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March 2021

Published by hamiltonl, 2021-04-08 19:25:11

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MARCH 2021 DPS Newsletter MARCH We continue to keep an eye on the weather but with the mild weather this March (see chart below) the teams at the garage have been busy catching up on winter damage restoration, repairing numerous water main breaks (which are pretty normal as the weather changes) and preparing to install area maintenance meters when the weather is warm enough. We are looking forward to a robust construction season. The teams at City Hall have spent significant time preparing for the construction season with $20 million dollars in projects being presented to City Council in April for approval. Management has also been busy interviewing and hiring new laborers.We will welcome five new employees in the comping weeks. Unfortunately, we’ve had a few COVID cases in the past month so let’s be diligent and continue to follow all the safety protocols but in place so we can have a healthier April. Enjoy the warmer weather I am very thankful for your prompt actions. Earlier today, I Behind City Hall called the Mayor and left a note of THANKS to you all. Photo Credit to Keith Depp, Again thanks for your extra efforts. Jack (John) Horner 3808 Warwick- Pine Trace Sub Welcome March – It comes in like a Lion and leaves like a Lamb!

INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT 2021 Construction Season We are looking forward to a robust construction season and are busy getting these projects started.  Concrete Program #1 – Northwest side of the City See this year’s  Concrete Program #2 – Southeast side of the City Construction  Asphalt Program – Butler Rd map on the  Hamlin Road Reconstruction City’s website for between Crooks and Adams more info.  Avon/Dequindre Project Design This interactive  Water Main project – Tienken Manor/Grosse Pines map has been evolving over the past 3 years with the team continually populating, maintaining and editing its content.  Adams Road crossing, Vactor disposal pad and wash bay Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) Management has completed the CIP process which involves evaluating potential projects and submitting applications to be rated by a City Team. Investing in our infrastructure is important in building resiliency in our community.The following new DPS projects, with the proposed cost of just over $14 million, have been added to the 5-year CIP Plan.  Valve Turner Replacements - $75,000  Nawakwa Road Rehabilitation - $781,050  Drexelgate Road Rehabilitation - $3,570,000  Marketplace Circle Rehabilitation - $760,000  Booster Station #1 – New Generator - $50,000  Auburn Road Water Main Replacements - $3,437,500  Strafford Knolls Sub – Culvert Replacements - $583,000  Great Oaks/Long Meadows Water Main Replacement - $4,843,750

DPS Happenings Kudos to the Engineering team for their forward-looking efforts in scanning our plan sheets to make our records digital, more accessible and in a format that is sustainable. The team celebrated being 75% done with a pizza lunch. Great job to all involved! The PRV team (Steve, Brandon, Mike G. Wayne) finished replacing Pump #2 at Booster Station 1. This station boosts pressure to the north side of the City. The old pump had over 50,000 hours of service and was ready to be replaced. They freshened up the entire underground station by cleaning and coating the inlet and outlet pipes and applying truck bed liner paint to the floor of the station.

DPS Happenings We hope everyone had a chance to vote on the finalists for the art decals that will be applied to Auburn Road this summer. But did you know….. Seth Buckholz committed a significant amount of time assisting on this project by preparing maps for the art locations, preparing cost estimates, researching companies that create the thermoplastic surface decals and visiting the location to plan out the project. He was able to visualize how the art will look in the specific spots with a 7 foot round template created by our sign shop. Our sign shop has also volunteered to apply the art when it is provided to us. The team was alerted to a water main break early on a Wednesday morning. The difficult break was in the parking lot of a City apartment complex. This repair was even more challenging as the area was covered by a car port which made it hard to reach with some of our equipment. Kudos to the team for repairing this issue in a timely manner.

Water Resources Happenings Before BANK STABILIZATION During Tim provided his assistance for a bank stabilization project at Oakbrooke Condos in January and February to re- establish a proper stream bank. This repair will also deter further erosion on the outside bend of the Paint Creek affecting the rear yards of several condo units. Paint Creek is a well-known high- quality trout stream. The work consisted of shifting the creek over, installing j hooks and a stone toe shelf for 200' of the Paint Creek. These improvements will slow bank scour during high flow events, improve hatcheries and reduce downstream deposition. The private project cost of $75,000 was fully funded by the Condominium complex and was approved through the State with an EAGLE permit. To the left are a few pictures of the project from start to finish. After Tim has chosen 810 catch basin structures to be cleaned this year for a total cost just under $60,000.This project is part of a state-mandated program related to our MS4 permit requirements.The City’s contractor will be using a City issued tablet to keep track of the progress. Be sure to stop by the DPS/ Engineering Department at City Hall between April 26th and May 7th to learn more about how you can help protect our Watershed. This project will meet some of the educational components of our MS4 permit requirements. The display will be in front of our photo wall near the front desk of our department.

DPS to the Rescue EMERGENCY City Council President, Ryan Avon Circle Deel, received Culvert a call about a Failure and missing sign Sink hole and contacted us. Our crew The crew had the new responded sign in place and had a within a couple temporary fix in place with hours in a few hours of receiving Services available at all the call early hours of the day in the Lifetime Fitness morning. The facility was in need of a water meter replacement and the entire water system had to be completely shut off to make the change.The meter Crew worked from 10 pm until 2 am to complete the fix with no disruption to the facilities members.

Fleet Department Front – End Loader NEW EQUIPMENT DELIVERY RTA Advancements – The Fleet team has been updating and adding features to the RTA system. By using new modules in the software they are able to sort data in more meaningful ways and are now maximizing the systems reporting capabilities. AVL - Skyhawk Advancements – The Fleet team has also recommended enhancements and provided better reporting suggestions to our vendor.The Software went through a major upgrade at the end of March based on some of our recommendations. Improvements have been made to accuracy of data patterns, the winter operations trip reports, improved reliability and enhanced Geo-fencing. MARCH 2021 FLEET SERVICES WORK DISTRIBUTION Fire Dept Parks Roch Fire 15% 3% 4% Building 10% Work Orders DPS 68% 95 In-sourcing Total $11,819.61

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