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T&D Smart Start Playbook (1)

Published by Leann Kidd, 2020-08-11 15:53:43

Description: T&D Smart Start Playbook (1)


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T&D Smart Start Playbook This playbook is adapted from the district playbook to meet the needs of the employees in the Grants Department. The district playbook can be found here.

Table of Contents Team Commitments Staff Screener PPE Covid Contact Tracing Teamming Safety Measures Building Safety Measures

Leann’s commitments ● Check my temperature and assess my symptoms; if I have a fever of 100.0 or higher, or any symptoms for COVID-19, or if I have been in direct contact with someone who has COVID-19, I will stay home, contact my medical provider, and contact NISD Benefits Department. ● Regularly T&D staff to adhere to District screening protocols. ● Immediately isolate any staff member who appears to be exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, and call my Central Office supervisor for guidance ● Plan staff meetings and trainings virtually ● Work to ensure we have PPE needed in the office Team commitments ● Before I come to work each day, I will check my temperature and assess my symptoms; if I have a fever of 100.0 F or higher, or COVID-19 symptoms, or if I have been in direct contact with someone who has COVID-19, I will notify my director, stay home, contact my medical provider, and contact NISD Benefits Department. ● When I arrive at work, I will have my temperature checked. I will wear my face coverings and show the results of my online screener. ● I will bring my own water bottle(s) and coffee to work. ● I will wear my face covering while working in the office. ○ I can utilize D116 or the conference room for meetings where I need to speak and not wear a mask. ○ I may remove my face coverings when working in the office alone. ● I will sanitize the area upon arriving. ● I will wash my hands frequently and use hand sanitizer throughout the day. ● I will use my Google Calendar to indicate my daily schedule. ● I will comply with attendance and schedule requirements. ● I will complete the staff screener each time I enter NLC or any other building in Northside.

Staff Screener Staff members must self screen for symptoms of COVID-19 each day prior to or upon arrival to work utilizing the Health Screening Questionnaire (HSQ). This can be done electronically using the directions below, or via paper questionnaires provided at the campus. Staff members will also be temperature checked daily. Staff members with a temperature of 100.0 F or higher will be immediately isolated from others and sent home. How to Use the Online Health Screening Questionnaire (HSQ) ● Use the QR code posted at site or link (URL) provided to navigate to the questionnaire on your mobile device/computer ○ QR Codes and link (URL) for every district campus/site can be found here: Electronic Health Screening Form ○ Central office buildings can use one QR code to represent the building. Sites with multiple departments need to determine which QR code to post. ● Follow user prompts through the following: ○ Indicate you are an employee ○ Enter your e# ○ Answer the health questions Yes/No ● If all answers are “No”, you will be presented with a “green” cleared screen with date/time for entry, specific to the facility you are entering (see example below)If there are any “Yes” answers, you will be presented with a “red” not-cleared for entry screen; the screen will also instruct you to contact your supervisor (see example below). You will NOT be cleared to enter the facility until you can present a green cleared for entry screen. ○ If you travel to any other NISD locations, you will need to follow the same procedure- each site has its own specific site tracking (for contact tracing use as applicable) ● Once you’ve entered your e#, your screen will be presented (green/red) w/o having to re-enter health questions All staff will enter the front door on the Grissom side to get temperature checks.

PPE ● Face covering can be provided upon request. Everyone needs to wear a face mask that covers your mouth and noise when working in proximity of others. Face masks ○ Must Cover nose and mouth ○ Must be secure to minimize need to adjust frequently ○ Must be appropriate for work, non offensive ○ Should not be loose material ○ Should not be removed while in common areas ○ Do need to be medical grade ● Hand sanitizer, hand soap, disinfectant spray, paper towels, gloves, and face coverings will be provided for staff. ● Hand sanitizer stations will be located at the front entrance as well as hand sanitizer bottles in the training suite and D116. You may bring your own into the office to use as well. What will Leann do if someone should come to T&D with symptoms? All employees will be instructed to immediately report any symptoms of COVID-19 they experience (or if they see a colleague exhibiting such symptoms) during the work shift to their supervisors. If a positive case is identified, Leann must identify any individuals who had regular or close contact with the affected participant and report this information to the Benefits Department at 210-397-8627. The Benefits Department will consult with the Health Services Department on these cases. Our office will close off areas used by a sick individual until they can be disinfected. We will wait 24 hours before cleaning and disinfecting to minimize potential for other employees being exposed to respiratory droplets All staff in contact or teamed with the individual will be notified and asked to self isolate and work at home depending on contact. **We will utilize team schedules so not all individuals are working together.**

What does teamming look like at T&D? Team A ● Lisa ● Orlando ● Erin ● Andy ● Enrique Team B ● Leann ● MDM 2 ● Kim ● Marlo ● Eric Schedule Team When not working on site, we A are all still required to work 8-5. Week of B Aug 17 A Calendars must reflect the work Aug 24 B that is being done at home. Sept 7 A Sept 14 B You must be available on chat Sept 21 and for meeting throughout Sept 28 the work day.

Other ways we will stay safe We will ● leave the back office door locked and closed. Everyone (including visitors) will enter from the front of our office. ● Clean our desks upon arrival arrival for the day ○ Computer keyboards and mouse ○ Phone ○ Chair arms ○ cabinet/file drawer handles ○ Wash our hands after cleaning desk ● Only enter Building D through the front door ● Disinfect the microwave after use (or wear gloves while using it) ● Disinfect door handles on equipment cabinet when used ● Disinfect copier after use ● Disinfect water station after use ● Stay 6 feet from a coworkers desk at all times, we cannot linger next to each other’s cubicles ● Ask Lisa or Leann for supplies needed in supply closet or annex ● Eat lunch at our desks, outside, or areas we can remain 6 feet away from others

Building Safety Measures Employee Restroom When waiting to use the restroom, hovering near or outside the door is not allowed. When opening or closing the restroom door, use a paper towel, tissue, disinfectant wipe, or disposable glove. Restrooms will be stocked with liquid hand soap and paper towels. Report any restroom needs immediately to Serina Gutierrez and she will communicate them to the head custodian. Restroom guidelines: ● Close restroom door upon entering ● Leave restroom door open when leaving ● Turn light off ● If door is closed, wait until person exits Social Activities All social gatherings or group activities are cancelled. This includes sharing food of any kind, door decorating, potlucks, and/or office celebrations requiring groups to gather. Avoid person-to-person contact such as shaking hands. The CDC strongly advises against handshakes during the coronavirus pandemic. Visiting or socializing by a coworkers desk/office is not permitted in another employee's office.

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