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SECRETS: The Westernian Advocate Tabloid

Published by The Westernian Advocate, 2022-08-06 07:27:34

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DISCONNECTED. University of Batangas College of Engineering department (UB Co Eng’g) began implementing an open camera and two devices policy during examinations while the country continues to consume low-quality internet. | Photo by Elaine Mapagdalita VOL XVIII. ISSUE NO. 4 THE OFFICIAL STUDENT PUBLICATION OF UNIVERSITY OF BATANGAS FEBRUARY 2022 Anti-cheating, anti-poor? UB Co Eng’g exam abides open camera, two devices policy Text | Angel Joy Liwag & Holly Bacay “‘Di ba second semester yan [nagsimula], ako ‘yung nag-isip ng paraan para hindi makapagdaya ang mga bata kasi based sa aking interview sa mga matitino, talagang talamak ‘yang different forms of cheating na ginawa ng mga bata na hindi ko matanggap–dahil ako mismo nagtuturo.” ADVO MONTHLY POLL Thus lamented Dr. Henry as anti-poor and unfair for most na pang-camera na nakatutok before the examination starts. Cabatay, UB Co Eng’g Dean, on parts that are in consideration sa iyo at sa lamesa mo o sa “Kapag may mga problema FEBRUARY 2022 the news that several students of in-home setup and irregular likod nakalagay, at ang isang are resorting to cheating and cellular reception. device ay pang-access ng nararanasan ang estudyante 26% other academic malpractices LMS for exam. Tapos iche- bago o habang nage-exam, during their examinations. Troubleshooting defects check ng instructor namin kung gina-guide ng aming instructor 74% According to the pioneer maayos at nakabukas lahat ng kung ano ang mga pwedeng Intending to counter the camera set-up bago mag-start gawin para hindi masayang YES NO lenient system attached to department in the University ng exam,” elaborated Fortun ang oras sa page-exam at kung online examinations, the implementing the rules, the Alexis Briones, BS General talagang hindi na magagawan IN-DEPTH NEWS University of Batangas College open camera and two devices Engineering-I. ng paraan lalo kapag naawalan of Engineering department (UB examination policy is meant ng internet o ng kuryente, ‘Yes to UB Teachers’ expression of Co Eng’g) implemented an to be a detective measure in In compliance with the policy, nagbibigay nalang ang aming public political in socmed’ open camera and two devices ensuring major subjects are students are encouraged to instructor ng special exam para ADVO poll reveals policy during examinations. taken with utmost seriousness borrow gadgets from family sa mga hindi nakapag-take and fairness. members during the duration of o nagkaproblema sa exam,” continue to page 2... While some supported the the examination and are given added Briones. action for educational integrity, “Fifteen minutes bago mag- ample time to set up the gadgets some UBians deemed the policy start ang exam, naka set-up na continue to page 4... dapat ang iyong isang device Balancing Units: WHAT’S INSIDE UB CBA-IV juggles elective subjects, CPALE prep Text | Ana Nina Perea & Holly Bacay ECO-BRICKING NEWS | 4 “I think it’s necessary naman lalo na it provides additional knowledge to us pero ‘yun nga, sala lang talaga na nilagay s’ya on our last NEOPHYTE OPINION | 7 sem kasabay ng review.” PHILID DEVCOM | 14 GUILTY PLEASURE FEATURES | 17 Thus said Jenny Rose Ibon, University of Batangas Bachelor of Science in Accountancy-IV (UB-BSA) student, on the inclusion of professional elective subjects, as per the advice of Commission on Higher Education Memorandum Order No. 27 series of 2017 (CMO No. 27 s. 2017) entitled, “Revised Policies, Standards, and Guidelines for Bachelor of Science in Accountancy”. Meanwhile, the same batch and a three-day elective class sana kung nai-take na namin need ipasa. Tapos considering for one and a half hours, weekly. agad itong electives before nga rin na sobrang dami rin need under the College of Business review, para nga mas focus na naming i-review for our compre. However, despite the provided lang dito,” expressed Ibon. Kaya ayun kanya-kanya na lang and Accountancy (CBA) is hours for CPALE reviews, talagang time management.” CBA graduating students still Moreover, the professional admitted Ibon. undergoing a review period of address issues on schedule elective subjects were seen as the daily in-house meetings by the students as redundant, Submit on directive preparation for the Certified often coincide with elective unnecessary, and an added Despite the students’ unrest, course subjects. stress considering the amount Public Accountant Licensure of work that is already imparted the university continues to push “Kasi ‘di ba may provided ang to achieve satisfactory results for implementing CBA elective Examination (CPALE). school na schedule tapos ‘yung during review exams. subjects as mandated under the review namin ay iba’t iba ang circular in pursuit of outcome- Added pressure araw kaya nag-conflict talaga. “For me, medyo hassle s’ya based education. Ang isip nga namin mas okay since inaaral din namin s’ya and UB-CBA department continue to page 3... offers BSA elective subjects accustomed to the CPALE reviews, which require a minimum of four to six hours of daily synchronous meetings,

2 NEWS THE WESTERNIAN ADVOCATE february 2022 ‘Yes to UB Teachers’ expression of public political in socmed’ ADVO poll reveals Text | Arielle Dane Adan & Ana Nina Perea Photo | Freshel Mae Diokno In an online survey conducted by ADVO, two-thirds of the student respondents from the University of Batangas agreed that their professors and instructors must utilize their social media platforms to publicly express their opinions on political issues upon believing that the said action is reasonable in consideration of the teachers’ role in and out of the classroom. Be more vocal halalan sa social media, malaki the Department of Education ADVO MONTHLY POLL Of the 500 randomly selected ang posibilidad na magbunga ito ng makabuluhang ingay (DepEd) in January reminded respondents from the college para maliwanagan ang ibang departments of the university, a mga naguguluhan o ‘yung mga officials, teaching, and non- DEPARTMENT YES NO TOTAL dominating 371 or 74.2 percent felt walang pakialam,” expressed CAMS 8 08 that UB teachers must consider Hannah Paulene Dimaano-III, UB teaching personnel to refrain from CAS 57 8 65 disclosing their views on certain Association of Legal Management CBA 67 20 87 government-related matters since Majors (ALMMa) - Vice President participating in electioneering and CCJE 1 01 it stimulates a critical societal for Internal Affairs. CICT 0 00 discourse among the UBians. In partisan political activity as the CNM 7 07 contrast, 129 or 25.8 percent of Following the provision of the CTHM 18 16 34 the students did not subscribe to Constitution and the Joint Advisory 2022 National and Local Elections Educ 6 28 the same idea. of the Civil Service Commission Eng’g 200 81 281 (CSC), and the Commission draws near. Tech Ed 6 39 “Kung magiging aktibo ang mga on Elections (COMELEC), guro at propesor sa panahon ng In an earlier interview with Business Mirror, DepEd Secretary Leonor Briones received criticisms from educators and student groups after stating that teachers are forbidden from imparting their political views on social media while citing that bureaucratic neutrality is expected from them to ensure that it would not cause any disorder in the government. However, under COMELEC- CSC Joint Circular No. 001, professors in Halalan 2022, hands we place our future,” voicing out that they should be stated Steven Dayanghirang-III, series of 2016, public expression the catalysts of truth, extensive UB Organization of Psychology influencers of vigilance, as well as Students (UB OPS) - President. of opinions on current political principled and critical examples to everyone in condemning fraud In addition to educators’ part problems and the forthcoming and corruption. in the battle against rampant mis- and disinformation, UBians election, using social media “They should make them realize also emphasized that they must that whether they care about exercise their right to express with functions, are not under prohibited politics or not, they are greatly a high level of professionalism, affected by it. Educators must moral integrity, credibility, validity, electioneering and partisan recognize that true power is in and accountability, which would the hands of the people and that enable them to stray away from political activity as long as it we, the masses, have the ability coercion resulting in intimidating to recalibrate the people in whose and discriminating against others. does not “promote the election or defeat of a particular candidate/s or party/ies to public office.” Freedom of expression Correspondingly, UBian student-leaders stressed the crucial role of teachers and On UB Con ‘22 UB hosts int’l forum, nabs research awards Text | Nixon De Villa & Trisha Joy Abdon Assembling experts in pursuit of academic development and global excellence, the University of Batangas (UB) Office of the Vice President for External Affairs (OVPEA), UB Research and Publications Office (RPO), UB College of Allied Medical Sciences (CAMS), and UB College of Nursing and Midwifery (CNM), collaborated in hosting the annual UBian Conference through Zoom, Mar. 30. More than 750 students, Education founding member, Dr. preferably in their own time, discussed the importance of from the UB faculty, Allan professors, and researchers own place, and pacing. These incorporating lifestyle medicine Santillana, Dr. Priscilla Mizpah participated in the event, including Melinda dela Pena Bandalaria as pedagogies stick at the heart of such as plant-predominant Santillana, Marites Clemino, delegates from notable institutions our teaching profession on how eating patterns, regular physical Novie Mauleon, Adelaida Viduya, such as the University of the the keynote speaker. we teach,” added the chancellor. activity, restorative sleep, stress with their research entitled “Social Philippines (UP), Visayas State management, avoidance of risky Media and the Pandemic: From University (VSU), Cavite State Titled “Recalibrating Heeding the experts substances, and positive social the Lens of the Elderly”. University (CSU), Batangas State Following Dr. Bandalaria’s connection. University (BSU), and Universitas Pedagogies and Curricula in “It is important in the event Bung Hatta Padang Indonesia presentation, the virtual event Celebrating breakthroughs to encourage more people to among others. Flexible Delivery of Learning”, introduced three acclaimed In partnership with RPO, the push through with their research plenary speakers, Dr. Reni studies as this can make a “I believe that the youth is Dr. Bandalaria’s first presentation Yuliviona, Bachelor of Economics annual international research significant contribution in several having a hard time in how they’re and Master of Management (MM), conference proceeded by fields. It is also a way to make going to engage themselves pointed out how the pre-pandemic Ms. Anabelle Maria Galang, featuring academic presentations people realize that performing in health related programs, but founder and CEO of Steminist of papers and 15- to 20-minute research is still possible despite having in mind that nursing is education system was neither Movement, and Dr. Marc pre-recorded videos of mini- the current situation that we all about service, we are on the Dexter Macalintal, Registered lectures on special topics related are in,” shared Jamaica Rose right track of presenting them flexible nor resilient enough Nutritionist-Dietitian (RND) and to the latest trends in health Villanueva, BS Nursing 4-1 and what are the benefits of being a International Board Certified care, science, and educational one of the research awardees. member of the healthcare team. to withstand the disruptions in Lifestyle Medicine Specialist. delivery during the pandemic, We are always promoting how with participants divided into five Removing disruptions the nursing profession can help learning by seeing how COVID-19 Themed “Research in the Zoom breakout rooms labeled as As the world edges toward the community through health time of Pandemic: Recalibrating Parallel Sessions. education,” expressed Dr. Sofia heightened feelings of boredom, Research Writing in the New virtual student-centered learning, G. Catibog, CNM Dean. Way now”, Dr. Yuliviona first With research papers centered the one-day conference utilized anxiety, frustration, and anger graced the plenary session where on nursing, CNM participants from the current situation to foster With the theme “Pivoting the she addressed digital-based Parallel Session 1, composed of flexible learning and cultivate Model: Redefining Resilience among students. methodological choices, such as Ridge Norgerd Bruce, Neslie Mae a research-driven environment in the Now”, the convention social media and online survey Baris, Lhara Vhaneza Cueto, where faculty, CAMS, and emphasized the utilization “It was observed that in the platforms to collect and suffice Ivyren Garcia, Carla Angela CNM departments can obtain of enhancing mental health, data, which can be an alternative Ilagan, and Joylyne Langsoon, supplementary knowledge in the elevating Science, Technology, remote learning set up, we just to conduct research despite the were announced winners in field of health and sciences. Engineering, and Mathematics limitations of the pandemic on the ‘Best Paper’ category with (STEM), expanding students’ translated or put our instruction education. their study entitled, “Awareness Through this initiative designed involvement in sustainable and Practices on Occupational to strengthen resilience amidst the development goals, and online. There was really no Moreover, Ms. Galang, the Health and Safety Policy of Staff pandemic, the university certainly improving curricular in health and succeeding speaker, highlighted Nurses in Selected Health Care showed its utmost endeavors to science education as methods designing in learning with ‘STEM excellence’ and research Institutions in Batangas City”; and expand innovations, opportunities, of conquering obstacles in as she aims to encourage deep Jamaica Rose Villanueva, CNM and future partnerships to support education posed by the COVID-19 consideration that our students science concepts for early-aged student from Parallel Session 5, the continuity of globally-focused pandemic. schoolers, empower women with “Experiential Learning Styles quality education. are not with us in the physical toward entering STEM, and pass and Academic Performance Adapting to adjustments along information with concern on of Junior Nursing Students in “The whole UBian Conference Aligned to its central topic, the classrooms. Not only among science to the next generation of University of Batangas”. itself became a means for the leaders. teachers and students to acquire event featured a lecture series with students but also among our Furthermor, the aforementioned more knowledge, particularly from UP Open University Chancellor While the preceding lecturers UBian recipients from Parallel the mini-lectures about health, (UPOU) and Consortium on colleagues, our fellow teachers, focused on approaching Sessions 1 and 5 also received science, and education, which Benchmarking Framework and pedagogies, Dr. Macalintal an award for the ‘Best Oral included pedagogies, techniques, Data Set for Online, Open, Smart, our fellow educators,” explained finished the session with his Presentation’ category, together and best practices, along with and Technology-enhanced Higher talk entitled, “Health Lifestyle with Parallel Session 2 participants the research topics from different Dr. Bandalaria. in the Pandemic”, in which he researchers,” ended Villanueva. After explaining the challenges in unconventional learning, the speaker moved to the second lecture titled “Recalibrating Curricula: Leveraging Flexibility in the Curriculum”, where she highlighted the need for a learner- centered system that considers students’ access to technology, technological literacies, learning styles and capabilities, backgrounds and experiences to ensure varied and flexible forms of assessment. “When we recalibrate our pedagogies, we need to think of our students and think on how we enable them to participate effectively in teaching and their learning activities, and complete all the requirements of the courses PRINTING FOR TRUTH

THE WESTERNIAN ADVOCATE NEWS 3 FEBRUARY 2022 On Eng’g licensure exam ‘21-’22 UB CoEng’g soars in board exam, reaps grand slam feat Text | Jane Therese banaag & Hazel Reyes Photo | University of Batangas Facebook Page ‘Tis the hike, hike, hike for victory! With a total of eight topnotchers, and two top performing school accolades, the newly licensed engineers from the University of Batangas (UB) College of Engineering (CoEng’g) once again cemented the University’s name as the home of the champions in five consecutive Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)-held engineering licensure examinations. Behind triumphs first and third placers in the ECT EE, ECE, ME, and CE licensure to ensure and most of all, the Thriving tenacity In the 2021 November Civil exams, Engrs. Johnson Ralph examinations. Making note that students had lost their momentum For CoEng’g, the exemplary Perez, and Camille Joy Vidal, this happened at the time of in reviewing,” narrated Dean Engineering (CE) Licensure as fifth and seventh in the ECE the pandemic when so many Cabatay. result they earned cannot be Examinations, UB CoEng’g exams, respectively. adjustments to the preparations accomplished overnight. It was surpassed the 36.7% national have to be done,” expressed With major adjustments that made possible through a well- passing rate, recording 86 civil Amidst adversaries Dean Cabatay. made a grand slam performance tested system centered on engineers registered out of 233 UB CoEng’g’s success in the deemed impossible, what sealed values that promote learning exam takers. The department also licensure examinations was no Dynamic approaches the deal for CoEng’g in its new set independence in lieu of ever- produced two topnotchers in the easy feat as numerous restrictions Aside from rescheduled of achievements is its renowned growing academic and licensure likes of Engr. Lyka Jane Pesigan, and postponements were brought in-house reviews which the standards, which is vital in and Engr. Dan Michael Sean about by the COVID-19 pandemic, examinations and added health department made possible as future board examinations the Marocom who placed second and which led to the department requirements, the pandemic also community quarantine alert department aims to dominate. 10th, respectively. limiting its expectations for its took its toll on the review classes, levels in Batangas Province were UBian exam takers. while the evaluation examinations decreased. “I believe the grand slam is “Even before our batch, the “I really aimed to have were compromised because of not some sort of luck. We have University of Batangas was topnotchers on all the board recurring lockdowns that changed “One of the great things offered a curriculum so designed to already producing topnotchers programs that we have in the the pace of the University’s pre- by the University of Batangas, prepare our graduates for their from different engineering Engineering Department. The board activities. specifically the College of licensure examination combined programs, but this grand slam batch of graduates for 2019 and Engineering, is the in-house with a well-established process is an enormous success for the 2020 is really promising, but “The approaches were quite review. It’s like they’re extending of preparations and dedicated University,” said Engr. Lyka Jane because of the pandemic, that different due to the constraints help and support even after professors. We inculcate to our Pesigan. aim became extremely difficult caused by the pandemic. The graduation.They are preparing students the values of H-onesty, to attain. But the college did not face-to-face review classes were board exam takers not just I-ntellect, and C-haracter. These, Securing a collective success lose hope and still worked so not possible and were converted mentally but also emotionally I think, are what we have to excel in their respective board exams hard to continue on its habit of to online virtual classes; academic before they take the actual board in the licensure examinations,” are the newly licensed UBian excellence,” explained Dr. Henry integrity in taking evaluation exams,” stated Engr. Pesigan. ended Dean Cabatay. electrical engineers who not only Cabatay, UB CoEng’g Dean. examinations was really difficult exceeded the 64.40% national Such hardships were evident passing rate through the 91.67% in the comparison between the UB passing rate in the September University’s performance in the 2021 Electrical Engineering (EE) engineering board exams from Licensure Examination but also the previous academic year, had a topnotcher among them, where UB’s passing rate did not with Engr. Jan Marco G. Balani, go below 50 percent. But with who ranked eighth. eight topnotchers and Top 1 and 2 performing school accolades Listed as the top performing at the helm, it was, nonetheless, school in both exams, UB CoEng’g still a job well done for the UBian attained its highest placements takers. in the October 2021 Electronics “All the engineering licensure Engineering (ECE) Licensure exams scheduled for the year 2020 Exam and Electronics Technician were postponed and only pushed (ECT) Licensure Exams, where through in 2021. Of course, the they ranked first and second 2021 result was better. It is the first performing schools. time in its history that UB marked exceptional performances in the In addition, UB also yielded four topnotchers in the said exams, with Engrs. Mark Justine Cudiamat, and Ian Piolo Evangelista, are UB CBA-IV juggles elective subjects... Dr. Perez receives DILG-PPSC eminent fellow status ...from page 1 Text | Carlos Kim Raphael Perez Photo | University of Batangas Facebook Page explained that there is an in-house “The CBA elective subjects review that the students need to For his remarkable contributions to the Philippine Public Safety College (PPSC), University are part of the respective CHED focus on and that it is a priority,” President Dr. Hernando “Nani” B. Perez was granted the status of Eminent Fellow by the memorandum order and its explained Ms. Reyes. Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) and PPSC, on Jan. 27. implementation aims to comply with the minimum requirement of CHED In addition, CBA heads also Individuals distinguished as as President Corazon “With recognition or no for BS Accountancy graduates to advised elective professors to Eminent Fellows are those recognition, he has always meet the minimum requirements amend possible scheduling conflicts who have accomplished Aquino’s Transportation been amiable, diligent, and in the competencies required for with comprehensive exams colluding distinction within their fields eminent; this fact does not professionals,” stated Ms. Kim with the pre-boards. of expertise in both local and Communications change. But it is also all Nicole Reyes, CBA Program Head. and international arenas, the more joy to have these Through this, the department according to the operations Secretary and also Justice public bodies confer him. All higher educational institutions seeks to alleviate the time constraints manual of the PPSC. Just as he is super proud (HEIs) were required to comply with caused by the concurrence of the Secretary under the Arroyo of us, his students, we are the said directives and have the right said electives and the preparations of Dr. Perez, who served also as much as proud of to exceed CHEDs requirements the students for their comprehensive administration, was given the him as our president,” stated but never go below its conditions examinations and other requirements Vernon Macaraig, AB Political as they will be referred to as “non- they must process and submit in Eminent Fellow status for his Science-I. compliant”. order to graduate. contributions to the PPSC’s Conferring Dr. Perez with “Formulation of these courses “Again, with the current situation the aforementioned Eminent are not just done on a whim, they at hand, communication is key flagship programs. Fellow was based on the are a result of Industry-Academe for all parties, students, elective PPSC Board of Trustees conventions, negotiations, and professors, and program head,” under the leadership of its partnerships to reconcile what the added Ms. Reyes. Chairman, current DILG Accounting industry demands from Secretary and former Armed graduates and what is being taught Major adjustments Forces of the Philippines in the academe,” emphasized Ms. To alleviate students’ struggles on (AFP) Chief of Staff Eduardo Reyes. M. Año, and PPSC President professional electives, professors Police Lieutenant General Finding ways practiced leniency, while adjustments (PLTGEN) Ricardo F. De In addressing student appeals, were also being made to avoid Leon. coinciding with their in-house review. the CBA department adhered to Further measures and preparation “He does not act, work, corrective and detective measures made by the UB-CBA department or serve out of demand, in compliance with CHED customs are the 2021 BSA Curriculum— a guilt, or compliance, but instead of course elimination. guideline of a more strategic position instead, he serves genuinely of review subjects effective on first- because he understands the “We’ve talked with the Dean to year BSA enrollees in 2022. responsibilities he bears, inform the current situation of the 4th and he loves the job. So, in a year BSA. We’ve also communicated “Rest assured that the accountancy way, I can implicitly say that with the professors, handling the department hears the side of the whatever his contributions elective subjects of the 4th year student and the professors, and we to the PPSC are, as genuine BSA, through their respective are providing solutions for these as his contributions to UB,” program heads, to practice leniency dilemmas. We are moving; we are ended Macaraig. in the academic requirements and finding ways,” ended Ms. Reyes. STANDING FOR JUSTICE

4 NEWS THE WESTERNIAN ADVOCATE february 2022 UB Psych dep’t aces exam; Profs, studes, secure new titles Text | Nixon De Villa & Trisha Abdon Photo | University of Batangas Facebook Page Extending its long streak of achievements, the University of Batangas (UB) Psychology Department honors two licensed psychologists in the Board Licensure Examination for Psychologists and Psychometricians (BLEPP) and 63 Certified Human Resource Associates (CHRA) in the Human Resource Educators’ Association of the Philippines (HREAP) Assessment Examination, held Feb. 8-9 and Mar. 11, respectively. Defying odds maka-graduate they might take I can share my experiences and switch ng tabs while taking the UB College of Arts and the board exam as well. Sana practices while taking the board exam,” added the 6th placer. makapasa ako para ma-inspire exam especially on discipline, Sciences (CAS) faculty instructors sila mag-take and makapasa,” character, personality, and Designed to evaluate basic Diane Lipat, a Registered handling difficult situations’’ knowledge in the field of human Psychometrician (RPm), and added Ms. Lipat. expressed Mr. Camaclang. resource management, the three- Kenneth Lloyd Camaclang are hour online exam with a 1500-peso now Registered Psychologists Pursuing purpose Moreover, the psychology fee covered Human Resource (RPsy) after passing the two-day board exam passers ensured (HR) fundamental subjects BLEPP with a national passing Unlike applicants for the that their success in the board divided into two sets: recruitment rate of 74.59% along with 224 examination will introduce new and selection, workplace learning qualifiers. psychometrician license, plans on expanding quality and development, compensation education for the UB Psychology & benefits, performance “Bukod sa pressured ka psychology examinees department as well as modifying management, job analysis and na sa pag-take, bumabagal the mental health outlook among design, risk management; and ‘yong internet ng computer na were required to submit a the community. labor and HR-related laws. ginagamit ko tapos patapos na ‘yung time habang nagsasagot. professionally-signed mental “Isa rin kasi sa advocacies ko is Building compassion When it comes to the challenges to help people remove the stigma Proven by its ever-growing while preparing naman, marami health clearance to ensure that and negative understanding in kang roles sa buhay na kailangan the field of mental health. Kaya list of accomplishments, the mo pagsabay-sabayin; I’m a they were well-conditioned in patuloy ko pa rin gagawin ‘yong UB Psychology Department mother, a student, and also a adbokasiya ko by providing is constantly enhancing its teacher,” stated Ms. Lipat. taking the test comprised of psychoeducation through talks binibigyan niya kami ng reviewers constituents to be valuable and speaking engagements na sobrang malaking help para advocates of mental health, Due to COVID-19 restrictions, four major subjects: Advanced para mas mabigyang-linaw pa samin. Super thankful talaga kami behavioral understanding, and the Philippine Regulation ang kaalaman ng tao sa field ng sa’ming professor na si Sir Ken human compassion, fueled Commission (PRC) rescheduled Theories of Personality, Advanced kalusugang pangkaisipan,” ended sa kaniyang mga advice, nakaka- by its mission to empower the BLEPP from August 1-2 to Mr. Camaclang. motivate palagi, kahit sobrang community through positive February 8-9 2021 at PRC Abnormal Psychology, Advanced nape-pressure kami, andiyan siya influence. testing centers in Metro Manila, Thinking ahead para i-guide kami,” stated Manalo. Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Psychological Assessment, and UB doubles the pride at the 21st “Mahalaga ang sikolohiya sa Davao, Iloilo, Koronadal, Legaspi, Though the CHRA title is not ating lipunan dahil makakatulong Lucena, Pampanga, Rosales, Psychological Counseling and HREAP Assessment Examination required of graduating psychology ito upang mas maintindihan at Tacloban, Tuguegarao, and by registering 63 4th year AB and students, they were encouraged mahalin natin ang ating sarili. Ang Zamboanga, where only a few Psychotherapy. BS Psychology students as new to take the assessment motivation ng department namin centers were allowed to hold CHRAs and earning top spots examination as part of their in striving for excellence is ‘yong physical examinations. “I need to make sure that our with Charrie Mae Endaya, Krizia pre-BLEPP review and attain a mga taong nangangailangan ng Mae Manalo, Patricia Cueto, and remarkable credential-booster tulong with their mental health “One reason kung bakit nakaka- students are updated with the Ella Mae Hernandez, who placed in finding On-the-Job Training because we all know na hindi pressure mag-take ng board 3rd, 6th, 7th, and 8th respectively. (OJT) opportunities and future pa ganon napapahalagahan at exam, you’re teaching a certain current trends and issues in the employment. Additionally, to gain napagtutuunan ng pansin ang course na ‘yong mga students field of psychology because ang “Weeks before exam may a form of personal advancement mental nating kalusugan,” shared mo, alam mong after nilang psychology ay ever-growing field review sessions kami with in exploring the field. Endaya. Sir Kenneth Camaclang and of knowledge and research. Also, “Na-conduct siya online and required na two gadgets ang gagamitin, ‘yong isa ay laptop para doon ka mag-take, and ‘yong isa ay mobile phone sa Zoom for monitoring para ‘di ka makapag- UB Co Eng’g exam abides open camera... ISOTES upholds Eco-Bricking ...from page 1 construction thru a virtual session Combating dishonesty the tests. naawa kami sa eskwela kasi di Text | Faith Valen Villanueva Photo | Sir Randy Gamara naman talaga effective [‘yung Among the factors that the Fortuitous events For a resourceful and awareness through eco-bricking department has considered While certainly not being a open camera, two devices environmental-friendly-centered not just in the institution but also upon implementing the policy is perfect remedy against the policy]. Kaya ang pinaka goal, the Integrated Society of in the local sphere. the easy access of the students cheating and other acts of effective talaga ay face to face,” Technical Education Students (ISOTES) endorsed the use of “[Nilo-look forward ko na] mai- to syllabus materials that could dishonesty, the use of two narrated Dean Cabatay. plastic wastes for sustainable propagate ‘yung awareness na Eco-bricks through a Webinar instead na sunugin ang mga influence the conduct of any devices could be a viable Inclusive education session on Eco-bricking held in a plastic waste/bottles, p’wede Zoom meeting on March 5. nilang gawing eco-bricks o academic dishonesty, which solution to the aforementioned Considering the low quality building blocks ng iba’t ibang The event was organized by the project sa community para ma- is strictly prohibited in the academic dilemma, if the other of internet connection in the faculty members, staff, students reduce na ang plastic waste sa of the Technical Education (Tech- pollution sa hangin at karagatan,” University. issues attached to the said country, attending regular online Ed) department and participated said Mr. Gamara. “Ang ganitong policy ang intervention could be addressed classes is difficult already. While by the extended community of the promptly. some have expressed support university, Barangay Tinga Labac, Other than its focal point to nagbigay sakin ng dahilan for the policy, there have Batangas City, which tackles protect the ecosystem, it brings upang mag-aral at talagang “During exam, may mga been protests from different the impact of plastic wastes in an ideal and long-lasting makinig sa discussion ng aming nagle-leave dahil nag-down universities that called out the and their harmful effects on the building application, consisting teacher. Pinipigilan nito na ang internet connection. Isa memorandum as anti-poor. environment.  of components and longevity isipin ko na magdaya na lang ding factor ang space na properties used in various ways to kapag hindi ko na alam ang paglalagayan ng camera. Meanwhile, the shift from Given the ongoing pandemic construct sculptures and inspire isasagot ko sa aming exam Ang iba kong kakalase ay open camera, and two devices period, the organization set in ecological consciousness in the at nagpapasalamat ako na nahihirapan mag set-up ng policy to in-person examination motion a virtual set-up of lectures biosphere. may ganitong patakaran sa kanilang camera na sakop ang was commenced by the to expound on its advocacy since Engineering department dahil lamesa at kamay nila dahil maliit department, wherein Dean 2020 towards the making of “Save the environment. One para sa amin din naman itong na espasyo lamang ang meron Cabatay found out that some eco-bricks. Along with the Eco- eco-brick at a time. It is through kapakanan,” explained Briones. sa kanilang mga tahanan,” students who have excelled bricking process, the durable the practice of eco-bricking that building blocks of the empty we hope will help eliminate plastic Concerning preparedness, voiced Briones. during online examinations for bottles needed for constructing waste from the environment while walls and types of furniture are also encouraging people to live a students are instructed early While the professors the past semesters got zero to filled only with entirely plastic cuts zero-waste, low-impact lifestyle. and pieces. Eco-bricking is both an individual on about the program adapting remain compassionate to the low scores when the face-to- and collaborative endeavor,” “Nag-organize kami and CES ended Mr. Gamara. an inclined policy that requires students as they comply with face examination took place. Office n’ung 2019 Eco-Bricks two devices and proper internet the memorandum that was “N’ung nag-exams n’ung Starter Workshops kung saan communicated upon their finals na face to face, ‘yung lahat ng CES coordinators ang connection during exams. participants. D’un ko nakuha ‘yung concept at nasimulan namin “It is effective on a certain meeting for the opening of taga Mindoro, pumunta dito. sa department with the approval of our Director and fellow faculty level but still isn’t foolproof classes, a series of unfortunate Taga-ibang bansa, pumunta members,” shared Mr. Randy because I’m pretty sure there events like poor connection, lack dito. ‘Yung mga hindi nakapunta Gamara, Drafting Technology would always be a way to cheat. of gadgets, and uncomfortable ay incomplete grade (INC). Department Head. If we think about it, students still study spaces are deemed kasi halimbawa, binigyan mo cheat even in f2f [face-to-face] factors that cause delays on the ng online exams ‘yung taga- Keen to its ecological objective, classes. I can’t see how a tiny conduct of the examination. ibang bansa, unfair ‘yan. Sabi Mr. Gamara looks towards field of vision would be enough ko nga sa faculty, as long as continuously piling up valuable to prevent cheating,” told Glenn “Siguro may konting nasa mundo natin ‘yan, walang and beneficial twists from recycling Richell Zaraspe, BS General effect, ang problema lang exception. Basta face to face plastic waste and is likewise Engineering-I. talaga ay may mga eskwela exam tayo. Ang the best na hopeful in instilling environmental na madiskarte. Unfair lang ginawa namin is, kung talagang On the other hand, the talaga d’un sa mga matitino. hindi makakapunta dito, katulad department continues to Sabi ko nga sa mga faculty nga n’ung nasa ibang bansa, ay steer clear of abolishing the ko, siguraduhin niyo na ang ‘di bigyan ng INC grade. ‘Pag examination rule as they ibabagsak ay yung kabagsak pumunta sila dito, bibigyan ng try to make use of special bagsak. Kasi baka si student x, exam–special exams na wala examinations as a remedy ‘yung student y ‘yung nakalagay namang babayadan ang bata,” for contingencies while sa kanya, edi bumagsak si y, si ended Dean Cabatay. implementing the policy during x nakapasa kasi nandaya. Kaya PRINTING FOR TRUTH

THE WESTERNIAN ADVOCATE NEWS 5 FEBRUARY 2022 Back to the field: UB ROTC runs face-to-face sessions Text | Nixon De Villa Photo | Dr. German Rosales Staying true to its mission of producing competent reservists equipped with proper military education and training, the University of Batangas (UB) Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) resumes its first in- campus physical drills after a two-year gap, Mar. 27. Striving for quality trainees, which all became more requirements, the students are UBIAN CLINCHES MISS Component of the mandatory challenging to implement when required to wear face masks, ASIAN INT’L ‘22 CROWN education shifted online. observe physical distancing, National Service Training bring alcohol, and have their Text | Nixon De Villa Photo | Je Ann Mendoza Bueno Program (NSTP) alongside Civic “ROTC face-to-face training temperature checked before Training Welfare Service (CWTS) sessions are more effective than entering the campus. The University of Batangas (UB) College of Tourism and Hospitality and Literacy Training Service virtual meetings. Their biggest training staff and cadet officers Management (CTHM) fourth-year student Je Ann Mendoza (LTS), ROTC seeks to instill civic difference is the capability to continuously remind them Bueno delivers pride and glory by winning the 7th edition of the responsibility, cultivated values, provide hands-on training to to ensure that everyone will Miss Asian International pageant held at StreamYard Live Studio, and defense preparedness the trainees and students can obediently observe these April 4. among college students. collaborate more effectively. protocols,” stated Yambao. Lastly, the trainers are now more Founded and owned by “It’s incredible to know that “Though the officers and the focused on actually doing and Moreover, students are divided I’m only the second Filipino training staff did their best to demonstrating the principles into two groups who will take Singapore-based director to win the title of Miss Asian ensure that the online setup would and knowledge they taught us turns in attending the Sunday in- International. It was a beautiful still be effective, there were many during the virtual meeting,” added campus training and are further Oii Min Shiang Sunny, the victory, and the path to the distractions like social media and Yambao. categorized into three-hour crown was not easy. This the environment; the drive to morning and afternoon sessions competition aims to unite Asian victory requires a great deal learn was lessened as the distant Securing safety to minimize crowd interaction. of patience, hard work, and learning was prolonged, and some As part of its responsibility to countries by exemplifying discipline. It appears to be technical issues add to the factors “As we gradually transition from impossible at first, but it is not. that make learning ineffective and ensure a virus-free campus space, online meetings to limited face-to- diversity, empowerment, and That is something I realized challenging,” expressed Cadet the ROTC department required face, I hope that the university is only after it was all over and Benjamin Yambao, president of students to be vaccinated; and ready with its facilities to protect inspiration among participants I have been declared as the 2nd year ROTC. to avail of any insurance program the students from health risks. winner,” stated Bueno. that covers COVID-19; otherwise, Let the campus be safe to cater and supporters. In traditional setups, ROTC their names would be excluded to the students because it is not Beyond pageantry, Bueno fulfills its goals by incorporating from the security guard’s printed worth it to sacrifice health over “Joining such a pageant is also a student leader at intensive physical workouts, list of trainees permitted to enter academics. the university as the CTHM strict disciplinary practices, and UB for on-field practices. Supreme Government (SG) supervised instruction among Expanding options Governor and recently “Aside from documentary Students who are unable to join launched Project Collective Assistance to related in-person meetings and those helped me boost my confidence, Education (CARE) to ease who are not scheduled to attend CTHM students of difficulties face-to-face are instead obligated and as time passed, I realized with online learning. to participate in online meetings held every Sunday and submit that beauty queens don’t just “I have many works besides videos of performance drills to the pageantry, being a student UB ROTC email. have beauty. They also have and a model. When you love something talaga, you can “ROTC face-to-face training is an advocacy that they stand find time. Mahihirapan pero optional for the parents to have pansamantala lang ‘yon. discretion. Since the pandemic is for, and from then on, I became And I like doing checklists. still ongoing, some are concerned Kapag hindi ko magagawa about the health risks. Also, some a beauty with a purpose, and lahat, iniisa-isa ko talaga sya,” parents worry about the distance expressed the beauty queen. between their home and the this is what motivates me to join university. Since the training is In the meantime, Bueno every other Sunday, it is difficult in pageants,” shared Bueno. plans to focus again on for some to travel back and forth,” her academic duties as shared Yambao. After being appointed by a graduating student as she awaits the face-to- Maharlikan Philippines, the face sashing and crowning ceremony to be held in Kuala 4th year AB Tourism and Lumpur, Malaysia in July. Hotel Management student and volunteerism advocate represented the Philippines in the event where she bested 15 Asian beauty queens in a series of competitions, including national costume, beachwear, long gown, runway, UBSG holds virtual Valentine’s event and interview challenges. “Because of the pandemic, Text | Hazel Reyes it was hard. But I have friends who supported me. Tinulungan To provide an avenue for showcasing UBian talents, the University of Batangas Student Government nila ako sa pictorials and video (UBSG) organized an online Valentine celebration themed “TADHANA 2022: Ang Pag-Ibig ng UBian” on Facebook, Feb. 8-18. shoots. My family was there, and may sponsors din naman,” added the pageant veteran. Divided into six categories, stated Laissa Therese Serrano, 3,500 pesos, second placers Moreover, Bueno reigns as UBSG spearheaded a week- UBSG Auditor. received 2,500 pesos, and third long competition on Face Mask placers received 1,500 pesos. the second titleholder from the Design, Tiktok Dance, UB With the pressing concern of Online Harana, Spoken Poetry, the pandemic and academic “We believe that entertainment country after Gerina Chanel and Valentine’s Outfit of the backlogs, UBSG intends programs like this, if planned Day (OOTD) contest. to lessen UBians’ stress well and executed well, will Ancheta of Pangasinan won by providing them with an create a space for students to “As student leaders, we entertainment program that will be free of stress and be able to the coveted crown in 2018. encourage everyone to enjoy relieve students’ hard work at remind themselves that a little the little things that will help them school and enjoy it at the same break from time to time is not PH backs USAID Climate Fight thru CRC relax, enjoy their day, and most time. illegal or bad. It will help the importantly, show everyone students, UBians, to freshen up Text | Clark Alduz Viray their talents in various activities To conclude the 11-day before facing a new challenge that will show their uniqueness, program, winners of each in their academic life,” added Aiming for the improved climate resilience of developing pour their emotions, and program were chosen on a Serrano. countries, the United States Government, under the United embrace their college life,” Facebook reactions basis States Agency for International Development (USAID), formally where first placers received teamed up with the Philippines, building a five-year Climate Resilience Project (CRC), Mar 10. BEPCO, San Jose LGU prepares for Avian flu threat The said project is being financing of the local spearheaded and implemented government units (LGU) Text | Clark Alduz Viray by the CRS Philippines in and non-governmental partnership with Conservation organizations (NGOs), the Following reports of suspected cases of Avian Bird Flu in the country and in nearby municipalities, the International - Philippines, affected cities will have Batangas Egg Producers Cooperative (BEPCO), together with the local government of San Jose Batangas Philippine Disaster Resilience access to climate information, partnered in the creation and implementation of contingency measures against the said threat, Mar. 12 Foundation, the UP Resilience cultivation projects for social Institute, and Rocky Mountain and economic development, San Jose Mayor Valentino culling of fowls who are suspected flu-free status on February 21 Institute RMI. and implement measures Patron headed the said action, to be carrying the said disease. following the confirmation of a in restoring, mitigating, and through a meeting and consulting reported case on February 18, Under the Php 750-million sustaining the environment. activity with BEPCO, the Municipal It can be remembered that there and with additional eight cases CRC project, USAID will Agriculture’s Office, Budget Office is a rise to the death attributed from four poultry farms in Central administer the distribution By 2030, the Philippines and the Municipal Planning and to the highly contagious highly Luzon. of the necessary tools and hopes to reduce the Development Council Office. pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) intelligence to help in adapting, accumulated 75% green gas subtype H5N1, in poultry farms As part of a government mitigating, and enduring the emission in 2020 from the Part of the actions by the LGU situated in Pampanga, Laguna, sanctioned control measure, impacts of climate change agriculture, waste, industry, and the local poultry owners is the Bulacan among other cities, the fowls in the said farms were in the Philippines, deemed a transport, and energy sectors disinfection of the coops, shelters during the last week of February. disposed of to prevent the spread disaster-prone country. through the Climate Resilience and poultry facilities, and the of avian flu. Project. The country lost its Avian By increasing climate STANDING FOR JUSTICE

6 NEWS THE WESTERNIAN ADVOCATE february 2022 Hands off our children! Analysis concerning raising the age for sexual consent Text | Angel Joy Liwag & Ana Niña Perea Artwork | Angelo Mendenilla TRIGGER WARNING: MENTIONS OF SEXUAL ABUSE “Sa pagtataas ng edad para makapagbigay ng sexual consent, pinalawak ng bagong batas ang sakop nito upang maproteksiyunan ang mas maraming mga bata sa sexual abuse at exploitation. Pinipigilan kasi ng batas na makipagrelasyon ang mas matatandang tao sa menor de edad, na wala pang will of their own o mental maturity.” Emphasized Atty. Julius Ceasar Balbuena, J.D., LL.M on the passage of Republic Act no. 11648, which amended the Anti-Rape Law of 1997 to provide more vital protection for children by raising the age for sexual consent from 12 to 16 years old. Minor changes’ 266-A (1), through sexual batas na kung ang biktima ay biktima. Pangalawa ay Simple “Mas mainam para sa aking The Philippines has a long yet intercourse, ng RPC kung saan may edad na labing-dalawang Seduction, kung saan ang edad labing-walong (18) taong ang biktima ay laging babae at (12) taong gulang pababa pakikipagtalik sa biktimang menor gulang ang age of sexual otherwise, slow paced history ang may sala ay laging lalaki,” (under thirteen (13) years of de edad, na may edad 16 y.o. consent. Sa ating batas, ang when it comes to implementing said Atty. Balbuena. age), ang Sweetheart Clause o pataas pero wala pang 18 y.o., edad 18 ay p’wede nang gumamit changes in the age that is used Close-In-Age Exemption rule ay ay sa pamamagitan ng “deceit” ng karapatan at tumanggap as a basis for determining the Moreover, the welfare of the hindi applicable. Samakatuwid, o panlilinlang,” recalled Atty. ng responsibilidad, gaya ng existence of statutory rape. children is encrypted under laging may kasong rape kung Balbuena. pagpasok sa isang kontrata at Article XV Section III of the 1987 ang biktima ay may edad 12 y.o. bumoto sa elections. 18 ang “Inamyendahan ng nasabing Philippine Constitution, which pababa kahit na siya ay nagbigay Addressing major problems tamang edad para makapagbigay batas ang probisyon ng Rape states that the children have the ng pahintulot sa may sala,” Even though the law tries to ng sexual consent dahil ito ang sa Revised Penal Code (RPC) right to assistance, including explained Atty. Balbuena. edad, kung may kaukulang (Act No. 3815), Anti-Rape Law proper care and nutrition, and recognize the flaw in the long-due parental consent, na pwede of 1997 (R.A. No. 8353), at special protection from all Additionally, the law provided issue of sexual consent, there still ng mag-asawa ang isang tao,” Special Protection of Children forms of neglect, abuse, cruelty, an avenue for more protection to exists a reproductive health law reiterated Bautista. Against Abuse, Exploitation and exploitation, and other conditions children as they have incorporated prohibiting minors from accessing Discrimination Act (R.A. No. prejudicial to their development. punishable crimes on qualified contraceptives or any family- Mending the gaps 7610), ibig sabihin nito, na ang seduction and simple seduction, planning services in barangay To counter the lack of awareness pagtatalik sa isang bata, lalaki Sweetheart clause respectively. clinics without parental consent man o babae, na ang edad ay However, the amended Act as per implementing rules and in sex education, the amended law labing-limang (15) taon pababa “Mayroong Qualified Seduction regulations of R.A. 10354. has mandated the Department (under 16 years of age) ay does not penalize any sexual kung ang isang tao ay nakipagtalik of Education to include in the maituturing na statutory rape,” activity between 15-years old sa isang menor de edad na 16 “It’s good na na-raise yung basic curriculum and teach age- explained Atty. Balbuena. minors and below if the difference y.o. pataas ngunit wala pang 18 sexual consent sa Pilipinas, pero, appropriate subjects concerning in the age interval of their partner y.o. kung saan inabuso ng may I think 16 is not that enough pa. the rights and protection of the In this sense, consent of the is not exceeding over three years, sala ang kanyang kapangyarihan, We all know that, ‘yung pique ng children. victim to engage in sex, even if provided that the activity they ang pagtitiwala sa kanya, o sexual curiosity ng isang tao ay presented or was presumed to indulged is consensual; non- ang kanilang relasyon upang nandoon pa lang sa age na iyon. According to the Public be given by the victim, cannot be abusive, and non-exploitative. magkaroon ng pakikipagtalik sa They don’t know the parameters, Attorney’s Office (PAO) 2021 used as a defense on account of may chance na maging pregnant Accomplishment Report, the the victim’s age since the only “Nakasaad din sa bagong ‘yung girl. Probability noon, may agency has received 4,083 evidence that the victim could isang bata na naman na magsu- cases involving Violence Against present is their age and the sexual suffer,” told Joenelyn Bautista, Women (VAW) and 17,687 cases act that may have happened. AB Political Science in Paralegal involving Children in Conflict with Studies-III from University of the Law (CICLs) that might’ve “Mahalaga na malaman na ang Makati. manifested abuse. bagong batas ay Gender-Neutral. Nakalagay sa Section 1 ng With this, the different laws In this regard, the fight against bagong batas, kaugnay sa Article presented confusion since the child exploitation and other 266-A (1) ng RPC na, Rape is Anti-Rape Law allows teenage forms of gender-based crimes committed: ‘1) By a person who sweethearts to explore sexuality should not stop with the passage shall have carnal knowledge as long as there is a three-year of laws penalizing as the strict (pagtatalik) of another person’. age difference between minors, implementation of the laws and Kaugnay nito, ang biktima at ng while the Reproductive Health Bill intervention should also become may sala (offender) ay maaaring restricts access to sex education a priority. After all, flawed laws babae o lalaki. Taliwas ito sa and family-planning rights to won’t bite. orihinal na probisyon ng Article minors. GRADES FOR SALE? be always accustomed to hiring tapos itutulak mo na lang sa bibig academic commissioners to do ng bata na, ‘ito lunukin mo na lang Analysis of Academic Commissions in PH their written works. kasi ito ang sagot.’ Napakahirap sa isang teacher na hindi ko alam Text | Hazel Reyes & Trisha Joy Abdon Photo | Eric Pondevida “Nahihirapan sila mag-cope kung siya ba talaga ang nagsulat up sa environment na mayroon or siya ba ‘yung nag-isip n’ung With the setup of online learning, several students resort to hiring so-called “academic commissioners’’ sila. Sa halip na makinig and answer,” ended Pondevida. take down notes, behind the who were paid to do their school task, most especially on demanding projects and written works, in order to camera, ipinapasa nila sa mga Terms with conditions commissioners para sila na ‘yong After two years in the pandemic, comply with deadlines, alleviate workloads, and complement grade expectations in exchange for departing masasagot. Nagiging comfortable ‘yong bata kasi may magsasagot commissions for students have from their academic integrity. naman ‘nung modules at became normalized on different paperwork nila,” stated Ms. Rose social media platforms due to Compensation and benefits scared of being caught for the pinapagawa, I’d rather teach Pondevida, Mataas na Lupa the inflexible academic calendar Driven to evade overload tasks said malpractice. than do the tasks myself. I Elementary School Instructor. and lack of face-to-face sessions, would give anyone a helping which reflects the need to fix and receive higher marks, UBian “[Ka)dalasan ‘yung professor hand through my commissions Based on the observations the poor educational system in student Drei is well-informed on kasi minsan naman talaga, nasa when it comes to minor subjects of Ms. Pondevida, due to the the country and promote flexible the rampant growth of academic kanila ‘yung problema, bigay sila but kung pagbibigyan natin sila pandemic, the top reason learning to help students adapt services online after seeing it often nang bigay ng paggawa, hindi pati sa major, it’s a selfish way why students hire academic efficiently and be less tempted in advertised on Twitter, and admits lang naman iisa ‘yung subject for us to restrain them from commissioners is to help each committing the said misconduct. to have purchased an essay namin para mapasa o magawa learning,” explained Spencer other’s company, either the paper once as he stumbled upon agad yung binigay nila na school Jordan, a freelance academic academic commissioner wants As much as it compensates for the offer of his online classmate, a works. Pero hindi naman lahat kasi commissioner. some income or the students who experience and earnings on the freelance commissioner; meron din naman na professors hired them want to lessen the part of the freelancer, earning na nag-a-adjust,” explained Drei. In addition, Jordan reiterated academic task in every course money in exchange for one’s “Nag-usap kami at okay naman that there is no such thing as lazy subject they have. moral compass is tantamount to yung transaction namin kasi Moreover, due to the students but categorizes them as disregarding the innate rule of alam n’ya ‘yung gagawin dahil implementation of the Department uninterested as they often hire “Sakin lang as a teacher, huwag every student in the country—and magkaklase lang kami. Seventy of Education (DepEd) and him to do the activities of their tayo doon sa spoonfeeding na that is, honesty is still the best five pesos ang binayad ko para sa Commission on Higher Education minor subjects for the reason kumbaga ‘this will be the answer,’ policy. essay na ‘yun. Maganda naman (CHED) on the opening of classes that they tend to put more time ang ginawa niya, nagmukha despite the pandemic, it forced and effort into activities that are akong brainy. Kaya ako students to adjust to distance included with their major subjects. nagpagawa ng essay dahil hindi learning, which aggravates cases ko alam kung paano ang gagawin of academic fraud as learning “But school isn’t really that big at the same time marami akong resources are accessible online. of a deal, especially in our early kailangan i-submit,” expressed years in college. Sabi nga nila, Drei, BS-Civil Engineering-II. Prohibited sellers ‘don’t blame the player, blame the Apart from assisting students While being satisfied with their piled-up tasks, academic game’. Our school system sucks and relieved to receive his commissioners use the extra kaya possible mga ganitong commissioned work, not only income earned from students bagay,” expounded Jordan. Drei, but also half of his section to pay for daily expenses and School policies have negotiated their essays personal wants, which motivates Behind online learning, and reflection papers with the them to be even more productive instructors are alarmed by aforementioned freelancer, which with their transactions. students regarding some made him extra cautious and “Kung major subjects ang instances in which they might PRINTING FOR TRUTH

OPINION 12k golden batch entering senior high school in health crisis remains in the that we are facing historical 2016, according to the Annual revisionism? Poverty Indicators Survey of the Philippines, unemployment, Philippine Statistics Authority. Perhaps the golden batch poverty, underemployment, can be compared to a 12 karat It is said in the policy’s gold, as in terms of durability, conceptual framework that media suppression, and low they were able to be resilient every learner completing K to during the transition to a new 12 will have been nurtured and educational retention due to curriculum, then dealing with developed with 21st century skills, the COVID-19 pandemic, however, it was reported that privileged policy on the transition which forced them to enter among 79 participating countries, blended learning. the Philippines scored the lowest to online classes have been in reading comprehension in the Meanwhile, they remain 2018 Programme for International rampant in the country. rusty from insecurities as Student Assessment (PISA). they deemed half-baked out How will the golden batch attain of 24 karat purity by which, it With reading comprehension made them underdeveloped as a basic skill, how would the the four possible exits given the with skills that have been implementation of the K to 12 envisioned in a piece of ensure that we would be able to crises? memorandum. ‘nurture and develop’ progressive 21st century skills like technology, In order to achieve holistic It is difficult to proclaim communication, problem-solving, that K to 12 is indeed a and entrepreneurship? education, the program also comprehensive reform as the country continues to juggle Consequently, it was envisioned focused on honing students with crisis after crisis, and with this, that students, especially the it is of paramount importance golden batch of K to 12 are ready information, media, science, to question the respective for four possible exits such as, authorities—are we expecting employment, entrepreneurship, and technology skills and offers the pioneer batch to thrive middle level skills development, while the situation in the and higher education. accreditation and surveys to country keeps getting worse? However, since the global determine the level of qualification of students to become globally- competitive. But now we have entered a In 2012, the Philippines program. new version of ‘golden age’, commenced a nationwide scale Precisely 10 years from the of comprehensive reform in wherein the dictator’s son, and education known as K to 12 implementation, the first batch of Filipinos under the program a convicted tax evader has program, and that probably entered a four- year college degree are either returned to power, since he EDITORIAL with it, first year graduating or working by now. junior high school admittedly used a troll farm that students (Grade 7) of academic However, there have been a year, 2012-2013 pioneered the reported 3.8 million dropouts spread mis-and disinformation enhanced secondary education who are supposed to be in favor of his family interests around the internet. What exactly is the role of K to 12 in combating fake news now For once, I am at a loss for and arts. Pride, it seems, was my professional treatment of us made and habit of shutting everyone out Gone were the days where words. first downfall. As I experienced me realize what type of senior I when I have issues with them. Advo’s seniority rule borders having my works shredded and aspire to be. You witnessed my growth as a on abuse. And I have to thank Restless. This word sums up my rejected in front of me, and when journalist and a person, and for my fellow EEB members, for last weeks as the Editor in chief I backed out from submitting my Flash forward to my last week that, I will be indebted to you guys accepting that though we should of the campus publication, as I artworks, because they are not at as the head of Advo, and as I for life. conform to certain standards, contemplate on how meaningful par with my seniors masterpieces, reminisce on how I managed there are things that we must and life changing my four year I realized I had too much to learn. breaking the “Advo curse” where To Ate Pam, my first EIC, change in our publication, for the stay at Advo has been. And I started by humbling myself graduating Accountancy students thank you for being the EIC in better. fail on their Third or last year, I my second year on Advo, and the The very first week of our leader I am searching for during It is with pride, that I would end class, one of our professors ARRIVEDERCI, ADVO my first year in the publication. my term with a complete set of advised us that being a BS published issues and a special Accountancy student would take DEVIL’S ADVOCATE To Sir Tet, Sir Manny and issue, all because we dared to most of our time, and we could Sir Alex, thank you for showing challenge the system that has not afford to be involved in too Clark Alduz Viray, Editor in Chief us the nooks and crannies of been culling the growth and many extracurricular activities the aspects of Advo that we are mental stability of our staff. Our or organizations, if we want to and conforming to the famed couldn’t help but be proud for I unfamiliar with. especially when it term would be remembered for survive. Despite the said warning, “Advo style.” will graduate on time and I did that comes to publishing the physical giving freedom to our artists and and because I couldn’t imagine while juggling the responsibilities copies of the issues. photojournalists in their works, myself as not being part of the My first year in Advo was, to attached to being a working and not attaching our names as publication, I opted to take the be frank, the most toxic. I felt like student, a representative for To Batch XXI, you would always byline to their works when all we entrance examination for Advo. treading a land mine, whenever intercollege competitions, and a hold a special place in my heart, did was change some words or I missed the “po” and “opo” that campus scribe at the same time. for when I see the damages that move some spaces. I passed the said examination we must always say whenever we the then current system is causing and as I entered the publication talk to our seniors, or when my With that being said, I would like you, that was the time I longed, As I bid my farewell, I would love office for the first time, I was batchmates and I had to receive to dedicate my last column to the and worked for the change in to reiterate that being part of Advo beaming with pride, thinking that the scolding for the delays “we people who made being part of management in our office. Thank is more than writing fact based from that moment on, there was caused.” There are conflicts Advo a risk and adventure worth you for bringing laughter and fun articles, draining your creative nothing I couldn’t handle. Boy among our seniors, and at times, taking. to our sullen office. juices for literary works, taking was I dead wrong. we are sandwiched between their long photowalks or spending sides, which in turn affects our To my Batch XX buddies, thank To Batch XXII to XXIV the hours working on an artwork. To sum up, Advo and I had a working environment. Despite you for that time you convinced pandemic might have hampered Being a Batang Advo, is taking a love-hate relationship for four that, it was a year of learning, me to stay, when ironically, I was most of our interactions, but I know path towards being the voice of years. thanks to our Batch 18 ates the first one who attempted to quit. that deep inside, you know what your fellow UBians. and kuyas, whose kind, yet I know I was a problem batchmate kind of leadership I aspire you As a somewhat renowned writer back then, with my no filter words, to follow—one that encourages And with that, I bid my beloved in Batangas, I thought that I have growth and where the seniors are publication adieu, and may the everything the publication can ask humbled enough to accept their future Batang Advos and I cross for. Afterall, I had years of winning misgivings and learn a thing or paths in the near future. in journalism tilts under my name, two from their juniors. and a background in photography ‘Start strong, finish stronger.’ a realization of being a beginner NEOPHYTE on the pampered ground; we In my four years in collegiate without much experience and have grown by digging a deep level journalism, I hold in high milestones to pull off inclined in SHARPSHOOTER hole to bury and relive again in regard the abovementioned writing has awakened and slapped loving memory of the killed work writing tip from our ADVO Alumni. me with the question if I deserve Faith Valen Villanueva, Associate Editor of art. And of all the lines dropped in to be part of the renowned student several workshops and training, publication in the region.  will make your eyes weep. on a battlefield where rivals are Hence, these things taught me this one hit me hard, and from There’s a lot of unspoken targeting you to gun down through to choose my battles by looking that, I knew it does not only Intimidated by the dangling bullets of bashful tongues.  up to my seniors’ sentiments. intend when you want to think of collars of honors of my pressure and doubt I have To Batch 20, who has been a compelling headline but also in batchmates, there has not been a felt during my stay in ADVO. Facing them shielded as long sandwiched with experiences taking an oath to be a watchdog in single day that I have not thought Trophies, fact sheets, deadlines, as by the truth is part of the between normalcy and during the student body.  about putting an end to my career and messages on the whiteboard combat. You have to carry on the pandemic phase, and to the Denoting a new chapter as choice. Tempted to withdraw right will welcome you as you twist the with the weight of the words and people I have met in journalism, a freshman, I am thrilled to try after the first day of the workshop, doorknob.  speak even when your voice I owe you the fact that I love the out and continue journalism, I did not stop depicting how they shakes. From the point of view woman I am becoming.  supposedly as a photojournalist would react to the articles I had Being a campus journalist is not of others, they say not everyone but the funny thing about applying written for the first time.  just about being able to publish can withstand our roles to take To senior, junior, and future to the position is that I unknowingly a full-length article, getting a stand and look out for justice advocates, hear me out when took the exam intended for And while they were enthusiastic your facts straight, or being while being anticipated by threats I say the journey going beyond writers. I passed and got the slot about guessing who will get the connected with a broad range of and immune to criticisms.   the comfort zone won’t be easy, I am not opting to go for, and the section thrones, I already placed highly respected personalities. It but your growth outside corners rest is history. a comfort in myself, thinking that makes no difference to a warrior We did not etch breakthroughs awaits.  During the probationary period, I could not make it or stay any longer in a place where you are Permission to pass the not going to hear your calling but message. Start strong, finish stronger. STANDING FOR JUSTICE

8 OPINION THE WESTERNIAN ADVOCATE february 2022 There’s no trace of filial piety in FAMILY FEUD so long as someone from my staffer to become replaceable so this hellish basement, I may have batch gets left behind, I will stay as to keep the spirit of journalism thought a lot of times as I utter an KOLUMNISTA in ADVO because in all no sense in the hands of future aspirants. ‘I want to quit’ mantra during my and mockery, we are indeed previous years of stay in ADVO. Angel Joy Liwag, Managing, News External, bonded as a family. Still, the cycle did not officially Features, and Cultures Editor break as there were times that we The Westernian Advocate. Relatively, not all reunions needed to recheck our tones and After enrolling in the Legal Deemed as an independent insults (definitely not constructive should become awkward since wording when communicating Management program, I institution, Batang ADVOs enjoy criticisms), and almost hourly we can always learn a better with our junior staffers but it was have diligently applied to the compensation from the outputs profanity that does not have parenting approach to kids, and a brave step for change and this University’s proud collegiate being published, perks such as anything to do with the workplace. this is how our term adapted to journey would never have been publication without realizing that unit discounts, honorarium, and more leniency that focused on made possible without my Batch my pre-law course is completely access to University events, and Top script that we have always compassion and patience to 20 seniors, Ate Rae, Kuya Clark, demanding. while these look incredibly worth heard after the scolding are, beginners. Ate Faith, Ate Aly, and Ate Jovia. it, there is always these fleeting ‘pamilya tayo rito’, ‘para sa inyo Maybe the bittersweet rejection moments that make me wonder if rin ito’, ‘sadyang ganyan dahil ang If you were to ask if we regret Most especially, I would like to during my first try, which was such reimbursements are enough kasalanan ng isa ay kasalanan ng the sudden changes of family dedicate this platform to my safe unfairly decided due to some to pay the damages that this buong batch’, ‘buti nga at hindi traditions, the answer is no. In haven that is Batch 21, Angel personal reasons of the then term, publication has inflicted on my n’yo naabutan ‘yung noon…’, and fact, our subordinates will not be B, Steven, Rona, Marion, Echo, was a sign for me to forget ADVO, batch. so many to mention. burdened by the loose ends that Titan, Cathy, Erwin, Karl, Louver, still, I held on this stupid ground ironically become a legacy of the and Majoy—fate really threw us that there might be a space for me Among the activities that In reality, the closest thing that past terms who have probably bomb jokes, huh? Just a popping in the second year. have contributed to this toxic can be related to this family antics focused on flexing their seniority memory from any of you brings space were running errands is every child’s desire to run away instead of holding themselves warmth to my heart. Cutting to the chase, I have that any capacitated person from their homes, and I have accountable on responsibilities deeply loathed the feudal can accomplish, dealing with often pioneered the thought to my that really were not the 2019- Family. Two years ago, the word environment that ADVO has the whims and moods of our batchmates. 2020 Editorial Board’s fault. would have earned a scorn from manifested to staffers, and my seniors (not entirely our bosses), me as it often gets associated probationary period was a test But throughout all these, I have Aside from that, we have with this publication, but we have to the lengths of despair that I found myself barely holding on, reminded ourselves that the kind of rebuilt its pillars to make it must endure in order to become a best way to fully respect ADVO’s a new home for the next batches campus journalist. legacy is to teach every senior of Batang ADVO in the future. Three and a half semesters themselves mismatched with their constraints in choices. Most, if not TIME’S UP into college, I have not yet degree programs. all, state institutes strictly demand fully grasped the reality that I degree programs to be aligned DAUNTLESS am an engineering student. It First, education in the Philippines to applicants’ senior high school is daunting how instead of all remains a luxury instead of a track, in addition to relatively Joviallyn Belegal, Auditor those complex equations and basic right. Even in the era of the high grade requirements and nosebleed-inducing theories, my COVID 19 pandemic where 95 challenging qualifying exams. I found myself in a nostalgic The finish line is approaching mind is occupied with thoughts, percent of learning is conducted A couple of my high school state where experiences are and things will be over anytime even wishes, of how much more online, sky-high tuition fees and classmates who could not afford cemented in a continuum cycle soon as an ADVO member. enjoyable studying could have its periodic hikes continue to eat private institutions are stuck in and moments are always stuck I’m mindful that life outside of been had I had the privilege to through wallets faster than the public college programs they on replay. Looking back, I was university is different from what choose a path I wanted for myself. transparency of where these did not plan on taking due to not just a starry-eyed freshman I’ve known in past years. So, fees are for can surface. This being able to comply with the before ADVO turned out to be before I get to the last words Learning is fun, but not so much forces families to send students stated criteria. both my home, and a routine— in this circle of thoughts, I’d when we do it in a graveyard of to the least cash-demanding always intertwined with each like to thank the ADVO family, wasted potentials and buried and practical option to the point All these factors, along with other all the great people I’ve met dreams. of discarding what really fits into family pressure, peer influence, and worked with over the and indecisiveness for the future, When I auditioned to be a years, and, most importantly, MISS & MATCH can be encapsulated by one junior staff member the first our readers for making our grand scheme rotting the system week of my freshman year, I university life more valuable ALTERNATE of education from behind— had no idea that I was signing and worthwhile. capitalism. Students are treated, up for a responsibility to serve Nixon De Villa, News Editor - Internal taught, trained, and tested to turn the UBian community. For As I reminisce, I must them into versions of themselves the first few months in ADVO, admit that I am sad to leave. Just a little background, math their capabilities and interest. that are most economically I was doubting myself and Everything I’ve encountered at has always been my academic efficient in the future. Instead of considering quitting because ADVO has been immaculate, nemesis. I am the kind of student Second, the bias towards producing enlightened persons I was unaccustomed or and the countless experiences who stays up all night for an inch- with useful skills geared for inexperienced in the field. Later I’ve shared have influenced me. thick of readings but yawns at the Science, Technology, individual and personal purpose, on, I realized that I needed Although I am hanging up my sight of numbers. One can only the eyes of capitalist education to push myself to new and journalist hat, I will never forget imagine the shivers I had when it Engineering, and Mathematics are always set on manufacturing unknown limits, and I’m thrilled the memories and experiences dawned on me that whether I like money-makers. I went through with it. I gained and I believe that we it or not, whether I can or cannot, (STEM) fields still reek as strong only grow by coming to the end I will be thrusted into a college Again, entering college is Being an ADVO has fuelled of something and by beginning program and eventually into a as ever, evident in the burst already a privilege, but we must my respect and appreciation something else. career path with mathematics as not deny ourselves of the chance for the aesthetic creations of its core field. of opportunities available for to maximize our potentials and each journalist. It is something Maybe I won’t be able to put realize our passions without being I constantly mention when I tell my four years at university into The reason I am in this course them while those outside these held back by restricted options. people how much I appreciate words, but I still want to thank is my full scholarship from the working with my seniors everyone who appreciated and Department of Science and programs are starved of even Unless this vile truth of a greedy and batchmates. Over the welcomed us with open arms. Technology (DOST) that can only system lifts its claws from our years, there have been some I know it was only a matter of be availed by enrolling in specific half the amount of chances freedom to learn, there will always uncertainties, and I’ve learned time, and I will always go back courses. This is not to say that I be intrinsic struggles of pursuing more about this circle than I to the place I once called home, despise this chance—in fact, I STEM gets. This circles back to the path we genuinely want. Until expected. ADVO constantly the place where I meet the am beyond grateful to have this then, I can only sympathize with reminded me that there is a unexpected people who have honor, as anyone would naturally the first point of education’s high thousands of students like me vast difference between taking made this such a bittersweet be, but at the same time, my case carrying double the weight of a calculated risk and delving goodbye. alone reflects several reasons cost—because scholarships and college life due to working devoid into the unknown blindly. why many college students find of true passion, and pray that my assistances are mostly offered to will to push through engineering will not fade away like the equal STEM courses, Filipino families button in my Casio calculator. gravitate towards them regardless of more important factors. Exactly what happened to me when it was either engineering or no college at all. Indeed, state colleges and public universities exist to provide education without stratospheric tuition fees, but this does not mean that they come with no The clock was ticking slowly, and feed my upset stomach and of my seniors. They throw tough what’s beyond it was more than myself and became aware of my turning me back to the time I had wake up at 7:00 a.m. to attend my words that I learned to swallow, being a writer. I can say I am not weakness and strength that I can to juggle two plates: quizzes and first class. saying to myself that I need it to me without ADVO. The strength utilize in my everyday stresses as articles, in one table. Everyone grow. I have in facing adversity was a student-worker-journalist. thinks it was difficult, like I was Nobody would ever know how I also because I was part of this lifting heavy blocks that tortures climb a tall tree full of thorns. All On top of that, this place was publication. I know some students Tough moments were the me as a student—being a campus they saw was the moment I was also an adventure. I have visited stepping stone to unsee what is journalist and student assistant. happy being at the top swaying on the top of the three.As I leave But, what was even worse was with its fruits. That was impossible ON MY FINAL INK this institution, whether it bears thinking about the last words I without the journey, my story in fruit or has dead leaves on it, I have to write in this column—a this publication that was written in A GIRL HAS NO NAME will treasure every ADVO’s seed concluding statement on my stay every branch I climb. buried in me as I served as its as a watchdog of this University. Alyssa An, Business Manager fruit. To quote, Moira once said, Growing was not easy as ‘for new leaves to be able to grow, I know the hardest farewell seed watered in an uncertain places and interviewed several were on their rest and moments to old leaves must fall’. Moreover, is not saying a goodbye. At this environment. Not to deny, The personalities, from my professor study their lessons while I was on the award I brought representing moment, while writing this piece, WesternianAdvocate (ADVO) was to the Vice President of the my laptop waiting for the alarms CALABARZON to a nationwide I have to say it, and finally admit a sanctuary, a place where there Philippines while working with the of my board mates early in the competition was the surface of my that these past four years of not was growth and improvement top media outlets in the country. morning. Yet I looked at this as underlying passion to succeed. turning back have to end. Gone despite its leaking toxicity. In my In fact, writing was my job yet a great advantage as I mastered Hence, this was not an end are the days where I had to sleep first weeks as a student journalist, note exactly but a voyage to be at 3:00 a.m. to meet deadlines crying was my favorite job while continued… fearing the unwanted impulses PRINTING FOR TRUTH

THE WESTERNIAN ADVOCATE OPINION 9 FEBRUARY 2022 I sincerely have no idea where student publication of University WELL-PLAYED and their culprits that never got to begin, yet here I am, at the of Batangas at that, and it was caught, Cath’s coffee jelly— finish line. also my first time. But still, I was SENTINEL no context, Erwin and Titan’s encouraged by my senior high never-ending jokes that always As a techy person, I always school friend, a CAS student— Marie Joy Axalan, Chief Layout Artist make the whole batch burst into find myself exploring things Gerald Sandro, to try to step out laughter, Ajil’s bossiness and I’m unaware of. It all started in of my comfort zone and apply as artist, which I primarily applied only able to discover through authority that literally helped high school, I realized I had this a layout artist. I was very nervous for, I did not have much things to ADVO. finish assigned tasks fast since burning passion for editing photos since it was also my first time do in the early phase since the no one takes the initiative but as well as videos. Those simple being interviewed, like a real job layout is mostly in the last part. I To my seniors, especially my her. Those were some of the high school projects helped a lot interview, but I did it anyway. was also encouraged to comply EICs, Ate Pam and Kuya Clark, unforgettable things that solidified in pushing my inner creativity. as a photojournalist. Since I crave I want to take this opportunity our bond. I know that what we’ve After being announced as one for new learnings, I joined some to thank you all for letting me gone through was not easy, I felt Fast forward, I have been an of the qualifiers, we were put on photo walks after classes, teamed experience things I didn’t imagine the anger, frustration, and failed irregular student since I transferred probation for the last step of the up with my batchmate writer to I could do, for nourishing my expectations. But we are the to UB during my second year in recruitment. When I first set foot cover events and features when skills, and for entrusting me with last batch to experience ‘that’ college. The environment was in the ADVO office as a qualifier, I all PJs were not available, and the position of Chief Layout Artist culture—hopefully. Manifesting to new and I have problems blending saw my seniors and batchmates. I even walked from UB to Batangas for two academic years. see all of you achieve success in in with people outside my circle—I literally don’t know how to interact Plaza one night to take photos life! am an introvert. with others, especially if I am the during press works. To my batchmates, Batch 21, I one who will make the first move. hope you are all doing fine. I will I will definitely miss my Being a shy person, I never I felt like I just wanted to go home Honestly, I didn’t get that much always treasure the memories signature office entrance—opens imagined myself walking alone and cry. But after days, months, training as a layout artist. It was we made inside and outside the door, bows head, “Hello po ate at through Study Area 1, and and years had passed, I realized I more on self-exploration, but I office—the ‘ayoko kumain sa kuya!” standing in front of the ADVO had a new family. can’t deny the fact that there are office, kinukuha ni Echo ‘yung office. I told myself that this layout-related things that I was ulam,’ all the cases of lost G-tec It has been a crazy roller was not part of my plans. I was I’ve experienced things I pens that cannot be counted coaster ride. There are lots of ups hesitant at first because I felt haven’t experienced yet. As an and downs, twists and turns, but like I didn’t have the skills to be official ADVO staffer—a layout what’s important is it’s worth it. part of a publication—the official Bakit nga ba Third year na ako akong natutunan dahil sa mga alam ko na kayang-kaya niyo GASLIGHTS AND GAS EMISSIONS naging bahagi ng Advo? karanasang iyon. Pumasok ako ‘yan dahil kayo ay mga hinog na. sa Advo ng lapis at papel ang Handa na kayo. FA_T CHECK Ganito kasi yan, noong First dala, ngunit lalabas akong bitbit year college ako ay sa ibang ay digital pen, dahil nakita ko ang Nais ko ring magpasalamat kay Jane Therese Banaag, DevCom Editor school ako nag-aral, Second sem aking sarili na humusay sa digital ate Majoy, salamat dahil pinakilala naman ng Second year college arts dahil sa Advo. mo sa akin ang Advo, na siyang With the emergence of the of the Scientists Rebellion ako nagtransfer sa University of naging daan para mahasa ang #LetTheEarthBreathe social Batangas. Second year pa lang Medyo dismayado ako dahil kakayahan ko sa digital arts. media movement, “papunta Group in Berlin, Germany who ay inaaya na ako ni Ate Majoy marami kaming nakaligtaan na Maraming salamat sa lahat ng na tayo sa exciting part” is sumali sa Advo, pero hindi ako okasyon gaya ng Salindunog dahil suporta at payo na binigay mo. chained themselves to a bank sumali dahil pinanghihinaan ako sa pandemya, pero kahit ganoon Gayundin kay Kuya Clark na ng loob. ay naging makabuluhan pa rin nagbigay sakin ng art materials establishment as a form of noong wala akong pambili. Salamat po sa lahat ng tulong more than just a widely used an international protest along mo! Sa aking seniors, maraming salamat din po sa tiwalang meme but a fitting revelation, with a thousand scientists ipinagkaloob niyo sa akin at sa NICE G! inyong pasensiya sa pagturo at as we are now exiting the era in 25 different countries to paggabay sa akin upang maging DIGIKAGE isang mahusay na Chief Artist. of denialism to the existence give warnings that by 2025, Angelo Mendenilla, Chief Artist At sa lahat ng aking mga of climate change, with more catastrophic climate effects will nakababatang kasamahan sa Advo, huwag kayong sumuko kahit and more people putting occur if rapid and deep cuts to gano pa kahirap, at lagi niyong tatandaan na kapag mas matindi more effort in decreasing their greenhouse gas emissions are ang pagsisikap, mas malaki ang tiyansa na magtagumpay. carbon footprints. not pursued. Galingan niyo palagi lalo na’t mas mararanasan niyo ng buo But one hard pill to swallow While this is terribly ang Advo sa nalalapit na face- to-face classes. Naniniwala ako in the netizens’ new found unfortunate, I can only wish sa kakahayan niyo bilang isang Habang iniisip ko ang mga ang buhay namin sa Advo dahil batang Advo. Huwag kayong progressiveness is that no that environmental activism nakaraan bago ako sumali sa tinuturuan at ginagabayan kami matakot dahil kung kinaya niyong Advo ay bigla kong naalala ang ng aming mga ate at kuya. Hindi lagpasan ang hirap nuon, alam amount of mass email deletion can be perceived by social kawalanghiyaan na ginawa ko kami nag patalo sa pandemya, kong mas kaya na ninyo ngayon. noong Second year ako. Tandang- ipinagmamalaki ko ang aking or reusable straw usage can media users in the same tanda ko pa noong tapos na ang mga kasamahan at ang aming Maiksi man ang panahon na entrance examinations sa Advo, matagumpay na pagtaguyod sa inilaan ko sa Advo, ngunit ang save us from the shambles of way that these scientists did. ay nagsend ako ng message Advo, kahit limitado ang aming mga karanasan, aral na natutunan sa Facebook page nila dahil sa pisikal na pagkikita-kita. at mga alaala ay habambuhay environmental degradation, Fingers must be pointed not kalasingan ko. Nagsend lang kong daldalhin at hinding-hindi naman ako ng artwork at nagsabi Sa aking mga batchmate, makakalimutan. and in what better way to to helpless consumers, but kung abot pa ako para mag apply maraming salamat sa inyo bilang artist. Haha! kahit hindi tayo nagkikita-kita talk about this than upon my to unapologetic corporations, ay napapanatili pa rin natin ang Masasabi kong malaki ang koneksyon natin sa isat-isa. Gusto completion of the subject, greedy land grabbers, and of pinagbago ng aking buhay simula ko lang din na malaman niyo na noong naging miyembro ako ng bilib ako sa inyong lahat, dahil Environmental Laws, in my course, powerful government Advo. Madalas napapagalitan, sa lahat ng hirap na naranasan minsa’y nagkakamali, pero ang niyo sa Advo, ay nandyan pa rin pre-law degree. officials. mahalaga, sa loob ng maikling kayo at hindi sumuko. Kayo na dalawang taon, ay marami pa rin ang sunod na hahawak kay Advo, Being raised in a household But with all the power they that has a high regard for acquired for themselves, we environmental sustainability, cannot keep our hopes up I once believed I can change with a government composed the world by not throwing of officials who are apathetic, away mall shopping bags and most of the time abusive, or purchasing an expensive towards the environment. insulated and reusable tumbler, Jurisprudence can attest to but no matter how much I this as DENR secretaries, town avoid plastic consumption, mayors, and other officials large-scale corporations have been found turning a and manufacturers will not blind eye on corporations cease to mass produce non- and businesses violating biodegradable items. environmental laws. Moreso, plastic production What is more infuriating is and consumption can only that these people in power are do so much to destroy the fed by visionaries, even without planet. Burning fossil fuels the means and resources EXECUTIVE EDITORIAL BOARD for energy resources and corporations and government CLARK ALDUZ A. VIRAY, Editor in Chief; FAITH VALEN A. VILLANUEVA, Associate Editor; converting land and forest agencies have, with inventions ANGEL JOY I. LIWAG, Managing, News-External, Features, and Cultures Editor; JOVIALLYN C. BELEGAL, Auditor; ALYSSA G. AN, Business Manager; areas for subdivisions, which and researches to decrease NIXON A. DE VILLA, News Editor-Internal are also greatly practiced greenhouse gas emissions, EDITORIAL BOARD CARLOS KIM RAPHAEL D. PEREZ, Sports Editor; ARIELLE DANE C. ADAN, Literary Editor; by big corporations, are the but these are dismissed for JANE THERESE C. BANAAG, DevCom Editor; NICOLE BEATRIZ E. ROSALES, Chief Photojournalist; prime culprits to greenhouse the lame reason that these ANGELO M. MENDENILLA, Chief Artist; MARIE JOY M. AXALAN, Chief Layout Artist gas emissions and ultimately, measures will take billions of AUXILIARIES ELAINE E. MAPAGDALITA, Circulation Manager; ISRAEL MARTIN U. DE CHAVEZ, Property Custodian to climate change, yet we still money and dozens of changes EDITORIAL STAFF put the blame on ordinary in the system— as if such will ANNE LORRAINE G. BAUTISTA, Senior Photojournalist; ANA NIÑA D. PEREA, TRISHA JOY J. ABDON, HAZEL O. REYES, citizens for their refusal to avail compromise their comfortable HOLLY KYLIE MERIAN C. BACAY, ERIC H. PONDEVIDA, KIM JOSHUA B. ROPERO, ERIKA B. ALCANTARA, JEAN ROSE B. MATIENZO, MARIANNE E. CASTILLO, overpriced ecobags. lives. FRESHEL MAE A. DIOKNO, Junior Staffers We were made to believe With corporate social Arguelles Hall Basement, University of Batangas, Hilltop, Brgy. Kumintang Ibaba, Batangas City that calling upon big responsibility merely being (043) 984-3352, [email protected] corporations and large-scale done for the barest of ADVO TABLOID IS THE FOURTH ISSUE OF THE WESTERNIAN ADVOCATE, A.Y. 2021-2022 manufacturers to reduce their minimums and environmental greenhouse gas emissions laws only being used to will hassle consumers greatly, weaponize small-scale but this is just one of their workers, what is left to do is numerous tactics to force us to empty out email inboxes into participating in capitalism and plant more trees, and if all and disregard the doom it may else fails and climate change bring about to the planet. prevails, it is the masses called This is evidenced by the to do these trivial measures at arrests of three members fault. STANDING FOR JUSTICE

10 OPINION THE WESTERNIAN ADVOCATE february 2022 “...instead of bickerings, a DISSERVICE TO FELLOWMEN polarizing acts, it still failed to Wikipedia when writing academic endless debates, and other properly deliver. In the way papers if they’re not able to use it divisive behavior...” part of your word that the post was worded, one in matters that can directly affect would assume that the quoted their lives? It might sound like a usual Arielle Dane Adan, Literary Editor statements in the pubmat status written from a centrist would come from the personal A debate wouldn’t be tagged vantage point that proliferates the subscribes to the negative debate alongside “bickering” as interpretations of the chosen as “endless” if its purpose is depths of social media platforms connotation associated with if the matters being discussed “young and informed” UBians given an emphasis, which is to nowadays. Surprisingly, but the colloquial variation of this in the former were trivial and about the concept. conclude in a logical agreement not really, this is actually a line term in our country. But for an childish in nature. Our collective and not just to merely win over extracted from a promotional post institution that regularly holds political choices would shape However, the included lines the other. UBians must learn to on the University of Batangas’ debate activities in classes and the nation’s economic and social were counterintuitive because be a good sport by graciously official Facebook page for the interdepartmental competitions, landscape that will ultimately these are derived from the accepting truths when presented upcoming enrollment season. At UB should’ve known better dictate how we live our everyday perspectives of famous and with adequate evidence. By the same time, its caption pays than propagating this common lives. influential personalities. There’s holding fervently to our misplaced tribute to the fast-approaching misconception. no doubt that the featured students beliefs, we’re placing ourselves transition of our government to a If we just kept silent and were capable of devising their own and others who believe in us in new administration—hence, its Debates should be seen as an became tolerant of false meanings of true leadership, such danger. Therefore, it should not seemingly innocuous call for a embodiment of our love of wisdom narratives and mistaken beliefs, a manner would’ve resonated be confused as something that political ceasefire. since the knowledge acquired in then we’re eventually letting better for its target audience and can cause divisiveness. Ironically, the classroom is given the chance people into their metaphorical definitely would be a reflection of it’s meant to unite everyone for But as an educational institution to have a real-life application by death traps. By doing so, we a UBian’s love of wisdom. the greater good. priding itself on its love of wisdom, analyzing current issues affecting would not be able to become it looks like we’ve gotten lost in the people in and outside our effective means of building a To compensate for this whole Our core values should not just translating the genuine definition social spheres. Furthermore, it better family, community and questionable status, the university be empty phrases that we have of this highly-regarded core also sharpens the minds of the nation, and a better world. should instead promote healthy to memorize and be quizzed over value among UBians as its post students which enables them and fruitful intellectual discussions during classes. By doing so, we basically dismissed intellectual to make prudent decisions and Aside from that, even though among its students. They should won’t be able to actualize our discourse. judgments—something that the the post attempted to provide a be encouraged to avoid fallacies goals of marching towards the university should be proud of. reminder about true leadership and instill in them the significance real improvement of our society. It’s disappointing to see a in lieu of the cited argumentative of constructing their arguments Hence, a true-blooded UBian university that is supposed to Thus, it is quite insulting to align exchanges considered as based on reliable sources. What’s must be someone who practices inspire critical thinking within the point of teaching students to their principles at all times, not the studentry is dissuading us painstakingly add citations in APA just in letter, but also in spirit, in to engage in “endless debates”. format and to steer away from and out of the university. Clearly, this way of thinking in focus: an ugly truth sparked valuable conversations Respect my opinion na lang po! about the truth, and the duty of A graveyard of buried hopes the press to pursue and reveal Ma. Kathy Pusi it. Nicole Beatriz Rosales, Chief Photojournalist Sa pagsalubong sa mo sa iyong 1000 words essay Anyone can take a picture, pinakahihintay na prank show ng puma-punchline sa comment Let’s get one thing straight: bridge was ‘muddied’ by the but not just anyone can be a bansa, ang twenny-twenny two seksyon gamit ang mga peyk Photojournalists are not Public photo highlighting poverty. They photojournalist. Photojournalism Pre-credential Elections, kasapi news artikels. Hindi pa naging Relation officers. Newspapers even argued that this may put is journalism. This entails keeping ang Unobersidad ng Batang gosh hint ang mga wrong grammar at are here to present facts– not Cebu ‘in a bad light’. the images up to journalistic sa pag reveal ng mga bagong kailangan pa i-educate ni student. serve as tourism brochures, standards in an effort to convey elected pro-feyk-source of the Pero ang mga Yubi props, imbis and PR portals for companies This is disturbing and the truth. Therefore, pictures year na todong isinabuhay ang thank you, may pang-gaslight pa to promote their products and infuriating at the same time. captured by photojournalists pagiging research-driven sa ng his-story para lang ipanalo ang services. Do not expect that all Their reaction to the photos should not just be mere pixels Pilosopi of TikTok. debate na sila lang din naman the images will be like those you is a lot uglier than what they on a camera, but a lens into a ang kasali see on glossy advertisements. perceived as an eyesore. It’s specific situation or event. The Unang-una sa balota ang mga The truth, most of the time, is alarming that they accused images we take should present undeniably da beast pag dating Anyare sa ipinagmamalaking hard to accept, and even uglier the media outlet of ‘destroying all sides of a story, regardless sa requirements sa isang over quack-lity education? Kung to look at. our country’ just because it how challenging, unpleasant, or ten aktibitin subalit ang standard magiging opinionated,siguraduhin showed the existence of the disturbing they may be. forda president, isang movie naman na ang binubugang faks A major news outlet, and a reality millions of Filipinos face. star at college dropout lang ang ay checked at ang kinikilingan ay photojournalist recently caught How can these people demand And in this case, the nasa checklist. Paano ba naman, walang inaapakan na morali-dad. heavy flak for posting photos on aesthetics, but not an end to photojournalist did her job very mismong si Yubi presi-din ay pumi- Nakakawalang gana naman kasi the opening of CCLEX or Cebu- the poverty that’s right before well by revealing the reality peace sign sa caravan piktyurs na umattend sa mga Responsible Cordova Link Expressway, the their eyes? How can they be beneath ‘the true, the good, and may payb minits endorsement pa Social Media Use Webinars kung third bridge linking Mactan to offended by a photo, and not the the beautiful’ Cebu-Cordova Link sa epdi dotcom. mismong Yubi fact-ulty, keyboard the mainland. In one of the state their kababayans are in? Expressway. She has mastered warrior sa peysbook. pictures, low shanties in the the art of juxtaposition– the Kaya tila naging follow da leader nearby Pasil settlement were At least this photo has brought bridge providing access and leader ang nangyari sa maroon Hiling lang naman sana ng shown with the lofty bridge to the surface the issue of mobility while residents of urban iskul. Opkors! Demokritik rayts mga Yubiyarns isa-public din juxtaposed in the background. poverty. It served as a reminder slums are stuck cramped in ang pumili ng kandidato, pero ang ang prof-pesyunalism ng mga This image set off all the noise that even as we celebrate their quarters just beneath, freedom op ekspresyon ay limited Yubi pro-feyk-source at fact-ulty. as netizens claimed that the Cebu’s progress, there’s still conveniently away from passing sa mga opinyon na tuma-thumbs Kung ayaw ma-cancel, next time, publication posted the images the need to solve the urban eyes, just below a cement line up at shume-share sa mga obyus siguraduhin na rebyud ang mga with ill-will and spite. They decay that comes with urban of lies. na historikal rebisyon at tropa posts at ang isyus ay pinag-aralan asserted that the magnificent development. Aside from that, ganda posts na ang source ay muna bago maki-marites. the controversial image also This is what photojournalism hinugot pa mula sa kwento ni lolo. really is: a camera, when held Hay, until the next Trending by a good photographer, will Nakakapang-taas kilay naman Pilipin moments! Comment never deviate from the truth. kasi maka-spot ng taga-grade responsibly. LETTER to the Editor Dear Editor, To RDT: I am reaching out to you about this concern of some of the students that I talked to. I gather that some of them are having While, as students, we can sympathize and a hard time just like mine, contacting or reaching out to other professors either (Learning Management System) LMS or relate to the struggles of our professors, we still through Messenger. hope that when it comes to communication, we would not be the least of their priority. I myself By asking other UBians regarding the issue, they all have a lot in common, I talk one of the student, she said she have experienced reaching out to our professors experience some of her professors who didn’t respond on the LMS either in Messenger for her concern on some aspects about a crucial and time-bounded concern, only to regarding the course subject, and she do not get a response after all. Same case for the other student I talked too, she be ignored for weeks, so I share your frustrations also experience the same thing that one of her professor did not reply months ago after she sent an email, even when she regarding this matter. sent a follow up and mentioned her professor on messenger a lot of times, the response that she get was a “Like” sticker but then no clear communication after that. What I can advise you is to relay your issue to your dean so they can take corrective actions I know that some of the professors are having a full-load of works because of the set up of online-class, maybe some of and interventions regarding your problem. them are having a trouble by replying with the bunch of students asking their different concerns and they may not notice it Communication plays a vital role in our current immediately for the reason that they have been dumped with too many messages. setup, and our professors should not make light of ignoring inquiries and academic related With that, we know that all of us are struggling with this set-up of online communication, but this is a serious problem correspondence from their students. While we because students need to raise their concern to their respective professors because at the very first place, the instructors can understand their increased workloads and told us to reach to them when there is a concern regarding to a specific subject, but then some of them were not the same. the adjustments they are making, there is no excuse for their repeated and frequent lack of But then, is this going to pledge at every student struggling communicating with their instructors too? Or will this be a communicating with the students. biggest problem, especially now we are in online-classes? I hope that the publication will help students like me with our concerns to the instructors and this will be the last letter regarding the struggles with this matter. Thank you so much. -Clark Hoping, RDT (BSOT-I) PRINTING FOR TRUTH

THE WESTERNIAN ADVOCATE OPINION 11 FEBRUARY 2022 YoUBlog In compliance with the pandemic protocols, the University of Batangas (UB) continues to implement a distance learning setup. Meanwhile, as the restrictions eased up, the university allowed limited face-to-face classes among those programs which require laboratory sessions and pursues in-person lectures, such as the College of Nursing and Midwifery (CNM), College of Allied and Medical Sciences (CAMS), and College of Engineering (CoEng’g). With this, ADVO interviewed some students regarding their opinions on the implementation of face-to-face classes among selected departments. STUDENTS PROFESSOR As a student of the University of Batangas, I can say that the safety Regarding not opening other programs about the limited face to face, of the students and the faculty are the priority of UB. Some of their for me it is okay since there are subjects and courses that can be done programs that have major subjects like nursing have to undergo limited in a hybrid setup otherwise. There are subjects either Gen-ed or major face-to-face classes to be able to perform their practical activities. subjects, depending on the course that can be delivered purely online Those programs that need written performances, such as engineering but of course, there are instances that require schedules that should students, are prohibited to have face-to-face classes. I think the be delivered through in person classes because you can see how to management is avoiding the crowd in the school that’s why they didn’t facilitate the score through actual. But for me, it is at the discretion of allow all the programs to have limited face-to-face classes. the department, they know which is which. Johna Maica Talabis, General Engineering-I Dianne Lipat, College of Arts and Sciences Regarding not opening the school for limited face-to-face classes As our University is Autonomous, the duties assigned to our leaders on other programs, I feel 50/50 about it because from a different are greater, which is why they think a lot and really weigh their decision. perspective, we’ve gotten used to this setup, and even though it’s Among them is the presence of face to face classes. They need to difficult, some of us have found ways how to make the online class a bit be careful in their decision because the life and future of the students comfortable for our good, and I think it’ll take a while to transition back depend on it. As teachers, we are able to support whatever their to face to face again, but then again on the other side, online classes decision is, especially since we are still in the middle of the pandemic are limiting us students to enrich our potentials as at the end of the day and here it is and there is another disease on the horizon. We need to we will be able to learn and absorbed more if we were to take classes increase our patience and be strict in cooperation so that we can finally in face to face. overcome our problems. Nica Ylissa Mendoza, AB Communication-I Jackilyn Anilao, College of Arts and Sciences I think it is not beneficial, especially to UBians, for the reason that most If the University has an instruction to do so, then it’s more okay for us schools are now implementing face-to-face. Especially for incoming especially since we’re handling PE classes, when we’re going to have second-year college students, there are incoming major subjects, face-to-face classes, so it’s just what we’re asking for. which is inconvenient because the setup is still online classes. Tracy Raz, AB Psychology-I Glenn Lacsamana, College of Arts and Sciences Oras na para maki-ShareIt sa Jumbo HotGurls! Make sure to subscribe sa aming Madvoscope channel. Aries-tado Abracad-Libra Laging tingnan kung naka-mute ba ang mic mo dahil who knows Ito yung kaklase mong magaling mag-magic, ‘yung tipong baka mahuli nilang nasa ibang universe ka na pala. Mahirap pa naman and’yan lang siya habang naga-attendance kayo pero lusutan ang mga tay-roar pro-face-sours kapag nalaman nilang hindi habang recitation na biglang nawawala na parang bula? ka na na-KKK-neg. Maaaring hindi lang talambuhay ni Dr. Jose Rizal Lucky words: mic drop ang mapapakinggan ng buong klase, pati na rin kung in-game ka ba sa em-el o coal-op-dutee as of the moment. Huli pero, s’yempre, ‘di Score-few kulong. Lucky line: Get that thirty, bro! Tauru-leta Exciting ma-meet ‘yung famous and good-looking yet humble estupidyante; kaso mababa ang ez-core nila sa Kung sa love, daplis ang pana ni kupido, sa roleta ni ma’am, hindi one-take online quiz sa pa-majorette na subject. hindi pa umiikot ang fortune wheel ay decided na agad ang next victim! naman sila ganoon ka-reklamador pero salubong ang kilay Ready or not, sa recitation, patalinuhan lang ng teknik ang sagot, nilang bibigyan ng monologue ang laughtop screen at maging human glitch sa gmeet o mag-ala magician sa biglaang sasabihing wala sa itinuro ni proof-I-soar ang egg-sham. disappearing act. Lucky color: red Lucky page: Please follow my FB page! GEMI-GEMI NOW! Sa-get-ta-reuse Mapapa-please ng isang bagsakan ang mga papers due to- Brainly at Quora ang online titser with free immediate die para titigan for one whole week habang humahashtag ng an-swerve ng mga UBiang nagsusunog ng kilay para mai- #StudentsAreNotRobots! sa Supreme Court of Twitter. Mapapa- grind ang low rank nilang account at maigapang lang ang wonder kung sumakabilang universe na ba ang straight A student kanilang mala-all ‘d time sem-easter. Sa kabutihang palad noon nung high school at ngayon ay pumi-petiks petiks na lang sa life ay mayroon silang busilak na kaloobang ibahagi ang nakuha ang gimik. Life motto: Due today, do today nilang sagot sa kapwa nilang masi-see-pag na mag-aaral. Lucky code: ctrl C + ctrl V. Canserious Cap rick & Rich cord Tipong soaper ser-use mode on dahil ready ka na bumawi sa upcoming eggshams kaso hindi pa rin ni-re-release ni Yubi ang Una-una laging mag-often ng iPad camera, pero oftentimes iskedyul sa fesbuk page nila. Nawala tuloy ‘yung will-to-aral mo dahil din silang matawag sa klase ni titser dahil sa tambak nilang hindi mo alam ang uunahing aralin. Sige, take your time lang, Yubi. missed outputs. Kadalasan nilang talak kay probe ay nagpa- Lucky TV show: ASAP adjust ng brace… sana lang ay inunang pina-brace ang likod ng blockmates nilang tabingi na ang spinal cord sa Leo-sing hope pagbuhat ng mga beer-den sa ez-skwela, rude trips, at late night gimmicks. Lucky number: Tres Hanggang ngayon, mahirap pa rin mag-adjust sa own line clash, lalo na’t iba ang environment nito kumpara sa fes-to-fes. Isama mo Aquarius-ity kills the cat pa ang walang kamatayang to-do-list sa el-em-es. Nakakatamad man bumangon para pumasok at mag-aral pero don’t leo-se hope dahil Sa sobrang cute-rius mo ma-view agad ang grades mo magtatagumpay ka sa iyong larangan at malapit mo na maabot mo sa Librahman, nakalimutan mo nang sa pride-bait ka nga ang iyong mga pinapangarap. Think pass-say-tib, ‘wag kang aayaw! pala nag-enroll kaya kailangan n’yo munang kumayod sa Lucky lyrics: you know it’s not the same as it was. kasagsagan ng rehimeng virus para makapagbayad ka ng balanse mo sa UBesidad. Lucky sheet: ledger Virgo go go! Pieces-tivity With full Ruffa Mae impression, go go go lang din sa pag-skip ng mga questions na hindi naman nasilayan sa sylla-boost nina ma’am Ilang ulit pa ba ang uulitin? Oh giliw ko? Mapapakanta ka at ser. Kahit mismo sina Quizlet at Course hero, napa-thank you, next na lang talaga ng “Ligaya” by Eraserheads dahil nakailang na lang din. Kasama nina Ben and Ben, ikaw pa din sa susunod na attempts ka na ng take ng quizzes mo ay parang lalo pa habang buhay na summer class. Unlucky song: Alexa, play “Heto nababawasan score mo, makikita mo na lang ang C- score na naman tayo” sa chart mo. Lucky game: tetris STANDING FOR JUSTICE

DEVCOM The Philippines remains as one of the countries with the most leniency when it comes to the ownership of prepaid Subscribers Identity Module (SIM) Card, as evidenced by a 2019 report by Statista that showed there are more than 169 million mobile subscribers in the country. The lack of strict interventions on the purchasing and ownership of SIM cards in the country is a contributing factor to the increase in cybercrimes such as scams, identity fraud, and online harassment, wherein the culprits are hidden by the veil of anonymity their SIM cards offer them. With this in mind, Senator Win Gatchalian authored Senate Bill No.176 also known as “AN ACT REQUIRING THE REGISTRATION OF ALL USERS OF PRE-PAID SUBSCRIBER IDENTITY MODULE (SIM) CARDS.” Increased Accountability Citing a 2011 report by the World Bank on the explanatory note of the proposed Identification Card, Government Office Identification Card, and School Identification Act, which shows the discrepancy between the numbers of users and the SIM Cards Card (in case of a minor). they owned, Senator Gatchalian highlighted the role of SIM Card Registration Act in increasing the accountability of the users of the said cards. The retailer or seller of the SIM Card must also secure an attestation from the buyer, further confirming his identity, and submit the said form to the concerned Public According to the said Act, a person who wishes to purchase a new SIM Card must Telecommunications Entity (PTE) within 15 days. show proof of identity through the following documents: Driver’s License, Social Security Service/Government Service Insurance System (SSS/GSIS) Card, Passport, Failure of the buyer to submit the needed documents and in attesting his identity is Senior Citizen’s Card, Person with Disabilities Card, National Bureau of Investigation grounds for the refusal of the direct seller to sell the SIM Card to the said person. (NBI) Clearance, Police Clearance, Firearms License, Voter’s Identification Card, Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN), Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Additionally, fully if implemented, the Act will mandate the registration of pre-existing subscribers of their number to their corresponding PTEs within 180 days, else the PTEs may terminate their services. Benefits and Security With the increased participation of Filipinos in online businesses as a result of address or the residence of an unsuspecting victim. The same would be the case the ongoing pandemic, the proposed bill couldn’t come at a better time. With the for online trolls who linked their numbers to the accounts they use for their malicious anonymity of the end-user of a particular SIM card number lifted, businesses will have activities. the opportunity to evade frauds and scams. Moreover, by realizing that the numbers they will be using can be traced back to This will be beneficial in culling cases of bogus buyers or pranksters who use their them, online scammers and fraudsters will be discouraged from committing the said SIM card numbers to order foods or items online and have them delivered to a fake crimes. Privacy Concerns Another benefit of the Sim Card Registration Act is the ease of retaining the same fines, as this act, when implemented, requires the user’s birth names during registration number in case of loss or destruction of the Sim card. and attestation. Those who oppose the proposed bill cite privacy concerns as the main reason for It also should be noted that the compilation of the users’ data on a centralized server the bill to not be passed. According to them, this will lift the anonymity that is crucial for will compromise the safety of their information as these server could be an easy target cases such as whistleblowing, investigative journalism, and people who use separate for cyberhackers and online terrorists. numbers for business and personal affairs. Lastly, with access to the information of the user, the government can use the data Members of the LGBTQ+ community also shared their concerns about the need to they will accumulate as a tool for mass surveillance, thus endangering activists and use their pre-transition names in order to avoid possible imprisonment and payment of undermining their freedom of expression at the same time. Verdict: A long way to go While created and proposed under good intentions and for national security, the passage of the SIM Card Registration Act would only be wholeheartedly accepted by the Filipinos when the benefits outweigh the threats it presents to the public. Until then, it would remain as yet another failed attempt to reconcile national security concerns with the need for online privacy and security of the Filipinos. Added security or breached privacy? The boons and banes of the SIM Card Registration Act Text | Clark Alduz Viray Photo | Getty Images PRINTING FOR TRUTH

THE WESTERNIAN ADVOCATE DEVCOM 13 FEBRUARY 2022 In between Arts and Sciences Text|AngelJoyLiwag&HazelReyes Photo | NFT News Insider & Getty Images Analysis on NFT and Economics of Virtual Finances You found a good digital artwork hanging around the net, so you contacted its artist and bargained for its total ownership without any trace of the creator. Non-fungible tokens (NFT) grant such desires in these progressive times by enabling anyone engaging in NFT to create a unique digital token upon buying items using cryptocurrency to completely serialize them. From barter to online cash in the world. ‘computer miners’ to compute and validate patient mag-research, like, associated ba Pitched as a gateway for collectibles “NFT is associated with bitcoins. ‘Yung a new block of NFT transaction. siya sa dating projects na scam, or doxxed ba siya or we can say na nag-release ba in a digital marketplace, NFTs that are movement n’ung price ni Bitcoin affects “Mayroon siyang environmental impact, siya ng publicity or identity niya, which is a bought and traded can neither be replaced the value of this NFT kasi Bitcoin is a kasi ‘di ba associated ito sa bitcoin mining green flag for us,” elaborated Sawali. nor interchanged since they have unique cryptocurrency. Kapag ‘yung price ni Bitcoin that consumes a lot of electricity like properties. ay bumagsak, it is the same din sa NFT graphics art,” confirmed Sawali. Taking risk and responsibility not unless the project is really supreme,” Indeed, NFT has become a good cause “Ang mga NFT kasi ay mayroong utilities added Sawali. According to Digiconomist, a like move to earn, play to earn like Axie cryptocurrency analytic site, cryptocurrency, for making use of intellectual creativity Infinity and slip to earn, like kapag nag- Aside from making NFTs unique and and mining of crypto coins are said to be as a good investment now that almost jogging ka or running, you can use that NFT resilient to plagiarism or copyright, the responsible for about 73 million tons of everything has been placed online. para kumita to earn tokens,”  stated Philip transactions used for projects and trading carbon dioxide per year globally. Sawali, BS Management Accounting-IV. of NFTs have been protected by blockchain In this way, more digital creators and like- technology, which encrypts or acts as a Moreover, a lack of knowledge of the minded people can bond together via the In order to collect rewards that can be digital ledger to monitor the transaction, basics of cryptocurrency and other units existence of the submerging features of used as “money” for NFT trading, the new creation, and ownership of collectibles so used for digital transactions is deemed as cryptocurrency, NFT. hub offers various gimmicks that make an that there can be no user spending their a disadvantage for anyone trying to get equivalent earning for users through digital holding twice. around NFT. Meanwhile, there is also an existing content, gaming items, investments and liability that comes hand-in-hand as the collateral, domain names, and so on. “The first NFT I bought was last year, “It’s very complicated pero when you digital transaction has been introduced, madami na rin akong NFT na nai-buy and start to navigate it for a week, madi- and as always, the basic use of renewable “There are like tens of thousands of sell and there are flaws and big wins, and discover mo din siya, ako kasi n’ung una’ sources like solar, hydro-, or wind- tokens around the crypto universe, magde- I experienced turning my 175 dollars into by seeing different interface ng website nila generated electricity can always be a depend na lang siya sa project, everyone 2400 dollars. Another one is 200 dollars like ‘paano ba pinipindot ko, baka mawala remedy or an alternative source for the can create their own token so ang usual into 1800 dollars and mayroon ding NFT ito’. Ang payo ko is, you have to be resilient making of these digital wonders. na nangyayari dito, kapag may gusto worth ako na nabili na 50,0000 pesos and when looking for a project and kailangan gumawa ng project, ang gagawin niya ay its value launches to, like, 150 dollars. I had mag-create ng sariling token sa project said NFT is a very volatile investment the na ‘yon, then ‘yun ‘yong gagamitin nila sa same as cryptocurrency,” shared Sawali. project na or rewards na ibibigay sa mga investors. Let’s say sa Solana network, ang In addition, the tokens or other currency gagamitin nilang pera or currency or token units under cryptocurrency enjoy lenient na pambili nila ay ‘solana token’. Sa Axie control from the traditional barter and naman ay ‘yung ‘SLP’,” explained Sawali. economy around the world, making it a defiant on the steady rise of inflation. Metaverse of digital money In general, cryptocurrency is considered Cost of fortune But not all good things come from the as the virtual money or medium of trade that verifies transactions and regulates creation of NFT because it contributes to the creation of new currency units, which the deterioration of climate as transferring are neither issued nor regulated by any or producing NFT can be energy-intensive government or banks, contrary to traditional since its proof of work requires a network of Plug the PH: Lighting up the margin through the Microgrid Systems Act Text | Jane Therese Banaag & Ana Niña Perea Photo | George Calvelo of ABS-CBN News With the primary objective of carrying out 100% electrification in the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte signed the Microgrid Systems Act, a measure intended to accelerate electricity access in the country’s unserved and underserved areas through the usage and installation of microgrid systems, Jan. 21. Insufficient currents Filipinos dependent on electrical power service from MGSPs, whose business lumuwas ng Manila to provide for their Electricity is one of the basic in complying with academic works, includes the installation, operation, and family,” specified Engr. Cabatay. attending office duties, and running maintenance of microgrid systems. commodities, however, the World Bank business operations as the world shifted Aside from the anticipated increase in found in 2019 that the Philippines still to a new normal and virtual setting to While the Microgrid Systems Act job opportunities, it is expected that this have an unattended portion of 4.371%. fight the Coronavirus Disease 2019 does not require MGSPs to secure a law will also provide a more affordable This issue is further aggravated by (COVID-19) pandemic. congressional franchise, the law imposes price rate as well as a more stable quality the acceleration of electricity’s radical upon them clear timelines and stiff of electrical power to consumers who are depletion due to the increase in population, “Nagsusulputan din ‘yung mga solar sanctions for bureaucratic red tape and usually troubled with costly electrical bills cumulative demand and consumption farms and even companies na nag-aalok delays that may arise from the excessive but are also faced with power interruptions of energy, and the timely war between ng mga off grid and on grid solar systems complexity of the implementation of RA from time to time. Ukraine and Russia, with the latter being sa mga bahay. Unfortunately, hindi pa 11646. the world’s largest oil exporter. ganu’n ka- open minded ang mga Pilipino “It is vital to prioritize the use of renewable kasi mahal siya and not everyone can “By simplifying the process with energy in small, distant, isolated off-grid “Apart from the ongoing war, the afford agad,” stated Engr. Cabatay. the elimination of the MGSP waiver regions where sustainable renewable depletion of fuel reserves used to requirement, the government is giving energy resources are accessible, whether generate electricity will always have an Illuminating the gaps incentives to MGSP in their intention in hybrids or as stand-alone systems. impact on our energy industry. A high Upon its approval, Republic Act to invest. This allows us to decentralize Areas that are far from a grid are better production cost translates into a high power generation, which may open served by using off-grid and standalone electricity rate,” explained Engr. Norberto (RA) 11646 may aid on these pressing up opportunities to promote the use of solutions,” specified Engr. Cabatay. Cabatay, University of Batangas (UB) concerns that surround the Philippine renewable energy,” cited Engr. Cabatay. Electrical Engineering Professor. electrification system, allowing the Patching short circuits operation of microgrid system providers Switching supply Regardless of the seemingly added Meanwhile, there are several places in (MGSPs) in areas of the country for the Also prioritizing the sustainable the Philippines experiencing a scarcity large-scale usage of microgrids powered false hopes due to the long-overdue in electrical supply, like Isla Verde in by small-scale power generation facilities, consumption of electricity, the Microgrid pursuance of the Microgrid Systems Act, Batangas City, with only limited yet costly batteries, and renewable sources such as Systems Act will also promote the usage it is needless to say that the law is indeed solar panels donated by Non-Government solar and wind. of hybrid renewable energy-diesel imperative and significant to address the Agencies (NGOs) with relatively high microgrids, indigenous and renewable demand for electricity in the country. With maintenance fees. One of the state policies that the energy, and conducive resources in the commitment of the government, the Microgrid Systems Act adheres to is climate change issues, to be distributed utilization of MGSP is expected to fulfill its “Tingloy as another example. Although the pursuance of sustainable rural in the priority places evaluated by the promise of delivering 100% electrification Batelec provides electricity doon, mayro’n development and poverty reduction General Appropriations Act (GAA) and to the Philippines. silang mini power plant pero half day lang towards nation building through energy the DOE. s’ya, from 12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight. accessibility which is reflected through “It could have been passed earlier Affected talaga ang pamumuhay ng the law’s provision on speeding up the “If we can provide communities with because the demand for electrical energy mga tao, especially small businesses na process of electrification of unserved and dependable and affordable electricity, is always present and increasing day dependent sa supply ng kuryente. People underserved areas in the country, we are essentially opening doors of by day. Nakasalalay dito ‘yung progress used to live with the situation na lang,” opportunity for them to at least improve ng isang community. If this can be done added Engr. Cabatay. Through a competitive selection their standard of living. if maganda nag- effectively without the interference of process, the Department of Energy (DOE) supply ng kuryente sa isang lugar, it will politics and the likes, in time, every Indeed, it is not merely the lack of is tasked by this mandate to determine attract investors to open businesses in household in the country will experience electrical supply, but the inconsistency the unserved and underserved areas that that area. Hence, it will provide the locals the convenience in life that electrification of such that is burdensome to the will benefit from the electrification and ng trabaho, at hindi na nila kailangan na brings,” ended Engr. Cabatay. STANDING FOR JUSTICE

14 DEVCOM THE WESTERNIAN ADVOCATE february 2022 From Seeds to Sauce: Enticing spices courtesy of Ibaan Chillies Farm Text | Carlos Kim Raphael Perez Photo | Ibaan Chillies Farm Facebook Page Always associated with the Batangueno taste buds, are the rich and earthy flavors of the province’s homegrown Kapeng Barako, however, beneath the province’s soil where barako coffee beans are planted, is the place where chili farms are blossoming as well as a new livelihood. Situated in Ibaan, Batangas, the Ibaan Chillies was established in 2021 by owner, Ivan Gamboa. Within the vast spaces of the farm, two of the hottest chilies in the world are planted and harvested weekly—Carolina reapers and yellow habaneros, which are freshly produced and grown by their farmers. Digging the roots Coming up with these recipes would not Aside from that, they are safe to eat for Sharmaine Manalo, AB Political Science-I. Similar to other local businesses in the be possible if they lacked good ingredients, everyday meals because they have health Other Filipinos certainly have been one of which they have an abundance of benefits that are very good for our health,” country, Ibaan Chillies takes pride in being as their peppers are grown on their very stated Kyla Sheine Ponciano, UB Political patronizing and tasting the products of a family-owned and operated company that premises using organic farming methods, Science Circle (UB PSC) First-year Class Ibaan Chillies Farm not only for the delight started by producing small batches of hot bringing out the signature heat level of its Representative. of their appetite but also for a transformed sauces that they made through the intricate Habanero sauce. eating experience. Not only present in process of recipe development. Its Mild Pickled Yellow Habanero, the Philippines, but now they have also As stated by the product label of the Ibaan Chillies uses yellow habaneros in reached abroad—including Dubai, United Since its founding a year ago, the said Pineapple Habanero Hot Sauce, the its sauces, which still contain the health Arab Emirates, and Las Vegas, Nevada, local business has continued in providing yellow habaneros are supervised by their benefits of red peppers but are less U.S. its customers the satisfaction and leveled- farmers right from being tiny seeds to their pungent and spicy and can be a condiment up eating experience they typically expect eventual growth, harvested, and a golden- added to any kind of ulam for lunch, dinner, “If Ibaan Chillies continuously excels with from Ibaan Chillies products. colored sauce is created intricately in this or even a midnight snack that can take their performance and always finds hope in meticulous process. one’s meal to a whole new level. every situation they are in, then a miracle With its products coming straight from could actually happen. As long as there its Ibaan Farm, there should be no doubt Hearty bounty “They are good for our health because are people who love and enjoy chillies and anymore concerning freshness and quality While hot peppers they are freshly produced by their farmers, spicy foods, then there is always a reason in order to transform a mediocre eating may not be a delight for and there are also benefits for our local for chillies to exist,” elucidated Ms. Manalo. experience into superior ones like never most palates, it brings economy by starting a good business that before. good news to one’s helps the local businesses grow,” added Rising onwards health. In the medical the student leader. Departing from the traditional conventions review of Melinda Ratini, DO, MS, it was Star-studded spice for something new, exciting, and better is found that hot peppers Famous Filipino personalities who have not a fault as people keep evolving and help in stopping changing to satisfy their appetites. Moving migraines, speeding tasted products of the Ibaan Chillies Farm in another direction signifies that there will up metabolism, and include celebrity couple Drew Arellano and always be something that will captivate lowering chances of Iya Villania-Arellano, veteran and television and influence an entity toward the road to death through their host Edu Manzano, actress Arra San betterment. nutrients that fight Agustin, and the Filipina renowned tattoo bodily inflammation artist Apo Whang-od, etc. Without a doubt, the province can offer and obesity. a variety of flavors not only for the tongues “The products are “Many of us are aware of the fact that and cravings of the Batangueños but also very unique and very the Philippines has the hottest chilli, and will guarantee to satisfy the appetite of the likely for those people many chili lovers would want to taste it. rest of the Filipinos. Indeed, the presence who love chillies. Many Filipinos enjoy eating their food with of the Ibaan Chillies Farm in the province spiciness in it. They always look for thrill in is an undeniable testament that our spices their food and so chili became famous in take to a whole new level. all restaurants and dine-ins,” elaborated “Your emotions are valid” PhilID sufficient as proof of Five ways to cope with one’s depression identity, says Duterte Text | Faith Valen Villanueva Photo | One News Text | Nixon De Villa & Holly Kylie Merian Bacay Get ready to bid farewell to long lines and handheld sheets of documents in TRIGGER WARNING: Depression, Self-harm establishments as President Rodrigo Duterte signed Executive Order No. 162 No human being has ever been free of being depressed. Every once in a while, there stating that the Philippine National ID (PhilID) shall be accepted and is sufficient as comes a sinking feeling of hopelessness, despair, frustration, and all the variations of proof of identity, Feb. 14. negative emotions one can imagine. While sorrow, in all its forms and depths, is a usual human sentiment, there are simple In addition, Duterte ordered that transactions and social services. For ways to lift our spirits and prevent ourselves from going down a continuous spiral. Here are the printed or electronic PHILID and instance, Lacson penned and supported five proven ways of alleviating sadness to keep ourselves positive in inevitable moments its PhilSys Number (PSN) shall be the bill and its system value for Filipinos. of sadness, as suggested by professionals. honored and recognized enough as proof of identification even without “Hassle ang pagkuha ng ID noon > Embracing vulnerability the necessity of presenting several ID dahil kakailanganin mo talagang cards issued by other agencies unless maglaan ng isang araw o higit pa para There is a stereotypical conception denoting that emotional breakdown is a sign of otherwise provided by law.  lamang maasikaso ito, na kung minsan weakness, however, as noted by Sandra Leigh, Director at Life in Balance Careers, it is ay naaabala pa ang iba, kagaya na only a process of coping and attending to your mental needs. “Para sa akin, ito ay napaka- lamang ng mga ‘single moms’,” added epektibong implementasyon na Reanzares. Moreover, suppression can direct much damaging impact as it increases the suicidal naipatupad. Sapagkat magiging mas ideation of a person. Thus, expressing your distress in a healthy approach, such as crying madali na ang proseso ng mga papeles In previous terms, there are or venting, may prevent such cases from occurring. na kakailangin ng valid IDs, na kung government and private institutions that noon ay dalawa pa ang hinihingi, demand at least two more valid IDs to > Seeking comfort hubs ngayon ay iisa na lamang. Gayundin verify an individual’s identity while others ang bawas sa hirap ng pagkuha ng mga require IDs with pictures and signatures Amid a mental struggle, reconnecting with a hobby or a relationship may help alleviate ID, mas madali dahil iisa na lamang imprinted, thus making the transactions or divert one’s felt distress. ang kailangan asikasuhin,” pahayag inconvenient and time-consuming. ni Katherine Reanzares, UB Student According to a study by Healthtalk, rumination or overthinking worsen the depressive Government Secretary aspirant. “Nilo-look forward ko na ito ay maging mood of a person, but engaging in simple leisures or bonding activities may allow one to isa sa mga epektibong implementasyon express temporary relief, which is beneficial in the long run. In connection with this, Presidential sa ating bansa. Bagamat ito ay maliit aspirant and Sen. Ping Lacson lamang na pagbabago na mangyayari > Contemplating sentiments commended the state leader’s sa proseso ng mga proseso, para sa executive order following its akin ito ay para sa ikatitipid hindi lamang Aside from emotional validation, it is also necessary for a person undergoing a implementation objectives to ease a ng bulsa ng mamamayan ng Pilipinas, depressive state to process their triggering context or factors. hassle-free procedure in all government ngunit pati na rin ng kanilang mga oras.” ended Reanzares. Through this process, a person may discern suppressed sentiments that were not acknowledged before and understand the reason behind their emotional response, as suggested by Gundersen Health System. > Adjust-meant Sudden changes may be the culprit of your experienced despair as it disrupts the routine of your comfort bubble, and although it is a displeasing circumstance, it is inevitable. As reviewed by Dan Brennan M.D, one way to deal with this is by having healthy adjustment processes; and an improved mindset as one’s outlook is a benefactor in having a healthy mental being. > Testing out trial Although sadness is a natural emotional response, it is still critical to be attentive once it turns into a mental illness that needs professional help. As suggested by Debra Fulghum Bruce Ph.D., when long-felt depression disrupts your way to function; and brings about constant suicidal ideation or self-harm, then it is highly encouraged to seek immediate consultation with a mental health professional. PRINTING FOR TRUTH

THE WESTERNIAN ADVOCATE DEVCOM 15 FEBRUARY 2022 DICT integrates new security Duterte amends Public Service Act; Text | Jane Therese Banaag Photo | King Rodriguez features for Covid-19 VaxCerts lifts foreign ownership limitations in telcos, airlines, and railways Text | Clark Alduz Viray In the pursuit of economic recovery amidst the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, President Photo | The Official Website of the City Government of Davao Rodrigo Duterte signed a law amending the Public Service Act (PSA), which grants foreign nationals to have 100% ownership in telecommunications, airlines, railways, and domestic shipping, Mar. 21. In keeping up with the standards of the World Health will be requested from them. In context, the amended policy wastewater pipeline systems, generate more jobs, improve Organization (WHO), the The said process will only take a capped industries classified including sewerage pipeline basic services, and allow the Department of Information and minute to be completed. as public utilities such as systems, seaports, and public exchange of skills and technology Technology (DICT), upgraded telecommunication, shipping, utility vehicles. with the country’s foreign partners the security features of the For corrections on the airline, railway, and transport that can aid local businesses in country’s digital Covid-19 information on their VaxCerts, network vehicles with only Following the implementation stimulating the economy. vaccine certificate (VaxCertPH), individuals may coordinate with 40% foreign equity to prohibit of the PSA, House Ways and Feb. 17 their local government units exploitation of the country’s Means Committee Chairman Addressing the dispelling fears (LGUs). natural resources. Joey Salceda, the sponsor of posed by the expected influx DICT acting Secretary the measure in the House of of foreign investors, Sharon Emmanuel Rey Caintic deemed The Department of Health To prohibit exploitation of the Representatives, said that the Garin, AAMBIS-OWA Partylist the move as an imperative for as (DOH), encourages those who country’s natural resources, the Foreign Direct Investments in lieu Representative who also serves of writing, there are 41 countries received their VaxCert before now amended Act, now known as of the amendments are expected as the chairperson of the House that recognize and accept the February 7 to update their Republic Act 11659, revoked the to increase by 299 billion pesos Committee on Economic Affairs, Philippines vaccination card. card as they will be deemed 40% foreign equity, now revoked over the next five years. assured that safeguards are as outdated and the QR code under the newly signed Republic well in place under the proposed VaxCertPH, as mandated by generated by the said cards will Act (RA) 11659. During the ceremonial signing amendments. WHO, can be used by its holders be unreadable. of the law, Duterte said that the for domestic and international Public utilities subject to the amendments are expected to travels. 40% foreign ownership rule are re-classified in the final version Of the security features of the bill, known as Republic Act integrated on the VAXCertPH, 11659, which are the distribution the most crucial is the information of electricity, transmission about the Covid booster shot. of electricity, petroleum and petroleum product pipeline To update their VaxCert, transmission systems, water Filipinos may visit the site www. pipeline distribution systems and and input the necessary information that Gov’t eyes more housing projects for Taal Victims Text | Nixon De Villa To sustain efforts in providing the housing needs of residents affected by the Taal Volcano’s eruption, the Department of Human Settlement and Urban Development (DHSUD) secured a new housing project partnership with the local government of San Nicolas, Batangas, Jan. 14. Local enterprise launches plantable face masks; Conquering the crisis pose other locational threats, established a total of 2,672 DHSUD Secretary Eduardo and there is also a pressing relocation housing units ready provides livelihood to women in bats need to build safer, adaptable, for distribution and use to Del Rosario and San Nicolas and disaster-resilient housing. qualified beneficiaries located Mayor Lester De Sagun signed in sites across CALABARZON a Memorandum of Agreement “Sana ay maging maingat sa region. (MOA) on the acquisition of pagpili ng pagtatayuan, suriin a land area in Brgy. Maabud kung ito ba ay madadaanan Alongside initial settlement North that will serve as the ng fault line. Ang isa pang efforts, additional recovery resettlement site for affected aspekto ng paglilipatan ay ang programs and rehabilitation families. pagkakaroon sapat o malapit initiatives are underway, backed na maaaring pagtrabahuhan up by a 30-M cash grant sealed “Ang pagkakaroon ng ng mga tao. Isang lugar by DHSUD in January 2020 maayos na tirahan sa ganitong kung saan mayroon silang and eventually distributed to panahon ay mahalaga para mapagkukuhanan ng kanilang 15 cities and municipalities masabing ikaw ay ligtas. Lalo ikabubuhay,” added Endozo. severely damaged by the na sa malalapit sa bulkan, volcano’s activities. sapagkat kung ang iyong bahay Rebuilding hope ay mahuna na, hindi na ito Under the memorandum, “Ang mga ganitong proyekto ligtas pang tirahan dahil sa mga ay nagpapakita ng malasakit o lindol na nagaganap. Marapat DHSUD Regional Office 4-A will pakialam para sa aming mga lamang na matibay ang iyong initiate and oversee the project’s taga-San Nicolas. Maaari rin tirahan upang masigurado implementation right from the itong maging pag-asa para sa ang iyong kaligtasan,” stated planning to the construction iba, magiging daan ito para sa Zimmueljohn Endozo, BSEE-II. and maintenance stages, in kanilang pagbangon muli. Para coordination with the Housing sa mga Batangueño na nawalan Initially, the Office of Civil and Real Estate Development ng tirahan ay makakapagbigay Defense (OCD) rejected the Regulation Bureau through ito ng panibagong paniniwala proposal due to San Nicolas’ incentivized compliance to a na kaya pa nilang mamuhay inclusion in the Taal Volcano’s fair housing program. ulit nang walang inaalalang 14-km permanent danger zone. kapahamakan galing sa However, it was eventually As of December 2020, the kapaligiran,” ended Endozo. approved as the site did not National Housing Authority (NHA) under DHSUD already Text | Hazel Reyes Figtree Farms Facebook Page PRC-Bats. distributes hygiene kits to badjao fire victims With the pressing concern local sugarcane farmers from Text | Trisha Joy Abdon Photo | Philippine Red Cross - Batangas Chapter Facebook Page for the environment amidst Batangas, who are tasked health and sanitation with the intricate process of Due to a fire incident that razors, were allocated to one for “After conducting RDANA, the protocols, a Batangueño farm handcrafting these plantable struck members of the Badjao each Badjao family inside the team identified that there are still and online shop in the name face masks. Community in Barangay Wawa, evacuation shelter. enough relief supplies, food and of Figtree Farms came up with Philippine Red Cross (PRC) non-food, that will last for about 3 a 100% organic, non-plastic, Available in trendy colors - Batangas Chapter provides “PRC, as a formidable to 4 weeks. That’s why the team and plantable face mask, such as ivory cream, royal hygiene kits in the Bolbok humanitarian organization, is suggested that hygiene kits shall which garnered popularity on blue, daffodil yellow, creamy Evacuation Center to help the committed to providing various be given to families that will be Facebook during its social pink, and summer green, these displaced victims recover from social welfare services that transferred to the evacuation media release, May 21. masks are not only stylish the said disruption, Feb. 9. protect lives and human dignity, center,” shared Ms. Manabat. but also preventive as the especially of indigent Filipinos Designed to be Department of Science and Initiated by Senator Richard in vulnerable situations,” stated In terms of humanitarian environmentally sustainable, Technology (DOST) illustrated J. Gordon, Chairman, and CEO Ms. Jay Tatum Guillen Manabat, efforts, the organization believes the newly launched face that the abaca paper has seven of PRC, together with Chapter Chapter Service Representative - that the disbursed kits will masks of the up and rising times better filtration than mask Administrator Mr. Ronald G. Disaster Management Services of help the personal, social, and farm enterprise are made cloths and surgical mask. Generoso, a total of 44 kits PRC - Batangas Chapter. psychological health of the victims purely from abaca paper and consisting of basic hygiene and seeks to always uphold their seeds of pechay, chili peppers, Aside from being sold in their necessities, such as shampoo, To ensure an organized duties and volunteerism to offer and tomatoes that can be torn physical stores in Tagaytay, conditioner, bath soap, toothpaste, distribution of the hygiene kits, help to Batangueños in need. into pieces and be planted Figtree Farms also announced toothbrush, laundry soap, sanitary the organization conducted Rapid after three consecutive weeks on their Facebook page that the napkin, comb, cotton buds, and Damage Assessment and Needs “Of course, when the need of usage. plantable face masks can also Analysis (RDANA) to identify the arises, the Philippine Red Cross be purchased online, which led needs of the victims and map out as a premier humanitarian Aside from the promotion of to features from the news and available resources coming from organization’s mantra of environmental sustainability, public affairs programs such as the Local Government Unit (LGU) “Volunteers + Logistics + the people behind Figtree GMA News TV, as well as from and other Non-Government Information Technology = A Red Farms also sought to provide the local Facebook page, GO Organizations (NGOs), which Cross that is Always First, Always a livelihood for the wives of Batangas. led them to prioritize distributing Ready, Always There,” ended Ms. personal hygiene products. Manabat. STANDING FOR JUSTICE

FEATURES Connecting Minds, Spreading Pod-sitivity Voicing JPIAN Realities thru the Balance Sheet PodCast Text | Ana Niña Perea & Hazel Reyes Photo | JPIAN UB Chapter Facebook Page Amidst the pandemic, an iconic podcast hosted by AC Soriano and Yani Villarosa, “Gabi ng Bading” (GNB), rose to fame and even garnered the title Podcast of the Year in RAWR Awards 2021. They are known for their grip on interactive, inclusive, and timely episodes that deeply connect with Filipinos from all walks of life. Taking GNB’s innovative and entertaining style as their inspiration, Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants, University of Batangas-Batangas City (JPIA-UBBC) added as one of their association programs the “Balance Sheet- The JPIAN Podcast. Starting point the Balance Sheet podcast. ng opportunity, na pwedeng got the opportunity to share their batchmates every episode kahit JPIA Balance Sheet podcast is With this setup of online maka-reach ng wide variety online since may interaction sa of audiences—eto nga ‘yung adventure as enduring college comment section,” said Maraiah a month-long activity that started communication, JPIA used their podcast. Mahalaga na maging Mendoza, UB BS Accountancy- last January 29 and ended on as a platform to live stream their aware tayo sa relevant topics na students to finally registered III and podcast listener. February 19 aired through the podcast about genuine stories of pwedeng makatulong sa ‘tin sa official Facebook page of JPIA- the Life of Newly passed Certified professionals. In the second Like any other online activity, UBBC. Public Accountants (CPA), this podcast observed proper Student leaders to Future CPAs, episode, they had student netiquette among its audiences. “Nagstart lang kami sa pagbuo Lovelife of JPIANs (Valentine’s But unlike synchronous classes ng ideas if ano bang magandang special), and the Gabi ng Bading leaders and CPA dreamers, with linear communication, activity namin sa start ng year (LGBTQ+ special episode). UBian listeners were provided 2022, and ayun nga nag-come present and sa future” explained Penielle Robles and Axl Flores. the freedom to express their up kami sa podcast to share “Since nasa pandemic pa rin thoughts, opinions, and Gen Z stories and inspire people,” tayo and mostly naman ng tao Marasigan. “We reached a peak of almost banters. stated Philline Marasigan, BS ay may access na sa different Accountancy-III, JPIA-UBBC social media sites, mahalaga Additionally, JPIA-UBBC 200 viewers with our Valentine’s “Sa buong week kase na Secretary and program host of na gamitin ‘yung ganitong klase puro online class and activities, Executives pioneered this Special episode. I think because nakakawala ng stress ‘yung madaming mas gusto ‘yung podcast. Aside from that, I am podcast with Joland Landicho- gan’ung topic? About love also gaining life lessons from and relationships. Siguro dahil the experience ng mga guests President as the technician, karamihan talaga sa’tin mas so namo-motivate ako to keep ginaganahang manood ng going. Kahit nakakapagod ‘yung Noraine Punzalan-Vice mga gan’ung bagay,” beamed online learning nai-inspire ako sa mga advice ng bawat guests,” President for Internal Affairs added Mendoza. as the operator of a disk Podcasting positivities There is no doubt that jockey (DJ), and Philline Gian JPIANs’ utilization of the virtual Marasigan-Secretary Marasigan. space shone a silver lining on the UBians who experienced General with Jeyrhonn On the other hand, their last burnout from academics and show, Gabi ng Bading’s special in the search for a pastime to Cena-Vice President cope with the stress brought by the pandemic. Uploading JPIA for Publications as the episode, made efforts on Balance Sheet podcasts on a social media platform was not program hosts. amplifying the voices and raising just inclusive and efficient, but it “Personally, medyo also boosted the digital literacy nahirapan akong awareness about LGBTQIA+ of their watchers. i-manage ‘yung time ko community. “Nakaka-uplift ng mood ‘yung bawat segments and relatable since may training din “I think ‘yung last episode kasi ‘yung mga topics sa namin about LGBTQ+. Pinaka- podcast about sa mga struggles ako every Saturday. memorable ‘yun sa ‘kin because ng students. Importance nitong Every Saturday din madaming nakakatuwang podcast for me is it gives me the ‘yung episode namin, stories ‘yung guests and I also motivation and social interaction so medyo exhausting enjoyed a lot sa episode na that I need,” concluded Mendoza. s’ya sa part ko, pero ‘yun,” claimed Marasigan. nakaya naman. In Invisible strings general naman, smooth naman lagi Destigmatized isolation was ‘yung flow ng meetings students’ common denominator namin for ideas and in the new normal, but gladly, ‘yung pinaka-podcast social media has been their na rin,” shared great companion in finding the seemingly lost connections from Marasigan. the outside world. In the case of Flipping through UBians and JPians, the voices pages and witty jokes from schoolmates In its pilot episode, have rekindled the dimmed registered UBian public hopes that this pandemic tints. “Since every Saturday ‘yung accountants, namely; episode, naging form of rest Katrina Blanco, ko na din siya after one whole Allyna Magsalay, Ron Manimtim, and week of academic stress. As a Chrismae Dimayuga, JPIAN, I feel connected with my PRINTING FOR TRUTH

THE WESTERNIAN ADVOCATE FEATURES 17 FEBRUARY 2022 An analysis and review More than Text | ClarkAlduz Viray manner that they are realistic, relatable and Naked criticisms of “The Kangks Show” Photo | MyDramaList humane. Viewers see the actions of the In some aspects, the show is innovative, characters without the over romanization your typical and patronization that most shows tend to as it has no qualms in its contents while guilty pleasure: do. being informative and engaging, but it is not without its flaws and misgivings. A still blossoming May-December affair threatened Bared cameras by the matron’s lover’s micropenis. Two men agreeing Each episode, while centering on the While the pacing of the first episodes are on a threesome setup, with one of them becoming just right, the latter half of the season felt attracted to the other guy, despite identifying as issues and advice given by Dr. Kara Teo, rushed, as the focus shifted from the letter a straight cis man. Ex-lovers turned sex partners, also revolves around the dynamics of senders’ stories to Doc Kara’s personal although one of them already have a new partner. television shows, on and off camera. conflicts. In just its first three episodes, the eight part WeTV The conflicts of each crew such as the Moreover, as the show’s segment about digital series “The Kangks Show” achieved what interloping romantic and sexual relationship the letter senders ended with Doc Kara’s most Movie and Television Review and Classification behind the makers of “The Kangks Show,” advice to the letter sender and sharing of Board (MTRCB) bound shows cannot—create an is even a topic of one of the episodes, information about the sex related topics entertaining, informative and no holds barred platform “Positively in Love” when it is revealed in the episode, the viewers are robbed for the still taboo topics about sex. that it was Gary’s promiscuity that resulted of closure, as they will not know how the Unzipped mouths in the spread of a sexually transmitted sender’s dilemma and story ended. One disease (STD) on the set. exception is when Doc Kara met her female Using the show within a show style that has become letter sender who is an alter and is now in popular to many of us, “The Kangks” show stars Moreover, the antagonism between Doc a healthy relationship with her workmate. Angelica Panganiban as Doctor Kara Teo who is on a Kara and the station’s management is mission to bring the dying midnight show to its former shown to the viewers with no subtlety. Doc Lastly, male characters are somewhat glory—whatever it takes. Kara has to battle Mr. B’s sexual advances, portrayed as the anti heroes in “The as well as his increasing effort to turn Doc Kangks Show,” which might upset some What sets “The Kangks Show’’ apart from other Kara’s beloved sex advice show into a late viewers. Ferdie couldn’t share the fact that contemporary comedy shows is that it has no restraint night pornographic show, while managing he has a child from a past affair, Gary is in the topics they broadcast in each episode. her own sexual dilemmas and the threat using his relationship with Doc Kara to Cassandra’s own online show poses. revive his own career, Mister B is a lewd Aside from the aforementioned first three episodes, and powertripping exec, and the list goes some of the controversial topics included in the web It is equally entertaining and satisfying on. series delves with premature ejaculation and erectile to watch how Cassandra’s character dysfunction, the stigma of having sex with an HIV tread her fame and try to appease her More, please? positive person, sexual awakenings, the roles of misogynistic family, especially her far too While the first season of “The Kangks sexual intimacy in relationship dynamics and the religious mother, as she saw how toxic at popularity of alter accounts, among others. times the show business can be, when she Show” ended in a huge cliffhanger, with was selected as Kara’s co-host. a huge fanbase, strong and innovative While part of the appeal of the show is the intimate premise, and a cast that fits their roles, scenes between the characters of the show, and Relationships ruined by one’s work are this gem of a show is bound to return for a the topics involved in each letter Doctor Kara Teo also shown in “The Kangks Show.” Nikki’s second or more seasons. reads in her show, viewers patronize “The Kangks lover abandoned her, due to jealousy over Show” because of how it handles the aforementioned Nikki’s over-dedication to the show and her In a country where conversations about topics—no pretense, and lifelike. suspicions of an affair between Kara and sex is mentioned in whispers, “The Kangks Nikki. Viewers later learned that Kara’s Show” is a breath of fresh air. It proves that Each character, may it be the letter senders, or the mother, whom she inherited the show from, discussions about sex, when presented people behind “The Kangks Show,” are portrayed in a has regrets in being part of the show, as through the right medium, are not dirty, nor it destroyed their family. Ferdie’s budding shameful. relationship with one of the show’s interns is in cold ice by the end of the first season, Afterall, sex is a natural aspect of our because he couldn’t be truthful to her. lives, and in these contemporary times, we should be embracing and should not be avoiding this topic. Wit, words, and wonders: How Wordle’s whimsical ways won the world Text | Nixon De Villa Photo | Gadget Match If you ever see an array of green, yellow, and gray tiles stacked like a tower invading your social media feeds, you are looking at the latest addition to the internet’s boredom- quenchers. Amassing millions of players in four months, Wordle has kept the world wondering, with the way a simple game grew out to be an addicting phenomenon. Wordle is a free, online puzzle where players are given six attempts to guess a word. It starts by entering any random English five-letter word to reveal color indicators that serve as hints for the preceding entries. Green letter tiles mean that the letter is in the word and is in the correct position; yellow letter tiles mean the letter is in the word but misplaced; gray letter tiles mean the letter is not in the word at all. Guessing the hype up with Kpop Wordle revolving around A huge part of the internet’s enthusiasm Korean pop culture. for this game is the one-word per day mechanic. By having only one shot every Beyond cultural versions, the puzzle 24 hours, the stakes are raised, and also inspired some clones with few players must be extra careful not to burn alterations. ‘Worldle’ is a geographical chances. variation wherein players must guess Another feature that elevated Wordle’s countries based on map outlines. appeal to the public is the option to ‘Dordle’, a portmanteau of double and share results. After completing the Wordle, forces players to solve two day’s challenge, whether successfully words simultaneously. ‘Squabble’ is or not, players can copy a set of emojis a competitive version, with multiple representing the course of their attempts players engaged in a battle royale type of and share them on social media. guessing game. Behind the astounding success of Wordle is a romantic gesture from its For those who deem these spin-offs creator, Josh Wardle. The Welsh software too easy, extreme versions are there to engineer originally developed the game challenge the intellect of even a living for his partner who enjoys word games, thesaurus. Math folks can test their and later shared it to the family group chat. genius in ‘Mathler’ where players must Seeing the excitement and enthusiasm find the equation that results in a given from his loved ones, Wardle decided to value. ‘Chessle’ is there for the board open the game to the public free of ads game wizards, making players predict the and charges. opening moves in a chess game. And if Decoding impact one, two, and four words are insufficient, Testament to the game’s massive ‘Sedecordle’ will happily ask you to solve influence is the existence of several sixteen words at once. Talk about going spin-offs from sides of pop culture. Fans overboard. of American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift devised their version aptly called Owing to its simplicity and Taylordle centered around the idol, straightforward format, Wordle is a including lyrics, album titles, and even pet breath of fresh air among graphics-heavy names. Eastern pop supporters hopped and complex games in the modern era. to the trend as well, with fans coming Whether fresh from the bed, in-between work breaks, or before hitting the hay, that six-by-five grid is there for us to grease the clogs in our wit. STANDING FOR JUSTICE

18 FEATURES THE WESTERNIAN ADVOCATE february 2022 Portrayals and misrepresentations Boys’ Love contents and societal view on gender Text | Angel Joy Liwag & Trisha Abdon Photo | Amino Apps More than a ‘kilig’ appetizer. With the growing popularity of queer content from local to international screen, Boys’ Love stark a storyline of two men portraying romance despite their position in conservative societies. From manga and manhwa stories, Boys’ Love, also known as BL, has emerged from subculture content that has embraced the field of movie, animation, or series adaptation which has spawned from adolescent boys’ love concept. Playing with feelings dating trope that unfolds into a realization ay wala ng karapatan sa rin naman sila at hindi sila iba, ang mga Redefining the Filipino queer storytelling, that the main leads are not pretending lahat,” diin ni Castro. mata lang ng tao ang nagbibigay ng maling anymore. kahulugan sa usaping ito,” pagtatapos ni Gameboys: The Movie, based on the first Improving plot arc Castro. locally made Boys’ Love (BL) series, delves “Hindi ko naii-kwento sa mga kaibigan Surprisingly, countries deeper into the story between two online ko pero nagsha-share ako sa social media In a more welcoming perspective, these gamers turned lovers, Gavreel and Cairo, like Facebook about sa BL. Pero alam ng like Thailand, South BL contents relieved the stereotypes of the as they spend romantic time together mga cousin at tito ko, bale, sila ang nag- Korea, Japan, and China LGBTQIA+ people who quest for the same under one roof before the protagonists take recommend sa’kin. Hindi ko naman masabi remain to be strongly privilege and rights as straight couples life-changing decisions few days before sa mga kaibigan ko dahil mukhang ‘di nila skeptical of viewing BL while keeping the same demand of the summer ends by which the circumstance hilig ang gan’on lalo na sa male friends ko, content as a usual culture audience for angst, repetitive tropes, and has compelled them to unfold their romance ayaw nila kasi bading daw gan’on,” bahagi or genre being portrayed predictable plot devices. and hindrances in relationship. ni Rhowen Louisse Castro, BS Nursing-I. on commercial screen as they tone down their “Kung minsan ay tumatatak din sa aking Despite the complex genre, most BL adaptation into rom- isipan [ang mga eksenang hindi pabor sa contents revolve around a common pattern com tropes, bromance, BL] dahil unang beses ako manood ng which would start with platonic feelings for and even cast feminine- ganoong klase ng genre, normal sa akin each lead that would probably be disrupted looking boys to maintain ang magulat ng mapanood ang kissing by tensions brought by supporting the heteronormative dynamic between scene between guys,” pahayag ni Jeraldine characters like a girlfriend, friend, or lovers. Josefina Cuarto, BS Nursing-I. another crucial character appearing in the middle of the plot. In the country alone, Filipinos view BL Moreover, the main leads, played by as mere content that could quench their Kokoy de Santos and Elijah Canlas, “Sa aking palagay hindi ito [kilig factor] thirst for a different kind of romance as they were triumphant in cutting ties with their sapat dahil mayroong mga tao na kahit try to ship two characters of the same sex homophobic relative without seeking the anong ganda ng kwento at kahit sobrang playing different roles. usual character development scenario. kilig ang scenes ay ayaw talaga nila at ang Despite casting non-queer main actors, dahilan nga ay parehas daw itong lalaki or “Sa mga series na ganito ay pinapakita they excelled tremendously in portraying babae,” ani Castro. rin na maaring maging magkakaibigan ang what queer relationships face every day. mga babae, lesbian, gay o lalaki dahil tao Adam & Adam plot “Para sa akin ay [katanggap-tanggap “The Boy Foretold by the Stars” as a Growing pains and closing spaces: ang mga eksena sa BL] pero hindi natin masasabing katanggap-tanggap ito para sa coming-of-age BL film is something that Mitski’s ‘Laurel Hell’ track-by-track review lahat ng tao dahil may kanya-kanya tayong Filipinos should watch for it rekindles opinyon sa buhay,” dagdag ni Cuarto. naivety and innocence back in the days Text | Angel Joy Liwag Photo | Deviant Art while Dominic and Luke, played by Adrian Even with progressive show of the Lindayag and Keann Johnson, discover Passion is not everything as Mitski Miyawaki, a Japanese-American singer- plot, the production preferred to cast two young love under the signs of destiny and songwriter who front runs the indie-pop world introduces ‘Laurel Hell’, which straight men to play the BL role while confinements of a Catholic school. departs from her usual sad trope genre while conveying the restlessness she has resolving the conflict with detachment on always felt during the peak of her career. homophobic characters where in reality, it’s “Ang lesson na kalimitan kong napupulot a complicated decision to be made. sa ganitong mga palabas ay ang pagiging Named for thickets that look beautiful despite the branch of thorns, Laurel Hell expressive dahil walang mangyayari is described as Mitski’s stardom that gives her an avenue to do what she loves, Upon the ironic portrayals, some has kapag ito ay sinarili lamang dahil hindi writing and performing music but the sacrifices like burnouts and artist block that found the representation to the LGBTQIA+ mo malalaman ang saloobin ng isang tao she needed to overcome have slowly destroyed her. community as misplaced and shallow since kapag ikaw ay nanatili lamang na tahimik the productions still cannot risk losing at hinayaan na ito ay lumipas,” salaysay ni In this pursuit of free will, Mitski sports a thirty-minute total runtime in an overall budget and public criticism if they ever try Castro. 11 tracks that open her comeback to the studio and probably teases her bittersweet casting gay people due to the conservative exit from music. view on sexuality. Although it sticks with the usual rom-com trope, the film still fearlessly tackled religious Valentine, Texas desires, the track revealed vulnerability Cliche as it may sound views on the LGBTQIA+ community. Let’s step carefully into the dark. / through her art which the public has Another hurdle that has needed Furthermore, it is quite commendable that Once we’re in, I’ll remember my way consumed. the production cast a real-life effeminate around is the emotive opener of the to overcome for genuine gender gay man, played by Lindayag, which indie-pop singer that depicted her re- Heat lightning representation is bidding goodbye to simple presents more diversity in the film industry. entry to music, tour, and promotions. In context, heat lightning is an plots that has only attached rose-colored With synthetic and no less of an occurrence from a distant thunderstorm scenarios without addressing the struggles “Para sa akin, ang BL series or movie ay instrument in the background, Mitski that appears sneakily, which Mitski of a real queer couple. hindi lang basta about sa love story, dahil delivered ecstatic and soulful color to interpreted as her deteriorating anxiety. para sa akin isa itong plataporma kung the track. In her mind, lapses and mishaps hit Among BL contents that has been saan ipinahahatid na hindi masama ang Valentine, Texas pulls you to a deep even before good things happen to her. popularized in Asia is Thailand’s ‘2gether: magmahal ng kaparehas mong kasarian. slumber while the succeeding lyrics Sleeping eyelid of the sky flutters in The Movie’, which showcased a more in- Dito pinapakita ang kalayaang magmahal conjure up all the good memories in a dream conveyed that the hidden mist depth view of Tine and Sarawat’s love story, at hindi porke part ng LGBTQ community her past as she once again touched a like heat lightning during warm days is which all began with the predictable fake- different tone to her album—she wanted the same as tranquil scenes that we to be anywhere but here. don’t expect to be detrimental, just like Working for the knife the fluidity of our feelings and worries. Mitski writes lyrics like a contemporary I guess poet, and with the mix of her distinct vocal In this quest for moving on, may it be, color and highly boosted instrument, from heartbreak or falling apart, I guess she was able to convey her distaste sympathized with the idea of losing for the deeply-rooted capitalism inside some, if not all, is part of ourselves. the music industry that solely works for Between the lines of it’s been you and passion. me since before I was me / without you, I wish I was making things, too / But I don’t know yet how to live, embark on a I am working for a knife that interpreted bittersweet aftertaste of attachment. her transformation of pain and literature We seek songs that could help us into a monetized track, which has forgive people or ourselves because, abundantly influenced her decision to in the end, empathy is universal. Laurel depart from her artistry indefinitely. Hell showed us the journey Mitski had At some point, anyone could be to live through while making music. working for a knife as doing things we Passion, in its equal sense, is like a love has already been incorporated with partner in crime as some days it’s the society’s demands like expectations perfect company in the limelight, but at to earn money even though we just other times, it’s dreading the thing out wanted to enjoy priceless recreations, if of us. possible. From growing pains and closing Stay Soft spaces, Mitski has been all of us: Unlike the previous tracks, Stay Soft sometimes it’s alright to lose a part of embarks with an 80s punk atmosphere ourselves to find our happier version with the presence of her much upbeat even though we have grown comfortable tempo. With juxtaposition to sexual with the ride. PRINTING FOR TRUTH

THE WESTERNIAN ADVOCATE FEATURES 19 FEBRUARY 2022 Shadow Pandemic: Love, Hunger, Paranoia A Series review on Erik Matti’s ‘Rabid’ Text|AngelJoyLiwag Artwork | Eric Pondevida There has to be some kind of Midas touch whenever Erik Matti, a known Filipino filmmaker, takes reality into the field of the screen, and his critically-acclaimed four-part horror anthology “Rabid” is no different from the slate of his past masterpieces. Albeit various plots, Rabid is set during the height of the pandemic in the country wherein the quartet of quarantine horror revolves around hospitality, online selling, apocalypse lore, and illness. HM? a moody cave as Melvin tries to cure she keeps getting slapped with diapers and multiple nightmares during her shift. Retrenched his flesh-eating wife, Jane, whose body Quite ironic for a hospital, the building ABS-CBN is slowly deteriorating due to the lack of was quiet, and the hallways were clean. Meanwhile, whenever Becky starts her worker and meat. shift, a series of unfortunate events happen wherein the same old patient Bad Luck is a B*tch mother, At times, Jane is overly aggressive, calls for her, and her evening becomes a “Kami lang ba ang p’wedeng malasin?” daily hell. Its first and longest episode deals Princess, is which is why she is tied to a chair with As the film goes on, it portrays the reality with the classic hospitality turned home a hopeless her mouth covered with cloth to prevent of the situation of every nurse and hospital invasion narrative when a noble family of worker flashed through screens, from Mayette that has quickly adjusted to the online seller her from eating any meat and worsening its notorious response to the pandemic, new normal setup has invited a beggar into their home out of charity. newbie that her condition but has slowly become overworked nurses who just wanted to reap what they sow during their Suspicions of their daughter have been tries to find compliant, unresponsive, and meek, degree, years by applying for a visa overlooked by Mayette’s desire to help instead of staying in the country, and the beggar woman, who happened to be extra income which has brought panic to her husband. the paradoxical statements that when a witch that wields black magic and forces sh*ts started during the pandemic, people into submission through speech through online With stripped-down monochrome film, our medical workers happened to be power. food selling the installment captured the emotive on front-row seats. In a blink of an eye, a once-glamorous family has found themselves battered despite her sacrifice of a desperate Horrors of reality and robbed of their own company and Rabid, in its sense, is defined as home, but the luck of the beggar woman apparent shortcoming in cooking. In her couple running away has come to an end once the daughter’s proceeding from extreme or fanatical significant other, who happens to become numerous attempts to catch the taste from civilization and support of or belief in something, and this literate of black magic, found out about kind of parasitical effect has caused us the situation. buds of the customers, she stumbled on death itself. doom. Maybe, if we look into the depths of the quartet anthology, we will come up Upon the beggar’s desperate attempt to a website that teaches a secret ingredient In the end, Melvin with an idea that we have directed take over, she burst out saying there must all the horrors of the pandemic in be something wrong with how people’s that can be seasoned in any course meal. broke off a sob, cried the country. luck operates since it favored the rich a long time ago. Unwittingly flexing her cooking skills, out Jane’s name, It is eerie, but this is reality. Erik Matti’s Rabid In the end, the antagonist is defeated, Princess’ business has boomed, and her removed the binds and is paying homage to the the rich family has become ignorant of the signature Kare-Kare garnered praises, present condition of the beggars outside their villa, and the bad covers of his wife, and country during a critical luck remains attached to the poor during regime, and most of the pandemic. all while ignoring the warnings of side let her break loose— offered us, if not all, have only watched and remain By context, this episode has touched on effects attached to the rules of applying his arm and fed her off his flesh. It seated while getting all numerous realities during the lockdown, the chills from the horrors which are the evident class division, the secret ingredient. was a happy ending on their part. that only a rabid person isolation in our own homes, and vigilance may have created. from the strangers that depicted the Madness and addiction have started, Sh*t happens chapter as the scariest in the anthology. the people bombarded her space for a Deemed the most disgusting film in taste of her Kare-Kare, her once picky- the anthology, the installment is a dark eater son has grown irate when the comedy-turned-horror situated in a serving is too small, and the ideal place hospital building wherein an in-demand of business has turned into a scene of a nurse, who’s waiting for her visa is forced murder. to take care of an abysmal and equally- This installment is a warning to the demanding patient during her graveyard crazed public who often dwells on sketchy shift. stuff on the internet and a statement Staying true to its title, the patient keeps depicting the lengths of despair that were making Becky, the nurse, clean off her willing to take just to satisfy our carnal filth almost every hour, which has earned desires. suspicion since it only happens when Nothing beats meat she’s around so as a way of revenge, she Love knows boundless even if the tried to question the unresponsive old space is as round as a cave. patient just as the scene escalated. Taken into the zombie apocalypse With jump scares and grotesque clips, setup, a married couple is secluded in Becky is harassed by the old patient as ‘Below the Belt’ Thank you, next! Thru Thick and Thin “Mas bagay sa iyo if tuwid ang “Gwapo ka naman sana, matangkad rin, UBians sayang nga lang kasi payatot ka. Ever since Unforgettable buhok mo or mas maganda ka sana bata ako, I have been incredibly skinny Encounters with if may laman ka ng kaunti. Karamihan dahil siguro sa genes namin pero I eat Backhanded sa mga backhanded compliments na normally naman and I can still consider Compliments natanggap ko ay tungkol sa appearance myself healthy kasi I feel fine naman. At the specifically my natural curly hair and my end of the day, kilala ko ang sarili ko, and Text | Faith Valen Villanueva body type. Ilan lamang sa mga salitang immune na ako sa mga gan’yang Artwork | Israel Martin de Chavez nakasanayan kong marinig hangga’t sa lumaki ako. I would either respond with comments.” -Elijah Lei Medrano a simple thank you lalo na if gusto ko AB Psychology-I silang i-dismiss o acknowledge to let that person know na hindi ako apektado.” Pinned point noise “May itsura daw sana ako kaso pango -Cherie Mhel Bunyi ako. Alam ko namang ‘di [ako matangos] Bachelor of Science in Accountancy 3-1 pero nakakababa siya ng self-confidence, so malimit na lang ako mag-post ng mga “Your words cut deeper than Weightlifting words pic ko noon at makipag-interact sa iba. a knife; now I need someone to “Ang ganda mo, liligawan sana Pero ngayon nao-overcome ko nanaman, breathe me back to life.” so ayun, pati ‘di naman ako nag-aayos kita kaso papayat ka muna. This was para sa sasabihin ng tao, pero para sa -Stitches, Shawn Mendez when I weighed 60 kilograms, super sarili kong satisfaction. Kaya ine-embrace tagal na niya pero ang laki ng effect konalangtalaga‘yungmgaflawskokasisabi As clichéd as it may sound, sa mental health ko. During 7 years nga nila our imperfection makes us unique.” everyone knows that words are na iyon, I developed body dysmorphia powerful for they could either build and I became insecure when it comes -Michelle Macaraig a person up or drag them down. to my body features. Up until now Such was the case when one hears pSs ailkkiatshnanotolraeegg“slfaiMkfwikaeowiigenaknfmIafhaaneswnoa”tiyn—sesouIegutkdinrlijvjliyruowdngeltsswogbafhpteehamiriamenfdmaionl aldavpreukieelnkinkeeitaabtcyosomyoualbadâmteaknbrmdafosee kyisttaeinrhtiaaal“gitebsbzhi”gretoe.eprmhfIaudaoctditerrgiowi tateadh,hmhnltnana”mepiatn.otnleiaigtdm““rgptt,Aehaleoioiannkek nng.gegey”t,i kI nicactaooadpcmuhmioedlidtmamrs’bnIveeoeewnsnf wot,eDbsthrioeeegeelseivh.ntkpnheeIBeeeldohSdtcihtrpe iohB2aimnnpa0AllksehtyeaikyncnhsdiisdatleaioiHfncMfgevautm rharislmae-eaneeKamwnataav,pytnsgsnellpyeetbrRnelemuenbGialeltsy aoeersisabcnsoawhneattutfiahhcrufl2rtelereacsa-mc.1eennsi”tt AB Communication 1-1 a litany of thinly veiled praises that -Dexter Marion Delgado Hatulan hide sharp, and oftentimes, insulting, AB Communication 2-1 While it is okay sometimes to allow double meanings. some things to slide, no one should have the right to ruin and harm someone’s Let’s lend our ears to our fellow confidence through uncomplimentary UBians who share their experiences remarks. People will always have of being at the receiving end of something to say, and it is up to them if backhanded compliments. they would want to experience the tables turning as they receive the same poisoned words they have been spreading. Remember, loose lips sink ships, or in this case, unmindful backhanded compliments, will surely ruin relationships. STANDING FOR JUSTICE

LITERARY Body It wasn’t that I was looking for a fight, I roam outside like a bonker, in defense, as I stroll the suburbs hungry for prison meals and punishments. count past one and a quarter. I have made myself a desperada, Quiet, word has gone out that craze looms so villain in a slice of man only appears on screens, Text | Angel Joy Liwag with a hatchet and mask at night as long as I have not painted weapons red, Artwork | Angelo Mendenilla a body bulked like the mid-30s I can continue to patrol in town, that spread terrors and shenanigans. with blue-collar men vigilantly tailing behind, It was quite liberating, and monochrome cams recording my gestures. to instill silence in a version of peace, as even spoiled brats of disco and drinks Regret has once shed light on the dark, instead play poker inside their houses, as the quest for violence did not exist in fear of being gone cold by fateful means. since the crime has ended already in my head. Honestly, I have a crime in my mind, but the thought only appears What a disappointment the police may feel, whenever I witness segments on TV, once they realize that the real boss in the streets, so before I become a pitiful victim, is a woman conquering her inferior instincts. Manila Nights Text | Arielle Dane Adan & Jane Therese Banaag Artwork | Hazel Reyes The most important man of the evening had dimmed, and the projectors gave life to the and orphaned at a very young age. title materialized once again before arrived, but his stern aura was overshadowed giant screen. The crowd slowly hushed as the Thus, without knowing enough to slowly arranging itself this time. by his wife slung in his right arm, with her speakers began blaring their music. survive on her own, it pushed her to towering hair bun and bejewelled feet touching sell away her dignity. The audience “HIGANTI...” the tormented grounds. The story commenced with a mysterious couldn’t exactly predict what would “SA...” man, flunked at both sides and back by his happen next. “ML.” Yet, nothing could outshine the star of the lackeys, walking up the steps of a dingy The people were shaking and premiere. Her comely figure wrapped in a establishment. Overhead, installed in blinking The President was also torn. He confused. The President gritted his plunging neckline dress sauntered over the red lights with a looping “M”, as if its curling couldn’t decide where to focus. On teeth. He was about to stand when red carpet, flashing a charming smile at the end strangles the subsequent letters, the the screen, the moving image of Pina all the letters dissolved, except “M”. President in the process. viewers were welcomed into the shadows of wearing white lace lingerie straddles The characters which appeared the “Manila Nights” cabaret. her leading man on their bed or on beside it spelled his name, and far “Now we know what your newly purchased Diana, whose hand is now boldly from the movie’s sultry themes, the Vuitton cost you, a sluttly smile, and maybe Barely five minutes into the show, the fans massaging his thigh. Before he could letters disappeared in horror, leaving a glimpse of 21-year-old busts on the side. were already given a treat as Pina, Diana’s determine what to do next, the film a reorienting letter “M” transition to a I’m guessing you didn’t keep the change,” the character whose body was clad in a skimpy did it for him. bloody “W.” First Lady, despite her composure, couldn’t costume, slithered along a pole and swayed to “Wakasan,” Diana whispered in his help but remark in sarcasm, making sure to the sensual beat. Amusingly, the countenance Pina drew out a gun and pushed it ear. conceal her disappointment with a diplomatic of the man introduced earlier, who’s now inside her lover’s mouth mid-coitus, That’s when he felt it, the cold grin. seen watching Pina with intense heat, bore a then pulled the trigger. Her final barrel firmly pressed against his resemblance to the current state of viewers kiss. His blood splattered on her neck—right at the spot she’d nibble “You’re looking too much into things again. in the theatre. Even the President’s impassive nightgown. a hundred times. Do not make a scene here,” the President mask was starting to slip. Suddenly, the few remaining lights subtly replied, not wanting to spoon-feed the The moviegoers were frozen in went out. The crowd panicked. clamouring paparazzi with a new blind item on Fast forward, the spectators were soon shock as the screen went black. Then, a lone gunshot echoed. Her tomorrow’s front page. engrossed in one of those seemingly typical A few seconds later, the “Manila final kiss, slicing through flesh and Filipino films—the middle-aged leader of Nights’’ flashed in crimson letters. onto the next target. Chaos ensued, His wife simply smiled it off as a flock of a notorious gang was enthralled with the Everyone watched in abject horror but distinctive cheers can be heard photographers trailed after them, and soon nightclub’s most highly demanded stripper, and fascination as the letters moved at a distant corner. Perhaps, legends enough, they were all ushered inside the then wooing the lass by promising to get her around. Multiplying. Rearranging. would say these were the ghosts that building. The glinting cavernous hall was just out of prostitution. No one minded the familiar Telling them, “Mahal...ang...Malas... once haunted the theatre, rejoicing, recently opened, but the brutalist infrastructure lack of creativity in the storyline, as they were Ng...atiNg...hiNatnan.” as justice was finally served. was only finished under six months of back- more thrilled to immediately arrive at the first Indeed, the night was a surprise. It breaking whims and tormenting urgencies, intimate encounter between the two. Multiplying. was the birth of an uprising. yet many were still amazed. “tiNgin...nila sa...atiN—” Seconds before it started, the President Rearranging. A few minutes later, occupants were starting felt something touch his leg lightly. His head “—SATAN.” to fill the room, abuzz with excitement as they snapped to his left, seeking the culprit. It disappeared, then the movie chatted about what the tabloids dubbed as Though her eyes were looking straight ahead, the “most-awaited film that starred the hottest trained on the recorded version of herself celebrities at the moment.” getting devoured by her co-actor, her foot was anything but innocent as it brushed up and “I’m not sure about the chemistry between down the pant leg of the man beside her. the two stars. He’s a little bit too old for her, don’t you think,” expressed one of the female An abrupt crashing sound resonated from audiences, who was ironically escorting the the speakers, jolting the President to his film’s most generous sponsor, who seemed to senses. His wife shot him a curious look, he be entering his 70s. patted her hand and turned his attention back to the screen after taking a deep breath. “Come on, you know how these films work. They’re not paying for whatever the The steamy moment of the lead characters chemistry nor the story is worth. Remember was interrupted by an attack from a rival gang, that Diana earned hundreds of thousands prompting them to evacuate the villa together just by removing her top in her first movie, with his men. The next scenes were just a that amount includes taxes— our taxes, if you series of abandoned warehouse dealings, car know what I mean,” another female audience chases, shootouts, and of course, at frequent responded with a wink. intervals, Pina being lavished with gifts and passionate touches from her roguish lover. For the thrill of it all, the plot of the movie The crowd was tightly gripping their armrests. wasn’t revealed, the producers reasoned that they wanted to surprise everyone and jokingly Unwittingly to everyone, with them doused told the press that it would be “an ode to in semi-darkness, someone in the upper box Pilipinas”. They laughed, but the moviegoers mirrored their action. Halfway through the couldn’t care less. movie, Diana revived her scheme, her long- nailed fingers tracing circles on the knees of They just wanted to see Diana and salivate her seatmate. It was getting hard for the latter over the famed wet look of her sinful curves to breathe. and swells. Even now, some men were shamelessly drinking her lovely profile that is Meanwhile, the viewers, the First Lady as sitting beside the President in their exclusive well, were stunned by the sudden turn of upper box. events in the film. Accidentally, Pina found out that her savior was the one who betrayed In his right, if his wife was even irritated her parents before killing them and running that someone appeared to be stealing the away with their money, leaving her indebted spotlight, she expertly showed no signs of it. After a few more moments, the lights were PRINTING FOR TRUTH

THE WESTERNIAN ADVOCATE LITERARY 21 FEBRUARY 2022 The girl behind the curtains Text | Alyssa An What you see is barely the surface. Artwork | Nicole Beatriz Rosales When I was a child I’ve always the highlight of the mockeries of others. I used to digest all the hatred being thrown at my face. My voice has no volume, I’ve always loved the comfort of my own soul and caress my six-year old self. There’s no way to fight for myself, I am powerless. For me, the definition of fine was shivering after receiving a hard slap from my authoritative grandfather after I declined attending school due to bullying. Punishment was the standard of normal when I was at that age. It was fine to get slapped, to be quiet, to be alone and face your own mistake without hearing anyone asking if you were okay. Enduring pain that has been covering my soul for several years turns to an open wound, not curable. My soul was numb and empty like a can floating along the waves of this sea of whys. I often asked, what did I do wrong? I was just a child who longs for your care. However, all those memories attached with agony were all buried, becoming the root of what was seen on the surface. The girl who had always been ignored became nonchalant, pacifist and altruist. Harboring a fifteen-year old trauma and the discomfort it magnets allows me to be concerned with whoever I meet every day. Some people show their surface and their deep rooted reasons are more painful and nobody knows about that. The tip that they displayed was sometimes a manifestation of defense towards what they protect inside. As a person who has incurable traumas, the least thing we could do to help others was to be kind and empathetic. Long ago, I thought I was dead inside but the kindness of people returned when I gave them what I have grown into strength and avenged my wounds. Again, it was easy to be thrown out like a paper without worth but let us not forget to be human at all times. It was not hard to be kind and give care if there was authenticity and empathy in your actions. Finish or not finish, Hide and sick On an empty stomacH pass the pepper. Text | Nixon De Villa Artwork | Eric Pondevida Text | Alduz Clark Viray Text | Faith Valen Villanueva Artwork | Hazel Reyes Artwork | Israel Martin de Chavez Moonlight shone brightly, accompanied by the hotel’s blinking signs. I know the filthy secrets I did not see the coming of the rapid paper It’s time to take covers once more, hidden behind the towering citadels flips. not in shadows or bushes For a price, a ticket to claps and screaming but under sheets, behind curtains and grey colored monuments bravos as we willingly find each other— that adorned you have erased the answer keys, turning whispers into soft screams the busy streets of Binondo. and crumpled script sheets and stolen glances into unmoving stares. as if it would make sense to let you get You shaved your beard while I kept mine I hear the silent cries covered. because I feel weak at sharp stubbles getting in the way of five year olds whose growling stomachs when our tongues find themselves intertwined again. cannot match the drum like honking How long have you been hiding behind the 10, 9, 8… we sway in disgrace. of the traffic stuck jeepneys, curtain 7, 6, 5… guilt rushes in like a flurry of knives. with all the invisible strings attached to my 4, 3, 2… conceal the crime’s residue. whose smoke head? “This will be the last,” you say every time, dulls the skyline of a city And at the back of my mind, you stood still for we are moths addicted to a flame who have forgotten its own history. caressing me with hand strokes and sways, flying mindlessly in its heat with half-burnt wings. saying, \"Don't look back or else you will be Now sleep tight, rest right, and wrap those biceps around mine. I watch the restless and tired faces put into shame.\" Because before we part at dawn, of the early morning beggars we’ll feast on our usual breakfast and late night Magdalenas And since I witnessed you suffer from an after every game night: iron fist, a bowl of lies with a cup of denials on their way home, I became resistant to the laughter; boos that we are not sinful, just playful, as they trudge the ever bumpy meant for you never crooked, never bent, just curious. that you would probably never abide and maze like streets since your authoritarian Father is a Text & Photo| Nicole Beatriz Rosales where their dreams and innocence lies consistent audience six feet under. of a show, you can't tell. Somewhere only we knew I passed You heist me a million angles without a I distinctly remember our playdate. The light was fading fast that afternoon, the same streets I have been walking consent and our covert meeting under the cloaks of curtains ended as you softly counted, half my life, as you shout out and demand quiet on the one, two, and three—in between the lacy blouses and the peplum dresses. You the rumbling of my abyss like tummy set. squeezed, four, five, six—your limbs poking out from the side, your head buried unnoticed, unattended. deep beneath your mother’s wardrobe. Seven, eight, nine—once a familiar And I stared longingly, \"Please. Just once more,\" you pleaded. haven, ten—then, a fading veil. at the day old pan de sal and reheated dinuguan Hush now. Do not worry, my darling, for our secrets will go with me still. Cross at a nearby carinderia. my heart and hope to die. I know the secrets of Binondo, but so do you. STANDING FOR JUSTICE

SPORTS The bolt of the fLash: nonito donaire, nominated for fighter of the year Text | Carlos Kim Raphael Perez Photo | Mikael Ona via GMA News Online As the oldest boxing world champion (Sugar Ray Robinson Award) along years before he could even be nominated world of boxing. with 42 wins and six losses, and for the with Saul Alvarez, Tyson Fury, Josh again by the association. use of his left hand to prevail dominance Taylor, Oleksandr Usyk, and Stephen Stronger future ahead over his adversaries in the ring, there Fulton. Donaire was earlier awarded as As one of the most recognizable boxing is no denying that Nonito,“The Filipino 2012 Fighter of the Year by the same awards, the Sugar Ray Robinson Award As the years grow, Flash,” Donaire, is a force to be reckoned association in 2013. is given to boxers who made monumental with in the field of boxing. feats in the boxing world. Professional he fights his way in In his long professional career in boxers who received such prestigious Even at 39, the saying that people get boxing, which started in 2001, Donaire gems were Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, defending his WBC weaker as they grow older is nothing for has achieved and experienced his fair Oscar De La Hoya, Mike Tyson, Floyd Donaire, who is still in his prime within share of triumphs and tribulations—things Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, and bantamweight title the bantamweight division of the World that later paved the way for his gradual more. Boxing Council (WBC) and the current improvement as the years passed. against prospective WBC bantamweight champion since May Achieving instances such as this 2021. With most of his boxing victories in by the 39-year-old boxer proves opponents soon. his career secured via knockouts, even the uniqueness of “The Filipino Strength never fades up to this writing, the 39-year-old boxer Flash” among professional boxers As such, Donaire is In his recent bout last year, the Filipino can be considered a vivid manifestation and the possible perspective of being that a boxer’s ability to punch and remain an “heir apparent” when it comes to looking forward to his boxer went on to a successful defense supreme over an opponent is beyond being the next Manny Pacquiao in the of his WBC bantamweight title against numbers or say age. Strength, indeed, professional boxing world. rematch with Naoya Reymart Gaballo, also a Filipino boxer revolves around Donaire despite his “old” who hails from Mindanao, by knocking age. Just like the former British wartime Inoue, a Japanese him out during the fourth round with his Prime Minister Winston Churchill, devastating blows to the latter’s kidney. Road to nomination he offered nothing but blood, toil, tears, boxer who defeated him To be nominated again as Fighter of and sweat to achieve the things that he With this, the Boxing Writers Association needed to be done in the more than 20 via unanimous decision in the 2019 of America (BWAA) has nominated “The the Year by the BWAA was not an easy years of his long career in the chaotic Flash” for the Fighter of the Year Award journey for Donaire, as it took almost 10 Fight of the Year, described as a momentous clash between the two Asian boxers. In the end, boxing never stops as long as prime, skill, dedication, hard work, and perseverance are one’s allies—and there is no shadow of a doubt a 39-year-old like Donaire has all of these for him to continue his way to the pinnacle of his career. Grappling glory, breaking barriers Text|NixonDeVilla Photo | Marianne Bermudez of Inquirer How PH’s ‘21 SEA Games Wrestling team elevated their sport No Filipino childhood is complete without memories of fascination over the likes of The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, and John Cena on TV as they flex their rock-hard muscles and rumbling grunts in the ring. Owing to its intense nature and spectacle value, wrestling has long cemented itself as a staple entertainment sport in Filipino households. On the other side of this massive cultural impact is a common misbelief that wrestling is merely for entertainment purposes rather than a legitimate sport. This idea that its value lies in showmanship fails to give justice to the literal blood, sweat, and tears that wrestlers shed to have a chance to wear those coveted belts. However, the stellar performance of the Philippine Wrestling Team at the 2021 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in Vietnam created a ripple of awareness of how truly serious and engaging wrestling as a sport is. Sweat victories Greco-Roman on the first day, wrestling,” shared Mea Czarina “I think most Filipinos view 2013, a group of wrestling fans All wrestling competitions at the three silvers and one bronze for Mendoza, student-athlete from wrestling only as a show because established their wrestling center Women’s Freestyle on the second the UB Checkmate. it’s something that is not formally and eventually officially became 31st SEA Games were held at Gia day, and another set of three introduced by the sports world, PWR. Currently, the country’s Lâm District Sporting Hall in the silvers and one bronze for Men’s With twelve medals in their bag, especially to Filipinos. We see premier wrestling promotion, Vietnamese capital of Hanoi from Freestyle on the final day of the the Philippine team ranked third wrestling in movies and series PWR, infuses Filipino culture into May 17 to 19. A month before the wrestling events. at the game’s 2021 edition, only like WWE, and I think it’s more the sport through references in event, the thirteen-strong Pinoy behind Vietnam and Cambodia, like the first thing that will come stage names. team underwent intensive bubble “With this victory, magiging which finished first and second, to mind of a Filipino when you training at the Inspire Stadium maingay ang sports na ito. Marahil respectively. While it is a step say “wrestling” is something that “Wrestling and other sports in National University Calamba ay isa ito sa magiging daan upang down from their 2019 SEA games is fictional and scripted,” added deserve more active exposure to (NU Laguna), managed by the sa simpleng paraan ay higit second place finish, it was a Mendoza. the public that may come from Philippine Wrestling Federation makilala ng mga Pinoy ang larong remarkable run for the team as 12 active tournaments, matches, (PWF). pampalakasang wrestling. This out of 13 participants went home Busting biases or competitions. The respective could be a chance for the sports with podium placements. Aside from skewed perceptions government agencies may also As a result of persistent community to actually discuss and focus on sponsorships, such as preparations amidst challenges talk about it. This could be a way Poor perceptions due to an over-the-top media fund competitions or exhibitions,” from the pandemic, the team for people to gain interest na hindi Filipinos’ fascination with portrayal, wrestling is often added Mendoza. went for a medal haul with one lang pang-entertainment ang overshadowed by more silver and three bronzes for Men’s wrestling began in the 1980s during mainstream sports in the Exalting efforts the golden age of the then World Philippines. Both in terms of With passionate fans’ support Wrestling Federation (WWF), viewership and participation. which eventually rebranded as For instance, as reported by and the astounding victories of World Wrestling Entertainment Nike, around 40 million Filipinos the Philippine wrestling team at (WWE) and is considered the play basketball, and 81% of the the latest SEA games, wrestling biggest professional wrestling urban population are fans; this is gradually gaining traction to be promotion worldwide. is a gargantuan statistic next to recognized as a legitimate sport. wrestling’s fanbase, whose size As the public sees stories in and Featuring highly-anticipated significantly dwindled by the out of the ring, pro wrestlers are matches and managed for a mid-2000s, as pointed out by the proving that they are not just long time by Vincent Kennedy Philippine Wrestling Revolution people in costumes but dedicated McMahon (Mr. McMahon), WWE’s (PWR). athletes with grit, commitment, influence inspired a generation of and discipline who deserve Pinoys to emulate iconic moves “Given the fact that there is no accolades. and gestures they see on TV. actual mainstream platform in the Philippine sports for wrestling, it is “I want to see the field of Such moves and gestures really unfair and underwhelming wrestling make a great name imitated by Filipino WWE fans for the athletes. Almost no in Philippine sports. I hope that include John Cena’s Attitude recognition. Almost no benefits,” there will come a time that it is Adjustment and You Can’t See expressed Mendoza. well appreciated just as the other Me, Randy Orton’s RKO and established and well-enjoyed Legend Killer, Stone Cold Steve However, this does not sports that we have,” ended Austin’s Stone Cold Stunner, and mean that wrestling is dead. In Mendoza. raised fists, etc. PRINTING FOR TRUTH

THE WESTERNIAN ADVOCATE SPORTS 23 FEBRUARY 2022 Wellness is the key Underfunded support by the genuine bolstering in action government and other sporting organizations for different sports STRIKER has led personalities such as Wesley So—a Filipino-born chess Carlos Kim Raphael Perez, Sports Editor whiz who once represented our Some Filipinos today tend to view athletes as strong, tough, country—to represent the United has delivered different news and also an unprecedented and fit to withstand all the challenges coming their way. In fact, States in different international stories and articles about this, number of training centers and because of these qualities, these Filipinos view them as role chess competitions since 2013. the question is: when will this equipment designed for the models worthy of praise and admiration not only in the sporting abominable and unacceptable athletic improvement of athletes. world but also in life. For athletes, to perform or thing stop once and for all? But, most importantly, more represent another country in people would start to appreciate But behind the strength, performance would never be sporting competitions is not out If the national government, the value of being engaged in toughness, and fitness of these of a shallow reason of want but along with other sporting different sports if this happens. possible or a success if ever rather—need. With regard to organizations in the country, will competitors is this said need, it refers to one start to provide more adequate Honestly, this column is not even athletes do not even have a fundamental thing that their support for Filipino athletes enough to change the landscape EDITORIAL one crucial factor home countries’ governments whenever the sporting landscape of Philippine sports—for there is a being overlooked relatively healthy mental state. and officials cannot even give to is near to a state of languishing, need for all people of this country by many: mental health. If not them: support, specifically, stable then give me a break about that— to recognize the problem and, overlooked, sometimes, it is Before the making and financial support. it is, undeniably, loathsome. eventually, call out the government ignored—leading to some and other sporting organizations people having prejudice complete cultivation of Hidilyn Due to corruption by government Given the depressing state of to start improving their support for toward its importance to the officials and hesitation by sports support for different Philippine Philippine athletes so that we can said athletes. Diaz were the physical ordeals officials in the country, lack of sports, giving all sports in the see what real improvement is. funding for athletes causes country the bona fide and well- Considering the case of and mental tribulations that athletic performance not being funded support they truly deserve If we want to find out whether Filipina weightlifter Hidilyn fully maximized—which would is incredibly a must today. the government and other Diaz, she suffered from anxiety gave her struggles during her result in poor performances in sports officials are serious about while training in Malaysia for local and international sporting If we will be waiting for a long improving their support for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics—not Olympic preparation, and it competitions. time before we could consider athletes, we should always take a an easy journey before giving major improvements in giving gander at how money is spent on the Philippines its first Olympic was because of valuing the One such manifestation is the bona fide and not underfunded sporting welfare, be watchdogs Gold Medal since the country’s current dispute between pole support to athletes of this country, when it comes to misdeeds by first participation in the Olympic state of her mental wellness vaulter Ernest John “EJ” Obiena then Philippine sports would get the said officials, and ask the Games in 1924 in France. and the Philippine Athletics Track absolutely doomed like never athletes themselves if they truly that she was able to cope up and Field Association (PATAFA), before—so unprecedented it feel support from authorities. With the prevailing anxiety which revolves around the latter’s would eventually destroy athletic while stuck in Malaysia, with the challenges and went claim concerning the former’s morale. We all want an improved this led Diaz to shed her “falsified liquidation documents.” Philippine sporting landscape tears due to uncertainties ahead to become the first With this, it has affected Obiena’s For instance, having this and, again, we should make it concerning the 2020 Olympics focus and has also led him to aforementioned “well-funded happen NOW—no ifs and buts. brought by COVID-19 related Filipina Olympic gold medalist. consider retirement if ever the Philippine sporting landscape” restrictions, including wide- issue is unresolved. would help give our country more If one truly supports an initiative, scale lockdowns across Japan Olympic gold, silver, and bronze all things can be done to make it and various countries across While this kind of support medalists like never before happen. the globe. to different athletes of the country is no longer new to us, given Given this case of the Filipina the mainstream media (MSM) weightlifter, recognizing in the world of sports that mental From not being emphasized health is not for “weak” people only is high time; sports before, some sectors of the UB Taekwondo Team triumphs in NCAA South Season ‘23 Philippine sporting arena have started to value the essential of Text | Holly Kylie Merian Bacay Photo | Israel Martin de Chavez prioritizing the mental health of With a knockout goal spirit, for first place in the same division. pandemic, nagtanggal sila ng mga the UB Taekwondo team ruled Meanwhile, in the women’s scholarships sa mga athletes. athletes across different sports, this year’s NCAA South Season Ang UB, hindi—kaya thankful 23 Online Speed Kicking Skills weight division, the UB kami,” stated Josa Luna, Head but the problem that some Taekwondo Team serves another sports officials and executives overlook it still remains. Competition with the allotment milestone for the UB camp, with Coach of UB Taekwondo team. If mental health among all of six medals, making them 5th Rubie Bautista attaining the first In next year’s season, the team athletes is completely valued, place in the overall 2021 SMART/ rank for Lightweight Division aspires to continue reaching no more are the days where MVPSF Online Calabarzon C and Allyssa Esteves placing greatness regardless of the mental health in sports is a Taekwondo Inter-School second for the Light Middle and circumstances by participating red flag. Also, the days where Poomsae & Speedkicking. Middleweight Division. Although, in the upcoming national and sports are nothing but rigorous Clamoring back-to-back places for Weight Divisions A and B, UB international competitions to training sessions and exciting in separate weight divisions for missed to secure a spot in the top trump another legacy in UB competitions are over, too. men, taking the lead was Israel 5. history. Indeed—mental health De Chavez in the first place, Kicks on kicks have put the UB makes athletes stronger, not alongside third placer Victor Taekwondo squad on the throne weaker. Cabais for Fin Fly Division A. in Season 23 despite the limited Following Bryle Magnaye as sparring matches caused by the the second placer for Lightweight pandemic, as their endurance SMC TO KICKSTART BUILDING SPORTS CENTER IN BALAYAN Division C together with Mark beat the odds on screen. Vincent Arena as second “Thankful kami kasi kahit Text | Ana Niña Perea runner-up for Bantamweight and Featherweight Division, pandemic, hindi kami pinabayaan To cultivate and promote health. Ang pagkakaroon and ending the winnings, Pierce ng UB, especially si Sir Peps. athlete’s well-being, Ramon S. ng outdoor activities ay Aldwin Co garnered a golden 23.3 Most ng universities dito sa Ang, San Miguel Corporation makakatulong sa atin na ma- Pilipinas, simula noong nag- (SMC) President and Chief reduce ang stress sa mga Operating Officer, announced bagay-bagay,” stated Cyruss Artwork | Israel Martin de Chavez the construction of a 50-M Andrew Josh Apolinar E. worth sports center in Balayan, Fronda, Balayan resident and Batangas, Feb. 7. a University of Batangas BS For years, SMC has been Civil Engineering–II student. investing in establishing public In developing public infrastructure in different cities infrastructures such as the across the country; and it SMC Balayan Sports Centers, has now decided to partake private sectors are expected to in Balayan’s post-pandemic play a crucial role in providing recovery plans by putting up safety and mitigation tools the sports center. as preparatory measures for Aside from supporting possible injuries among those the local economic growth who will use the said facilities. of the municipality through “Nakakatuwa na isa ang establishing public facilities lugar na ito sa napili ng and centers, SMC also SMC na tayuan ng sports encouraged more Balayeños complex upang mapaunlad to be inclined in sports, ang bayan, kailangan nating develop the homegrown makipagtulungan upang athletes to compete locally and mabawasan ang mga posible internationally, and promote pang kaso ng nakararanas health and wellness. ng sakit sa pamamagitan ng pagpapatibay ng ating immune “Malaking tulong ito para sa system at pagkakaroon mga mamamayan ng Balayan, ng matibay at malusog na lalo na sa mga kabataan na sa panahon ngayon ay lubos pangangatawan,” na naaapektuhan ang mental Fronda. ended STANDING FOR JUSTICE

Zamboanga blows devastating KO minute-win over Raju Text | Faith Valen Villanueva Photo | Tiebreaker Times Minute to win it! his counterblow bout. After almost two years grappling advantage over in a pandemic grounded control, the Indian native. Short story Filipino fighter Drex Zamboanga debuts in his new lightweight division clinch in The 30-year old MMA amateur strived behind the KO finish, just a minute and five seconds knockout to escape from the dire phase of the fight takedown against Indian opponent Rahul since the 28-year old Filipino would not the T-Rex shared that he has been Raju in ONE Championship: Full Circle let him go and defend. Raju managed to quest in Singapore Indoor Stadium, stand still and set his foot on the mat, but preparing for almost two years and just admits February 25.  Zamboanga quickly made Raju bend sharp being a victim Tied up with heavy hands and strike on his knees through a series of slams and already waiting for the fight to come. of bullying due to his attempts, the Filipino Mixed Martial artist strike arrest. small than the ordinary frame. Pulling (MMA) Zamboanga initiated a nasty kick Additionally, he specified training on speed it out of the ground, the T-Rex undergoes toward Raju to gain ground control in Caged and nowhere to go, Raju has karate at the young age of 14 not only to the cage fight. Raju quickly responded tasted not only the iron fists of the Filipino and conditioning since he decided to move defend himself but his 25-year- old sister to defend his manly fortress by pushing fighter but also stooped down his head on Denice, who is now ranked as 3rd top Zamboanga into closed quarters of the his ranking fallout. And then the time has from flyweight to lightweight category. women atomweight contender in ONE ring.  officially arrived when officials already Championship as well. In return, the T-Rex striker has kicked called it a wrap. The Indian striker has For the record, the 17th ranked out off a right-side boot once more and flipped the tally with another loss, 8-7-0 Winning by points not just as an elder supplemented body punches to downed Pro-MMA Record. of 113 active Japan Pro Welterweight sibling, Zamboanga undoubtedly sets his the Kerala Krusher of India, but the foot on the cage ring and swings for the Ultimate Satira champion has impelled him Roaming around the corners, Zamboanga players’ Zamboanga has now sealed his fences, ready to land his strikes, mind- to a desperate defense mechanism putting took several minutes for his breakthrough blowing blows, and finesse hook to clinch Zamboanga stuck on the end octagon to sink in and unhindered, checking up on track record with ten wins and losses. his goal step closer to becoming the corner of the ring. the condition of his knocked out opponent World’s Champion combatant in sports Using his head at full blast, Zamboanga during the proclamation. With his splashed The 5-foot-8 Zamboanga native made a prestigious looping arcs in the future found himself stranded yet on the speed to dismantle Rajul, he was declared wrestling matches. verge of reaping vengeful hand-to-hand the victor of the lightweight category division winning streak comeback following his combat, dominating the first round with decision to move in a lightweight amateur boxing scale of 125 to 132 pounds larger than the maximum limit weight division in flyweight of 112 pounds. Going through pandemic drills plus climbing three weight classes has made his hard work and training pay off, not realizing that he was once a slim kid back then and UB Volleyball Team bags victory spots in NCAA-South ‘23 Text|TrishaJoyAbdon Photo | Mr. Roderick del Mundo Another milestone has been received Mercado, who garnered the 14th spot, UB constructs Millennium Sports Gymnasium by the Unified Brahman Volleyball Team while both were dubbed 7th in the team (UBVT), who finished with an outstanding rank. Text | Hazel Reyes Photo | University of Batangas Facebook Page performance in the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) South Season Despite setbacks fostered by the In yet another milestone, the University would like to venture into the field of 23 Online Physical Conditioning Challenge pandemic, the contenders were required of Batangas-Main Campus (UBBC) sports in the region while gearing up for held at the University of Batangas (UB) to train regularly under the supervision of held a groundbreaking ceremony for its more championship games and seasonal Main Campus via Zoom, Feb. 19. Coach Cesar Logronio Jr. and Head Coach newest gymnasium, situated at the K-12 sporting competitions in the future. Yarie Del Mundo through submission of drill Millennium building, consisting of two Themed “Reimagine Sports: Engage. performances in their respective homes basketball courts and one volleyball court “As long as the university helps us to Empower. Enable”, UBVT graced the alongside attending online training every with a total area of 6,459 square meters, do and improve things like skills, let us virtual competition wherein the college Saturday. Mar. 8. grab the opportunity. Don’t waste time at women’s division, such as Clarince Claire maibalik ang nararapat sa University. Be a Pita, managed to obtain the 1st spot in “It was very challenging, but we still Emphasizing improving facilities, the proud Brahman. Try hard. Aim high. Bring the individual ranking, together with Zarah executed and performed our best, even groundwork for the new gymnasium championship to the University,” expressed Joyce Delos Reyes who claimed the 6th though we were unable to have our face- aims to lead UB toward the success and Coach Del Mundo. spot. At the same time, Pita and Delos to-face training. All of us were able to development of the students regarding Reyes were hailed champions in the team finish all the drills with a decent number their sports abilities. According to Coach Del Mundo, the rank results. of repetitions,” stated Macaraig, student- construction of the said new gymnasium athlete from the UBVT. “Because of the support of UB by within the vicinity of the UBBC will “I felt honored, s’yempre, kasi privilege giving this facility, we are expecting that supposedly point in time until December of ‘yung ma-i-represent ang school in a Apart from sustaining drill completion, we will have championship games in the this year. competition and unexpected na maabot the teams pledged to dedicate their gymnasium, at mas marami pang event namin ‘yung champion. I felt blessed at time and exert unstinting effort toward ang mangyayari sa gymnasium, where Furthermore, the gymnasium is expected the same time. Thankful kasi, honestly, their upcoming training, practices, and students are facing championship games,” to be finished by December, paving the mahirap ‘yung drills plus the pressure ng competitions while hoping to garner more stated Coach Yarie Del Mundo, UB way for the University to cater to upcoming time,” expressed Delos Reyes, UBVT victories in their future endeavors. Volleyball Teams’ Head Coach. events and sports competitions, construct student-athlete. a big picture inside the new and improved Moreover, UB aspires to build up the gym, and allow its students to grow Following the directive, the team was competencies of UBian aspirants who fundamentally within the context of sports. required to do as many drills one after another, composed of burpees, jumping lunges, squats, v-ups, and push-ups with 30 seconds of execution and interval throughout the given 30 seconds time limit that determined the physical condition of the athlete. On the other hand, in the college men’s category, Ray Valiant Macaraig placed 6th in the individual rank as well as Arjay EXECUTI NG IN THIS ISSUE I N DOM ITABLE Nonito Donaire, SPORTS | 22 STRE NGTH Nominated for Fighter of the Year ADVO SPORTS UB Taekwondo Team SPORTS | 23 triumphs in NCAA South Season ‘23

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