Djcelery Worker Djcelery Periodic Task • Djcelery | Worker| Can Add Worker • Djcelery | Periodic Task| Can Add Periodic Task • Djcelery | Worker| Can Change Worker • Djcelery | Periodic Task| Can Change Periodic Task • Djcelery | Worker| Can Delete Worker • Djcelery | Periodic Task| Can Delete Periodic Task 37

(Page 6/6) Dialer Contact Dialer Campaign • Dialer Contact | Contact | Can Add Contact • Dialer Contact | Contact | Can Change Contact • Dialer Campaign | Campaign | Can Add Campaign • Dialer Contact | Contact | Can Delete Contact • Dialer Campaign | Campaign | Can Change Campaign • Dialer Contact | Contact | Can See Contact • Dialer Campaign | Campaign | Can Delete Campaign • Dialer Campaign | Campaign | Can See Campaign Dialer Contact Phonebook • Dialer Campaign | Campaign | Can See Campaign Dashboard • Dialer Contact |Phonebook | Can Add Phonebook Dialer Campaign Subscriber • Dialer Contact |Phonebook | Can Change Phonebook • Dialer Contact |Phonebook | Can Delete Phonebook • Dialer Campaign | Subscriber | Can Add Subscriber • Dialer Contact |Phonebook | Can See Phonebook • Dialer Campaign | Subscriber | Can Change Subscriber • Dialer Campaign | Subscriber | Can Delete Subscriber Dialer Dialer Settings Dialer CDR Call Request • Dialer Settings | Dialer Setting |Can Add Dialer Settings • Dialer Settings | Dialer Setting |Can Change Dialer Settings • Dialer CDR | Call Request | Can Add Call Request • Dialer Settings | Dialer Setting |Can Delete Dialer Settings • Dialer CDR | Call Request | Can Change Call Request • Dialer CDR | Call Request | Can Delete Call Request Dialer Dialer Gateway Dialer CDR VoIP Call • Dialer Gateway | Dialer Gateway | Can Add Dialer Gateway • Dialer Gateway | Dialer Gateway | Can Change Dialer Gateway • Dialer CDR | VoIP Call | Can Add VoIP Call • Dialer Gateway | Dialer Gateway | Can Delete Dialer Gateway • Dialer CDR | VoIP Call | Can Change VoIP Call • Dialer CDR | VoIP Call | Can Delete VoIP Call • Dialer CDR | VoIP Call | Can See Call Detail Report 38


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