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CMA _ Newsletter (December 2021)

Published by Sujatha S, 2022-01-13 06:03:01

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CMA DIGEST December 2021, Issue - 65 Volume 18 25.12.1947 CMA PAYS TRIBUTE TO 14.12.2021 C.R. SWAMINATHAN Our Past President Former Chief Executive of PSG Institutions COIMBATORE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION Page 01

CMA DIGEST COIMBATORE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION A Tribute to my Mentor I rst met Mr.CR Swaminathan in the year 1984 when I was called issues regarding shortage of funds, he was always there to support for an MBA interview at PSG College of Technology. Little did I them. This way no association turned sick for want of funds in know then, this person would make a lasting impact in my life. I Coimbatore. started interacting with him regularly once I completed my graduation and started working in our family business. He took Personally, he was a mentor to me and a well wisher of our business. pains to invite me to a couple of programs way back in late 80's so Whenever we started a new project, he took the efforts of calling that I could get exposure to the real world of business. This is an and checking on the prices of equipment I had approved. He would admirable quality that stayed with him forever. Even in October this then use his connections to get the best offer which was much year, he had invited Mr.Sridhar Vembu of Zoho to his farmhouse to better than what we had already nalised. I'm sure he did this address few of us, and again, I could see a lot of new generation favour to everyone who was associated with him. Few people in entrepreneurs, in the gathering, who had just joined business. No this world would care about others growth but CRS was very one to my knowledge has done so much to the youth of our city. He particular that friends around him should prosper. He took extra hardly gave any advice to anyone in words. But seeing him, efforts to ensure this. listening to him, and observing the ways he dealt with issues gave a lot of insight to people who closely interacted with him. CRS was a great host. I've been fortunate to experience his warm hospitality on many occasions at his home. He always served In the year 2004 when I was turning 40 and completing my stint in excellent food and ensured that we were comfortable. Even when Round Table, I got a call from him. Whenever we get a call from we visited events outside town, he was very particular that all of us him, many of us knew, it would be something to do with were looked after well. He would travel that extra mile to bring a responsibilities in a public ofce. He, in his own inimitable style told big smile on our faces. that I should take over as Vice Chairman of CII Coimbatore Zone and later as Chairman. I was taken by surprise. Till then I was neither I've not come across anyone who was comfortable in interacting involved in activities of CII nor taken up any responsibility in the with both young and the mighty equally. First minute he would be association. I tried telling him exactly that, but he was in no mood speaking over phone to a union minister on issues concerning our to listen. He insisted it would be a learning curve and I will be ready city infrastructure or business, the next minute we can see him in a year's time to take up the mantle of chairmanship. chatting happily with a rst year UG student with aplomb. This made him quite popular among students and young This opportunity paved way for me to take up responsibilities in entrepreneurs' community. other leading industrial associations and social groups. For every other person who took up responsibility in any of the leading At this juncture I would like to recall his immense contribution in his associations or social clubs, the credit goes to him as the nal capacities as Secretary ( 1994- 96) & President ( 1996-98) of CMA nudge came from him. He had the knack of spotting and nurturing towards professional development in Coimbatore. talent whenever he sees one. Our city has produced some outstanding leaders, thanks to this unique capability of CRS. I can go on and on about him, his nature, care for others, achievements and most importantly being there when we wanted He always dreamt on mega projects and rmly believed nothing is him the most. His absence is being felt by the entire city and it impossible, however big the budget was. He was instrumental in would take years to come out of this grief. getting many associations their own ofce space and meeting rooms. He was our fundraiser-in-chief who took the burden of There is no one like CRS. God, we miss him terribly. collecting huge amount of funds to create these infrastructures and world class industrial parks. Whenever any association had Jayakumar Ramdass Page 02

CMA DIGEST COIMBATORE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION CRS ANNA, The one who belonged to All And All belong to More Human than the most Whose Life was more than his Aptly known as CRS Care & Concern For People & Cause Cheerfulness apart Righteous & Respectful, Always and at All Times To Everyone who came across Readiness apart Selfless Soulmate, To Many, beyond Family & Friends Sincerity apart The one Who belonged to All And All belong to He Will never be missed As his enriched spirit and entrenched guidance Are more than Legacy That's not left behind but to Look Forward to A Gentleman known for Love & Laughter Drive & Dedication Humility & Hospitality Nicety & Zeal… Whose Thoughts will remain Afresh Forever and For Everyone As the effervescent smile says. \"See You\" and Never \"Good Bye” Dr. Nithyanandan Devaraaj Page 03

CMA DIGEST COIMBATORE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION CRS (C R Swaminathan) a dynamic personality who truly lived his life fully. I had the great opportunity to be introduced to CRS (as he very made sense in doing so, he would go out of the way to do sometime. fondly called and known so popularly) by my predecessor in my He feared none and was bold to make initiatives that could make organization@Coimbatore, once at a remote location in Mudumalai impact on any activities that was looked upon by many. Forest while we were on our retreat, with our small staff group for a weekend in the early 90's. I was told that he loves wild life and he He was a mentor and guide to many institutions and associations, to wanted to join us at that time. That instance, sparked my long term name a few like CII, CMA, CODISSIA, SIEMA, IIFM, etc. He always relationship with him, while I realized I could pick up conversation on supported in identifying the apt ofce bearers to be nominated to any topics with him in my very rst rendezvous with him. He was so the various positions, every time, when the need arose. That way, he knowledgeable on so many subjects. He was uent and versatile. He was in full knowledge of all the activities happening at these various never feared to interact. At the same time he was so friendly with all Institutions /associations, which gave him a wide spectrum to work of us who were in different age levels and also with the small children upon. This was besides his main occupation as a CEO of a huge of ours, who were also with us. He made it a point to interact with educational Institution, which he headed for a long time with utter everyone in our gathering. And could converse so easily based on devotion and dedication. He was all the time thinking, dreaming, each one's prole. That was his greatest strength, to be affable and living with a great passion to keep this institution at a great height easily approachable. and ensured it reached its pinnacle, while he was there. My journey started then and continued for almost 14-15 years there Finally, all that I can say and describe about this wonderful person in on, while I was invited by him to join him for lunch on almost every simple terms are as quoted by the noted writer or motivator Robin Wednesday, at his ofce. That was my greatest privilege & I deemed Sharma - \"When you nourish your own mind and your own spirit, to have availed a humungous opportunity to learn so much from you are really feeding the Soul of Life. When you are improving him, from then on. I ensured I never missed any Wednesdays, to the your-self, you are improving the lives of all those around you. extent possible. It was a great journey I endured to observe, closely And when you have the courage to advance confidently in the watch on how he interacted with each person whom he crossed or direction of your dreams, you begin to draw upon the power of approached him. To see how he listened carefully to each one of the Universe.\" them and instantly came out with suggestion or solutions or directions. He was a great Counselor to many. He was too good to This describes him fully in its true spirit in my words and opinion. I ensure he met their purpose when they met him. His networking was cherished my close association with him right through and he knew too good across the country, be it with politicians or corporate my family so well and was always concerned on my endeavor as a leaders or any popular personalities from various vocations or single parent for my children. I am glad he saw them all settled. He professions. It could be even art and music. If it requires anything to said he was so happy on that note, while I met him few days ago at his be conveyed to solve an issue of someone, he would instantly home, before his last came. connect to make that effort to solve then and then, the issue on hand. He always desisted postponing any decision making or solving an S. Ramesh Kumar, issue. He was ever ready to help anyone if it was possible within his means and reasonable enough to support. And also if it essentially Former President, CMA Management Quiz 1. Which Company is the exclusive licensee of Jockey in India? 2. Under which brand name, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) sells trucks and buses in India? 3. Name a few players in Online meat segment 4. What is Sehat Sathi app all about? 5. Who is the major competitor to Oyo? 6. Name a few acquisitions of Good Glamm Group (formerly known as MyGlamm) ?7. What are all the components going into Global Hunger Index? 8. Name the ultra-premium grocery category superstore from Reliance Retail For answers see page 12 Page 04

CMA DIGEST COIMBATORE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION Business Partnerships Beyond Families Coimbatore Management Association organized \"Business Ÿ Faith among the three partners. Partnerships Beyond Families- Series III\" at DJ Academy for Ÿ Never display your wealth/ business worth. Managerial Excellence. Ÿ Never believe in status show off - product quality speaks of Coimbatore Management Association has been organizing a series status but not materialistic things. of sessions titled \"Business Partnerships Beyond Families\" featuring Ÿ Never get perturbed by ups and downs in business. successful companies which do not have family members as Ÿ Employees should not be treated as Employees. They are partners. Third session was hosted by DJ Academy for Managerial Excellence on December 11, 2021. Mr. Harish B. Vagadia, partners in progress. Director & Mr.G.Kaleeswaran, Director, MM Engineers Private Limited, Coimbatore participated in the event. Regarding Human Relations, Mr. Vagadia said, \"We are in this business now not for us to make money, but for the sake of 200 The Directors shared their experience of running a company families. That's the kind of Human relationship we maintain\". successfully for 40+ years without any conict between the three partners. Dr Nithyanandan Devaraaj, Secretary, Coimbatore Management Association summed up the event & moderated the Q&A session. Dr. A.G.V. Narayanan, Director, D.J.Academy for Managerial Excellence delivered the welcome address while setting the stage Questions were raised on Exit strategy, Culture of Innovation for the session. Dr. Narayanan in his address mentioned a few adopted in the company, Startup opportunities in IoT & reasons for the failure of partnerships, the rst and foremost reason Automation. being \"Mixing personal relationship with business.\" Mr. Harish Vagadia started the session talking about their friendship which Mr. Harish later inaugurated the Student Chapter of CMA at DJ started about 60 years ago. Academy for Managerial Excellence. Dr. Nithyanandan Devaraj, Secretary , CMA delivered vote of thanks. Students and Faculty Excerpts from Mr. Harish's brief account on the success of MM members from DJ Academy & CMA members participated in the Engineers Private Limited. event. Ÿ Right from the beginning, the Partners never had a thought About MM Engineers that they own the company but considered themselves as MM Engineers Private Limited is a leading Material Handling employees. Equipment Manufacturer in South India, committed to work with Ÿ Tolerate mistakes of other partners and respect their opinions. International Standards through, \"CONTINUOUS INNOVATION Ÿ Never involve family in business decisions. IN CRANE TECHNOLOGY\" by providing solutions to the Ÿ Never encourage family members to be their suppliers or customer's material handling requirements through team work. vendors or any other Stakeholders. Ÿ Clear demarcation of line of activity in business for each MM is the rst Crane Builder in Coimbatore with its own design in partner. the eld of Material Handling equipment. Page 05

CMA DIGEST COIMBATORE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION REPORT ON INDUSTRIAL VISIT TO OPEL & PROPEL INDUSTRIES ON 15.12.2021 CMA has proposed to organise Industrial Visits for its MC Members interactive session. The evolution of the organisations in their as well as for the faculty of member institutes, with an objective to sector, future prospects, product placements, brand extension, make MC members very familiar with the latest and novel productivity in post-covid scenario, motivating the human Management Practices currently in force in reputed organisations, resources were some of the signicant areas where the discussions and for the faculty to understand real time management concepts, have gone around. so as to simulate the same in their class rooms for better learning of the budding managers. Knowledge enrichment on the real time management practices was the takeaway for all the delegates. CMA has even offered to the In that process, the very rst visit was organised on 15.12.2021 to organisations to provide expert sessions to their employees and to M/s. Orientals Plants and Equipments P Ltd and M/s.PROPEL have more interactive sessions in future, which was wholeheartedly Industries P Ltd, Coimbatore. Around 15 members from MC and welcomed by them. A special word of thanks to Mr. A. R. Member Institutes participated in the program. Both the Company Lakshmanen , Head- Training & Development, Propel Industries ofcials were very kind enough to take CMA delegates through a also an MC Member, CMA. detailed shop oor tour and subsequently had an elaborated “If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.” – Steve Jobs Page 06

CMA DIGEST COIMBATORE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION Monday Musings – December 06, 2021 Education & Empowerment for unleashing Human potential Mr. Harish Rao, CEO, Abaque Group delivered a speech on Mr. Harish talked about the Wheel of “Education & Empowerment for unleashing Human potential” Life that includes Life assessment in during the Monday Musings session organized by Coimbatore terms of Relationship, Family, Management Association. Financial, Physical, Business/Career, Spiritual, Mental, and Lifestyle. He then mentioned about the tools to achieve better life- Mr. Harish started the session with a story of Mr. Jack Ma, Founder Commitment, Action, Follow FEP (Fast, Efcient & Protable) of Alibaba Group, who led an ordinary life and he stated that 97% principle & Set deadlines. The Speaker explained the Compound of the people live an ordinary life with no purpose. The Speaker Effect concept which increases the value by almost 200% which talked about the Law of Dharma that states every man is born with changes one's life phenomenally in a year's time. unique capability that helps the Universe be a better place He then talked about the Purpose of life & the means to live a purpose The session was very interactive with the Speaker narrating stories driven life. and involving the participants in performing few exercises. While talking about the steps to be followed, he emphasised the Mr. Jaykumar Ramdass, President – CMA, Dr. Nithyanandan following. Devaraaj, Secretary- CMA, MC members and students participated 1- Commit to lead a purpose driven life in the session. Dr. Prashant Nair, Joint Secretary- CMA moderated 2- Choose the purpose the session and gave the Welcome Address. Mr. Sreeraman Nandhi, 3-It's important to assess your life and priorities Student Chapter Coordinator- DJ academy for Managerial 4- Strengthen your life in a short term Excellence delivered Vote of Thanks. 5- Commence your journey Monday Musings – December 13, 2021 Fostering innovation at work place. Mr. Senthi Raj Jagadeesh, Head- HR, Bluekode Solutions further elaborated on the road blocks delivered a talk on 'Fostering innovation at work place' during the to innovation & the processes Monday Musings session organized by Coimbatore Management involved for innovation. Association. Mr. Senthil started off the session with late A.P.J. Abdul Ÿ Tolerate failure, not Kalam's quote “All of us do not have equal talent. But all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents”. incompetence Ÿ Instill the culture of He talked about skill gap analysis which would prevent professionals from becoming obsolete. While dening innovation, experimentation he said “ Innovation is not always doing great things, it's about Ÿ Experiment but be disciplined doing small things in a more effective and efcient manner.“ Ÿ Collaborate but create ownership “Innovation can be disruptive but it does not mean it need not be incremental”, he added.To foster innovation he suggested the Question & Answer session followed the talk with questions on following steps- Building a strong culture, Being open, Respect Indian way of innovation, difference between upgradation & for Ideas from others, Challenge the status quo innovation, and time taken by companies to take innovation to commercialization. Dr. Nithyanandan Devaraaj, Secretary – CMA, He talked about the steps to build a strong culture - the companies MC members, faculty members and students attended the session. should instill the entrepreneur spirit, follow customer- centric Mr. M.K.G. Anandkumar, MC member, delivered the welcome approach & honour innovative ideas with rewards. The Speaker speech and Mr. Sreeraman Nandhi, Student Chapter Coordinator, DJ Academy for Managerial Excellence moderated the session and proposed Vote of Thanks. Page 07

CMA DIGEST COIMBATORE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION Monday Musings – December 20, 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility- The Law, Environment & Implementation Mr. R.S.Krishnaswamy, Founder & Chief Patron, CSR Spark of Rs.1000 Crore, Net worth of delivered a talk on “Corporate Social Responsibility- The Law, Rs.500 Crore and a Net prot of Environment & Implementation” during the Monday Musings Rs.2 crore should constitute a CSR session conducted by Coimbatore Management Association.Mr. policy and take steps to implement Krishnaswamy dened CSR as Partnership & Convergence between the policy. The Act mentions the responsibilities, spend and Corporate Sector, Civil Society & Government. He talked about implementation of CSR funds. Responsible Business & Moral Capitalism which have replaced prot making motives of Businesses. The Speaker briey touched upon the CSR spend nation-wise and Tamil Nadu's spend, share& percentage. Excerpts of his talk As a Nation, Corporate India has spentRs. 24689 Crores during the Ÿ Intent of CSR law is to pay back to Society & Environment among year 2019-20 in which Companies in Tamil Nadu has contributed Rs. 1110 Crores (4.5% of National spend). Q&A session followed the all the Stake holders in Business which included Share Holders, presentation when questions related to categories of CSR Spend,and Employees, Government, Value Chain, Financial Institutions, Civil time limit were raised by participants. Mr. Krishnakumar, MC Rights Groups & Politicians. member, CMA gave the welcome address & Mr. Sivakumar Ÿ ABCD of CSR- A denotes Implementing agencies which can be Palaniappan, MC member proposed vote of thanks. The session was done directly or through civil society organisations, B denotes moderated by Dr. Prashant Nair, Joint Secretary, CMA. Ofce bearers Beneciaries, C is for Corporates and D stands for Drivers that including The President & Treasurer, MC members and students include Government, CSR Academia & Professionals. participated in the session. Ÿ Section 135 of Companies Act 2013 which states that any Company in the immediately preceding year having a turnover Monday Musings – December 27, 2021 400th CMA Monday Musings talk Coimbatore Management Association (CMA) celebrated a significant Ÿ Pursuing occurrent behaviour milestone with the 400th edition of its weekly thought leadership talk series helps in problem solving. titled 'Monday Musings' (MM). CMA MM has emerged as a flagship event of CMA running non-stop for over a decade. Perhaps no other Local Management Ÿ The smartest person is outside the Association (LMA) affiliated to AIMA can boast of such a long-standing boardroom, fresh ideas can come program. The 400th CMA MM was organized on 27th December, 2021. from anywhere outside / across the organisation. Dr Tapan K Panda, Professor& Director, NMIMS, Hyderabad spoke on 'Problem Solving and Art of Rethinking' during the session. Dr. Ÿ Good leaders need to have good story telling capabilities. Panda spoke about the means to develop problem solving skills which are vital and necessary for leaders. Dr. Panda gave a number of examples and narrated relevant stories which made the session very interesting. Q& A session followed the The six skills mentioned by Dr. Tapan Panda are as follows. talk when questions about problem solving capacity Vs Age and Ÿ Always be curious like a child, curiosity is essential to try new many other issues were raised. Mr. Jayakumar Ramdass, President CMA welcomed the gathering and talked about the history of ideas Coimbatore Management Association, origin of CMA and the Ÿ Never always look for perfection, being an imperfectionist founding principles. Dr. R.Nandagopal, Past President, CMA introduced the speaker. Dr. Nithyanandan Devaraaj, Secretary, gives courage to accept failure. Accept ambiguity. Having high CMA summed up the session and delivered vote of thanks. Ofce level of tolerance helps. bearers, MC Members and students participated in the session. Dr. Ÿ Always look at problems with 360 degree view like a dragon y, Prashant Nair, Joint Secretary, CMA moderated the session. that helps to look at problems from a different perspective Page 08

CMA DIGEST COIMBATORE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION Future of Work Automation: Robotic Process & Cognitive Automation Technologies Create a New-age, Intelligent Digital Worker Introduction future outcomes that can be used in decision making. RPA, Conversational AI and Machine Learning technologies are part of Automation of human work in the services industry has evolved the Intelligent or Cognitive Automation wave and they will largely dramatically over the last two decades. End User Computing (EUC) dene the future of work automation in the services industry. programs like spread sheet applications and macros scripting were used earlier to automate mundane and repetitive tasks like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) reformatting data. However EUC would work only with few applications and was limited in its ability to scale across multiple RPA refers to a software program, known as a bot, which can applications. Advancement in EUC technologies eventually made automate a business process and execute it from start to nish way for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology which without any manual intervention. The bot can replace a human seamlessly interacted with multiple applications, just like a human worker either partially or entirely depending on the nature and worker would do. RPA is very efcient in executing repetitive tasks extent to which a process can be automated. at scale but is limited in its ability to communicate with users, comprehend information and make decisions on its own. This gap The key business benets of RPA include faster turnaround time, was lled by Conversational AI and Machine Learning (ML). increase in data accuracy and cost savings resulting from employing fewer human workers. It was observed that when RPA is Conversational AI systems, also called Virtual Assistants, implemented at scale, it can deliver a return on investment in automated the communication with users, understood their approximately three to six months (Source: Accenture Research). queries and provided an appropriate response. Machine Learning RPA works best when a process is rule based and the data is techniques build models from historical data in order to predict available in a structured format. Page 09

CMA DIGEST COIMBATORE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION A RPA bot is different from the earlier software programs used for It is estimated that the global Conversational AI market size will automation like screen scraper, macros etc. in many ways: grow from USD 4.2 billion in 2019 to USD 15.7 billion by 2024, at a Ÿ it can be congured without any programming knowledge CAGR of 30.2% during 2019–2024 (Source: Research and Markets). Ÿ it interacts with the presentation layer of any application Ÿ it is highly scalable in terms of its ability to work with multiple Machine Learning applications and processes across the organization Machine Learning (ML) refers to a methodology of analysing data Ÿ it can scan a document (word, excel, pdf etc.) and read data by learning from the patterns and inter-linkages that exist in historical data. ML is a branch of AI where the underlying concept is from it using OCR (optical character recognition) and other that it is self-learning and has the ability to draw inferences and image processing techniques. predict outcomes on its own without any human intervention. ML Ÿ it can execute the process without anyone attending to it relies on training a pre-selected model with historical data and then using the model to generate the outcome for a new set of RPA adoption has signicantly grown over the last ve years across data. The benet of ML over classic statistics based model building several industries in the services sector. In 2016 the RPA market was is that it does not make any assumptions on the data and lends the sized at $250 million and is expected to grow to $2.9 Billion by 2021 data dictate the entire analysis. (Source: Forrester). Machine Learning is pervasive across data intensive industries. In Conversational AI 2017 the global machine learning market was around USD 1.58 billion and is expected to reach approximately USD 20.83 billion in Conversational AI refers to chat and voice based virtual assistants 2024, growing at a CAGR of 44.06% between 2017 and 2024 that automate the communication with users and create a (Source: Zion Market Research). personalized experience at scale. The chat based virtual assistants are called Chatbots and voice based virtual assistants are called Robotic Process and Cognitive Voicebots. Chatbots and Voicebots are powered by Natural Automation – New-age, Intelligent Language Understanding (NLU), Natural Language Processing Digital Worker (NLP), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) algorithms that can understand text or speech from a user, generate an Automation of work is evolving rapidly and technologies that once appropriate response and then share it with the user in the form of worked in silos can now be clubbed together to create a new-age, text or speech. intelligent digital worker (i.e., a bot) that can not only replicate human actions but also make decisions like a human. RPA, The business benet of a Conversational AI based virtual assistant is Conversational AI and Machine Learning can come together to that it can handle 1000s of queries at the same time, be available provide a comprehensive, no-touch, automation solution that will 24/7 and reduce the need for live customer support thus creating a overcome their individual limitations and enable the business to direct cost savings on employee salary, overhead, training etc. It also enhances the customer service experience resulting in a happy and satised customer. Page 10

CMA DIGEST COIMBATORE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION derive maximum benets from them. The intelligent digital worker coupled with RPA has created an intelligent digital worker with will use Conversational AI (Chatbot or Voicebot) to automate strong cognitive capabilities that can read data from unstructured interactions with the customer, RPA to automate all back-ofce documents and respond to non-standard business situations. processes like customer on-boarding, verication, email However adoption of robotic process and cognitive automation by communication etc. and Machine Learning to add cognitive the industry in still in its infancy and it will increase signicantly in capabilities in order to facilitate automated decision making the coming years. It is expected that these technologies will without any human intervention. continue to evolve as adoption increases and it will get closer to achieving its desired objective within the next two years. It has been observed that when AI technologies are combined with RPA, the market size of the opportunity is almost 13 times bigger Conclusion when compared to that of a stand-alone RPA solution (Source: Digital Workforce, Rob King). It is inevitable that automation of work in the services industry will move beyond data intensive tasks that are considered to be Intelligent Digital Worker is a work-in- routine, repetitive and mundane and increasingly involve progress cognitive, decision making tasks. Intelligent work automation is enabled by robotic process automation and cognitive automation The ultimate objective of robotic and cognitive automation is to technologies like Conversational AI and Machine Learning. The create an intelligent digital worker that becomes a reliable virtual success of work automation lies in the ability of the business to assistant and a trusted partner for a human worker. Future of harness these technologies and create an intelligent digital worker human work will involve active collaboration with a digital worker. that can execute tasks at light speed and at the same time process Advancement in Conversational AI and other AI, ML technologies, information, make decisions and communicate like a human. CMA - Upcoming Event AIMA - Upcoming Events COIMBATORE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION 07 Jan 2022 : Student Management Quiz, SMQ 2021-22 Proud to Present 18 Jan 2022 : AIMA & AICTE Present Brands of Kongu Region-2022 Capability Building Workshop on Case Co-Host: PSG Institute of Management Teaching & Writing 08th January 2022, Saturday 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm 18 Jan 2022 : AIMA Online training on Business Correspondence skills Zoom Meeting Link 21 Jan 2022 : 11th MSME Convention - MSMEs: Road to Meeting ID: 843 4669 6986 Passcode: 574093 Sustainable Development Jayakumar Ramdass N. KrishnaKumar Dr. Nithyanandan Devaraaj 24 Jan 2022 : 25th Student Management Games Online President Convenor Secretary 27 Jan 2022 : AIMA Online Training on Impactful Presentation skills for cracking Business deals 28 Jan 2022 : 6th National Competition for Managers (NCM 2022) 28 Jan 2022 : AIMA Online Training on Superior Communication skills for Persuading and Inuencing People Page 11

CMA DIGEST COIMBATORE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION ELDEC-SEL ENTERPRISES bathware, tiles & more #48, Brooke Bond Road, Coimbatore - 641 001. 0422 - 254 4389 0422 - 255 3595 [email protected] 1. Page Industries 2. BharatBenz 3. Licious, Meatigo, FreshToHome, Zappfresh and Tendercuts Quiz It is a B2B app is planning to digitize 25,000 medical stores in South India. It is integrated with Answers 4. a consumer facing app Aayu, which helps end users to search for medicines in the nearby area and get them delivered at their doorsteps. 5. Zostel 6. The Moms Co, Baby Chakra and PoPxo 7. Under-nourishment, child wasting, child stunting and child mortality 8. Freshpik Editorial Team D - Jayavarthanavelu Hall, Vidya Apartments, Dr. A.G.V. Narayanan | Mr. N. Krishna Kumar | Mr. K. Seetharam 60, Race Course, Coimbatore – 641 018 Ph : 0422 - 4504132 Dr. Prashant R. Nair | Mr. Sivakumar Palaniappan E-mail: [email protected] | Dr. Vandana Madhavkumar | Mrs. Sujatha S For Private Circulation only. Please send your suggestions and feedback to [email protected] Page 12

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