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Mid-Atlantic Tour Booklet

Published by carmen.little, 2020-05-28 15:43:08

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Chartwells K12 United States Northeast & Mid-Atlantic Tour

Chartwells Northeast The Northeast Region provides school dining programs to school districts from Connecticut to Maine. $98,253,873 123 30M total managed volume number of number of meals contracts served in 2019 MAINE 8 number of 80% amount of VERMONT District fee accounts Managers NEW HAMPSHIRE 550 1 Regional NEW YORK MASSACHUSETTS Director of schools Operations RHODE ISLAND in region CONNECTICUT 1 Resident District Manager

Chartwells Mid-Atlantic The Mid-Atlantic Region provides school dining programs to school districts from Lower New York to Virginia. $110,139M 75 total managed volume number of contracts 6number of 99% amount of District fee accounts Managers 524 3 number of Regional schools District in region Managers NATIONAL SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAM The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) is a federally assisted meal program operating in public and nonprofit private schools and residential childcare institutions. It provides nutritionally balanced, low-cost or no-cost lunches to children each school day. Participating school districts and independent schools receive cash subsidies and USDA Foods for each reimbursable meal they serve. In exchange, NSLP institutions must serve lunches that meet federal meal pattern requirements and offer the lunches at a free or reduced price to eligible children. Children may be determined “categorically eligible” for free meals through participation in certain Federal Assistance Programs. School food authorities are reimbursed for meals based on children’s free, reduced price, or paid eligibility status.

Serving Up Happy & Healthy Food is a big part of everyone’s well- Every day our goal is to make sure being, and students need a place students leave the cafeteria happier to eat where they can connect with others, recharge, and enjoy a sense and healthier than they came in. of happiness in their school. That’s why Chartwells serves food kids love to eat and creates programs that encourage fun and discovery.

Quality & Breakfast Variety We offer a portfolio of alternative breakfast service models to our district partners for all grade levels. Of Menus These choices include: • Grab-and-Go Breakfast/Remote Kiosk We’re passionate about • Universal Free Breakfast creating delicious, kid- • Second Chance Breakfast approved food that • Reimbursable Vending Machines nourishes bodies and minds. We transform cafes into Extra! Extra! joyful spaces where students want to be, bringing a sense Extra! Extra! is a great way to maximize fruits of happiness to each meal and vegetables as a part of the regular menu as they connect with their for all grade levels. Offering fruit and vegetable friends and refuel for the side dishes and finishing bars encourages day ahead. Healthy choices students to build a complete meal while allowing are happy choices and our them the independence to select their favorite menus offer both! accompaniments. Secondary School Concepts Features Italian favorites from traditional to gourmet such as pizza, calzones and pasta Featuring home-style comfort food combining regional and seasonal favorites An exhibition-style culinary experience, offering a wide variety of healthy, hot entrées that students can customize for a more personal experience Featuring traditional grilled luncheon fare such as hamburgers, cheeseburgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, baked chicken tenders and crispy fries Offering sandwiches, subs and wraps featuring fresh locally sourced produce, whole-grain artisanal breads, reduced fat cheeses, lean roasted meats, and signature condiments Celebrating the best of what Latin American cuisine has to offer by combining authentic ingredients, spices, herbs in dishes such as fajitas, tacos, and burritos. Our salad bar features seasonal, fresh, local ingredients as well as house made dressings, condiments and toppings bar.

Sustainable Sourcing With a strong commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, our purchasing and supply chain team works with suppliers and organizations on a range of initiatives and sustainable purchasing programs including: Whenever possible We partner with local Our Imperfectly Delicious we feature locally farmers to provide the Produce program provides grown foods and buy freshest produce, bakery, usage options for “imperfect” from farmers who and dairy items possible to fruits and vegetables that practice ecologically reduce our environmental would otherwise be thrown out. responsible methods. impact and support local economies. Local Produce Ecologically Imperfectly Delicious Minded Food Produce Purchasing rBGH/rBST Fresh Fluid Monterey Bay Certified Milk and Yogurt Seafood Watch Humane Cage Chartwells serves only Program Free Eggs fresh fluid milk and fresh yogurt from cows free of the We follow the guidelines of We offer only Humane artificial growth hormones Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Farm Animal Care (HFAC) rBGH/rBST. Seafood Watch program, certified cage-free shell helping us source seafood eggs and follow policies that’s caught or farmed in developed with guidance ways that support a healthy from experts at the ocean now and for future Humane Society. generations.

We have developed a Since 2008, we have We have partnerships comprehensive program that prohibited the purchase with numerous trusted allows schools to use the of chicken in which manufacturers and offer donated food program to its antibiotics that belong many of the same brands full potential. Our nationwide to classes of compounds that our students enjoy commodity champions work approved for use in human at home that align with to educate our schools on medicine have used non- our food philosophy. how to divert commodities to therapeutically or for receive the best value for their growth promotion. commodity dollar. USDA Donated Manufacturer Food Program Partnerships Reduced Antibiotic Chicken Buy American We proudly buy local Fresh All Year Ethical Trading products as a way to strengthen local economies Chartwells’ flash-frozen Chartwells does not engage and minimize our carbon program preserves local foods in unlawful or unconscionable footprint. Whenever so they can be enjoyed all year labor practices. We are feasible, we buy American- long. We’ve spearheaded this committed to ensuring all made products, and we project to help create a concept our dealings with suppliers easily achieve the USDA’s that benefits both the farmers are conducted in accordance minimum requirements of and the schools where the fresh with our guiding principles of domestic purchases. produce is served. responsible and ethical trading.

Happy & Healthy In Motion Our marketing and promotional strategy is designed to attract students, in- crease meal participation and customer satisfaction and get students excited about nutrition through great food and a friendly atmosphere. The cafe is just the beginning. We serve up happy and healthy through programs that reach families and the community. It’s about teaching healthy habits to students and helping parents and teachers reinforce them. Helping Students Discover Food Stop Food Waste Day Our flagship approach to food and nutrition Americans waste nearly 150,000 tons of education, Discovery Kitchen, ignites each food per day. Our chefs are working to student’s sense of adventure and discovery change that with our proprietary online through experiential learning activities. waste-tracking program Waste Not. Designed around dynamic themes delivered to our partners’ cafes monthly, this program We also host cooking challenges in introduces students to new flavors whether schools to see who can create a recipe in the classroom, cafe or at other school and with the most taste and less waste – and community events. partner with national nonprofit, Eatable, devoted to reducing food waste and Dining promotions are debuted on a encouraging food recovery. continual basis under Discovery Kitchen throughout the school year. Whether We celebrate Earth Month and Stop Food celebrating the community with local Waste Day™, and create and share recipes produce and farmers’ markets or tasting new that can easily be replicated in a family’s ingredients, products or flavor combinations, kitchen to build awareness of the we take the opportunity to celebrate critical food waste problem key themes in the national spotlight and and inspire change. make them local priorities. In addition, our chefs and dietitians work together to conduct pop up events and set up mobile carts in lunchrooms to lead activities that get kids cooking, tasting new foods and understanding what they’re eating.

Advancing the Farm to Table Movement Nationwide, we work closely with local farmers to bring fresh produce straight to schools. • We flash freeze local crops to serve year- round in New England. • In Florida, our Duval County Public Schools team in Jacksonville, Florida recently partnered with a local farmer to plant seeds for 10,000 watermelons, grown specifically for Chartwells K12 and DCPS with organic fertilizer. We also purchased 220 cases of Imperfectly Delicious zucchini for DCPS that would have otherwise been left in the field simply because it grew too large for traditional sales. • “Meet the Farmer” days were a big hit in Wichita Falls, Texas where we serve fresh spinach, tricolor carrots and broccolini. • Hydroponic gardens in Menasha, Wisconsin continue to expand and now serve more than 50% of the district’s leafy greens. • In Bay District Schools in Southport, Florida, we create mock farmers markets at school. Students use play money to purchase fresh fruits and veggies to take home and share with their families. Teaching Kids How to Eat to Compete Inspired by a high school football coach in Ohio who asked, “With fast food restaurants right around the corner, how do I get my players to eat a healthy school lunch and understand how much nutrition impacts their performance?” Now a nationwide Sports Nutrition program that teaches student athletes about the role that carbohydrates, protein and hydration have on endurance, energy, and concentration, and how to cook scrambled eggs and pan-seared chicken...Research shows that the program is making an impact on and off the field. Our national team of dietitians and chefs partner with coaches to maximize performance inside and outside the classroom.

Protecting Kids with Allergies 1 in 5 students each year have food allergy reactions in schools in the U.S. We’re proud to be the first in the child nutrition industry to have allergen management training courses certified by Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE). Our app gives parents full transparency into the ingredients on the menu, putting more power in their hands to protect their kids from allergic reactions. Leading technology alerts us to allergy information if a student tries to purchase an item containing an allergen. Spicing Up Flavors from Coast to Coast Students in 4,000+ schools across the country experience restaurant-inspired dishes featuring global flavors, on-trend items and local ingredients. Some examples: • In LA’s Koreatown, Chef Jammar Jones created Beef Bulgogi with White Rice, Kimchi, and Fried Chicken Sliders with Asian Slaw. • The funky 70’s Western Burger - a Texan favorite - made a triumphant comeback in the in the Wichita, TX, school district thanks to Chef Carrie Richardson. • Based on student requests, the chef at Legacy Charter in Greenville, S.C. has launched a new Vegan menu concept called the “Vegan Lion” – a play on the school’s mascot.

Giving Kids a Choice Today’s students are smarter and savvier about what they want to eat. Our Student Choice program brings the latest food trends straight to school cafes and lets students choose what’s on their menus. Students sample from restaurant- inspired concepts like Bok Choy (modern Asian cuisine) and Build (pizza by design with a variety of artisan flatbreads and delicious, fresh and unique toppings), with new concepts added each year.150 high schools have the program and it was so popular, we’re rolling it out in more and more elementary and middle schools across the country. Mood Boost It’s well established that food affects your physical well-being. Now new evidence finds that food also affects mood and mental well- being. To help students make a connection between what they eat and how they feel, Chartwells is launching a new program… Mood Boost! Designed for elementary- and middle-school students, this seven-week program features characters that focus on six moods: Strong, Alert, Happy, Calm, Smart, and Confident. New menus and mood-boosting recipes prominently feature at least one significant ingredient per mood. For example, Cuban Mojo Bowl with Pulled Pork and Pineapple; Kale and Chickpea Salad; Strawberry Oatmeal; and Blueberry Peach Crumble. Collectible trading cards will feature key ingredients and recipes for each mood to make learning fun!

Participation Builders Participation Builders are designed to encourage participation from non-users and increase check average. Some of our participation builder promotions have been created by teams in the field that have brought countless success stories with them!! Made to Order Combo Meals Students like choices, control and freshness. They Combo meals are critical to financial success since like to see their food being made in front of them. they can help to drive beverage sales. All stations These stations give an opportunity to sell additional should offer the meal as a combo as well adding on items. Add-ons are important here where you can two retail items to any meal creates a combo! charge for additional toppings. On The Go Interruption Points The On the go program offers a great opportunity Begin by just standing back and watching how to increase sales without adding to lines at food customers move through the servery. Visualize stations. This grab-and-go program should include where displays can be positioned where they almost basic items as well quality items. As some students can’t avoid. Use these interruption points to position may not have time to come in for lunch, ensure to items that will have broad appeal and have good serve “On the go” sandwiches, wraps and salads. contribution. This will add to your check average while also increasing customer satisfaction by letting them find items more easily.

Tastings and Samplings Frequency Cards Samplings and tastings are interactive and effective Frequency cards can be a very effective way to methods for creating awareness of new products increase the frequency of visits as well as deepen and fresh, seasonal offerings. They also help loyalty. Frequency cards that offer one free after nine drive visibility of products that are experiencing purchases is a 10% discount. The “free” item should weaker interest. Sampling and tasting stations are be rung up as a normal sale and then the redeemed implemented on a regular basis, especially for new card used to reduce the amount owed. The product introductions. frequency card is treated as a coupon for purposes of cash drawer reconciliation. All frequency cards should have an expiration date. Develop “Signature” Menu Items Fun Days Try to find a menu item that is unique to the location, We believe students should have fun in the cafe, has a lower product cost, tastes great and is so we designed our promotions calendar to ensure perceived as a good value. Feature the chosen item your students look forward to every meal. To further often in various ways such as with unique toppings, the excitement, we’ve created a library of fun day presentation, and preparation. promotions and events that your assigned dining directors can infuse into your cafes at any time throughout the year. On Lucky Tray Day, elementary school students win a prize if they find a “You win!” sticker under their tray. Lucky Tray Days can increase participation by over 20%.

Stamford & Westport School Districts

Stamford Public Schools Thomas O’Donnell, Regional Director 11 Management Staff Mike Edgar, District Manager Dawn McGinn, Director years of Rita Crocco, Asst. Director Thomas Sharkis, Executive Chef partnership Robert DelBuono, Chef Manager Liz Leslie, Resident Dietitian 13 5 3 Elementary Middle High Schools Schools Schools 16,100 Ms. Olympia Della Flora, Associate Superintendent total enrollment School Development OUR CLIENT 53% 43% 14% Free and Reduced participation for participation for Student Percentage lunch district wide breakfast district wide SUPERINTENDENT 130 Dr. Tamu Lucero number of associates

Westport Public Schools Thomas O’Donnell, 24 Management Staff Regional Director of Operations Fred Valfer, District Manager years of Deborah Vancoughnett, Director partnership Benjamin Leahey, Asst. Director William Tomlinsom, District Chef 5 2 1 Elementary Middle High Schools Schools School 5,400 55 total enrollment number of associates Westport Public Schools $3,596,260DOES NOT participate in NSLP total number of sales Elio Longo, SUPERINTENDENT Chief Financial Officer Dr. David Abbey OUR CLIENT

Highlighted Programs Rolled to Order Sushi Farm to School Discovery Gluten Free Program Dedicated Crops & Local produce Garden Bars Discovery Kitchen Fresh Made Soups Abilities Beyond Disabilities

Woodbridge Township School District Woodbridge is the 6th largest municipality in New Jersey with 102,000 residents. The population is very diversified with white, Asian and Hispanic citizens making up the largest percentage. The median household income is $80,500, and the median home value is $298,100. Approximately 5.5% of the population lives below the poverty level.

Management Staff Patricia Allegretto, DM 10 Joseph Twardowski, RDM Tori Cammack, Director years of Brian Molina, Asst. Director Eric Gurny, Executive Chef partnership Melinda Hargis, Chef Wendi Cassidy, Resident Dietitian 17 5 3 Elementary Middle High Schools Schools Schools 13,109 Brian Wolferman, Business Administrator total enrollment & Board Secretary OUR CLIENT 78% 12% 25.6% free lunch percentage participation for participation for 7.4% lunch district wide breakfast district wide reduced lunch percentage 9 SUPERINTENDENT 127 number Dr. Robert Zega number of of board associates members

Change in Action Last April, Woodbridge School District, in cooperation with the Department of Public Works, Recycling Office, enlisted Chartwells employees and the high school and middle school students and staff to join together to eliminate food waste in the schools. Blue recycling barrels with clear liners were placed in the kitchens and dining areas to collect all uneaten or unused food items. The contents are then emptied into green organic collection containers outside for collection by the Township as often as needed. It is then sent to a Waste Management CORe facility which converts the food waste to EBS, which is an organic slurry product used to generate green energy. This product is then sent to municipal wastewater treatment facilities, which increases their energy output. Every ton of processed food waste results in enough electrical energy produced to power 8 to 10 homes. The program has been introduced to the elementary schools this year, so now all of the Woodbridge schools are working together to contribute to the process of converting food waste into renewable energy.

Claremont Elementary School in the Woodbridge “Best lunch program ever!” School District had limited kitchen facilities and was serving prepackaged and prepared frozen Justin meals that were heated and served each day with 5th Grade Student all the ambiance of a frozen TV dinner in a gym. Claremont Elementary School Additionally, parents were frustratingly required to pay for meals an entire month at a time. “Chartwells staff is amazing, great with the kids, couldn’t do it without them.” Chartwells’ goal as a new foodservice partner was to transform the dining experience for all Woodbridge Joe Massimino elementary students – serving appealing meals to Principal students and making things easier on parents and the community. Claremont Elementary was selected Claremont Elementary School as the school to launch a pilot for a “fresh cook” program for the district. New portable serving lines “Chartwells has revolutionized the were installed to serve freshly prepared hot and cold elementary lunch experience...the entrées and enhance every meal with an appetizing students look forward to lunch more than selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. Parents now recess...the healthy choices fuels them for enjoy the freedom to choose the days their child whatever the rest of the day has in store wants to participate with an online ordering and for them.” payment system. Chartwells worked closely with the school Principal to communicate the details of the Michael Toenambe new program to the school community. Café staff 5th Grade Teacher were trained in culinary preparation and cooking Claremont Elementary School techniques, and customer service. Everyone worked together to ensure the best possible experience and a successful program launch. The students, parents, and school community love the new food and atmosphere at Claremont - student lunch participation has significantly increased. Following Claremont’s shift, Chartwells has successfully transitioned all the elementary schools to a fresh cook food program.

This Is Chartwells!

Northeast Region Chartwells Support Personnel Regional Vice President: Eric Pimental Regional Dietitian: Sara Patterson, MS, RD Regional Executive Chef: Chase Sobelman Regional Marketing Manager: Brendan Guyotte Mid Atlantic Region Chartwells Support Personnel Regional Vice President: Gene Sanchez Regional Dietitian: Amy Brinton, RDN, LDN Regional Executive Chef: Guy Mastrangelo Regional Marketing Manager: Marcy Blatt-Walker

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