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College Counseling Newsletter Contact: [email protected] December 2020 Volume 5 2 2 0 0 2 2 01

If your early application is deferred deferred If your early application is deferred, you need to write a heartfelt email, i.e., the love letter, to the university that deferred you when the first semester ends. In this letter, you should: 1. express that you still see this school as your first choice. 2. update your progress in academic performance and extracurricular activities. 3. explain again why you are the right fit for the school. You don't need to write too many words, but be sure to summarize the three points above. , defer 1. lover letter 2. 3. major For G11 Students 1. Winter Break College Essay 11 3. Prepare for Competitions Cialfo Winter vacation is the prime time to participate in Juniors will finish some college essay academic competitions, and in the past writing assignments. Details will be we have recommended many academic released via Cialfo in mid-January. competition opportunities. If you have Thinking about and completing it during already signed up, you can prepare the the holidays will help you with your essay materials and knowledge you need for the writing. competition. If you haven’t signed up yet, be sure to sign up in advance during the 2. Standardized Testing winter vacation. It's also important to improve your standardized test scores during the holidays. Please arrange the registration, preparation and completion of the test.

G11 R-TEW and Personal Growth courses 11 R-TEW SHSID offers a unique college preparation program to 11th graders. It includes two parts: R-TEW for semester 1 and personal growth for semester 2. Please read the following article for more details of the program. 11 R-TEW Taking a comprehensive and holis3c approach to College Counseling, the G10 – 12 RTEW/PG Program iden3fies the unique needs of our students and aims to create a deeply impacFul curriculum for college readiness. Grade 11 students focus on the RTEW Course (Reading, Thinking, Empathy, and Wri=ng) for the first semester, and move into the PG Course (Personal Growth) in the second semester. Grade 12 students par3cipate fully in the PG Course, spending the first semester finalizing their college essays and applica3ons, and the second semester preparing for life at college. The RTEW Course has developed into a unique and holis3c collabora3on between the College Counseling Office and the English Department, and aims to build skills in cri=cal thinking, public speaking on opinions, and expressive wri=ng. In this seminar driven class, Grade 11 students engage with a different topic each session and use the general ideas to think deeply and cri3cally consider related issues and ideas. As the students gain more confidence and skills through the weeks, they take more ownership and accountability of the conversa3on, demonstra3ng and prac3cing crucial discussion-based skills necessary for success in future years at SHSID and in the University seUng. So far, this year’s topics have included Technology & Ar3ficial Intelligence, Covid-19, Social Media, Ethical Consump3on, Mental Health, Sports & Compe33on, Race & Culture, and Gender Equality. As a summa3ve assessment, students compose two well-wriZen and thoughFul opinion pieces about the topics discussed throughout the course. The PG Course, developed by the College Counseling Office, focuses heavily on providing students with the tools they need for a successful college applica=on process. Pulling heavily from the skills and insight into their iden3ty that they gained during the RTEW program, Grade 11 students start second semester off with trainings on resume wri=ng, building college lists, and craGing their college essays. By the end of the semester, students will have made significant progress in star3ng the college applica3on process and dra\\ing their college essays and materials. In Grade 12, students are assigned a teacher to guide them through revising their college essays, advancing through the applica=on process, and submiHng their applica=ons. During the second semester, students are presented with a series of seminars to beZer prepare them for life a\\er SHSID. The following topics are among those included in the programming: Cultural Differences, Finding and Building Community, Keeping in Touch with Home, Advoca3ng for Yourself in a College Environment, Appropriate Interac3on with Professors. The SHSID College Counseling Office believes in holis3c guidance for students, which con3nues through to gradua3on, ensuring students are presented with all the tools and support they need for a successful university experience.

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