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Published by directornecha, 2020-05-14 04:56:06

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NECHABULLETIN NORTH EASTERN COMMUNITY HEALTH ASSOCIATION (NECHA) BHOLA BABA PATH, HOUSE NO. 2, SIX MILE, GUWAHATI - 781022, ASSAM VOL. I. NO. I MAY 2020 CURATIVE HEALTH Message from Director; NECHA BULLETIN is published from North Eastern Community Health Association, Guwahati. The main aim of this bulletin is, besides Curative & Preventive Health Care, for promotion of Health. It means to make the people aware of their rights and duties and to enable them to be responsible for their health and of their community through their own decisions. PREVENTIVE HEALTH CONTENTS PROMOTION OF HEALTH 1. WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (WHO) 2. CATHOLIC BISHOPS CONFERENCE OF INDIA (CBCI) 3. CATHOLIC HEALTH ASSOCIATION OF INDIA (CHAI) 4. NORTH EASTERN COMMUNITY HEALTH ASSOCIATION (NECHA) 5. COMMON AILMENTS AND COMMON REMEDIES. 6. HEALTH TIPS Health is Wealth ***Private circulation only ###

NECHA BULLETIN WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION guide all the health related (WHO) organisations according to the spirit of the Catholic teachings, practice and After the 2nd World War, tradition. (Report of the CBCI General Health scenario in the world was not Body Meeting, Pune, 1992) right. On the 7th of April 1948 World Health Organisation (WHO) was VISION founded. In May, 1977 World Health Assembly was held for study and Following the mandate of Jesus deliberations of World Health Christ, the Divine Healer, to ensure situation. life in its fullness and inspired by His compassionate love, the Catholic 147 out of 156 countries Church in India envisages a society assembled at Alma Atta, USSR in where people, especially the poor 1978. After long study and and marginalised, attain and maintain deliberations they signed a holistic well being and live in unanimous declaration. It was harmony. known as \"Alma Atta Declaration.\" They adopted the slogan \"Health For MISSION All by 2000 AD\". This bought the world together to love all and work 1. To provide loving care considering for all. the dignity of the person and the needs of the society. CATHOLIC BISHOPS’ CONFERENCE OF INDIA (CBCI) 2. To ensure promotive, preventive, CBCI office for Health care was curative and rehabilitative health care established in 1989 to function as a coordinating body of all the health to all (particularly to the poor and the related organisations of the Church in India. This office is the forum for marginalised through their discussing various vital issues of national importance related to empowerment). health and for planning common action. The office is to inspire and 3. To engage in social mobilization of the community by creating awareness on rights, duties and responsibilities.

NECHA BULLETIN CATHOLIC HEALTH ASSOCIATION OF NORTH EASTERN COMMUNITY INDIA (CHAI) HEALTH ASSOCIATION (NECHA) Catholic Health Association North Eastern Community (CHAI) was founded by Rev. Sr. Dr. Health Association (NECHA) is a Mary Glowrey in 1943. It was Catholic Association specialized in registered as Catholic Hospital Community Health and Community Association of India and later the Organizing activities. NECHA was name was changed into Catholic founded by Fr. George Health Association of India (CHAI). Kandathinkara (Fr. K. C. George) of The aim of the founder Sr. Dr. Mary the Diocese of Imphal together Glowrey was to have a forum for the with the Heath Coordinators of 7 Catholic Doctors to come together dioceses of the North Eastern for discussions, deliberations and Region and Registered into an planning for effective Health Association in 1986. Later NECHA Services. was affiliated to the Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI) and Following the Alma Atta function as a Regional unit of CHAI. declaration, \"Health for All\" CHAI ACTIVITIES upholds its commitment \"Health for The main activity of NECHA is to reach out to the unreached, All\". CHAI has over 3500 especially in the rural communities (villages) of the North Eastern Institutional membership, Region, through its Members and Member Institutions. comprising Hospitals, Health NECHA aims at making the Centres, Dispensaries and Wellness people aware of their rights and duties and enabling them to be Centres. responsible for their health and development, through a process of CHAI's extensive network Community Health and Community comprising of 11 Regional Units, Organizing. about 1000 Sister Doctors, 25000 Sister Nurses and about 10000 plus para professionals effectively reach out to the needy and the poor across all the States of the Country.

NECHA BULLETIN NECHA looks for new ideas to MISSION OF NECHA be more effective in taking Community Health to the people. “Empowering and enabling” the poor (Luke 4: 18-22) to take IMPORTANCE responsibility for their health and development through a process of NECHA gives importance to community health and community Curative Health activities through organizing. Hospitals, Wellness Centres, Doctors, Nurses, Health Workers and “Collaboration” with all the Traditional Practitioners. NECHA ongoing health activities and all the encourages all sorts of Preventive Organizations in the Dioceses and Health Education and activities. The Parishes. main thrust of NECHA is Promotion of Health, i.e. enabling the people COMMON AILMENT AND COMMON themselves to be responsible for REMEDIES their Health and death control, especially (child mortality) in the INDIESTION communities. Causes: Overeating, stale food, VISION OF NECHA contaminated food, adulterated food, high chemical content, weak NECHA shares the Vision and stomach, ulcer, stress, irregular Mission of Christ: Creation of eating habit etc. leadership and leaders in the communities, who will enable the REMEDY people to have life in its fullness (John 10:10), which is total health: 1. Drink by sipping very hot water. physical, mental, social, cultural and spiritual. 2. Warm up the stomach near fire, or with cloth dipped in boiling water and squeezed.

NECHA BULLETIN 3. Ayurvedic pills (Vayugulika). 4. How much and How to eat: eat what your body needs 4. Homeopathy - Nux Vomiea or and not the mind. When Arsenicum Alb or Brayonia. something is very tasty the mind may dictate to eat and even over 5. Eat Ginger, Pepper, Onion or eat. Do not cross the boundary. drink any Arishtam. 5. Always keep a strict balance HEALTH TIPS in your spiritual and physical food. 1. Your body is made of millions of living cells of different  NECHA Bulletin is for health quantity and quality. The cells grow, education of the people, nourish, increase and die. Keep up especially the youth. the quantity and quality of body cells.  We wish to circulate the Bulletin to all the villages in 2. Your health depends on the the North Eastern States. quality and quantity of nutrition which your cells get from your diet.  You may give the WhatsApp Hence, there is the need of balanced No. or Email ID of your people. diet. There is no substitute for balanced diet. Fr. K.C. George, Director, NECHA 3. Your health depends also Bhola Baba Path, House No. 2 on the quality and quantity of Six Mile, Khanapara spiritual nutrition you get, hence Guwahati - 781022, Assam. the need of spiritual nourishment Mobile: 9678224827 (0) through a balanced spiritual life. 8974008332 (P) Email: [email protected] Website:

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