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Pre List Kit - Leasing - Web V3

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We Take Care Of Your Investment Red Circle provides reliable care for your rental property giving you con dence and maximising your investment for the future.

Smarter InvestmentWe absolutely believe that property is the single greatest investment you couldmake. The future opportunities property provides for wealth creation, allows you tobuild a lifestyle that will be highly rewarding for both you and your family.Our knowledge and professionalism will provide you with an experience thatsecurely protects those valuable assets and maximizes their growth. Our attention tothe details and informative communication will ensure you are comfortable in themanagement we provide, which will hopefully leave you with a desire to confidentlyre-invest in the next property.

It’s all about you We believe that one of the most important elements in maximising your return is asking the right questions early in the process. Finding out everything we can about you and your property is paramount to understanding your goals and achieving the right outcome. We see every leasing and management as a team effort and working closelytogether is one of our key principles. From the outset, we will sit down with you and discuss your plans in detail to ensure that we leave nothing to chance.

First impressions count Quality tenants are very selective. When a tenant really connects to a property they will also connect a higher value to it. That’s why we believe in doing all we can to present your property perfectly.We look forward to sharing our ideas with you on presentation. One thing is for sure you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Now we open yourhome for inspection 24/7Red Circle Real Estate have been pioneers of real estate innovations. Today weoffer our clients the most powerful, high-impact internet marketing strategyavailable. We send out thousands of property alerts monthly, connectingqualified tenants to new listings.Special attention to online presentation and carefully targeted webmarketing makes your property stand out from the rest. It all adds up to morequality tenants and maximum returns.

Research & AdviceWe believe in sharing our information so that you can make aninformed decision at any point in the process. We study themarket and know the facts.After all, it is your property and you will be the one to make thebig decisions, that’s why you need an advisor... not just a rentcollector.

We don't want youto be left behindWe pride ourselves on providing innovative marketing ideascombined with leading edge technology. We are alwaystrying new things because we know that everyday we needto raise the bar just a little higher.

It's better to be a tall poppy It's amazing what happens when you focus on excellent outcomes for your clients. We are proud of what we have achieved and we look forward with excitement to the future. We have developed a most comprehensive property management and marketing system - all with one aim - to `make it happen’ for our clients.

It's not all about real estateIt's also about the relationships we have with our community. Participation in community events Involvement with local charities Sponsorship of local sporting clubs Regular donations & assistanceReal estate is more about people than property, so as well asdelivering superior results when you lease through Red Circle,we also like to give back to the community.

To maximise return, we needto leave no stone unturnedFor most people, an investment property is a large financial asset to take on.Maximising your return by minimising vacancies and attending to maintenance itemspromptly can save you many thousands of hard earned dollars, and that's a responsibility wedon't take lightly.Red Circle Real Estate has developed a property management system which aims to maximiseyour return. From the initial leasing process through to the ongoing management, our proce-dures ensure you will be kept fully informed of all matters relating to your property.

There are lots of long daysin an overnight successRed Circle Real Estate’s Portfolio Team work hard. We understand that there's no substitute for being dedicatedand in being so we deliver excellent client services. Utilising the best resources and marketing toolsgives us an advantage, but it's the commitment and experience of our people that hasenabled us to drive ahead.Our Strategic IntentRed Circle Real Estate is dedicated to providing real estate services to residential property holders. We are property advisors;not just agents and our clients and customers receive a structured service that is personalised to their real estate needs.Through systems innovation, we grow and expand our efforts while staying true to our values of being a Reliable, Ethical andDedicated company that supports our local community.

Elisa Miller Geraldine KleisterleeSenior Portfolio Advisor Portfolio AssociateSharynn Rohan Joan O’Flaherty Leasing Consultant Maintenance Co-ordinator

Testimonials Being new to property investment I was nervous and unsure about the whole process however the Elisa madeAt the time we were deciding on a property manager our the whole process very simple outlining each step alongmain concern was selecting an agency that cared. When the waywe met Elisa we found her to be upfront, easy going andfriendly at the time of presenting her services. “I felt very After purchasing my investment property through Red Circlecomfortable.” The property was leased with a quick and personally experiencing their high level of customer,turn-around and we know we are being looked after. communication and knowledge of the property market I had no hesitation in leasing my property through them. I would highlyWhat we like the most about the service was that Elisa followed recommend Red Circle to my family, friends and any newthrough with her promises, called regularly even if there was property investors!nothing to report. We receive lots of feedback. We got invited tothe first open. It is nice to know that good customer service still Catherine Websterexists and is normal. We also liked that they are local, easy to 72 Lynchs Road Illowacontact, easy to find and they have a good name.We absolutely recommend Red Circle to our family and friends.We are very happy! John & Bev Stutchbury 17 Patricks Lane, Warrnambool

What sets us apartDifferences Experience and Expertise Training and Improvement Maintenance Co-ordinator Mature Staff Weekly Team Training REIV Members Tenancy Manager Experienced Local Company Leasing Consultant Modern Systems & Technologies Well Over 25 Years Rental Receptionist Combined Experience Regular Attendance To & Administrator Real Estate Conferences Owner Directly Involved In Property Management Operations

Service guarantee01Signed 02 Inspections 03 Owner 04 Applications 05 Tenancy Authority Contact Approval Personal inspections You will be contacted uponPhotos, internet and rental arranged for prospective Contacted at least once a receipt of an application Appointment arrangedlist within 48 business tenants within 24 business week whilst the property is and you will make the nal within 24 hours for leasehours. hours of enquiry. available for lease. decision on whether the signing. You will be tenant is approved. noti ed immediately once leases are signed.14 Final 06 Condition Inspection Reports The nal inspection will Will be conducted both at be carried out within the beginning and the end 24 business hours of the of the tenancy - These tenant returning keys. reports are both written and photographic.13 Vacating 07 Rental Notice Statement You will be contacted Your rental statement will within 24 hours of the be either emailed or tenant giving notice to posted to you on the cycle vacate. Leasing instructions of your choice - weekly or and possible rental increase monthly. discussed. 08 Routine12 Lease 11Rental 10 09Maintenance Rental Inspections Renewal Arrears Reviews You are contacted before 2 days - SMS Message. Urgent maintenance Review the market rental Initial inspections are the lease expires to 3 days - Letter & SMS. attended within 24 hours. of the property and completed after 3 months determine your intentions. 4-6 days - SMS Message. Non urgent maintenance is recommend any increases and subsequently every 6 A new lease is prepared 7-14 days - Phone Calls. attended to in a timely fashion. both at the routine months with supplied and signed upon 10 days - Owner Contact. Access to professional and inspections and prior to report. You will receive a approval of both parties. 15 days - Notice to Vacate. reliable tradespeople. signing lease renewals. invitation to attend these.

P | 03 5562 2444 F | 03 5561 1444A | 174 Timor Street, Warrnambool E | [email protected]

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