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For high profit, many enterprises are trying to find a better way to promote their products. One of the best ways is to create online shopping flyers, because it outdoes printed content and provides audience engaging multi-media experience. Someone may worry that the online brochure costs too much money and time. However, with digital brochure marketer PUB HTML5, everyone can easily create a shopping flyer without any coding knowledge or specific technological skills in minutes.

Simply upload a pdf, you can use PUB HTML5 to build an online brochure for Wordpress. Numerous animated objects are optional for users to improve their brochure and help attract more targeted audience. In case customers are too busy to buy in an actual shop, they can directly purchase from the shopping flyers with just a click or touch. Furthermore, users can optimize searching engine settings and generate diverse traffic to their site so that customers have more opportunities to visit their website.

The Top Helpful Flipbook jQuery Gallery PUBHTML5

1. Quick Conversion

PUB HTML5 can quickly convert a pdf to shopping flyers . What you need to do is to import and upload your pdf. For simple version, this is all you have to perform. For advanced version, you can use PUB HTML5 to modify your digital brochure accordingly. Besides, you can free download shopping flyers maker .

2. Full Customization

For more glorious shopping flyers, you are able to customize the interface with various templates and themes to meet the corporate design of your company or that of your customers. Animation Editor allows you to add integrated media into your digital brochure. YouTube or Vimeo videos, audios, animations, image or video popup and all links are at your disposal.

3. Publish Online & Offline

You can upload your digital brochure to PUB HTML5 Cloud and embed it on your website. You can also create a ZIP, HEMTL5, CD/DVD or USB drive with your digital content, so that views can view your digital content on their desktop offline.

4. Timely Share

It is an easier and more pleasing experience to share shopping flyers on social networks to relative people. PUB HTML5 provides created publications with the function for viewers to share publications to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Digg and other sites or E-mail and copy it to others.

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