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Published by 6031006170, 2018-10-02 08:47:01

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Reading Journal By Pattrapron Pooljean 6031006170 This journal is submitted in partial fulfillment of therequirements for English reading and writing 1 course of Liberal Arts in English Program, Mae Fah Luang University First semester 2018

Week 3 Title: Instagram's founders are leaving the company Author: Jethro Mullen Source: resign/index.html?iid=SF_River SummaryKevin Systrom and Mike Krieger founded the photo-sharing app in a co-workingspace in 2010. It became a runaway success, attracting tens of millions ofusers before the co-founders sold it to Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion. With thetech heavyweight's backing, Instagram continued its spectacular growth, addingfeatures including videos, stories and, most recently, version of TV.Bloomberg News reported that Systrom and Krieger are leaving because oftensions with Zuckerberg over the direction of Instagram.Spokespeople for Facebook and Instagram declined to comment further on whythe executives had decided to step down, referring back to Systrom's blog post.It wasn't clear how long the two founders will continue working at the company.The news of their departures was first reported by The New York Times.Instagram has become an increasingly important part of the Facebook empire ata time when Zuckerberg is grappling with a series of crises at the social networkhe built. Facebook is under fire for its handling of users' data and its failure to haltthe spread of misinformation, most notably during the US presidential election in2016. My reaction/reflection All of the social medias, I always use IG in every day life. I love to share my routines via the IG story or see others’ life too and I also love to take photos and post them in the public so people can see and like my photos. Even thought the founders of IG leave the company but I will completely thank them to create this application. Page 2 of 6

New words learned: (At least five new words that you have learned) New Words Definitions1. spectacular very exciting to look at. He scored a spectacular goal in the second half.2. curiosity an eager wish to know or learn about something. She decided to call her ex-boyfriend out of curiosity.3. Attract (of people, things, places, etc.) to pull or draw someone or something towards them, by the qualities they have, especially good ones. These flowers are brightly coloured in order to attract butterflies.4. Deprive to take something, especially something necessaryor pleasant, away from someone. You can't function properly when you're deprived of sleep.5. phenomenon something that exists and can be seen, felt, tasted, etc., especially something unusual or interesting. There's evidence to suggest that child abuse is not just a recent phenomenon. Page 3 of 6

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Rubric for Independent Reading Journal (10%)Articles 1234 51. Summary (4 %)2. Reflection (3%)3. Vocabulary Learned (3%) Scores Total scores _______ ÷ 5 = _____ marksCriteria for the above categories1. Rubric for Article SummaryCategory 5-4 3 2 1-0Summarizing Provides a very Provides a clear Provides a clear but Provides a somewhatthe content thorough and clear muddled, unclear and and concise and concise shallow summary of rambling summary of summary of the the article; may be the article. article context and summary of the excessively brief or content. article context may include some and content. extraneous information.Identifying Student recalls Student recalls Student is not able to Student cannot locateDetails several details for details for most locate most of the details with accuracy. each main point. main point. details of the main point. Is characterized by theParaphrasing Is characterized by Is characterized substantial copying of paraphrasing of the by paraphrasing Is characterized by indiscriminately main idea and of the main idea the substantial selected phrases or significant details and significant copying of key sentences. details phrases and minimal paraphrasingSpelling & There are few or no There are some There are serious Serious errors inGrammar errors in usage, errors in usage, mechanics, usage, grammar, errors in usage, grammar, grammar, or spelling punctuation, grammar, punctuation, that make the summary sentence fragments, sentence fragments, difficult to understand. or spelling. punctuation, or spelling. sentence fragments, or spelling.Total ________/20 ÷ 5 = 4 %2. Reflection on the Articles (3%)Students who have completely and clearly responded to the guided questions stated in the reading journalform will get 3 marks. Page 5 of 6

3. Vocabulary Learned (3%) ≥ 70% correct = 2 marks 1 ≥ 70% = 1 mark All correct = 3 marks Page 6 of 6

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