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นิทาน เรื่อง น้องหยอย

Published by, 2021-05-31 06:23:23

Description: โบ มาย เบบี๋ เวนิส ปิง 1101


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ÑÑUbÉJoooo Morn WINN 766 Ñd ÑoÑnnwyrÉgÑio ohio savoy 1ñÑwoÑiwioÑuwÑfrsoÉuwnÑwfJnvinN time A named Yoy moved , boyOncea to Jamsai Witthayakhom School upon .

niosuuou row :ñoioÑviÑiow isn'twww.en-inioiuvovioweewioiowihooniiowoy Ñ9ÑYvÑu two't . . . flaw ! Nettuno ! ! ! ÑOI HUO Umbrian in version ;or inerrant rider noir win'owoNU fortieth won't introduces himself to friends , Yoy Yoy theyintroduces himself to his friends While gossip that Yoy is a naughty kid . getsand kicked out of the old school .

twins domain introvert d%iÑUdÑWÑÑ giorno out, Éwnioidisi Noon :b initiation of .. . During badlydaylunchtime on that same and teased his friend , Yoy started acting . 3 einvoio , Doing good

niosuoov origin union ninnies Unnoog Yoyso was called into the administrative room . ,

qnsnogloioinioiowniosuvovooweiniosuvovin.irunion Werner qrsnog Yoy was teach ed and admonished by the teacher Yoy acted inherit oil n°1 . www.isefnwuen : as if he understood what the teacher said ÑnoÑow . www.lairiioiuuniis Enos Ñonoiu

oioiaeoisahnñ'd on Winnie sunrooms\"wÑosuvooñIÑÑniÑnÉv:ÑÑnÑnwv YoyBut after came out of the room he acted without remorse at all ,. ñiÑwo into wool suits nun :

Unison nawab domain aid SUV do ÑoÑwnÑuoÑiÑdsoÉvw walked back to his classroom \" borrow ?eraser \" . Yoy YoyAfter the break Can I your aid JUUOV bell VOÑJV V1 IN U Unidos oisuw 1 MW Giving

giveHe didn't want to his eraser so he shouted at his friend ,. biÑdÑÑW boy ñog8ñwwÑw ñovw : !

as ÑogÑN @ unveils 7 kid , , library YoyIn niogrevovsai vowtie\" ; That who didn't lent him an remain V1 JNU ÑooUU do eraser , walked up to a group of friend and told him what ÑÑoIaiñowv Yoy just did . isioriorieiniosuvovwoiviaioifvwooiogg.oergist

iÑiowrfonvsñs Nuon riveting diniogu www.ainiifo spreadFriends have the news to others that Yoy has no kindness .

down'd noooo Ñd9UVdUiÑwoÑidWzoM%uoNÑw def Ño9UvoVÑ3vooÑÑViÑwÑdUwoioÑidwynÑuVg%Ns VdbÑwÑdUnwÑ ygisñ ! The next day , Yoy saw his friend playing football on playthe field so he asked to as well but his friends refused .

ÑdiuvovÑ3NsÑvoi Wow'woio ñnei , Yoy wondered what he did wrong . ñÑwoÑiowÑg In'9uYmiÑwñogy :

hid IUUOU for fun n to ñÑu1aiñ ii. oinniwtfmeernwoiooiiniioiooy 2 ÑU did I kindly speech Ñdvno IN show Yoy decide to yell on his friend . guys\" badare so \" You

Ñ8W b DN I d WI o o o ow-iWowhyeowriwwihaeiqwvriuronwi:osountvoo:v|riooniuiossÑ everyone started not Later on being. . . friends with Yoy , causing him to eat work ,, and going home alone .

Yoy began to think that he did something wrong , why his friend don't talk to him I really want to have . playsome friends to with . rainier www.nw : ñÑwiÑiowq=1Ñ www.wueioqv Ñvberlb NO serious ÑYÑ\"owoÑw ño viii. Ñwwv

brioid I ÑÑÑ I won miosis due Vd Nini wifi di Herd riot uvov Jospin Wulff Umw Yoy made another decision and asked to join the group of friends as needs friends \" You oÑidwnwunÉg . really playhe guys , I want to with you guys . What playshould I do so that you guys will with me .

we don't with you ? It's why playDo you know the reasons because you made a mistake in Sangkhahawatthu 4 . ñiw onionsÑiÑwÑvwiv 6W oh %MVÑlÑnÑJ haling 41g

NJ na ing 4 aero

Ñsnu inn 4 rio , our WÑiuÑv mannered straw ① nin rio nostri origin of's minors : Iii ' ② ÑU did I Ñ'd merrier v1 Ñd UÑOUÑIÑ rferiw ③ In noon ñio mover:wgñnoinÉgñ'Ñw vreirorhsioioñu ④ Nanninon Ñ'd mornin winner ñwoNwo UNIV Yes it is the Dharma for the rulership, friendlypeople, making goodwill . And there's 4 points. of things1) Tan is to share that should be given. 2) Piyawaja is a negotiation in a polite word . 3) Attajariya is when people bahave only what is benefic al to each other . 4) Samantha is to act consistently .

oiiigniiniioos orneriest Notion ariosos nuÑMQNINNY 4 66 Ñd Won will Never WÑU born Ñdff' fun Oh , just like this And if I change . myself , will you guys accept me ?

fibroid ornerier soil Ñ'wÑoÑWIÑMMI www.orhtwb

yñrNU bell VOÑW ÑIUUdUiNUNÑÉw owns oidoosoiiiooiniis ñwNdUÑoUÑ oeiisintworiwontwo UNIV gnomes oviheoinref q•qGEA.EctE#qoBaod Yoy began to change himself to consistently a better person according to grinningmoney Sangkhawatthu 4

onion of ÑIoÉwiÑiUIÑo never sink uniforms\"wqnnwÑIñÑwiÑiowñwnNonW www.woiovriwiuw add JUVOV Friends therefore began to app orch Yog and after that everyone has been , friends forever .

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