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Create amazing page flipping book with HTML5 & CSS3 animation and interactions

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5+ jQuery HTML5 & CSS3 Animation Flipbook Creators Review

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Nowadays, instead of writing and displaying all information on their websites, many businesses use some other solutions for the sake of many reasons. They don't want to destroy the aesthetic design of their sites while doing no harm to reaching and SEO purposes. They use jQuery and CSS animation flipbooks to display their brochures, catalogs, booklets and so on.

For one thing, jQuery flipping books based on HTML5 and CSS technologies creates a wonderful reading experience for readers and make them feel like flipping a print edition. For another, born superior to Flash based flipbooks, HTML5 flipbooks can enable your catalogs and brochures get across almost any electronic device, any screen and any browser. Visitors from iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices can access your flipbook publications without any problem. And with a free flipbook creator, you can publish CSS3 animation flip books and embed to website with great ease.

And here I have collected several powerful flipbook makers that can help you create CSS3 flipping books.

Introduction for 5+ Animation Flip Book Creators


Pub HTML5 can enable you to convert PDF files and Microsoft Office documents into HTML5 animation flipbooks in a few minutes. Besides, this animation flipbook maker offers a powerful Animation Editor feature for you to create gorgeous animated interactions for your flipbook edition.
Flipbook Maker Free Download

2. Flip HTML5

Flip HTML5 can help you make true the illusion of turning your print catalog into digital flipbook animation. The created page flipping book offers a lot of features that make reading the book a great ease and fun.

3. 3D PageFlip Professional

Just as its name indicates, 3D PageFlip Professional can turn your digital publication into a 3D experience flipbook animation. And readers can adjust the book angel to experience the three-dimensional effect.

4. Flip Shopping Catalog

This is a great tool for making digital catalogs for shopping and e-Commerce. In addition to the page flipping animation, the e-Commerce elements offered can make your catalog a superb in-store shopping experience.

5. eMagMaker PDF to Flash Magazine Pro

This page flip software offers many different templates and other resources for you to use. The published animation flipbook provides a thumbnails, bookmark and table of contents. And the nav bar has a lot of feature buttons such as Social Share, Print and Download.

6. FlipPageMaker FlipBook Creator

With FlipBook Creator of FlipPageMaker, you can publish your digital magazine into a Flash page flip magazine version for desktop reading and an HTML5 version for mobile viewing.

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