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Published by Sterling White, 2020-10-03 15:46:59

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EXCLUSIVE WHO IS... Cameron’s greatest passion and CAMERON desire to help people reach the ROY greatest epitome of their potential--- become a better friend, a better husband, a better athlete, or whoever they want to become. If he can’t play a direct part, he wishes to play at least a small part in connecting them to someone who can help. On top of his love for his family, his wife, his kids, and his friends. It has been his greatest motivation, to love and serve other people, the way he has been loved and saved by God. He is compelled to do good unto others because of the good that has been done unto him. He grew up in a very small rural Texas town where he lived a very simple life. Farmland is where he worked with his bare hands his whole life. His mom was a school teacher and his dad was selling used cars. Growing up, no one ever told him that he can ever own a big commercial building. He was in disbelief because of the education he had. When he started educating himself and figured out how, it was then those limiting beliefs went away.

“Limiting beliefs is just an ignorant knowledge of what you think something to be true.” Cameron said, “Which is actually not true, if you just take the time to learn about it.”, he added. To this point, Cameron’s favorite thing to do is play golf. He knows everything that other professional golfers are doing to hit the scores. He’s been playing all the time and plays pretty decently. Yet what he knows in his head is not actually happening in the golf course. “It’s not just happening!”, Cameron laughingly admitted. He recognizes game experts became known in the field through hard work and regular training. This translates not just in the golf course, but also in business and life in general. HOW IT ALL STARTED When he was 23, a friend THE called him to ask if he FLIPPING would be interested to help flip homes. That was his first entrance into the real estate world. But before that, he didn’t know much about multifamily or commercial. He had so much fun and enjoyed that experience. It was at Barnes and Noble’s in December 2018, when he picked up a Robert Kiyosaki book “The Cashflow Quadrant”. That’s when his mind was exposed to multifamily real estate.


HOLDING GOALS WITH AN OPEN-HAND His ultimate goal is to have a massive, massive funeral. He wanted it to be loaded. He makes every decision, every day to make an impact on people's lives. As a real estate syndicator, or a full time active investor, or one day become a pastor. What he learned in his life is to hold his goals with an open-hand. So if they leave that hand, he’s not cut and scarred by them by holding onto them so tightly. Everyday he lifts his plans to the Lord and lets Him decide whether or not to fulfill them. He believes that if he holds onto them with close hands, it can become a weapon to cut and bled him. Just like what happened in the past when he was a little younger.

31 DAY CHALLENGE I SAW THAT “BRIDGE”... “I realized how people like myself could own apartments where I lived before. I then got more intrigued and started reading more books, like David Lindhal’s, and started following people on social media and connected with Sterling White. I find it fascinating how average people like myself can own multi-million dollar properties and help others create financial freedom for people who are investing with them. I saw that “bridge” that I was eager to cross over. As I learned, the more benefits of multifamily vs single family investing, I was on a sprint! I was working at a W2 job where I find no purpose or meaning (other than paying my electricity bills and taking care of my household). Then, I found my passion in real estate, where I can help others become better in aspects that matter to their lives through passive investing.\"

I had a huge mind problem that I can only do one thing. HURDLES MAJOR PROBLEMS “It was my mindset that was indoctrinated. Where I’m from, the common trend is whether to go to the military or oil field. As I grew up, I was taught that if you go to college, find a W2 job, and work for 40 some years, you retire, then that’s how you live a good life. So, I went to college and studied business. To each his own. For some people, all they want to do is keep climbing that ladder.” “I had a huge mind problem that I can only do one thing in my life. Get a w2 job, pay high taxes my whole life, hope that my 401k can give a good return, and live off of that until I die.” “I will leave Jesus and my faith, if you can show me a better God. I’m willing to, if you can show me something better. I hadn’t found it and no one showed it to me. Same thing, with my mindset. I was willing to change what is inside my mind that was indoctrinated in me besides getting a w2 job. And boom! I learned about apartment complexes, tax advantages, freedom- and for me that’s way better!”

CAM'S DISCOVERY SOLUTIONS “I had to retrain my mind- about money, jobs, taxes, life, federal government.” “A year ago, I felt like I was in that scene of the Little Rascals movie, when a kid went up to the bank and asked to withdraw money from the account. And when the teller asked, ‘What’s your bank account number?’ The kid replied, ‘Seven.’ The teller responded confusedly ,’ Just seven?’ And so the kid underneath said, ‘Try four’. That’s what I felt like when getting started. Like ‘What is a syndication?’ What are these things? I know what I want to do and where I want to be. But I don’t know how to get there. And it goes back to just education and be willing to put in the hard work. The biggest and tallest drink you’ll ever drink on this journey.” “My business partner and I spent the entire 2019 learning. Towards the end of that year, we got hit by analysis paralysis. We said we would have to read one more book, one more video, to really get the concept down. However, we came to realize “that was so dumb!”. Everybody we know who became successful says “You’re gonna fail. You’re not gonna know everything. You just need to act”. So we trusted the advice from these people who are already on the other side of the bridge we wish to cross. So then we started taking action!”


STRATEGIES THAT HELPED CAMERON “Taking massive action! Becoming a syndicator or getting involved in real estate (even passively) you need to know what you’re doing and know your numbers.”  “Learning all these systems - How do I talk to brokers? What do I look for in a property management company? What are the qualifying things I need contractors to be great at? What kind of investors do I want?”  “I’ve learned along the way that not just because someone’s willing to give you their money doesn’t mean it is a smart move for you to take it. You need to qualify your investors to make sure they are the kind of people that you want to partner with.” “ There’s just so many things to learn… How to get a loan? What is bank financing? What’s a good debt coverage service ratio? What’s a good cap rate? How to analyze markets? It’s all about education.” Know what you’re doing and know your numbers.

KEY TAKEAWAYS “Where I am today, in my education in real estate, still in my mind is far from where it needs to be. I need to keep growing and educating myself. For example, the recent update from SEC, for accredited investors, is something that I needed to know about the definition of accredited investors according to the SEC.” “The great thing about Sterling White is that he is doing real estate in a totally different radical way. But he is bringing his audience into the day to day - walking the property, showing what’s going on, how to do things, etc. Bringing value through day to day life journey as an investor and not just showing , ‘Hey guys, see how real estate changed my life.’ and sharing the small details that nobody thinks about is what’s really great about Sterling.” “Todd Dexheimer, also helped me and my partner with what we needed to know about real estate. As well as, Michael Blank, Robert Kiyosaki, and many others in this field. The list can go on and on.”

SUCCESS STORY Cameron co-founded Golden and Roy Capital which is a multifamily real estate investment group. They strive to create opportunities for passive investors to grow their wealth through repositioning value-add apartments in emerging markets with strong returns and for tenants with a more desirable place to live!

CAM’S ADVICE Best Investment “When I paid my gas bill this month to make sure there’s hot water. Because that means my wife won’t be screaming at me for not paying the gas bill. But seriously, it would be on books, spend $12 on a book. But they are worth more than that in a way and what they provide.” Figure Out Your End Goal “Figure out the picture of where you want to be and what you want to be doing. Ask yourself: ‘Can this path in this journey get you there?’ and if it can, you have to remember every single day that end goal. That day that’s coming when you get there. I can personally attest to this, there are gonna be more times you’re gonna want to quit than not. There are multiple times along this journey, that I personally experienced those moments. My partner and I were sitting at a Starbucks coffee shop, learning how to underwrite properties. And being so frustrated and confused with the underwriting process, numbers, terminologies and what to look for. It was like learning a different language. We said so many times ‘this is where most people quit’. It’s very easy to become a passive investor and I want to be one (full time) someday. But for now, I’m an active investor.”  Be A Giver “Work hard. Love people. Enjoy food. Be at round tables with people. And give. God says it’s more blessed to give than to receive. It feels better! If you got no money, you got time. If you got no time, you got resources. Be a giver!”

Enjoy The Day “I thought there’s so many days that I get so caught up in my work of what’s going on, that I lose sight of what’s most important to me-- and that’s people. I, maybe, can easily neglect my wife, my friend, my responsibilities. But yet, when I die, apartment buildings, bank accounts,  are not gonna show up. My hobbies are not gonna be there. The most important thing we’re gonna have in this life is people. Things are nice, anything to make us live and have a good life. But they don’t ultimately matter. So I just hope that I would be wise enough to tell myself to enjoy the day and make the most of it. And if you are with a friend or a person, be fully there! If an email comes into your phone and you’re having dinner with your spouse, read that email after dinner. It can wait!”  Be Persistent “If you want to become an active investor, ask yourself: ‘Is the end goal for me worth it?’ If it's not (worth it), find a job, make good money and passively invest. If it is, don’t quit and keep remembering that end goal because there will be moments that you will want to quit. There are things that are so frustrating to learn and hard to do. It is very time consuming and you’ll be pushed out. But you can conquer it, just be persistent and you’ll break through!”


NOTES FROM STERLING Sterling White Enterprises One of the priceless things I enjoy most when working with real estate investors, either getting started and/ or looking to scale up is getting to see the backend of everything that is working.  Their goals and aspirations, trials and tribulations, strengths, and weaknesses. Speaking the same language- real estate. Our weekly coaching calls. Tips and strategies. Staying connected. Walking them through by the hand. Every single day working with the community more feels like a family. We decided to document some of the takeaways and share with you the real deal of our journey together. Within our community, there’s a channel we call #wins where we share our success stories and progress.We’ll be going through pretty much any member that will let us share some of the takeaways from working with them Cameron and I are both a firm believer of education, self- improvement and mindset. The power of mentorship- learning from own mistakes and much better learning from others. Our purpose is bigger than us- \"We become, what we think about.\"

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