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OLPC Annual Report 2016

Published by gerald_morales, 2017-04-27 15:22:32

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2016 Annual Report A YEAR OF GROWTH 1

CONTENTS Message from the President 4 Vision and Mission 5 5 Core Principles 6 Support Strategy 7 What We Do 8 Our Projects 2016 9 Our Partners 2016 16 Contact 17 2

Thanks to You... More than 3 million laptops have been distributed to primary schools around the world 3

Message As President of One Laptop Per Child, I have had the opportunity to visit OLPC programs around the from the President world during the past several years. I have seen impressive results in schools, as we incorporate technological tools into the classroom and implement a permanent plan of professional development that together have guaranteed the sustainability of our program. We have brought the highest standards of educational quality of the 21st century to schools that were falling behind. These achievements have been possible thanks to the support of the Zamora Terán Foundation, and the hard work of a great team committed to the education and social and economic development of our countries. Our main objective is that all children in the world have equal opportunities to learn by providing them with the necessary tools to enable them to build their own competency-based knowledge and learning processes. We work to empower children to become agents of change in their community and in the world. Our organization, One Laptop Per Child, is driven by the firm belief that laptops have a unique ability to take advantage of a child’s innate curiosity and desire to learn, to develop critical thinking skills, and to foster a love of learning. To date, we have distributed more than 3 million laptops to elementary school children around the world and we continue to work to expand our program to the most remote places around the globe. Our successful programs begin with the planning of a large scale project, development of a strategy to deploy laptops, teacher training and engagement with the local communities. OLPC continues to seek out organizations interested in developing and implementing successful educational programs because our first commitment is to children. OLPC is motivated by the knowledge that a quality education is the foundation of prosperity in families and communities. The important work that One Laptop Per Child carries out in each country is made possible thanks to the dedication and generosity of a large number of organizations, volunteers and supporters. On behalf of the OLPC team, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you whose support has helped to educate and empower children around the world. I invite you to join our mission to build the future that every child deserves through the discovery and exploration of learning. Join us as we provide the love and dedication required to educate all children everywhere. Mr. Roberto Zamora - President of OLPC, Inc. and Roberto Zamora Ms. Maria Josefina Terán - President of Zamora Teran Foundation 4

In 2016, we worked with schools and communities in more than 60 countries to create positive, long-term change. We know that laptops have a unique ability to leverage children’s innate curiosity and desire to learn, to develop critical thinking skills, and to foster a life-long love of learning. Our Vision Our Mission We believe every child can become an agent We believe every child has the right to a quality education and a bright of change for social transformation and future. We know that children learn best when they are actively engaged in development through a quality education and exploration and collaboration. We know that laptops have a unique ability to the construction of meaningful knowledge. facilitate this type of engaged learning and in doing so, transform education. 5


Support Strategy The OLPC program is committed to sustainability. In each program, learning process, as well as providing professional development OLPC and its partner organization, the Zamora Teran Foundation opportunities to all parties involved in the OLPC program. (FZT), work to transfer knowledge and know-how to local teams in order to build local capacity and ensure the sustainability of each FZT has implemented an OLPC program involving more than program. We focus on seven key components: 45,200 children in Nicaragua and Honduras. It provides ongoing support services in Costa Rica in collaboration with the Quiros Tanzi Program Design Foundation, in Guatemala with Fondo Unido de Guatemala and Implementation and Logistics ALMO Foundation, and in the Dominican Republic in partnership with Barrick Pueblo Viejo. Teacher Training Our multidisciplinary teams work to identify and analyze the social, Maintenance and Technical Support economic and educational context to create a program tailored Monitoring and Evaluation to address the specific needs and desired outcomes of each community. With such knowledge and local context, OLPC and FZT Volunteer Program identify the key items required for a successful program that includes both social and educational transformation. Community Support and Development Our goal is to support the processes of program design and Each component concentrates on developing local capacity in order implementation. With more than ten years of experience in the to implement a long-term solution. field, OLPC is uniquely positioned as an expert in the integration of technology into the learning environment. OLPC now seeks to OLPC works with FZT to provide implementation services around share the knowledge that leads to a change in the schools and the world. FZT, a non-profit organization based in Nicaragua, has communities and to a stronger and more unified future. extensive expertise in successfully incorporating the laptop into the 7

What We Do Students: Teachers: School Principals: Parents: We create a space for We work with teachers to Principals take ownership We work closely with belonging that helps to strengthening skills, such of the vision of change, as parents. They receive develop: as: they assume active roles in training on different topics • Responsibility through the • Teamwork implementing the strategic as part of the development care and maintenance • Respect policy management features of a comprehensive and of the laptop as an defined by UNESCO. inclusive educational educational tool and • Communication Principals encourage new program. • Responsibility experiences for learning and • Student’s involvement improve their leadership in in and dedication to the • Creativity school management. learning process. • Problem Solving Abilities The OLPC Educational Program facilitates collaborative learning by transforming the role of students in the classroom. Students are encouraged to become teachers during exchanges of technological knowledge. With access to technology and ongoing opportunities for professional development, teachers can improve the quality of the content taught and improve their own professional knowledge and abilities. We work to empower teachers to implement new pedagogical strategies in the classroom, to overcome challenges and increase satisfaction with the quality of their work. 8


FZT Innovation Center What is the Innovation Center? The Innovation center is a space created by the Zamora Teran Foundation in Nicaragua dedicated to improving the quality of education through creativity in an effort to transform Inspiration communities. Leadership How was it created? Investigation Creativity The Agency for International Cooperation and Development in Genius Sustainability Nicaragua, in partnership with the Foundation for the Development of Science and Technology, provided the Collaboration funding and vision for the Center. These organizations also created the Experimentation and Free Software Development Passion Ideas Learning Center in 2015. Philosophy Experimentation We believe that in order to transform education, we must first strengthen teachers and communities. All of the projects at the Center focus on strengthening human talent to create low-cost solutions to complex situations. “Where effort and passion are Culture of Creativity the motors of transformation” The Center works with tech centers, universities, international organiza- tions and participants to create a culture of creativity. We provide individuals with the opportunity to create, access and improve projects as we work to strengthen our communities. 21st Century Learning Projects at the Center develop 21st Century skills in participating Cost-Effective Innovation children, teachers, parents and All initiatives at the Center are volunteers. We know that creativity, sustainable, scalable, and problem solving and critical relevant. Each program thinking skills are essential for involves the community in a success in today’s global economy. hands-on way. 10

2016 Results Marina Orth Foundation The Marina Orth Foundation is a Colombian- American organization with more than 10 years of experience in teaching language and student leadership skills to students in Colombia so that they can compete globally, regardless of their race, economic status or gender . The organization focuses on “learning by doing,” teacher training, and the inclusion of parents in the education of their children. They use computers as a way to empower creative energies in communities. The Foundation provides programming in Antioquia, where it supports educational institutions in Medellín and El Carmen de Viboral. The Foundation has provided more than 7000 XO Laptop computers to students and teachers and training to 462 teachers. More than 7,080 students in 11 communities have participated in this important program. 11

2016 Results Manuelita Foundation The Manuelita Foundation is a Colombian organization founded in 2014 with an emphasis on teaching technology, English and leadership skills to students. Its emphasis is to educate on a one to one basis, with a comprehensive model that leads teachers to enrich the learning environment using modern methodologies and technology, with the ultimate goal of developing life skills for students. The program works to create motivated and happy learners. The Foundation has delivered 240 XO Laptops to students in kindergarten through third grade and other equipment to students fourth grade and above, including teachers. The program has reached more than 670 students and 430 families. The program has a social component specifically designed for the whole family. The program “Educating One to One” is implemented in the city of Palmira Valle del Cauca and benefits the surrounding neighborhoods, including four educational institutions of Antonio Lizarazo. The pilot program began in Rosa Zárate de Peña. 12

2016 Results CENTRE DE CHIRURGIE ORTHOPEDIQUE ET DE REHABILITATION Saint Marie de Rilima One Laptop Per Child continues to expand its educational program in Africa. Thanks to a generous donation from the Nommontu Foundation, OLPC provided 27 OLPC Laptops to Centre de Chirurgie Orthopedique et de Rehabilitation Sainte Marie de Rilima, the top health care facility in Rwanda for children with health issues. The Center cares for approximately 70 children for three or more months while they receive treatment. With this donation, these children have access to education and technology during their stay in the Center. OLPC provides ongoing training and guidance to facilitators and children. The OLPC team continues to work closely with the staff in the Center, as we strive to guide the process of technology integration into the lives of these children who otherwise would have no opportunity to receive a formal education or learn to use technology while they receive care at the Center. The children are delighted with this opportunity to learn and use technology to create and experiment. These children are truly a model of hope for their parents, community, nation and the world. 13

2016 Results Fundación Gente Unida: A People United IIn 1992, Father Jorge Villalobos Ortega, a Mexican priest, arrived in the city of Medellin, Antioquia. Beyond the beauty of the mountains, he could see belts of poverty surrounding the city. He asked a group of young people to whom he lectured on human values: Why are we indifferent to the situation of poverty and violence in Medellin? In response, the group began to visit the surrounding community in order to experience its reality. Local residents had an opportunity to share their dreams and ideals with the group. In 1993, the group opened an educational room and 33 children came to receive an education. It became clear to Father Villalobos that the community needed education and training in order to have a better future. A People United and Youth for Peace Foundation The group formed a People United and Youth for Peace Foundation, a non-governmental organization dedicated to providing education, training and protection to vulnerable children and young people. The Foundation provides resources, training and social responsibility education in order to improve the quality of life in the community. At present, 1399 XO Laptops are being used in the educational centers. The educational component is supported by the Marina Orth Foundation. 14

OLPC in the News OLPC participated in the 2016 OLPC and FZT were Gartner Symposium & ITExpo, honored with a D&AD an important gathering of IT Impact Award for Education leaders and executives from all during 2016 Advertising over the world. OLPC participated Week. The awards honor as a charitable organization transformative ideas that and had the opportunity to have a positive impact on interact with- and secure society and contribute to a support from- leaders across better, more sustainable the industry. OLPC is grateful to future for all. Gartner for its continued support! OLPC partnered with Omaze to offer a chance to meet Antoine FZT completed the second stage of digitalizing islands in Latin Griezmann and the Atletico de Madrid team at the #Derby! America as it provided computers and the OLPC educational The winner flew to Madrid and stayed in a 4-star hotel. The program to Corn Island and Little Corn Island. winner received a jersey signed by Griezmann, walked on the field before the match against FC Real Madrid and watched The program has expanded to include 347 students and four the game from the president’s suite. teachers on Little Corn Island, thanks to a generous donation from Lafise, La Costeña and Harry Hole Stifelsen. 15

MoneyGram, a global provider of innovative money transfer services, continues to support the OLPC educational program. This past year, it donated 300 XO Laptops to Nicaraguan students in the city of Chinandega. We are grateful for the continued support of MoneyGram and the MoneyGram Foundation. 16

Deutsche Borse AG The Brain Ratner Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Brian Ratner Omar Family Charitable Fund Thank you Mostafa Family Charitable Lead Trust Schatz Family Foundation, Omar Family Charitable Fund Robert D. Schatz Trustee, to our Louis & Mary Kay Smith Family Foundation Inc. Wagner Family Charitable Trust Fund Lisa G. Schatz Trustee Short Films, Long Lasting Effects Partners 2016 The Nommontu Foundation Inc. Owen Foundation 17

Contacts: /olpc Email: [email protected] /one.laptop.per.child Web: Blog: /onelaptopperchild/ /groups/41936 One Laptop per Child (OLPC- is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization. All donations to OLPC are tax-deductible to the donor. OLPC, Inc. 200 South Biscayne Blvd, Suite 3550 Miami, Florida 33131 Phone: (305) 374-6001 Fax: (305) 374-1374 18

Thank you OLPC, Inc. 200 South Biscayne Blvd, Suite 3550 Miami, Florida 33131 Phone: (305) 374-6001 Fax: (305) 374-1374 19

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