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Post Secondary Education Presentation_Brochure-Wyatt Buttlar

Published by Wyatt Buttlar, 2019-12-16 13:05:24

Description: Post Secondary Education Presentation_Brochure-Wyatt Buttlar


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Lone Star College System Presentation/Brochure By: Wyatt Buttlar

College Applicants and Admissions Admissions Approximately 20% of all people who apply to Lone Star College are able to get in! There is no admission fee to get into Lone Star College, however there is a registration fee of $13 per semester. 2

Requirements for Financial Aid 3 ▰ Must be Admitted into Lone Star College ▰ Must be a High School Graduate or have Earned a GED ▰ Must Have an Absolute Minimum Grade of 2.0 to be Considered ▰ Must have a Minimum of 6 Credit Hours at One One LSCS Location ▰ Must meet the Satisfactory Academic Policy

Tuition Costs and Fees Credit Hours Costs/Fees In state tuition costs $103 per The cost of books at Lone Star credit hour, however if you were College costs approximately to not be a resident, it would $2550, and meal plans cost cost $208 per credit hour. $1660 per semester. 4

90,000 Students Enrolled at Lone Star College $7,000 Average Annual Cost 22.2% Admitted Applicants 5

Student Life Short Description Varsity Sports Greek Life Important Information Basketball, soccer, and Unfortunately, Greek Student Worker volleyball are all varsity Life is not offered at positions are offered at sports which students Lone Star College, and Lone Star College, such can be a part of, and cannot be applied for. as being a lab may get a scholarship assistant along with for. various other positions. Intramurals are also offered so students may compete against one another. 6

Events at Lone Star College There are many events at Lone Star College which help to create a unique environment at your college. The many traditions that have been passed down between each location includes the Involvement Fair, which allows students to join organizations while playing games and eating food! Another few great traditions are the Fall Fest and Spring Fling, which are both days filled with food provided by the Office of Student Life as well as games which are exciting for all! There are two awards ceremonies, the Student Excellence Awards and the Trevor’s Choice Awards. The Student Excellence Awards are held to celebrate the accomplishments of Lone Star College, while the Trevor’s Choice Awards are held to celebrate all accomplishments made by those in the college throughout the year. 7

School Description Since there are multiple LSC locations, I will cover three specific and great locations provided by Lone Star College, and cover details about the campus. LSC Tomball LSC University Park LSC Kingwood The LSC Tomball University Park is made Kingwood is made up location is made of oneup of several different of nine buildings, and building, but consists buildings, and is the has a music, science, of multiple different location if you would and technology wings and halls, as wellike to major in a instructional building. as a student wellness degree concerning It also contains a center and library. Computer Science. library and Student 8 conference center.

Apply to Lone Star College Today! 9

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