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382 Redbank Plains Road Leasing Brochure

Published by Hall Projects, 2017-09-05 23:15:24

Description: Leasing Document for Proposed Childcare Centre


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382 Redbank Plains Road Redbank Plains QLD Childcare Centre Lease Opportunity

Redbank Plains ipso3p0uklmatiforonmofthaeroBurnisdb2an0e,C0B0D0and has a currentRedbank Plains Coles Target Brisbane CBD Road Site Aldi 26km 3,589m2 Town Square Woolworths Shopping Centre 7-EFlueevlen ECxporleesss The median age in 2R6edbank Plains is just Labourers & Technicians are the area’s most prominent professionals 2,300There are an estimated persons under 4 living in Redbank Plains The suburb is part of the rapidly growing Ipswitch region. By 2036 Ipswitch is halefxpaecmteditlolihoomne npeearolyple

There are a total of 7 Long Day Care Centresin Redbank Plains, some of which are completely full with lengthy waitlists Daily childcare fees Average daily fee for Average centre occupancy surrounding area in nearby area$75 - $99 $87.30 80%+ Surrounding Landmarks StaWteoSocdhloinokls ReLdibbaranrkyPlainsSportiRnTRgoeowFdiabneldadSsqnSukiatrePelaRientasil Hub AuSgcuhsotoalState SRteadtebaSnchkoPolal ins StatReeHdbigahnSkcPhloaionlsStaFteernSbchrooookl e

Centre Size Lease TermsLength 120 places on a single level, delivered with fitOption Periods outRent ReviewsOutgoings 15 yearsBank Guarantee 5 + 5 + 5 year 3.5% fixed annual 100% paid by tenant (including tax on a Single Holding Basis) 6 month gross rental of cash security bond and company director’s guarantees Conceptual Layout To discuss this opportunity please contact Damian Hall directly 0422 637 796 | [email protected]

DisclaimerThis brochure has been prepared in good faith and with due care by Hall Projects andif applicable, its conjunctional agent. By accepting this brochure, recipients agree for themselves and theiraffiliates to the terms of this Disclaimer.This brochure has been prepared solely for general information purposes and not as specific advice to anyparticular recipient or any other person. It is not to be construed as a recommendation by Hall Projects thatany recipient proceeds with any investigation or with any purchase and/or lease of a property or service. In allcases recipients should carry out their own independent investigation, assessment and analysis.Intending purchasers should note:In the event of any inconsistency of this property brochure and the lease terms the provisions of the leaseterms shall prevail.The lease details are only illustrative of the relevant lease document/s. Figures for outgoings and rentals asstated in this brochure may be based on estimates. Potential lessees should make their own judgement as tothe likely net income.The only representations and warranties which have any legal effect will be those that are expressly includedin any legally binding contract that may be concluded with a successful lessee. All stated dimensions and areasare approximate.To the maximum extent permitted by law, no member of Hall Projects, their respective directors, employees,agents, conjunctional agents, advisors or representatives, as the case may be:· provides any undertaking, ex-press or implied, as to the accuracy, adequacy, reliability, reasonableness or completeness of the informationor any opinion or statement contained in this brochure;-Shall have any liability (including for negligence) for any statements, opinions, information or matters arisingout of, contained in or derived from, or for any errors or omissions from or failure to correct, any informationin this brochure or any other written or oral communications transmitted to any recipient; and/or;-Isunderanydutyofdisclosureorfiduciarydutyoranyobligationtoupdateanyinformationcontainedinthisbrochureor any other written or oral communication transmitted or made available to a recipient, or to notify any per-son should any such information cease to be correct after the date hereof or the date of provision, as the casemay be,-And each recipient, by accepting delivery of this brochure, waives all rights in that regard.This brochure is provided to the recipient on a confidential basis, and is not to be resupplied to any other per-son without the prior written consent of Hall PRojects. The recipient may, however, disclose the brochure toany of its employees, advisors (including lawyers and accountants) or agents to the extent absolutely necessaryto allow the recipient to evaluate the property/properties and to act on an opportunity to lease the property/properties, but will ensure that those employees, advisors or agents maintain the confidentiality of this bro-chure.

To discuss this opportunity please contact: Damian [email protected] 07 5612 7896

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