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Four new App Services

Published by bsmcheckmail81, 2021-08-29 03:36:33

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4 New Services on SASCO Mobile App

New Services: 2

Overview Our aim is to provide the latest tools and technology to properly diagnosis and repair for most automobile makes and models. By unifying the entire service provider and auto-spare parts suppliers all over the kingdom into a single hub we can immediately provide any services required by the clients anywhere and anytime. From repair services to transport services and even ordering spare parts for their car will be available on our app. Finally, our app will become a one-stop shop online where car owners can request repair, transport, and purchase spare parts. 3

Process Flowchart Quick understanding on how the new app service works

Login/Signup Auto-Workshop Spare Parts Towing Service On Road Repair Service Selection Parts Selection Request a Service Request a Service and selecting specific issues from provided list List of service List of parts Show location of providers and their suppliers and their only available Upload car photo and if can do nearest tow trucks a photo of an issue prices will be prices will be displayed displayed Selecting truck & List of service providers and their upload car photo prices will be displayed Selecting desired Selecting desired service provider supplier Truck driver Provider response of availability response Supplier response of Provider response of availability & Available No No Available availability delivery No Available Yes Yes Yes Truck response ETA Provider response ETA No Available Confirm Order Truck driver upload Provider will take a photo before photo upon pickup and after the service Yes Yes Confirm Order No Truck driver upload Notify owner upon completion of Notify Supplier photo upon delivery service Yes End Process Delivery notification Owner service completed sent to car owner confirmation Notify Provider End Process 5 End Process End Process

Business Partners Service Providers and Spare Parts Suppliers

Business Partners TOWING SERVICE AUTO-WORKSHOP Towing truck company or owners provided that their Auto-Workshop Repair and vehicle meets the SASCO Maintenance Owners of whom capable of providing standard requirements car repairs and other services of such alike. Auto-Workshop Repair and Maintenance Owners of Spare parts suppliers that can supply parts on demand whom can provide remote and can deliver on repair services. determined schedule ON ROAD REPAIR AUTO SPARE PARTS SERVICE 7

Business Partners How to become a partner with SASCO?

How to become a partner? To become a partner or provider of these SASCO service a registration is necessary providing all required information and ultimately agreeing to the terms and conditions applied. A contract might be prepared for signatories and it must be determined by Legal Department in coordination with Sales Department. The contract should follow all sorts of the Kingdom’s regulation. Registration is free of charge and the partnership duration is lifetime unless the provider/supplier closes their business. Once the provider/supplier closed their business they will be removed from the list of available provider/supplier including all of information connected, but their information will not be deleted instead it will be archived. 9

Business Partners Registration Requirements

Requirements upon registration Auto-Workshop Auto-Spare Parts Towing Service a) Business License a) Business License a) Business License b) VAT Certificate b) VAT Certificate b) VAT Certificate c) Owner’s ID c) Owner’s ID c) Owner’s ID d) Workshop Location Map d) Store Location Map d) Office Location Map e) Workshop photo showing e) Store photo showing e) Driver’s ID (all drivers) f) Vehicle registration of all billboard of business name. billboard of business name. f) Bank Account # f) Bank Account # tow trucks available. g) Others: TBD g) Others: TBD g) Photos of all trucks available On Road Repair Service showing their plate numbers. h) Bank Account # a) Business License h) Photos of vehicles to be i) Others: TBD b) VAT Certificate used showing their plate nos. c) Owner’s ID i) Bank Account # d) Office Location Map j) Others: TBD f) Mechanic/Auto-Electrician ID g) Driver’s ID (all drivers) 11

List of Services Initial List of Services

List of Services Major Services Are services that needs heavy tools and equipment like lifters and should be done only on the workshop. This services is applicable only for Auto-Workshop service. Minor Services Are services that doesn’t need heavy equipment and can be done anywhere and anytime. This service is applicable for On Road Repair service. We have to make sure that our providers are capable of providing the majority of the following services if not all MAJOR SERVICES MINOR SERVICES a) Brake service and repair. b) Vehicle Maintenance and Inspection i) Heating and AC Repairs a) Wiper blades replacement i) Cleaning services c) Vehicle diagnostic systems h) Others: TBD d) Engine and Transmission Repair b) Air filter replacement h) Others: TBD e) Tires/Wheels Sales and Services f) Exhaust system repairs. c) Battery replacement g) Cooling system repairs. h) Batteries and charging systems. d) Computer check and diagnostic e) Engine tune-up f) Tire replacement g) Filling up oil h) Filling up freon for AC 13

List of Services Towing Service Capability of transporting vehicles with extra cautions from point to point within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia following all security measures and government regulations. Spare Parts Suppliers Capability of providing and delivering spare parts required by the clients. Prices must be following government regulations and proper tax is applied. 14

Getting Profit How SASCO gets profit?

Getting profit. Profits should be obtained by way of traffic. How? For Repair Service and Towing Service All requests either repair services or towing services payment should be completed through SASCO app. For every payment transaction completed a certain percentage will be credited to SASCO profit. This percentage should be determined by Sales Department in coordination with Finance Department but should follow all sorts of government regulations. PRICES a) The prices for repair services will be based on the type of issues for Auto-Workshop. b) For On Road Repair service price will be based on the type of car issues and the location. c) For Towing Service price will be based on location from pickup point to delivery point. d) For Spart Parts, SASCO will have a mark-up based on the price submitted by the supplier. A delivery charge will also be applied. For Instance: Calculation: SASCO Markup percentage: 20% Supplier Price: 350.00 Sr Supplier Product Price: Sr 350.00 SASCO Markup Amt: 70.00 Sr New Price on App: 420.00 Sr Delivery Charge: 15.00 Sr TOTAL PAYMENT: 435.00 SR 16

Getting Profit How Business Partners gets their profit?

How provider/suppliers get their profit For each provider/supplier upon registration will have to provide their bank account numbers. SASCO will transfer their income to the specified account excluding the percentage amt belong to SASCO. The detailed statement will be provided on their account. The transferring of the income will either be by schedule or immediate. Service charge will be imposed if immediate transfer is selected. Other transferring of income will be by request. Provider/Supplier have to request to withdraw their income. A pin number should be randomly generate and the provider needs to supply this pin number as confirmation of their request. Once verified by pin then the transferred is completed. All of invoices and necessary documents will be available on each provider/supplier account. All of the above procedures and guidelines should be clearly stated on the Terms and Agreement or on the contract. 18

Payment Method Ways how the client can pay

Payment method Client can pay thru the following channels: 20

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