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News UPdate 2017

Published by NewsUPdate, 2017-06-29 10:24:22

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Del Prado News Update NEWSLETTER DATE SUMMER 2017 Most of our OM Team at the celebration; we’ve grown a lot in the last 4 years. PRAISE  Thanks for money sent in for car repairs  Great celebration of OM! CELEBRATING OM MINISTRIES 60/15 YEARS PRAYER  For Etienne & Aaron to Thanking God for His ond with Christians It was great being able pass their driving tests faithfulness in 60 years around Ireland that to spend time with and get jobs around the world and came for a family day people who support  For God to work 15 years in Ireland! at Lacken House, and OM Ireland through through the Impact Ire- third in Dublin for prayer, financially or land outreach We had 3 days of cele- those in that area. We by delivering the mail, brating: first with our  For a new to us car were privileged to fixing our cars, teach- local suppliers and  For our finances neighbours having have Lawrence Tong, ing our kids or just by neigh- good being our International Di-  For Brenda’s health tours, a Brazilian BBQ rector speaking at all bours. issues and Irish music; sec- three days.  For houses for our 2 dutchies SUMMER PLANS, PLAN B We will not be able to to have his on July any funds towards it. SUPPORT ADDRESS: Email: go to the US for home 13th (please pray), but This means we can be assignment this sum- Aaron still hasn’t got a [email protected] involved in Impact mer for several rea- date for his. 2. The [email protected] sons. 1. The boys are boys need to get jobs. Ireland instead! still waiting to have 3. But mostly because their driving test. we can’t afford to go Etienne is scheduled and we didn’t receive

DEL PRADO NEWS UPDATE PAGE 2 IMPACT IRELAND We are excited for another We will be working in a hous- year of Impact Ireland and ing estate (mostly settled trav- being able to work with our elers living there) doing practi- church in Ballinasloe. Brenda cal work (Love in Action) and and hopefully the boys will be a kids club in their park. We with the team made up of also hope to visit a nursing Nap looking for different flags on Ray’s coat at the book table. church members, 3 boys who home, do door to door and have been on an Immersion cook a meal for the local the Lord. Pray for Nap on the team down in Fermoy and a homeless in town. catering team & the travelling guy from the Netherlands and Please pray for this, we really team, visiting all 6 locations a couple from Northern Ire- where we have teams. land. want to see people come to In 2011, Ballinasloe’s population was 6,659. Almost 1/6 spoke another language other than Irish or English at home and of them 274 couldn’t speak English well or at all. BIG RED BUS JUNE TOUR The Big Red Bus team went and understand the message travel. to 16 schools this month of the show. That God bringing puppets, games and would continue to reveal Pray for the team to recover crafts featuring the story of Himself and be glorified from the tour and be ready for Jonah. through the tour and team’s Impact Ireland and for the 2 unity and attitude. leaving Ireland after Impact. Please pray that the 715 chil- dren & their teachers would Pray for finances to cover remember what they heard the cost of the craft and

SUMMER 2017 PAGE 3 ALL HANDS ON DECK One of the best parts of being on an OM team is being a team and working togeth- er. From landscap- ing, fixing the car park, washing win- dows, and cleaning toilets; everyone did a great job and worked joyfully. What a great group! Brenda was in charge of the cleaning of the marquee & buildings for the 60/15 celebrations. CARS Sorry, this isn’t about Light- have needed more repairs can email us for our bank ac- ning McQueen. This is about with one or both being in for count number. This would our cars. Some of you re- repairs almost the whole time. not be tax deductable as it ceived emails about our car I get the feeling God is trying would be for our personal car. needing lots of work to pass to tell us we need to get a new We anticipate for a decent car it’s road worthy test. Thank car. Frankly, we don’t have it will cost about €10000- you for praying and giving for the money for it and OM 14000 or around $11000- the repairs. It finally passed! doesn’t pay for it. So if the 15600. Please pray about Lord is prompting you, you this. Since then both of our cars In 2011 the unemployment rate was 27.3% in Ballinasloe compared to 19% for Ireland. FINANCE Finance isn’t some- Due to a change in support given should thing we like to talk how we pay tax here, cover it. Thanks. about, so we will keep we have a shortfall of Ok that’s all. it short. about €3000 for last year & this year’s tax. Can you pray that God will raise all the We also ended last funds we need for our year in a deficit, so an monthly support. increase in monthly

OM Ireland Lacken House Phone: +353 90 662 3964 WWW.OM.ORG Home phone: +353 90 /IE/EN Rahara Co Roscommon 662 4438 Ireland E-mail: [email protected] [email protected] I wanted to say thank you so much for all your prayers and love and finance you give. I also wanted to take this time to catch you up on our family. Aaron has finished with his exams and has to wait till mid August for the results. He hopes to attend Athlone Institue of Technology doing an Animation course starting this September. In the meantime he needs a job to pay for transport for the school (costs about €50/week) and to cover costs for him to attend TeenStreet (he needs about €300 for his ticket & train). By the way, if any of you want to support Aaron for his TeenStreet, you can send a cheque to OM Ireland at the address above & designate it is for Aaron DelPrado’s TeenStreet payment. Etienne also needs a job to pay for his room and board for college in January. He hopes to return to Waterford and continue the Horticulture course. We would appreciate prayers for both of them as jobs are very hard to get here in Rural Ireland. Brenda recently found out she has high cholesterol & blood pressure and has just started medication for it. Please pray she can lose weight to help get her blood pressure under control. Nap is doing well and is having a Birthday next week. He doesn’t seem almost 62! Overall we are feeling thankful for what God is doing and are trusting Him for our needs. We serve a great God! HOUSES NEEDED Part of Brenda’s role is to help have been part of our team for your prayers for this as it’s new team members find hous- awhile who are both going to really a miracle to find places es when they arrive. need new accommodation that would be suitable and af- soon. The first, a Dutch guy, fordable for them in these are- We have 2 individuals who needs to find somewhere new as. to live in Dublin. Currently he is house sitting for a mis- Last time we asked for prayer for houses, God provided sionary who comes back in them within the week. So we September. There’s also a Dutch girl who need to find a know prayer works. place to live close to Athlone Thanks so much, we really at the latest in mid July. appreciate you. We would really appreciate

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