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Kukui Lamalama A Publication of the First Unitarian Church of Honolulu Volume 2017 Number 5 May 2017Growing UU Keiki...Growing In The Garden Keiki and adults growing together. More Religious Education pictures & infor- mation on pages 7, 13. (Photos supplied by Jeff Gillis-Davis)

Kukui Lamalama Volume 2017 Number 5 May 2017 Page 2...Services...Services...Services...Services...Services...Honolulu Campus Sunday, May 21, 10:00 am Leeward CampusFirst Unitarian Church Soul to Soul: Unitarian Universalistof Honolulu, 2500 Pali Hwy Chalice Circle Sunday Leeward Ohana By Chalice Circle Participants, May 7, 10:00 am Small group ministry is an Auditory Cheesecake amazing way to connect in a By Dennis Graue & deep way not often afforded us The Spirits in this hustle bustle world weSteven Pinker wrote: “I suspect live in. Join us as we reflect onmusic is auditory cheesecake, how being a part of these amaz-an exquisite confection crafted ing groups have affected ourto tickle the sensitive spots of lives.our mental faculties.” Join Den- Worship Associate: Martinanis Graue and the Spirits as Queenththey play some of their favorites Greeters: Junko Davisfor a light hearted Spring Ser- Decorator: Theresa Moorleghenvice. A/V Tech: Jim Cooper Saturday, May 13, 5:00 pmWorship Associate: Martina Aging & Dying with Dignity: Queenth What Does That Mean?Greeters: Nancy Mower, Rick By Joel Merchant Mower The next Saturday Service willParking: Carolyn Eaton feature the wonderful JoelA/V Tech: Rick Stanley Merchant. Joel believes: “This is an oppor-Sunday, May 14, 10:00 am tunity for people to pause what-Motherhood: Universal ever they're doing and think and/but Unique about what aging and dying withBy Sister Joan Chatfield, M.M. dignity means to them, becauseSister Joan Chapman who has Sunday, May 28, 10:00 am it means different things to dif-been on the planet since 1932 Patriotism: Plural ferent people. The common ele-entered the Maryknoll Sisters in and/but Personal ment relates to the idea of con-1950.She was assigned to Ha- By Sister Joan Chatfield, M.M. ditions of satisfaction.”waii for one year, 1956. She is Educator/Ecumenist/Inter- The talk will include the issue ofstill here (!) And has been talk- Religionist, Sister Joan lends death with dignity we read abouting and questioning ever since. her vision and thoughtfulness to in the national media and theThis Sunday she talks about Memorial Day. laws which legalize assistanceMotherhood. Worship Associate: Richard in dying, including the bill whichWorship Associate: Karen Valasek failed this year in the Hawaii leg- Valasek Greeters: Gene Parola, Shirley islature.Greeters: Lee Curran, Judith Parola After the Service, we have our Clark Decorator: Nancy Schildt Famous Fabulous Pot Luck.Decorator: Martina Queenth A/V Tech: Ian Valasek This Service will be at the homeParking: Dan Curran of Stephanie Teraoka in Mililani. All are invited to join us. For more information, please contact Charlotte Morgan (808- 343-0137; [email protected]).

Kukui Lamalama Volume 2017 Number 5 May 2017 Page 3Big Island Services... Unitarian Roundtable Unitarian Universalists of West HawaiiMeets every Sunday at 9:30 am in Hilo Meets every second and fourth Sunday at 4:00 pm inEmail: [email protected] Kailua-KonaUnitarian Universalists of Puna Address: Sadie Seymour GardensMeets every Sunday at 10:30 amin Paradise Park (Outdoor Circle)Address: 15-1791 14th Ave., HPP 76-6280 Kuakini Hwy, Kailua-Kona Facebook: Unitarian Universalists of Paradise Dr. off Hwy 130, West Hawaii Right on 14th Phone: 808-640-4485Facebook: 808-966-7852Website: www.uupuna.comMAY 2017 SUNDAY PROGRAMS5-7-17 United Nations Sustainability Goal #6 – Clean Wa-ter & Sanitation with Keola Downing POTLUCK5-14-17 A Mother’s Day Open Forum (Bring a photo ofyour Mom.)5-21-17 Helping Our Homeless People with Lance Niimi5-28-17 UU Principle #1 The Inherent Worth & Dignity ofEvery Person with Cathy YoungNotes From Music Director, Dennis GraueMy Dear Friends, 1 2 3 - Blessed Be 1 2 3 - Blessed Be - bring your heartThe Song of the Month for May is I’m leaving the low lands today and and love to this communityA L O H A, by Danny Kennedy and getting away on a special, Sunday With Love - for you - and meMana'o Company. Headed up toward the mountains 1 2 3 - Blessed Be - bring your heartWe have been singing,1 2 3 - Blessed walking along the Pali Road and love to this communityBe a song I wrote to celebrate how I I heard about a new church - it’s a 1 2 3 - Blessed Be -feel about this Beloved Community. new search - for me All week I’ll be thinking about how I In somebody’s old mansion that’s felt on that last special Sunday filled with love and compassion And the love that we shared, we re- The inherent worth and dignity of ally cared, - all we need is love to every person shall not cease share - We All want peace at least and cof- And our community, respectfully, fee - at a Sunday Service feast necessarily, continually, spiritually And conversation - with our dear Always Spreads love and joy… friends All around us - Everywhere - Every- 1 2 3 - Blessed Be - bring your heart where and love to this community 1 2 3 - Blessed Be - bring your heart With Love - for you - and me and love to this community 1 2 3 - Blessed Be - bring your heart With Love - for you - and me and love to this community 1 2 3 - Blessed Be - bring your heart 1 2 3 - Blessed Be and love to this community Leaving this beautiful church be- 1 2 3 - Blessed Be- hind 1 2 3 - Blessed Be - bring your heart And headed home on a Sunday ride and love to this community Remembering all the love and 1 2 3 - Blessed Be- equality for thee and me and we - 1 2 3 - Blessed Be. Spirituality - It’s for me - and where will it take me to a higher place Aloha, I want a taste, just in case- I want a Dennis space - I want a singing place See you in Church

Kukui Lamalama Volume 2017 Number 5 May 2017 Page 4The Arts at First Unitarian GALLERY mixed into each painted image toON THE PALI some degree. FROM THE ARTIST: Presents: “I would like to thank the Gallery on\"Internal Integration\" the Pali for the opportunity to dis- Artwork by play my new work.David Behlke This is the third time I have had the privilege to display my artwork At Honolulu's Gallery on the Pali the First Unitarian Church gallery.(GOTP) announes an exhibition Additionally, I say a special thanksof artwork by David Behlke.The exhibition will run from to Daniela Minerbi who encour- May 7 to June 15, 2017, aged me to apply to haveat GOTP, located at this exhibition of the evolution of my images at this stage of devel-the First Unitarian Church opment.” at 2500 Pali Highway. David Behlke is available for artArtist's Reception: talks for those who are interested in exploring their own person-Sunday, May 14, al development.from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. The public is invited.ABOUT THE EXHIBIT: At times Behlke’s work is sugges- The Gallery is openDavid Behlke has been an active tive of duality, of male and female, Tuesday through Fridaypart of the local art scene as artist, hence the title of the exhibit From 9:30 am to 2:00 pm,gallery director, and presenter of “Internal Integration.”new artists while directing BACKGROUND: Weekends fromthe Koa Art Gallery at KCC 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.(Kapiolani Community College). Behlke is well versed in the mak- There is no admission chargeHis art is frequently colorful, organ- ing of contemporary stained glassic and layered. In turn, there are windows. and parking islayers of interpretation once the Examples of his work may be seen convenient and free.viewer allows themselves the at Arcadia Retirement Center and For more information,pleasure of seeing this visual ma- 15 Craigside where his \"Hawaiiantrix as a whole, a visual cohesive Creation\" anthology shines from please call sunup to sunset. the First Unitarian Church Office at (808) 595-4047 or email [email protected]. Color and translucency are inter- (Marshall Heaney) Modern Art?!?!? No...this is a photo of the floor in The Gallery On The Pali (GOTP). The Good News is the GOTP Team is contracting to have the floor refinished and is also providing the funds. Thank you GOTP Team. (More GOTP information on page 17 Photo by C. Morgan)

Kukui Lamalama Volume 2017 Number 5 May 2017 Page 5More Arts at First Unitarian Book Group Opera...Opera Wednesday Friday, May 26, 2017 May 3, 2017 at 7:00 pm From 6:00 PM until c. 9:50 PM Preceded by Pot Luck Pupus to Share Fred Harper Room I due Foscari by Giuseppe VerdiWe will discuss Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann One of Verdi's rar-Burns. This is a historical novel told through er gems, the cen-the eyes of a 14 year old boy (Will Tweedy) tral theme of I dueabout life, death, and social taboos in a small Foscari (The TwoGeorgia town in the early 1900’s. The story Foscari) is aboutbegins with the announcement of his recently one man's split du-(three weeks) widowed grandfather’s elope- ties as father andment with a much younger woman. Doge, and his ina- bility to catch a sin- Wednesday, gle break (unlucky June 7, 2017 at 7:00 pm fathers seem to be a central theme in Fred Harper Room Verdi's oeuvre).We will discuss Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Francesco at-Swift. This book is a satire on religion, govern- tempts to exoner-ment, and the intrinsic nature of man that ate his son from acomes cleverly cloaked in a fantastical travel crime, then to allow his son's family to joinadventure. him in exile. After his son leaves Venice,Originally titled: Travels into Several Remote Francesco learns of his innocence, thenNations of the World. In Four Parts. By learns of his death and then is told by theLemuel Gulliver, First a Surgeon, and then a Council of Ten that he should step down asCaptain of several Ships. Swift has delighted Doge. He launches into this scene full of pa-generations of readers (since 1726) and his thos, singing \"Questa dunque è l'iniquaobservations on the imperfections of man are mercede\" (This then is the unjust re-as relevant today as when they were originally ward…), lamenting the thanks that he getspublished. (Dan Curran) for being a ruler first and a family man sec- ond—before shuffling off his own mortal coil. (Norma Nichols)

Kukui Lamalama Volume 2017 Number 5 May 2017 Page 6 Principled Leadership The Proposed Eighth PrincipleWe, the member congregations of the Unitarian Universalism,” Nov./Dec. 2000, UU Unitarian Universalist Association, World Magazine, covenant to affirm and promote: articles/3643). journeying toward spiritual I believe if the principles had been written with wholeness by working to build the depth of understanding that we have gained a diverse multicultural Beloved since 1985, we would have been more explicitCommunity by our actions that about the Beloved Community, and we as an as- sociation of congregations would be further along in building Dr. Martin Luther King’s vision.accountably dismantle racism andother oppressions in ourselves and The principles as they stand now are universalour institutions. and can be embraced by many diverse people. Inclusion is implied in each one, but interpreta- tion through a limited cultural context can limitHow do Unitarian Universalist (UU) principles in- our vision and application of inclusion. Evidenceform UU leaders? Are our expectations of UU of this can be seen in differing interpretations ofleadership shaped by the UU principles? UU the 7th principle: “We affirm and promote respectprinciples are central to UU community. The for the interdependent web of all existence ofprinciples are our shared covenant. They frame which we are a part.” For some, the 7th princi-the covenant we enter into each time we call a ple’s meaning is primarily environmentalism. Forminister. They frame the covenant we enter into others, “interconnected web” is not thought ofeach time we elect someone new to the boards without also thinking of multiracial, multiculturalof our congregations. And they frame the cove- inclusion.nant that we enter into when we hire a Directorfor Religious Education. The “Seven Principles” The 8th principle as stated above provides Unitar-are foundational in shaping UU identity. ian Universalists with an unmistakable articula-Members of the antiracist community in the Jo- tion of the spiritual value of the human familyseph Priestley District (JPD) are promoting an 8th whole and reconciled. The multicultural Belovedprinciple to anchor antiracism, anti-oppression Community would no longer be implied, it wouldand multicultural inclusion as a core spiritual val- be explicitly stated as part of our spiritual jour-ue for Unitarian Universalists. The 8th principle is ney.a covenant that many of us share, and we want it The first of our congregations to embrace the 8thto be shared by all UUs. principle is the UU Church of the Restoration,As a lifelong UU, a woman of color, and an insti- Philadelphia, PA.tutional leader since 1997, the UU principles We urge JPD congregations and organizations tohave a great deal of influence on my life and my adopt the 8th principle as a shared core value ofwork. They are beautiful and inspirational, but who we are in the world.they fall short of ensuring that we can fulfill ourcalling as a pluralistic religious community. If you are interested in learning more, contact me at the address below, or Bruce Pollack-JohnsonThe current UU principles were adopted by the at [email protected] Assembly in 1985. UU women are cred-ited with starting the process that transformedthe language and understanding of UU guiding Respectfully submitted,documents from being male-dominant to being Paula Cole Jones 2013inclusive (“How the UUA’s Principles and Pur- Racial & Social Justice Consultantposes Were Shaped and How They’ve Shaped [email protected] out page 11 for more information on ADORE (A Dialogue On Race and Ethnicity)

Kukui Lamalama Volume 2017 Number 5 May 2017 Page 7 Honolulu Zoo Field Trip When: May 21, 2017 Who Will Attend: 1st-4th grade RE Class & Anyone Else Who Wishes Time: 9:00 am-12:00 pm Address: 151 Kapahulu Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815 Contact: Michael Gurney, 219-765-7943, [email protected] Purpose: To gain insight on the wildlife around the world, and wildlife that exists here in Hawaii.What Will Happen Day of Trip: Meet at front entrance of Zoo at 9am to get attendance. Will travelthrough zoo (as a group) to look and learn about various wildlife throughout the world. Will start at9:00 am and will conclude at 12:00 pm. Will make time towards end of day for gifts and personalneeds.To Bring the Day Of Trip: Closed Toed Shoes Sunscreen Water ID (Just in case needed at check-in) Extra Money for Personal Use/NeedCost: IMPORTANT: Need to make reservation TWO WEEKS prior to trip date, no later than 05/07/2017. Need the number attending before posted date of 05/07/2017.School Child (pre-K-6th grade)-$4.00/individualSchool Child (7th grade-12th grade)-$8.00/individualSchool Adult (includes teachers and chaperones)-$8.00/individual IMPORTANT: The zoo has policy of 2 chaperones per 10 kids. Please let me know if you are willing to chaperone that day and help. Mahalo!Please complete this form and return.Names Attending: (Please indicate age according to “Cost Group”)1._____________________________________________________________________________2._____________________________________________________________________________3._____________________________________________________________________________4._____________________________________________________________________________Total Cost: $____________________Print name: _____________________________________________________________________Signature: ______________________________________________________________________

Kukui Lamalama Volume 2017 Number 5 May 2017 Page 8 An Invitation From The Building & Grounds Team Even though the Church has engaged a cleaning service as well as a yard service there are still things to be done by volunteers to keep our Church home in good repair. The Building & Grounds Team invites you to join us in this effort. The next Saturday Work Party is scheduled for May 20 from 1:00 to 5:00 pm. Please come and help for as much of the afternoon as possible. You will enjoy the fellowship while we work together and partake of refreshments at the end of the day. If you have questions, please call Dan Curran (394-8792) or Al Rowland (988-4426). Building &Grounds TeamSof Ma’aravCabinet: Dan re-ported the Sanctu-ary floor is beingdamaged by thewheels on SofMa’arav cabinetwhich they moveweekly. Dan Car-penter and JimSkouge will askSof Ma’arav to ad-dress this.Work Party: The date for the next Work Party is Next Meeting: Wednesday, May 10, at 7:00May 20. Work to be done will be determined at pm, in the Fred Harper Room.our next meeting.

Kukui Lamalama Volume 2017 Number 5 May 2017 Page 9From: Leadership Council side expertise, working together with the UUA Board, listening to those most affected, and engaging in criti-<[email protected]> cal self-examination about how all of our programsSubject: A Message from the UUA and initiatives advance our commitment to anti-Leadership Council racism, equity, and inclusivity. We are aware that our Association’s inadequate responses to the expres-Date: April 6, 2017 at 1:10:39 PM EDT sions of outrage have added harm upon harm. Now we recommit ourselves to the work of listening, learn-Dear Congregational Leaders,The past few weeks have been difficult for many of us ing, organizing, healing, and the Unitarian Universalist community. The pain re- While many feel shaken by this change in leadership,sulting from patterns of institutional racism and the UUs around the country have also shared many ex-impact of white supremacy within our Association has pressions of hope and resilience. This reminds usbeen shared openly and urgently. This pain reflects that the UUA is much more than a staff and a boardgenerations of injustice and unfulfilled commitmentsto dismantle racism — not just a few weeks of con- striving imperfectly to fulfill our mission.versation. We offer our apologies and prayers for You and your best values are also the UUA. Yourthose who have been harmed. We thank those Uni- congregations, together, are the UUA. Our childrentarian Universalists of Color whose courageous voic- and their curiosity are the UUA. Innovative communi-es have led the way in this conversation and renewed ties that are imagining new ways of living our valuescommitment. are the UUA. People of Color, people with disabilities,For those who may not be fully aware of this situation, people who are trans, and others who have not al-a recent hiring decision at the UUA opened an urgent ways found a welcome in our congregations are theconversation about institutional racism within the UUA. Your creative ministry and prophetic voice areUUA. President Peter Morales acknowledged that his the UUA.response to the concerns deepened the hurt and cre- Thank you for your good ministry and for your sup-ated more alienation and division. On March 30, port. Your love, generosity, and service are the UUA.2017, Rev. Morales announced his resignation. The Together, we are the UUA. Thank you.In Faith,UUA Leadership Council offered an apology for the UUA Leadership Councilways the UUA has failed to live into our highest val-ues of equity and inclusion. You can learn more in Taquiena Bostonthis UU World online article. We also encourage you Director of Multicultural Growth and Witnessto read what other Unitarian Universalists and UU Tim Brennangroups are saying about this situation. This UU Treasurer and Chief Financial OfficerWorld article has a partial compilation of other voices John Hurleyand opinions. Director of CommunicationYesterday, on Wednesday, April 5, Rev. Harlan Rev. Sarah LammertLimpert, Chief Operating Officer, and Rev. Scott Director of Ministries and Faith DevelopmentTayler, Director of Congregational Life, announced Rob Mollatheir decisions to resign, effective April 20 and June Director of Human Resources30, respectively. The Board has asked the Rev. Sa- Rev. Mary Katherine Mornrah Lammert, Director of Ministries and Faith Devel- Director of Stewardship and Developmentopment, to serve as Acting COO in the interim, until Mark Steinwinterthe June 24 presidential election at General Assem- Director of Information Technology Servicesbly in New Orleans. We send our prayers to Peter,Harlan, and Scott, and honor them for their years ofservice with the UUA. We understand and appreciatethat their difficult decisions were reached out of lovefor our faith and hope for our future.The Board of Trustees is in the process of selecting apresident to serve immediately until the GA 2017election. In the meantime, the UUA Leadership Coun-cil has begun putting together a plan for ways we willengage in an immediate internal review of how ourinstitution advantages white Unitarian Universalists.This will include, at least, a review of hiring and pro-motion procedures and goals, the involvement of out-

Kukui Lamalama Volume 2017 Number 5 May 2017 Page 10 Bethany Schwartz Performs in Japanese Dance Recital On April 8th, Bethany danced Tobi Ume no Fu (Flying Plum Rhapsody) and also played shamisen with a group that accompanied two of dancers. Bethany has studied dance in Japan. The Sun Came Out At Night Our own Zaffy Castagnaro starred in La Pietra’s production of Annie. Zaffy wowed us with her beau- tiful voice and her amazing stage presence. Dad Russell, Sister Lulu and Mom Kristine were there to help celebrate Zaffy’s success. (Photo by C. Morgan)Team Valasek Scores Design. Karen (second from the left on the Playbill cover)Karen, Richard and Ian Valasek helped make the also played Betty Meeks, the owner of a guest-Hawaii Pacific University’s production of house in Georgia.The Foreigner, directed by Eden Lee Murray a Karen and the entire cast were uniformly excel-rousing success. lent and gave side splitting performances.Team Valasek was responsible for the Sound Just thinking about it brings smiles

Kukui Lamalama Volume 2017 Number 5 May 2017 Page 11ADORE (A Dialogue On Race and Ethnicity) Our Monthly ADORE This is a correction for May: A Dialogue On Race Karen’s name was left out in the and Ethnicity April Newsletter 11:30 am to 2:00 pm, ALOHA First Unitarian Church community. It was a May 28th joy to be with you again. Mahalo to all who helped to make our February reunion possible.We will watch/discuss the documentary, Congratulations for successfully completing your first\"The Color of Fear.\" year of A Dialogue On Race & EthnicityThe following quote by Fabrice Guerini (ADORE.) From your feedback, it is clear that adescribes the film in this way: \"Eight measurable change is underway.North American men, two African- Bravo! Allison Jacobs and Jill Rabinov, thanks forAmerican, two Asian-American, and two your dedicated leadership.Caucasians, were gathered by director ADORE Honolulu wouldn't be possible without you. ILee Mun Wah for a dialogue about the treasure our long distance partnership and friendship.state of race relations in America as Thanks to Margaret Mann for your thoughtfulness andseen through their eyes. generosity. It was fun getting to know you better.The exchanges are sometimes dramatic, And, a big thanks, also, to Karen Valasek for all herand put in plain light the pain caused by support and warm embracing spirit as Worship Associ-racism in North America.\" ate for the 2/26 serviceBill Scarvie, who has seen the film, testi- The work at First Unitarian Church of Honolulu givesfies that \"it changed my (his) life!\" me hope.At 11:15 am, pizza will be available for Much love for you,$1 per slice and childcare will be offered Paula Cole Jonesas well. Everyone is invited to attend! The Passing of swelled in the wind of a full sail. woods, his Ogden Myers During the 60's a blessed life al- later years lowed him to drag along his young grew deepWhen you're all feeling up to it, daughter Dee Ellen Myers wherev- and quiet.please take a moment to remem- er he went, on sailing ships and Reluctantly,ber an amazing and gentle spirit. other fantastic adventures. He surrenderingOgden King Myers Jr. died on April gradually became smarter as she to cancer his15th just 12 days before his 89th got older; funny how that works. last threebirthday, leaving behind a very For the better part of 40 years, at years re-large life. mid age he settled in as the Care- mained full,Born in Manhattan in the spring of taker of The First Unitarian Church traveling,1928, Ogden, or to some knew him of Honolulu. There he matured and sketching, en-as 'Mike,' he always allowed him- developed more in his art and his joying smallself to remain thirsty in search of head, stretching the envelope of moments, ani-life and love, art and spirituality. his artistic passions and chasing mals, music, friends and family.As a young man he was charmed ideas in his head involving religion Those who knew him, will noticewith a connection to the sea. Sail- and philosophy. Ogden believed in the days that follow feel a bit empti-ing beautiful boats, and, all the up's becoming superior over visual im- er, and the night sky a bit brighterand down's that come along with age and trivial, foolish thoughts. with the birth of a new star which isthat lifestyle. His heart always Lately, like a monk walking into the the essence that is Ogden. Shine on my sweet. (Dee Myers)

Kukui Lamalama Volume 2017 Number 5 May 2017 Page 12UUs In The CommunityUndie Sunday ucts, and UNDIES.May 21, 2017 Think for a minute about what life would be like without undies,Brought to you by the Feminist or, even, without clean undies.Thealogy Group and the Chalice We can help, support ProjectCircles at the First Unitarian YO, and the homeless teens itChurch of Honolulu. serves, and remind ourselves that it takes a village, and weOn Sunday, May 21, please are part of that village, here inbring UNDIES [NEW Boxer Honolulu.shorts] to Church. These will be Many teens flee their homes incollected and donated to response to physical, psycho-Project Youth Outreach [YO] logical and/or sexualwhich serves homeless teens in abuse. We can help.Waikiki. Project YO is part of Questions: Email Nan Kleiberthe Waikiki Clinic's services. Both girls and boys prefer [[email protected]]By donating Undies to YO, we boxer shorts. Our Church has Love and Undies to all, Nanremember Mickey Selwyn, a be- supported Project YO for manyloved, long-time Member of our years, with supplies, cannedChurch. food, personal hygiene prod- Catherine Graham (L to R) Catherine Graham, Nan Kleiber, Nancy Young. Champions Nancy was a prime mover for FACE (Faith Action for Community Equity). Affordable Housing (Photo by C. Morgan)Catherine Graham with Rev. Bob Na-kata recently had an Op-Ed piece inthe Honolulu Star-Advertiser(04/11/2017). Entitled, “Budget deci-sions tough, but housing is a toppriority,” Catherine and Bob reiteratethat over 2,000 affordable housingunits will be needed each year toachieve the 10 year goal of 22,500units mandated by the legislature. Aswith many priorities, the limiting factoris money.Members of the Housing Now Coali-tion and FACE Hawaii, Catherineand Bob end the piece with a prophet-ic comment: “…it has taken decadesof inaction to arrive at our dearth ofhousing. It may take decades ofcourageous action to solve theproblem.”

Kukui Lamalama Volume 2017 Number 5 May 2017 Page 13RE Keiki Enjoy “The Best Egg Hunt…”(Photos supplied by Jeff Gillis-Davis)Our Keiki learn about protected Sea Turtles from the conservation group, Malama na Honu Foundation (Protect the Turtles)

Kukui Lamalama Volume 2017 Number 5 May 2017 Page 14...Leeward...UU Leeward Ohana...Leeward...Rev. Angela Completely Charms UU Leeward OhanaOn Saturday, April 8th, Rev. Dr. AngelaYarber presented Holy Women Icons:Nevertheless, She Persisted.We remembered some of the revolutionarywomen who were warned, given an expla-nation, yet persisted to work for justice,peace, and beauty. From Perpetua and Fe-licity to Virginia Woolf, Pauli Murray to FridaKahlo, Isadora Duncan to Maya Angelou,Jarena Lee to the Grimke Sisters, Sojourn-er Truth to Dolores Huerta, we celebratedthe women who empowered us to persist!This Service was at Sue and Dan Carpen-ter’s home in Waianae and was followed bythe Famous Fabulous Potluck. Rev. Angela tells a heart felt story to the keiki at First Unitarian (Photo by David Friedman)(Photos by C. Morgan) Our Famous Fabulous Potluck was enjoyed by all.

Kukui Lamalama Volume 2017 Number 5 May 2017 Page 15Annual Meeting...May 21...High NoonAloha Members of the First Unitarian Church of Honolulu, New presidents may have a different style that can be thwarted by a Past President and can ally some The Annual Meeting of the Members to not give the new President confidenceFirst Unitarian Church of Honolulu to serve in his/her best capacity. The other by-laws change concerns Membership. See will be held on both by-laws change recommendations below.Sunday, May 21, at 12:00 p.m. Elect the new slate of nominees and/or nominate from Right now our by-laws state that our meetings use the floor members for our Board, Social Justicethe short form of Roberts Rules of Order. Many churches Council, and Endowment Team and Nominatinguse a consensus model. While I have never experienced Committee. Nominees are on page x.this model in a large group, I have been told there is lessdivisiveness in this model. Perhaps this is something we Vote for the Budget as presented.can consider trying in the future. There will be no line-item veto. If the Budget is voted down, we will revise it and have another In the mean time, if you have opinions and/or want Congregational Meeting. This proposed Budget isto discuss the topics, a Board Member will be available based on a successful Pledge Drive.every Sunday morning in April at 9:00 am in the Fred Har- The largest expenses are the Building and theper Room. Staff. The major changes in staff expenses include the You are always welcome to come to Board meet- following: The Religious Education Team decidedings on the last Wednesday of the month or write letters to to hire 3 or 4 paid teachers who plan and executethe Board or speak with a Board member. The budget will a lesson with a Church Member volunteer in eachbe voted on as a whole. There will be no line-item veto. classroom. This is a smaller staff expense thanThat said, the Board, especially our current Treasurer Sue hiring a ¼ time Religious Education Director andYamane-Carpenter, has worked and continues to work to takes away the effort of finding eight regular volun-present a balanced budget. Our income depends primarily teers every Sunday.on our Members. Please give generously to our current Since last year, we have new office personnelPledge Drive. with fewer hours. Instead of a live-in BuildingAnnual Meeting Agenda May 21, 2017Approve Minutes from 2016 Annual Meeting. Thismay be reviewed in the archive portion on our Manager, we have hired professional cleaners, landscapers and a Sexton.Church website. Our Sunday music position is still at half time,Change the By-Laws to reduce the number on theBoard from 10 to 7 and not mandate the Past although for a Church with our budget and size, the UUA recommends it to be 7-10% of our budget.President serve on the Board. The Board, with input from a burned out WorshipReasoning: A. The Nominating Committee canfind people who want to be on the Board more eas- team and listening to the meetings organized by the Future Shapers, is looking to hire a Part-timeily. The Nominating Committee always has difficul- Consulting Minister as soon as possible. The jobty finding enough Members to serve on the Board.We currently have many more committees than in description will be posted on the Board’s Bulletin Board.the past, thus leadership has been diluted andsome Members are chairing more than one com- Thank you for your commitment and efforts to our presencemittee already. B. All researched churches of our as a liberal religious church.size have Boards of 5-7. C. Less assertive Board Sincerely, Nancy SchildtMembers have a better opportunity to be heard. D. President of the Congregation BYLAWS OF THE FIRST UNITARIAN CHURCH OF HONOLULU (2017)Article I - GovernanceThe Executive Board of the Church will consist of seven church members (called Directors) who are residents of Oahu. The minister is a non-voting participant. New Members, as needed, will be elected at each An- nual Meeting and take office at the beginning of the Fiscal Year, July 1.Included in the seven Directors are the positions of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. To the extent practicable and expedient, the President and Vice-President may serve no more than two con- secutive terms in that office (two years). The Secretary and Treasurer may be re-elected every three years for an indefinite period. The remaining three directors may serve up to three consecutive years.If a vacancy occurs during the year, the Board may fill the vacancy for the balance of the year.Please note the Slate of Candidates on page 17.

Kukui Lamalama Volume 2017 Number 5 May 2017 Page 16 The Safety Dance at Club Safe Haven, Our April 29th Fundraiser Grossed $8,000 With 80 ParticipantsBrennan Simcock’s creative logo Heightened interest at the Silent AuctionNancy & Mike Young Martina Queenth with hersample the delicious illuminating party girl creation tapas(L to R) Dave Hafner, Jim The popular BAR Emily Mottl…always helping Cooper & Martina at the Church Queenth Photos by Dennis Graue More Fundraiser info on page 20

Kukui Lamalama Volume 2017 Number 5 May 2017 Page 17Annual Meeting...May 21...High NoonProposed Slate for the 2017-2018 Church YearBOARD NOMINATING COMMITTEEOfficers – to be elected ContinuingPresident – Nancy Schildt Heather Lemkelde – 1 more yearVice President – Catherine Graham Janice Davis – 2 more yearsSecretary – Marie Anne – 2 more yearsTreasurer – Mike Mottl To be elected – 1 for 1 year term, 2 for 3 year termsDirectors: (to be determined when the committee meets)Continuing Eleanor KleiberBill Scarvie – 2 more years Dan CarpenterRussell Castagnaro – 1 more year Hilkka EasterwoodSusan Lebo – 1 more year Termed Out of NominatingLeaving the Board CommitteeJim Skouge – termed out Catherine GrahamJerry Matiatos - resigned Lee CuranLeanne McIntire – termed out Meghan Buntzen – leaving for AlaskaTo be electedMartina Queenth – 3 year termSOCIAL JUSTICE COUNCILContinuingCatherine Graham – 1 more yearTo be elected(2 vacancies may be filledfrom the floor)Nancy Young for 2 year termAllison Jacobs - 2 year termLee Curran – 2 year termDavid Diamond – leaving Hawaii this summerDeborah Bond Upson – leaving the CouncilSteve Lohse – termed outENDOWMENT COMMITTEECurrent MembersLisa Gillis Davis (2 more years)Mike Mottl (resigned to run for Treasurer)Dave Davis (term ending)To be electedDave Davis – for 1 more year – to fulfill Mike Mottl’s termTheresa Mooreleghen – 3 year termNOTICE: GALLERY FLOOR RE-FINISHING AHEADThe Gallery on the Pali will soon be taking a The Gallery will resume its exhibit schedule in“summer break” following the next exhibit of art- September with a show by Linda Umstead, Presi-works by Koa Gallery (KCC) Director dent of the Association of Hawaii Artists (AHA).David Behlke. At that time, Dan Carpenter will be taking overWe will be re-finishing the Gallery floor during the position of Chair of the Gallery on the Pali.the week of June 19 and the Gallery will be David Friedman will be stepping down after fiveclosed during that time. years and will continue on as a Member of the Gallery Team.

Kukui Lamalama Volume 2017 Number 5 May 2017 Page 18The Council of ChairsOn Saturday, April 22nd, Chairpersons of the various Church Teams and Com-mittees met to discuss their progress. Martina Queenth recorded the minutesof the meeting which can be found on the Church website, Itwas reported by Deborah Bond-Upson that the new Church website will be un-veiled this month. (L to R) Front Row: Marina Queenth, Joan Schumacher, Sheila O’Keefe, Nan Kleiber, Catherine Graham, Deborah Bond-Upson. Second Row: Jim Cooper, Jill Rabinov, Dan Curran, Bill Scarvie, Allison Jacobs,David Friedman and Jeff Gillis-Davis. Charlotte Morgan not in photo. (Photo by C. Morgan) Our Fifth UU Principle: The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large. Live our Principles. Come to the Annual Meeting on May 21st. Your Church Needs You!!! (More information on pages 15 & 17.

Kukui Lamalama Volume 2017 Number 5 May 2017 Page 19Child Dedication At First UnitarianMelissa and Audrey Blum with son Asa listen Danike Kleiber and Adam Cormier with daughteras Catherine Graham welcomes our newest Juniper look on as Catherine Graham dedicateskeiki to the Church. (Photos by C. Morgan) Henry, son of Blake Porter and Heather Lemkelde. Thank You Unitarian Universalists The Food Drive was an enormous success. Co-Chairs Sue Lebo & Margaret Mann reported that $2529.00 was raised & 280 pounds of food collected. Many are grateful for your generosity.

Kukui Lamalama Volume 2017 Number 5 May 2017 Page 20Thanks to All Who Made the Safety Dance at Club Safe Haven a HUGE Success THANKSTo Our Amazing VolunteersCarla Allison Nan Kleiber Lee Curran, Sue Yamane-Carpenter & AlMarie Anne Pierre Kleiber Rowland enjoying the party.Ella Barsky Carol LeeHarmony Bentosino Heather Lemkelde We Are Grateful To OurBeth Beyers Rachel Lowe Generous DonorsKerry Campbell Charlotte MorganDan Carpenter Veronica Morgan Kay Armstrong Joan KingAdrien Condon Theresa Moorleghen Deborah Bond-Upson Nan KleiberJim Cooper Emily Mottl Dan Carpenter Pierre KleiberDan Curran Sheila O’Keefe Judith Clark Sheila O’KeefeLee Curran Martina Queenth Dan Curran Leanne MacintireJanice Davis Paige Samuel Paul davis Al RowlandPaul Davis Rhiannon Samuel Don Dvojacki Molly RowlandCaryn Diamond Bill Scarvie Hilkka Easterwood Bethany SchwartzDavid Diamond Nancy SchildtLori Ford Bethany SchwartzBetsy Gilliland Brennan SimcockCatherine Graham Sara StejskalsDennis Graue Ian ValasekSue Greene Karen ValasekDave Hafner Richard ValasekSylvia Himeda Ann WilbyLeslie Horn Sue Yamane-Imani Hornsby CarpenterAllison Jacobs Dan ZukowskiPhyllis Keohohou David Friedman Katie Thompson Catherine Graham Sue Yamane- Sue Greene Carpenter Dennis Graue Nancy Young Ed King Comedian Brandi Morgan and Karen Valasek share a fun moment. (Photos by C. Morgan)

Kukui Lamalama Volume 2017 Number 5 May 2017 Page 21...Church...Church...Church Calendar...Calendar...Calendar...Sunday, April 30, 2017 Tuesday, May 9, 2017 Thursday, May 18, 2017 Sunday, May 28, 20179:00 am Band Rehearsal 6:30 pm First U Future 1:00 pm Gallery Team (Gallery) 9:00 am Band Rehearsal 3:30 pm Hawaiian Language (Sanctuary) Sculpting (Gallery) (Sanctuary)9:00 am Board Meeting (FHR) Wednesday, May 10, 2017 (Gallery) 10:00 am RE Program for10:00 am RE Program for 6:30 pm SJC Meeting (Gallery) 6:00 pm Sunday Rehearsal 7:00 pm Building Team (FHR) Children (Upstairs) Children (Upstairs) (Sanctuary) 10:00 am RE Teen Group10:00 am RE Teen Group Thursday, May 11, 2017 Friday, May 19, 2017 3:30 pm Hawaiian Language 6:00 pm Rental - Maureen O (FHR) (FHR) 10:00 am Sunday Service10:00 am Sunday Service (Gallery) (Gallery) 6:00 pm Sunday Rehearsal Saturday, May 20, 2017 (Downstairs) (Downstairs) 9:00 am Sof Ma'arav 11:30 am ADORE (Sanctuary)11:30 am Engagement Team (Sanctuary) 11:30 am Engagement Team 6:15 pm Feminist Theology (Downstairs) (FHR) 1:00 pm Sof Ma'arav (FHR, (FHR)11:30 am SJC Environment (FHR) Monday, May 29, 2017 Saturday, May 13, 2017 Sanctuary) All day Church Closed Mondays Justice Action 9:00 am Sof Ma'arav 5:00 pm Y/F Ohana Covenant (Grounds Closed Also) (Sanctuary) Tuesday, May 30, 2017Monday, May 1, 2017 (Downstairs) Group (MR1, 5, FHR, 6:00 pm Sof Ma'arav ErevAll day Church Closed Mondays 1:00 pm Sof Ma'arav (FHR, Gallery if possible)(Grounds Closed Also) 5:30 pm Y/F Ohana Covenant Shavu'ot (Downstairs)Tuesday, May 2, 2017 Sanctuary) Group (MR1, 5, FHR, 6:30 pm All Believers Network6:30 pm First U Future Shapers 1:00 pm Spiritual Care Gallery if Possible) (Gallery) Sunday, May 21, 2017 (Sanctuary)Wednesday, May 3, 2017 Volunteer Training 9:00 am Band Rehearsal 6:30 pm First U Future6:00 pm Worship Team Workshop (MR#1) (Sanctuary) (Gallery) Sunday, May 14, 2017 10:00 am RE Program for Sculpting (Gallery)7:00 pm Book Discussion Group 8:00 am 2nd Sunday Lunch Wednesday, May 31, 2017 (FHR) Prep (Downstairs) Children (Upstairs) All day Sof Ma'arav ErevThursday, May 4, 2017 9:00 am Band Rehearsal 10:00 am RE Teen Group Shavu'ot (Downstairs)3:30 pm Hawaiian Language (Sanctuary) Thursday, June 1, 2017 (Gallery) 10:00 am RE Program for (FHR) 6:00 pm Sunday Rehearsal6:00 pm Sunday Rehearsal 10:00 am Sunday Service (Sanctuary) Children (Upstairs) (Sanctuary)Friday, May 5, 2017 10:00 am RE Teen Group (Downstairs) Saturday, June 3, 20172:00 pm Art Take Down 11:30 am Annual Meeting 9:00 am Sof Ma'arav (Gallery) (FHR)Saturday, May 6, 2017 10:00 am Sunday Service (Downstairs) (Downstairs)9:00 am Sof Ma'arav 11:30 am Engagement Team 1:00 pm Sof Ma'arav (FHR, (Downstairs) (Downstairs)1:00 pm Sof Ma'arav (FHR, 11:00 am 2nd Sunday Lunch (FHR) Sanctuary) Sanctuary) 12:00 pm Newsletter 5:00 pm Y/F Ohana Covenant2:00 pm Art Show Setup (Downstairs) (Gallery) 11:00 am Engagement Submission Deadline Group (MR1, 5, FHR,Sunday, May 7, 2017 3:00 pm Scheduled Navigators Gallery if possible)9:00 am Band Rehearsal Membership Meeting Sunday, June 4, 2017 (Sanctuary) (FHR) USA Chapter 106 9:00 am Band Rehearsal9:00 am RE Team (MR#1) 11:30 am Engagement Team (MR#1,6) (Sanctuary)10:00 am RE Program for (FHR) Monday, May 22, 2017 9:00 am RE Team (MR#1) Children (Upstairs) 11:45 am Future Shapers All day Church Closed Mondays 10:00 am RE Program for10:00 am RE Teen Group Workshop (Grounds Closed Also) (FHR) (Sanctuary) Tuesday, May 23, 2017 Children (Upstairs)10:00 am Sunday Service 11:45 am Hold for Board 6:30 pm First U Future 10:00 am RE Teen Group (Downstairs) Workshop Sculpting (Gallery)11:30 am Engagement Team (Sanctuary) Wednesday, May 24, 2017 (FHR) (FHR) 4:00 pm Art Reception Setup 6:00 pm Board Meeting 10:00 am Sunday Service11:45 am Future Shapers (Gallery, Kitchen) (Gallery) Workshop 6:00 pm Art Reception (Gallery, Thursday, May 25, 2017 (Downstairs) (Sanctuary) Kitchen) 3:30 pm Hawaiian Language 11:30 am Engagement TeamMonday, May 8, 2017 8:00 pm Art Cleanup (Gallery, (Gallery)All day Church Closed Mondays Kitchen) 6:00 pm Sunday Rehearsal (FHR)(Grounds Closed Also) Monday, May 15, 2017 (Sanctuary) 11:30 am SJC Learning Action All day Church Closed Mondays 6:15 pm Feminist Theology (Grounds Closed Also) (FHR) (Sanctuary) Tuesday, May 16, 2017 Friday, May 26, 2017 6:30 pm First U Future 6:00 pm Opera Group Sculpting (Gallery) (Sanctuary) Wednesday, May 17, 2017 Saturday, May 27, 2017 6:00 pm 'Ohana Potluck and 9:00 am Sof Ma'arav Games (Gallery) (Downstairs) 6:30 pm Chalice Circle 1:00 pm Sof Ma'arav (FHR, Facilitators (FHR) Sanctuary)

First Unitarian Church of HonoluluA Welcoming Unitarian Universalist Church 2500 Pali Highway, Honolulu, HI 96817RETURN SERVICE REQUESTEDPhone: 808-595-4047Web: www.unitariansofhi.orgFacebook: First Unitarian Church of HonoluluTwitter: UUHonoluluOffice Hours: Tuesday-Friday 9:00 am to 2:30 pm dailyWeb: www.unitariansofhi.orgPublication Information Newsletter Mailing Policy months; Ten Dollars ($10.00) for six (6) All Members and Friends with email ad- months; Five Dollars ($5.00) for (3) dresses registered on our website will re- months. ceive an email notification when the News- * The subscriber may send the subscrip- letter is uploaded and ready to view. tion check to the Church Office, Attention: Newsletter Subscription. Please write * If a Member does not have an email “Newsletter Subscription” on the check address, the Newsletter will be mailed to memo. the Member at no cost. * A reminder notice may be put into the * If an Oahu based Member has an email subscriber’s Newsletter in November. address and wants a paper copy of the Newsletter, she/he may pick it up at Church. * For any Member or Friend who has anThe deadline for both hard and electronic email address andcopy for the Newsletter is Noon on the wants a copy of theThird Sunday of the month. Newsletter mailed to Staff them, there will be aTypeface— Arial, 12 point $20.00/year subscrip- Publisher:Format—Single space. Block paragraphs. tion fee, payable in Nancy SchildtOne line space between paragraphs. advance.NO—Indentations, tabs, all caps, bolding, Graphics/Layout/Photocentering, tables, colors Mail Subscription Editor: PolicySection Word Limits * The Newsletter Sub- Charlotte MorganEvents – 50 words per item scription fee is Distribution:Coming Services – 50 words per service $20.00/year, payable Suzette Tomdescription in advance.Committee/Team/Task Force Updates – * The subscription100 words per item year is the calendarN.B. The editors may edit any piece for year: January to De-content, length, and clarity. cember. New subscribers will Please bring hard copy to the Church have their subscrip- Office or email electronic copy to tions prorated quarter- FUCH-Newsletter- ly: Fifteen dollars ($15.00) for nine (9) [email protected] .

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