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Using HTML5 Page Flipping Book Powered by PUB HTML5 to Showcase Sequential Images and Featured Content on Website

jQuery Flip Book Page Flipping Book HTML5 Flipbook jQuery Plugin Free Flip Book Maker

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Fantastic HTML5 Page Flipping Book Powered by PUB HTML5

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The HTML5 and jQuery age is coming. More and more user love to use jQuery slider plugin for image slideshow, carousels and page flipping book on websites. There is no doubt that embedding jQuery flipbook is one of the most popular solutions to enhance contents and prettify website design. In addition, it is a really wonderful way for showcasing image and featured content without taking up too much space. Over and above this, book like page flip effect of jQuery flip book can help you offer good and impressive page-flip reading experiences. Here you will find 4 jQuery free flip book makers that help create book-like interface. We hope that these jQuery flipbook makers can help you build more brilliant and interesting website.


PUB HTML5 is HTML5 and jQuery based flip book maker for creating page flipping book from PDF, MS Office and images. In order to create flip book and embed on website quickly, you can upload documents and create online flip book directly. If you would like to create page flipping book with rich and interactive multimedia contents, you should download desktop version and make content interactive by animation editor.

In addition, you can import table of content from original file or create new one for your jQuery flipbook by PUB HTML5. According to table of content, you can go to the content you need with ease. Alternatively, you can search the text of page flipbook by applying search function of PUB HTML5. All in all, PUB HTML5 is excellent flip book software to create flip book to enhance content of your website.

2. Flip HTML5

Digital publication created by Flip HTML5 works well on smartphone, desktop and other mobile devices. It is responsive which means it is compatible with responsive web designs. With Flip HTML5, you can create a number of flip books with customized settings and place them anywhere to beautify your website.

3. Slide HTML5

Different from PUB HTML5 and Flip HTML5, Slide HTML5 focus on creating digital magazine, brochure and catalog with slide animation effect. Anyway, it offers great solution for customizing layout and design flip book with ease. By the way, it supports single and double slide effect of digital publication.

4. Hi Slides

Hi Slide is a jQuery based plugin for showcasing image slideshow. It is really easy to start creating elegant and user-friendly slideshows for enriching your website.

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