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Use free online brochure maker to amaze your audience

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AnyFlip Gives You an Attractive and Interactive brochure

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Whether you have noticed or not more and more people begin to shift their focus to making and publishing brochure online. It is a way not only the more popular but also more effective. However, many people complain the difficulties of most of the brochure makers. They say that many brochure makers are designed for designers or engineers. For the common people who have no skill of designing and technology, they cannot handle well the software. Well, there is one free and simple brochure maker called AnyFlip, interactive brochure maker to save you from complex designing, editing, and publishing.

What’s AnyFlip?

To make it simple, AnyFlip is the leading professional flipping book maker for making magazines, brochures, catalogs and more. Easily convert your PDF into an interactive, enjoyable digital brochure.

What could you get in AnyFlip?

1. The digital flipping brochure from PDF.

2. Numerous pre-designed template, backgrounds, scenes.

3. Powerful Page Editor for insert multiple media.

4. Brand awareness increases.

5. All contents are SEO-friendly.

6. Batch Convert PDFs into flipping brochures.

7. HTML5 flipping brochure

8. Unlimited hosting cloud platform

Next, it is time to carefully analyze AnyFlip in three outstanding features.

1. Powerful Page Editor for embellishment (desktop client required)

Not all the brochure maker would offer one Page Editor for users. With this editor, you can insert all the multimedia you like. Videos can be thought as the speaker for your brochure to introduce brochure theme in detailed. One appropriate piece of music could create a nice mood for your brochure. Besides, in order to make your brochure neater and save more room, add a slideshow to place more images. In the meantime, you can choose the slideshow effect as you like. If you want some dynamic decoration, you can insert some free flash from the media library. Want more detailed information about the magic Editor? Visit this official website.

2. Branding

3)Loading logo: while opening the brochure, the first thing your readers see is the loading logo. It is so wise to set the loading logo to be your business logo to impress readers with your brand.

3. E-commerce and marketing

Can you image that you can do business with your brochure? AnyFlip helps you to do that. Besides selling your brochure, you also can sell a product in your brochure. Firstly, add a hot spot for the product and insert the buying hyperlink. Secondly, add e-commerce button and insert hyperlinks. The profit will directly be in your PayPal account.

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