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Full use of JavaScript page-turning solution to improve online shopping magazine engagement

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How to Attract Shopping Engagement via PUB HTML5

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Desire for tens of thousands of views on your online magazines? Many marketers dream to attract more visitors and increase the amount of purchase. Simple, straight-forward, outstanding is all they ask for. Statistics show that there are more and more channels for customers to purchase. And many purchase processes are consumed by digital-with half of all transactions using a digital channel and about 33% of purchase being made entirely online. And this is the biggest alter till now.

With so many channels to make purchase, how can we predict where a customer will be coming from? In fact, cross platforms may be of great help. Besides, the creation of a consistent, optimized and engaging experience also plays a vital role in driving shopping engagement. Luckily, there are several magazine publishing software which help capture the eyes, hearts and wallets of your customers.

Four Professional JavaScript Page Turn Galleries


PUB HTML5 works as excellent mag publishing software to create wonderful online catalog. Built on cutting-edge technology, the software transmits great simplicity and flexibility to the users who can do some basic actions like drawing vector shapes, inserting text and multimedia materials as well as many other interactive features. Moreover, link your engaging publication to your website so your customers can easily read more details of your product and reach a purchase directly.

2. Flip PDF

Flip PDF can create a fabulous flash e-catalog for both online & offline use. Visitors can view your page-turning publications on your iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, Android and more. You can convert your impressive digital flip book in seconds.

3. 3DPageFlip

The flipbook created by 3DPageFlip can be viewed in 3D dimension. Multiple outputs are compatible on PC, tablets, mobile devices, so many people have the chance to read your publications. Moreover, visitors can easily share their favourite publications to their friends through social networks.

4. eFlip Standard

You can not only create a stunning online magazine with eFlip Standard, but also own the lifetime licenses. Buy once, use forever. The direct connection to FTP helps to publish your flip book online conveniently.

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