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Published by M Jad Al-Saffar, 2015-04-03 12:00:49

Description: B2B JET-SET 2015


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INSPIRED BY THE LUXURY GENERATION. Fun, fierce, glamorous, gorgeous, smart and strong. We feel at home in every corner of the world and our passports are always full of stamps. One day we go skiing in Aspen and the next day we’re catching some sun and a Mahi Mahi in Aruba. Europe we know like the back of our hand and the far East doesn’t feel far at all. We have learnt to pack light an yet always be the best dressed boy and girl at the party. Thanks to an eye for details and adding just the right accessories. We cherish daring design and love the glamourous feeling of soft silk, shiny metals and glittering stones. Whatever we’re doing, or where ever we’re going, we do it with style.We love people who see that life is more than “what you do for a living”, and we love the ones who thinks it’s okay to be beautiful, “on the inside and the outside”.We are citizens of the world. We have an open mind and an open heart. We love life and we expect the most of it.To us, a watch is more than a device for keeping time, it’s an experience. For some people the sun never goes down.2 Jet Set Watches.

LIKE J59828-222 J5982R-722J59824-222 J59826-022 J59826-622 3

BEVERLY HILLS J70568-722 J70566-122 J70564-6224 J7056R-022

BEVERLY HILLS J70564-222J70566-022 J7056R-222 5

BEVERLY HILLS J74328-662 J74324-662 J74326-6626 J7432R-062

SWAGJ1621R-022 J16216-022J16218-722 J16216-622 J16214-322 7

IMPUSILVE J18208-622 J18206-622 J18204-6228 J1820R-622


UNEXPECTED J69794-652J6979R-052 J69796-65210 J69798-752

SIGHT J6250R-352J62506-652 J62508-652 J62504 -652 11

LIVELY J82807-732 J82803-63212 J8280R-032

SUCCESSJ6110R-722 J61104-622 J6110R-022J61108-522 J61106-322 J61108-422 13

BRIGHT J59796-032 J59794-632 J59798-73214 J5979R-332

MANHATTANJ74583-217 J74583-617J7458R-217 J7458B-016 J7458R-313 15

FLORENCE J74484-267 J7448R-267J74484-161 J74488-76616 J7448R-060 J7448R-161


SAN REMO J7413B-257 J74133-157 J7413R-151 J7414R-15618 J7413R-257

SAN REMO J7414R-151 J74143-151 J7414R-156J74147-156 J7414R-257 19

SAN REMO J6190B-667J6190B-267 J61903-267 J6190B-766 J6190R-367 J6190R-26720

J7438R-267 SAN REMO J74383-267 J74383-363 jetsetwatches JET SET, KIN ABADRESS: BOJX7493384R, -S1E6-1194 29 UPPLANDS VÄSBY, SWEDEN. PHONE: +46 8 506 6J674430803,-F1A61X: +46 8 506 66 498 E-MAIL: [email protected] WWW.JETSETWATCHES.SE 21

NEW YORK J6660R-363 J6660R-766J66603-667 J66603-267 J6660B-26722

NEW YORK J75443-315J7544R-313 J7544B-818 J75443-217 23

NEW YORK J7444B-212 J74444-112 J7444R-11224

CAPETOWNJ74444-637 J74444-237 J7444R-733 J74444-837 25

TURBO J3000R-662 J30003-66226 J30003-662

TURBO J3100B-267 J3100R-667 J31003-667J3100R-267 27

MILAN J66103-257 J6610B-262 J6610R-33328 J6610R-656

MILANJ67103-062J6710R-162 J6710B-262 29

MILAN J6380G-237 J6380B-262 J63803-257 J63803-23630

MILAN J6380BR-736J6380R-656 J63803-656 J6380B-236 31

MILAN J6280BR-762 J6280R-162 J62803-06232 J6280B-262

MILANJ6480G-217J6480B-716 J64803-217J6480B-217 33

MIRAGE J7468R-333 J7468B-03634 J74683-237 J7468B-230 J7468B-237

RIO DE JANEIRO J7745R-237J77453-631 J77453-637 J7745B-030 J774BL-639 35

ONTARIO J36103-167 J3610B-266 J3610B-26736 J3610B-766

ONTARIO J37103-167J3710B-267 J3710B-766 J3710B-266 37

MUNICH J65103-217 J6510R-367 J6510B-367 J6510B-217 J6510G-21738


SPEEDWAY J2120B-12 J2120R-1840 J21203-13

SPEEDWAYJ21203-14 J21203-17J21203-20 J21203-16 41

VIENNA J63393-237 J63393-636 J6339R-33342

VIENNA J6339R-237J6339B-337 J6339B-837 43

BIG12 J1131B-037 J1131B-837 J1131B-937 J1131B-23744


PRAGUE J76443-237J7644B-237 J7644R-237 J7644B-030 J764BL-23746

INDEXRef PageBeverly Hills 4,5 & 6Big12 44Bright 14Capetown 25Florence 16Impulsive 8Like 3Lively 12Manhattan 15Milan 28,29,30,31,32,33Mirage 34Munich 38New York 22,23,24Ontario 36,37Prague 46Rio de Janeiro 35San Remo 18,19,20,21Sight 11Speedway 40,41Succes 13Swag 7Turbo 26,27Unexpected 10Vienna 42,43 47 jetsetwatches R TIME AND DIAMONDS S.A. [email protected]: +33 149 428 498 / Fax: +33 149 428 472 Collection 2015-2016

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