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Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Development Agency • Published Quarterly • Year 8 Issue 32 • October-November-December 2019 TIME OF INNOVATION AND CHANGE FOR CITIES The digital revolution, which was initiated with Industry 4.0, started to be widely applied in city administrations with 'Smart City' applications. Smart cities use different types of information technology to collect data and then use insights gained from that data to manage assets, resources and services efficiently. Turkey unveiled a National Smart Cities Strategy and Action Plan for the next three years as it looks to catch up with technology for more manageable cities.

Bebka Haber in English SMART CITIES STRATEGY AND ACTION PLAN ANNOUNCED 'National Smart Cities Strategy and Action Plan' was introduced by Murat Kurum, Minister of Environment and Urban Planning. The plan consists of 8 main themes. Murat Kurum, Minister of Environment Australia. In this sense, this work will be “We will establish and implement policies, and Urban Planning, stated that they have a very important milestone in the history legislation, programmes and models for this. been carrying out very important activities of urbanism of our country. Secondly, all Now we will have smart city experts in our on smart cities at the introduction meeting our ministries, local governments, private country. We will plan and implement formal held for the “National Smart Cities Strat- sector, non-governmental organizations and and non-formal trainings with our universi- egy and Action Plan”. He said that they universities are participating as stakeholders ties on smart city specialties. We foresee that have identified a total of 40 actions in the in our action plan. Therefore, our work is a 10 thousand smart city experts are needed “National Smart Cities Strategy and Action National Strategy and Action Plan. Today in this area. We will train experts in many Plan” of which 26 are main and 14 are sub our circular on the dissemination of smart new fields from data scientists to software actions noting that they conducted surveys city policies in all public institutions was experts, artificial intelligence engineers to and analyses in 400 of the 1399 municipal- published in the Official Gazette with the robotic applications experts. ities and developed recommendations. He signature of our President Recep Tayyip The coming period will be a period when added: Erdoğan.” our cities will develop with smart city ap- “The action plan we will announce is the Murat Kurum explained that they will carry plications and our daily lives will be easier first National Smart City Strategy and out activities for the improvement of the with these applications and our cities will Action Plan of Turkey prepared in the qualifications of employees in the field of compete with the world cities. We will in- national level and the fourth in the world smart cities and increasing the employment crease our social and cultural efficiency on following the USA, the Netherlands and in this area and added: smart cities and build cities that live 24/7.” Here Is The 8 Theme Action Plan 1. National Network of Smart Cities will 4. Domestic and national smart city prod- our country by 2023 that will produce be established with city-specific smart ucts and services will be exported. Smart City Technologies. city strategies and road maps that will prioritize the urgent needs of cities. 5. With Smart City Mechanisms to be 7. Municipalities and entrepreneurs will established, service integrity will be be financially supported in smart city 2. Maturity level of cities will be deter- ensured and National Geographic Data transformation. mined with all components and provin- Standard will be determined by estab- cial Liveable City Index will be created. lishing a common language. Smart 8. The capacity of qualified human Data Bank of Turkey will be established. resources working in the field of smart 3. All projects will be integrated with cities will be increased. Smart City Smart City Applications and new smart 6. Smart Regions and R&D centres will be Expertise will be promoted. cities will be introduced to Turkey. established in 7 geographic regions in 2 BEBKANews 2019

SMART URBAN SOLUTIONS ARE DEVELOPING DAY BY DAY IN BURSA The projects implemented under the Department of Smart Urbanism and Innovation established within the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality for the first time in Turkey make life easier with applications in many different areas. Metropolitan Municipality, explained the fund obtained from the United Kingdom works, we will continue to produce projects activities of the department, which imple- worth 3.2 million Pounds. that have added value and reveal value ments many smart urbanization practices He said: for our people. BEBKA is a structure that that will be an example and role model to “We continue to be a pioneer in the services we see as a partner organization. We care Turkey, to BEBKA Haber. offered to our citizens with the fund by about the support of the Agency. We will The Mayor explained that there are many developing our service-oriented approach jointly conduct nice projects.” projects carried out within the department, “in the light of our national policies” to Muhammed Kürşat Gürsoy, Head of that domestic and national software has meet the needs of the era. Although it was Department of Smart Urbanism and been developed in the first place, that there established only 7 months ago, our Depart- Innovation, said they will establish a Smart are many funds which are ongoing and pur- ment of Smart Urbanism and Innovation Urbanism and Innovation Center with sued in this period and that very important has implemented many projects. With these the feasibility support they received from work will be implemented thanks to the BEBKA. A PIONEER AND EXAMPLE IN THE APPLICATION OF SMART URBANISM: TEPEBAŞI MUNICIPALITY Tepebaşı Municipality of Eskişehir has become one of the leading municipalities in Turkey in the field of “Smart Urbanism'. Tepebaşı Municipality successfully com- establishment of solar energy systems and Going through all these experiences has pleted the REMOURBAN - Regeneration installed a 95 KwA system on 1.5 acres for also been instructive. We support all local Model for Accelerating the Smart Urban 500 thousand TL. That is how our journey governments that ask for assistance, we Transformation Project for a period of began. Then we found out that within the inform them and we share what we know. 5 years (2015-2020), funded under the Horizon 2020 programme there was a call We are in the process of monitoring the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation for proposals on the smart cities. We decid- performance of the project where we have Programme of the European Union. Dt. ed to apply and after making our prepara- finished all our applications. The closing Ahmet Ataç, Mayor of Tepebaşı, gave tions we applied in 2014, our project was meeting of the project will be hosted by us information about the Project to BEBKA accepted by the European Commission and in Turkey. We are very close to the targets. Haber. He stated that the REMOURBAN was eligible for a grant. We started the pro- We have a commitment to save 63 per cent project emerged as a result of chain links ject in 2015. The REMOURBAN project is of carbon emissions and 53 per cent of en- and said “We started to work to create an almost the only implementation project in ergy in that region. The status of the study example in local governments with a num- Turkey that has started and finished under shows that we will meet the commitments. ber of ideas such as solar energy systems, the Horizon 2020 programme. The services We have savings of 633 thousand TL so far energy independence and cheapening provided in the “Life Village”, which was from electric buses and hybrid vehicles.” starting from our own service building. We implemented in order to support the partic- applied for the support of BEBKA for the ipation in social life, are cited as examples. 2019 BEBKANews 3

Bebka Haber in English TOWARDS NEW HORIZONS IN TEXTILES WITH TECHXTILE START-UP CHALLENGE TechXtile Start-Up Challenge event was held on October 22nd-23rd in Bursa by the Uludağ Textile Exporters' Association (UTİB) in cooperation with the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), Uludağ Apparel and Clothing Exporters' Association (UHKİB), Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Development Agency (BEBKA), Bursa Technology Coordination and R&D Center (BUTEKOM) and Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK). Mustafa Varank, Minister of increase in added value is very important. Pınar Taşdelen Engin, Chair- Industry and Technology, deliv- These events serve this purpose. The finalist woman of UTİB, said that ered his remarks at the opening entrepreneurs will surely put forward suc- a very important step was of the event where projects in cessful works in the coming days.” taken for the acquisition of the the fields such as informatics in innovative projects, that will textiles, innovative materials, strengthen the national and in- technical textiles, industry-spe- ternational competition of our cific applications, new produc- sector, into the entrepreneur- tion processes, environmental ship ecosystem thanks to the and sustainable areas competed TechXtile Start-Up Challenge with each other and said “This and added “All the dynamics program, which is realized with of our city came together the contribution of multiple for the TechXtile Start-Up stakeholders, will open the door Challenge, which we think will for innovative ideas to meet play an important role for the investors, efficient interaction sustainable development in the between companies and international part- textile sector. This event is a long-term and nerships. The textile sector is our pride in living process in which we will contribute employment and exports. We give signifi- our entrepreneurs to develop their ideas by cant support to move the sector further. The providing mentoring support.” 4 BEBKANews 2019

‘BURSA CAN BE THE CENTER OF START-UPS’ Ufuk Batum, Project Coordinator of TechXtile Start-Up Challenge and CEO of Ventures&Mentors League, stated that Bursa can collect the entire ecosystem that welcomes capital and wants to invest in start-ups looking for qualified jobs and technologies, and said “Bursa can be the center of domestic and foreign start-ups in entrepreneurship serving the world in textile and apparel.” Ufuk Batum added: tion channels... However, the good news is “Entrepreneurship is not a one-person that if these other social reinforcements, work, it is a team work. A core, strong abilities and skills are taken into account team with the right disciplines and ex- they can be developed within the ecosys- periences for 24/7. In other words, you tem. “Are entrepreneurs born or made?” are completely engaged with it. That I think entrepreneurs are made as long as is why, it is essential to accept to work the ecosystem can work dynamically and more. Entrepreneurship is also a mat- quickly and focused. We want commer- ter of passion. It requires being able to cialization in this program. We want to convince yourself, being able to motivate, move the added value of textiles further being able to motivate your team, being up even if it is slightly higher than the able to portray a future that keeps feet on added value of the exports of Turkey. For the ground when you face a client or an this reason, technical materials, technical investor. We know how to do, but we do textiles and higher value added fields are not know how to sell, how to market, how important for us. Now we have seen that to price and how to manage the distribu- there can be start-ups and young compa- nies that can produce it.” 2019 BEBKANews 5

Bebka Haber in English THE HEART OF AUTOMOTIVE BEATS IN BURSA The giants of the automotive industry met in Bursa at the Bursa Automotive Meetings hosted by Bursa Organized Industrial Zone (Bursa OSB) and supported by BEBKA. Hosted by the Bursa Organized Industrial which brought together more than 250 with significant gains from the event and Zone, under the auspices of the Ministry representatives of the automotive main and offered their thanks to Bursa OSB for the of Trade and the Ministry of Industry and sub industry companies from 35 countries. hospitality. The officials of the Bursa OSB Technology and in cooperation with the After the opening day seminars, Bursa Au- who evaluated the event stated that they Uludağ Automotive Industry Exporters’ tomotive Meetings continued for two days had the chance to show the world the power Association (OİB), Demirtaş Organized with bilateral business meetings and con- of Bursa in the automotive industry thanks Industrial Zone (DOSAB), Hasanağa cluded successfully. In the program, where to the second edition of the Automotive Organized Industrial Zone (HOSAB) and close to 6 thousand business meetings were Meetings, and that with this program, the Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Development Agen- held, participating companies had a great latest trends in the sector and new technolo- cy (BEBKA) “Automotive Meetings-Bursa” chance to develop valuable cooperations gies were shared among the companies and which was held for the second time this for the future. The foreign companies and ideas were exchanged. year took place successfully. New models, buyers who participated in the Automotive orders and trends and the latest situation of Meetings-Bursa expressed that they leave the sector were discussed at the giant event THE FUTURE OF THE TOURISM OF BURSA DISCUSSED IN DETAIL The “Bursa Tourism Promotion and Brand Strategy Informatory Meeting”, which was held under the auspices of the Governorship of Bursa with the coordination of Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Development Agency (BEBKA) and the cooperation of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, was hosted by Yakup Canbolat, the Governor of Bursa. Information was delivered about the latest manner. With this work, which will last ten and Brand Strategy” Study. Tourism travel situation regarding the study of the Bursa months, activities such as identifying target agencies and guides, executives of hotels Tourism Promotion and Brand Strategy markets, establishing the unique identity and restaurants, representatives of the and the activities to be carried out in the and communication strategy of the Bursa history, culture, health and thermal tourism coming period at the meeting and the brand and carrying out marketing activities got together at four different focus group opinions of the participants about the study for target markets are planned. meetings for the “Bursa Tourism Promotion were taken. The “Bursa Tourism Promotion and Brand Strategy” study. and Brand Strategy” Study aims to manage FOCUS GROUP MEETINGS BEGAN the tourism promotion activities of the Bur- Focus Group Meetings also started within sa province in a more planned and focused the scope of the “Bursa Tourism Promotion 6 BEBKANews 2019

SOUTH KOREAN FIRM SEEKS INVESTMENT IN BURSA The executives of Lotte Group, one of South Korea's largest companies operating in the tourism, chemistry, construction and food sectors worldwide, was informed about the investment opportunities in Bursa. The meeting was attended by Durmuş erating in tourism, chemistry, construction work, I hope that the negotiations will bring Ersin Erçin, the Ambassador of the Re- and food sectors worldwide, was initiated by good results for both our countries and public of Turkey to Seoul, Alinur Aktaş, Alinur Aktaş, the Mayor of Bursa, during Bursa as well as Lotte Group.” the Mayor of Bursa, İsmail Gerim, the his visit to South Korea with the help of After the statements of Alinur Aktaş, Erhan Secretary General of BEBKA, Ersin Yazıcı, our Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey Öztürk, Bursa Investment Support Office The President of GÜMTOB (Union- As- to Seoul. Bursa Metropolitan Municipal- Coordinator of BEBKA, gave informa- sociation of South Marmara Touristic ity Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who spoke at the tion about the investment opportunities Hoteliers and Operators), as well as the opening of the meeting and stated that he in Bursa. The company officials of Lotte officials of BEBKA and the Bursa Metro- was pleased to see the representatives of Group stated that they have been carrying politan Municipality. The first contact with the South Korean company in Bursa, said, out researches to enter the Turkish market the officials of Lotte Group, which is the “First of all, while thanking our distin- since 2015 and that Bursa offers very good fifth largest company in South Korea op- guished Ambassador for his support for our opportunities in terms of investment. R&D VISITS FOR COMPANIES The second technical study visit was In the scope of the study visit, first an intro- sections where the products developed by organized by the Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik ductory film was presented by TÜBİTAK TÜBİTAK MAM was visited and detailed Development Agency (BEBKA) in order MAM and then informatory presentations information about the products was given. to introduce the institute and laboratory were made by the executives about the insti- infrastructure of the TÜBİTAK Marmara tutes operating within the center. Later, the Research Center (MAM) to the companies located in Bursa, Eskişehir and Bilecik. Representatives of 16 companies locat- ed in the region and conducting R&D activities participated in the “R&D Visits – TÜBİTAK MAM Study Visit” of which the first was held last July where issues related to the development of sectoral cooperation were also discussed. 2019 BEBKANews 7

Bebka Haber in English THE DIFFERENCE OF BEBKA AT 4TH R&D INNOVATION SUMMIT The Architects & Engineers Group R&D region, technology transfer offices and the Innovation Summit and Expo, which was companies active in the technology devel- held for the fourth time under the auspices opment zones in addition to the vocational of the Ministry of Industry and Technol- high school projects. The vocational schools ogy, the Ministry of Energy and Natural of Bursa also took part at the BEBKA Resources and the Ministry of National booths. The stands of the participating Defense, was held on October 23rd-24th schools from Bursa attracted great interest at the Lütfi Kırdar Convention Center in and summit attendees were informed about İstanbul. the projects exhibited. The visitors showed much interest in the summit which also hosted conferences con- cerning R&D and innovation for two days. BEBKA was present at the summit with its booth consisting of the universities in the STAKEOLDERS CAME TOGETHER FOR THE UNIVERSITY NEEDS ANALYSIS Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Development Agency (BEBKA) continues its University Needs Analysis studies without slowing down. In the consultation meeting which was at- ‘Higher Education Strategy for the Prov- Higher Education Strategy: University tended by district governors, mayors, senior ince of Bursa: University Needs Analysis Needs Analysis Project” and gathered the directors of municipalities, presidents and Workshop’ in order to analyze the need for opinions and suggestions of the partici- representatives of NGOs, evaluations were a new university or universities in addition pants. In the second session of the work- made about the higher education institu- to the higher education institutions located shop, the participants were divided into tions in Bursa and the demands to be met in Bursa. focus groups according to their priorities were discussed in the event of opening of a After the opening speeches, the workshop and themes and conducted group activities. new university in Bursa. was held in two sessions and the experts On the other hand, BEBKA organized informed the participants about the “Bursa 8 BEBKANews 2019

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