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One team Training PDF

Published by VodafoneTraining, 2022-02-21 22:03:40

Description: One team Training


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Welcome to Vodafone One Team

Course guidelines: Mobile phones on silent – or Today is about US – open turn it off if you are able discussion; if you have a different view, please feel comfortable to raise it If you need a coffee just go Get up and stretch if needed and get one

Key themes for the session: - The power of our story’s - High performance teams – the ‘I’ and the ‘WE’ - Communication skills that enhance teams - Behaviour’s that enhance teamwork - Next steps – commitment to action

Vodafone FIJI - One Team

Gallery Individually: Walk - Walk around the quotes laid out around the room Team - Choose 3-4 quotes which make good sense to you – resonate Quotes - Take photo’s of quotes or jot them down in your notebooks Pair up with someone you don’t know well: - Introduce yourself - Share the quotes you have chosen with each other and discuss why you selected them - Thank your partner

Our stories We connect around stories… come from - are today – going… NOW

A snippet of my story…

The challenge: harnessing our diversity

HOW do we take a diverse group of individuals and create a high performance team?

HONOURING Number off into teams (1-4): OUR TEAM STORY Go to your team work space - Introduce yourselves - Discuss “The best teams you have belonged to” - Scribe: Jot down the qualities of those teams

High performance teams – the journey from ‘I - WE’

TEAM TASKS Group 1 – Identify key behaviours which create TRUST in a team. What behaviours erode trust? Group 2 – Describe HEALTHY CONFLICT; what does it look like? What behaviours can turn healthy conflict into unhealthy, negative conflict? Group 3 – What needs to be in place for team members to make a solid COMMITMENT to a project/plan? What situations can interfere with peoples ability to commit? Group 4 – Describe what being accountable looks like in cross functional teamwork. Please give an example of this.

WORKING Say; Do TOGETHER: getting beyond Habits: the shallows… Attitudes Instincts Values Beliefs

Trust “Conversational – IQ (C-IQ)” – Judith E Glaser


Building trust “Conversational – IQ (C-IQ)” – Judith E Glaser

Levels of listening

Listening to understand… not respond…

Listening to Individually: understand - Think of a situation at work that you feel strongly about and would like to Skills practice improve - Jot this situation into your notebook Pair up with someone: - Introduce yourself briefly… - Each of you will take turns – listening to understand - Share your situation (5 mins each way – Andy will tell you when to change over) - Thank your partner

Communication styles

Communication styles:

Adapting our 1. What does your communication style bring to Vodafone communication Fiji? styles… 2. What do other styles do – which can irritate you or ‘close you down?’ 3. To enhance our ’one team’ approach – what can your type choose to do more of?’ 4. What situations tend to energise / de-energise your style?’

Communication styles patterns

Where am I?

Above the line Below the line

A weakness is a strength pushed to excess

High performance teams – the journey from ‘I - WE’

Let’s paint a picture…together

ALIGNING expectations: business 101

Post course assignment: 1. Discuss/agree with your manager a conversation meeting you will have with an internal customer to ‘reset’ expectations. 2.With your internal customer – discuss how what you do affects them and vice versa…how what they do affects you. Use the template on card 11. Use V = B – C 3. Debrief with your manager

Our stories Team challenge: Reflection “9 ball” Team come from - are today – going… challenge: NOW “Turn the tarp”

Thanks “In a world where you can be anything…be kind”

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