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Ekata Manch Leaflet

Published by Dinesh Ardekar, 2021-07-14 06:21:02

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WSeerve.... Social Welfare Animal Welfare Civic issues Women Empowerment Seminars & Workshops Youth Development Programs Senior Citizens Program Environmental Issues Communal Harmony Education Medical Programs Child Welfare The Covid Pandemic

IStrongly believe that an educated, harmonious and healthy society is the basis of a better future AEbkoauttaManch Ajay Kaul Managing Trustee Founded by Mr. Ajay Kaul, a committed activist and a trust drives numerous programs, campaigns and rallies veteran educationist who has set unparalleled standards aimed at promoting communal harmony, animal welfare, with his work in the fields of education and social welfare. woman and youth empowerment to name a few. The agonizing events of the 1992-1993 communal riots had a lasting impact on Mr. Kaul. His resolve to make It is committed to serve all the members of the society a visible and positive difference to the society was the irrespective of their caste, creed or gender. ‘Not I, But We’ aborning of Ekata Manch. is the motto that drives the resilient efforts at Ekata Manch. It consistently networks and collaborates with like-minded This trust is registered with the Charity Commissioner activists, volunteers and organizations to serve better. Greater Mumbai under the Societies Registration Act 1860 and Public Trust Act 1950 and was established in Various initiatives like organizing medical camps and the year 1996. Since then it has endeavoured to serve the sponsoring major surgeries, social welfare efforts for the society by alleviating and empowering those in need. needy, civic programs for the local citizens, awareness programs for environmentalism & animal welfare, skill Ekata Manch strives to have a positive impact on the lives development and vocational courses, senior citizen of the underprivileged through its various endeavours. programs and programs for women & youth empowerment Driven by the values of benevolence and compassion, the are undertaken on a regular basis by Ekata Manch. Vision Values To transform our society into a caring, conscious At Ekata Manch, our endeavours revolves around 3 Ps – and compassionate place for all. People, Peace and Progress. Our values stem from creating an ideal society where people, can co-exist peacefully and Mission progress harmoniously, where a surge in any of the three categories isn’t at the cost of the other. Social development and integration of underprivileged individuals, groups, communities To recognize the importance of a balanced and a and social strata at large in the area. sustainable growth in our enduring efforts to instill these values in our society.

Social Welfare Past & Current Initiatives: • Implemented the ‘Roti BhajiYojana’ where approximately 100 people are fed on a daily basis. • Installed a ‘Community Fridge’ in Yari Road, Versova where fresh food is provided to the needy. • Installed borewells at Madh Island. • A ‘Langar’ (Food Distribution) is being run since last 16 years where approximately 1000 people are fed on a weekly basis. • Distribution of relief materials to the affected areas during natural calamities. 1. Deluge of 26th July 2005. 2. Earthquake at Bhuj. 3. Floods at Kerala, Kashmir and Maharashtra. 4. Covid Pandemic. • Seminars for co-operative housing societies on various social issues. • Provision of free ambulance services to the needy. Future Initiatives in the pipeline: • To organize awareness drives on health measures post Covid and vaccination. • To build a counselling centre for those adversely affected by the pandemic to promote mental health. • To create an ecosystem that provides relief, employment or self-employment opportunities for the financially distressed. Animal Welfare Past & Current Initiatives: • Donated INR 5 lakhs for feeding cattle and setting up borewells to The Mother Global Foundation trust led by Smt. Sindhu Tai Sakpal. • Donated INR 5 lakhs to IDA (In defence of Animals, Govandi) for providing medical facilities for animals. • Organised protest rallies to urge the government to amend the existing Animal Cruelty Act. • Providing basic amenities for the wellbeing of the stray animals on daily basis. • Initiating sterilization and vaccination drives for stray animals on a regular basis. • Maintaining a pet park at Yari road, Versova. • Managing the first ever stray puppies’ foster home at Lonavala. • Installed feeder points at different locations inLonavala. • Maintenance of an Animal Care Van at Lonavala. Future Initiatives in the pipeline: • Build a shelter home for stray animals. • Create awareness among people about animal welfare, including current issues and applicable laws. • Organize events for adoption of strays in India. • Create training centres for stray dogs and integrate them into mainstream security services in India. • Set up a sterilization centre for stray animals. • Build a cemetery for stray animals in the vicinity.

Civic issues Past & Current Initiatives: • Adopted and maintained ‘JanardanRamle BMC Garden’ for the citizens of the locality for 5 years. • Maintaining a Pet Park at Yari Road, Versova for pets. • Provision of free medical aid as well as carrying out sterilization and vaccination drives for stray animals . • Assisted BMC in providing Rebeulla vaccines in the area. • Assisted BMC doctors in K-West Ward jurisdiction to set up ‘Fever Clinics’ • Organization of awareness rallies on cleanliness, health & hygiene on a regular basis. • Covid Vaccination Centre started in association with BMC at Children Welfare Centre High School. Future Initiatives in the pipeline: • Initiate a campaign to spread awareness amongst citizens regarding importance of following traffic rules for enhanced road safety in the vicinity . • Initiate an Anti-noise pollution campaign to keep the noise pollution in check by discouraging rampant honking and enforcing timely limits on construction activities. • Adopt and maintain parks in the vicinity for the benefit of local citizens. Women Empowerment Past & Current Initiatives: • Regular self-defence workshops for girls (specially girls from slums). • Skill development and vocational courses like tailoring classes, computer training, mehendi and beautician courses, motor driving courses, etc. • Set up a Legal Aid Centre (to create awareness about fundamental rights, to provide a grievance redressal system for victims of domestic abuse or sexual harassment). • Provision of Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines. Future Initiatives in the pipeline: • Start an education sponsorship program for girls. • Organize awareness campaigns for women health and safety. • Provide entrepreneurship support through skill development and handholding programs. • Liaise with institutions and organizations in order to create employment opportunities for women. Seminars & Workshops Past & Current Initiatives: • Seminars on issues pertaining to co-operative housing societies. • Seminars relating to Taxation Laws and procedures to file IT returns. • Workshops aiming to educate members about the Right To Information (RTI) Act and the Right To Education (RTE) Act. • Programs to create awareness about the Medical facilities and health benefits or subsidies available under various Govt. schemes. Future Initiatives in the pipeline: • Seminars on the latest amendments to the direct or indirect (GST) taxation laws for enhanced compliance. • Workshops by professionals to educate local citizens about laws or government rules which could be advantageous to them. • Workshops on topics that would help co-operative housing societies like rain-water harvesting, garbage composting, etc.

Youth Development Programs Past & Current Initiatives: • Career guidance and counselling sessions. • Seminars & symposiums to provide information regarding various government schemes. • Promotion of sports by organizing of cricket & football tournaments. • Organisation of Talent Hunt Contests to help the youth explore their innate talents. • Organisation of Voting Awareness Rallies to urge the newly qualified young voters to cast their vote and exercise their democratic right. Future Initiatives in the pipeline: • Provide skilled vocational courses like Accounting and Auditing, Computer Application, Marketing and Sales, etc. • Personality Development Programs to groom candidates for jobs and help polish their communication and presentation skills. • Centre for IT based programs and courses to help develop IT skills. • Set up a drug rehabilitation centre. Senior Citizens Program Past & Current Initiatives: • Developed an engaging space for recreational activities to promote interaction between senior citizens. • Organized regular medical check ups. • Invited Police Personnel for talks on security measures for senior citizens. • Organized picnics and entertainment programs for senior citizens. Future Initiatives in the pipeline: • Build an old-age home for senior citizens. • Set up a care-facility for senior citizens who need round-the-clock support. • Organize awareness campaigns regarding various ailments like Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, etc. • Support senior citizens living without any income avenues. Environmental Issues Past & Current Initiatives: • Collection of plastic bottles and having them sent for recycling. • Beach Cleaning Drives along-with citizens in the locality. • Organizing awareness rallies and tree plantation drives with the theme of ‘Go Green’. • Organizing seminars and symposiums to promote segregation of wet and dry garbage. • Screening of Audio/Visual films in the society on the issue ‘Save Mangroves, Save Environment’. Future Initiatives in the pipeline: • Setting up a local plastic recycling collection point. • Undertake beach and ocean cleaning drives in the locality with a focus on stopping garbage and sewage pollution at source. • Increasing the tree coverage in Yari Road, Versova by planting trees and maintaining green areas.

Communal Harmony Past & Current Initiatives: • Promotion of peace and communal harmony in society by regularly organizing celebrations of all religious festivals in an inclusive atmosphere • Arranging street plays and one–act plays to spread the message of brotherhood and inculcate feelings of love and compassion within communities. • Organized ‘Peace Poster’ Contests for school children. • Organized ‘Cricket for Peace’ matches for the youth to spread the message of ‘Unity – Need of the Hour’. Future Initiatives in the pipeline: • Arrange annual sporting events like cricket, football and kabaddi tournaments based on the theme of ‘Peace & Unity’ . • Arrange activities like drama, dance or fancy dress competitions around the theme of ‘Unity in Diversity’ for school students. • Arrange activities for housing societies in the vicinity during festivals like Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Parsi New Year, etc to promote brotherhood among local citizens. • Arrange seminars for citizens to create awareness about ‘Fake News’ and unconfirmed forwards on social media platforms that could incite unrest in the community. Education Past & Current Initiatives: • Constructed a community hall for multipurpose use for mentally challenged children at Wai, Satara. • Constructed a Primary School at Waksai, Lonavala and subsequently handed over operations to Gram Panchayat Devgadh. • Donated a sum of INR 15 lakhs to Kalse Dhamapur Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Kalse Trust for purchasing school benches and furniture for underprivileged children. • Constructed washrooms for boys and girls, water tanks and shed (roof top) for a secondary school and Junior College at Andhari Village, Satara for the benefit of students from economically weaker section of the society. • Distribution of electronic equipment, uniforms, notebooks to schools in rural areas. Future Initiatives in the pipeline: • Set up a scholarship scheme for higher studies for deserving students from underprivileged backgrounds. • Set up a library with free membership to all students to encourage the habit of reading at an early age. • Set up a free career counselling centre to provide counselling to students to help them take appropriate steps towards their desired career goals.

Medical Programs Past & Current Initiatives: • Regular free medical camps for the underprivileged class of the society. • Regular dental and eye check-ups for children from slums. • Maintenance of a blood donation van wherein blood donation drive is conducted and free blood bottles are supplied to cancer and thalassemia patients. • Facilitation of 7500 free cataract operations (duly supported by Divya Jyoti Eye Clinic). • Provision of financial assistance to dialysis, cancer, heart patients and patients suffering from similar serious ailments. • A mega medical camp is set up annually on 14th April for the past 12 years. The camp sees approximately 150 doctors & over 2000 beneficiaries come under one roof. Future Initiatives in the pipeline: • Set up and maintain a free Dialysis Centre for dialysis patients. • Set up and maintain free Mohalla clinics (specially in the slum areas). • Provide financial assistance and support to underprivileged people suffering from life-threatening diseases. • Create a centre for the free disbursement of common OTC medicines to the needy. Child Welfare Past & Current Initiatives: • Regular organisation of ‘Fun & Fair Meet’ for street children. • Set up free coaching classes for children in the slums. • Distribution of notebooks and stationary to slum children. • Organised free field visits for slum children to Nehru Science Centre. • Provision of necessities to fulfil basic requirements of children in orphanages. Future Initiatives in the pipeline: • Set up a centre to provide nutritional meals on a daily basis for kids from slum areas. • Annual vaccination drives and medical camps for children. • Set up and maintain a foster home for children with no guardians and no income avenues. Efforts During The Covid Pandemic During unprecedented times of the Covid Pandemic, Ekata Manch stepped up in accordance with its motto of “We Serve.” Ekata Manch reached out to all sections of society that were affected by the deadly pandemic and the unforeseen circumstances. Whether it was patients in need of assistance or those whose livelihoods were affected, Ekata Manch stood by its brethren in distressing times. Initiatives undertaken during the first wave: • Distributed 5000 grocery packets at Versova, Andheri, Madh Island, Goregaon, Bandra, Lonavala & Mahabaleshwar. • Distributed 60,000 parcels of cooked food.

• Collection of over 300 blood bottles through a Blood Donation Drive; and distribution of the same to those in need. • Distribution of 2000 Medical kits in the slum areas. • Assisted the Police Department in filling migrants’ data entry forms. • Screened 2000 patients for coronavirus. • Distributed 2000 masks/gloves and 5000 bottles of homeopathic Arsenic Album medicines in the slum areas of K-West Ward. • Distributed 500 PPE kits to the local doctors. • Organized blood check up camps for the citizens . • Set up BMC Market at BMC plot during Covid pandemic. • ‘Fever Clinics’ were set up in different areas in the K-West Ward. When the country was hit by a sudden second wave of Covid-19, which was far more devastating and dangerous than the first, Ekata Manch rose to meet the challenges faced by the society. Initiatives undertaken during the second wave: • A drive to vaccinate people for Covid-19 was started by Ekata Manch in association with Criti Care Hospital; 500 people were vaccinated under this drive. • Collected and distributed 500 units of blood during the blood donation drive • Provided approximately 500 meals daily for Covid patients under home quarantine in the K-West Ward. • Supplied 300 food packets (lunch and dinner) for the attendants of the Covid patients and staff of Cooper Hospital on an ongoing basis. • Organized ‘Corona Mukt Samaaj’ theme based street plays across Mumbai to create awareness amongst citizens. Leaflets were distributed to the attendees with information regarding the symptoms of corona, precautions to be taken, numbers of helpline centres along-with a list of vaccination centres. • Distributed over 10,000 vapourizing steamers to the needy people in the slums of Jeevan Nagar, Veera Desai, Kaasam Nagar, Amboli, Kevin pada, Bandivli hill, Ramwadi at Azad Nagar, Siddharth colony, Mhada and also in various Co-operative Housing Societies in the K West Ward. • Set up 8 helpline centres in the area to assist Covid patients in getting hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, blood units, plasma and free ambulance services. • Provided free ambulance services to the Covid patients in the Versova constituency in association with Jeevandhar foundation. • Supplied ration kits to approximately 2000+ families in K West Ward. • Free oxygen concentrators and cylinders were provided to patients in need across Mumbai. • Vaccination Centre for Covid -19 started in association with BMC at CWC High School. CONTACT DETAILS DONATION DETAILS Bank : New India Co-Operative Bank Ltd. Ekata Manch Amit Nagar, Yari Road, Versova, Regd. Off. : Badshah Building, Tere Gally, Versova, Mumbai - 400 061. Andheri (West), Mumbai 400061. Account No.: 005330010003850 Admin. Off.: Children Welfare Centre, Yari Road, Versova, Andheri (West), Mumbai 400061. IFSC Code : NICB0000005 Tel. : +91 9888681111 All donations will be exempted under Section 80-G (AAA TE 0699 P / dated 29-04-2008) Email : [email protected] Website : @ekata_manch @Ekata Manch @ekatamanch.unity @weekatamanch

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