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It is time to instead your flat PDF publications with the stunning HTML5 jQuery flipbook. Why not create awesome contents with PUB HTML5?

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Innovation is important in nowadays society, especially in the online business. With the spring up of HTML5& jQuery technology, page flip books win the heart of all walks of life for the following reasons. First of all, the flipbooks can integrate with rich media such as video and audio. Besides, they provide the impressive experience for the online visitors to flip page as if they were reading a real book. Furthermore, the flipping books based on HTML5 can smoothly work on any devices. The last but not the least, such flipbooks on your website can help you better promote your business.

For you to better understand what changes can HTML5 & jQuery bring to the online publications, I will show you the main changes in details.

HTML5 & jQuery refresh your concepts of digital publications.

1. Easily conversion from PDF

The era of PDF is gone. But PDF is still the resource of digital publications. If you are looking for the PDF to flipbook software, you will be confused because there is so much different software. I suggest you one of the best. PUB HTML5 is the useful flipbook creator that converts pdf to flipbook . Just s few minutes, you can have your own wonderful online flipping books.

2. Comfortable reading experience

The flipping books are not only special in the realistic page turning effect, but also in the whole reading process. Image that if your flipbooks are as the same as your PDF documents, why does the engineers spend time in working out the flipbook software ? Just take PUB HTML5 as an example, it allows you to create amazing flipbooks with the custom settings. You can add beautiful pictures and wonderful background music to create unique page turning e-books. Moreover, you can enrich your flipbook with multimedia for more attractive.

3. Available access with mobile device

As I mention before, the HTML5 digital publications can works well on mobile device. No matter which Window systems you are using, if your digital page flip books are based on the HTML5, you would not worry about which device your customers use. However, not all software on the market enables you to create HTML5 flipbooks. If you are looking for the HTML5 & jQuery flipbook free download for Mac , I suggest you take PUB HTML5 into your consideration. PUB HTML5 employs a combined technology of HTML5 and CSS3, which allows you to create attractive publications based on jQuery. Your interactive flipbooks can not only be viewed on any device, but shared easily.

All in all, it is difficult to keep pace with the new technology. But with the right and useful flipbook software, you can save your time and money. By the way, PUB HTML5 is free for upgrade. So with the PUB HTML5, you will not be lag behind of the modern world.

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