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Hi-Vis Vehicle Graphics Brochure 2017

Published by Hi-Vis Group, 2017-04-27 20:17:17

Description: Hi-Vis Vehicle Graphics Brochure 2017


Read the Text Version 1300 857 500Stand out crowdfrom the

Proudly 100% Hi-Vis is proudly an Australian 100% family Vehicle Australian, owned and operated private company. naturally. Our products are made and produced in Specialist Australia by Australians.We value this so much we wanted to make it public so we We have templates for all makes have become a part of the of vehicles so your design can be Australian Made national tailored perfectly to fit.We apply campaign.This logo is signage to small cars, bikes, ships, your assurance you helicopters and everything in are dealing with an between.With our Platinum Australian company Graphics Programme you’re with Australian guaranteed for 3-5 years values. against any fading and peeling.Quality AssuranceYour Guarantee of International Quality!Hi-Vis Group first achieved ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems accreditation in1994. In 2011, Hi-Vis was also Certified for 4801 OH&S Management Systems andISO 14001 Environment Management Systems.These accreditations mean you aredealing with a company that values quality and continues to improve our processes,policies and procedures to International Standards. Certification AAAPPPPPRRROOOVVVEEEDDD AAAPPPPPRRROOOVVVEEEDDD AAAPPPPPRRROOOVVVEEEDDD Services CCCOOOMMMPPAPAANNNYYY CCCOOOMMMPPAPAANNNYYY CCCOOOMMMPPAPAANNNYYY AASAS/NS/NZ/NSZZS4S8404818001O1OHOH&H&S&SS ISISOISO9O090901001Q1QuQauluaitalyiltiyty ISISOISO1O410140401001E1EnEvninvrviorinoromnnmemnetenantlatal l MMaMnaangnaeagmgeememnetennSt tSySsytysestmetemsmss MMaMnaangnaeagmgeememnetennSt tSySsytysestmetemsmss MMaMnaangnaeagmgeememnetennSt tSySsytysestmetemsmss CCeCreteriftricftiacfitcaioatinotionn CCeCreteriftricftiacfitcaioatinotionn CCeCreteriftricftiacfitcaioatinotionn SSeSreverivcrivecisceess SSeSreverivcrivecisceess SSeSreverivcrivecisceess4 AAAPPPPPRRROOOVVVEEEDDD AAAPPPPPRRROOOVVVEEEDDD AAAPPPPPRRROOOVVVEEEDDD CCCOOOMMMPPAPAANNNYYY CCCOOOMMMPPAPAANNNYYY CCCOOOMMMPPAPAANNNYYY AASA/SNS/NZ/NSZZS4S8408410810O1OHOH&H&S&SS AASA/SNS/NZ/NSZZS4S8408410810O1OHOH&H&S&SS AASA/SNS/NZ/NSZZS4S8408410810O1OHOH&H&S&SS MMaMnaanagnaegamgemeemnetneSnt ytSsSytsyetsmetmesmss MMaMnaanagnaegamgemeemnetneSnt ytSsSytsyetsmetmesmss MMaMnaanagnaegamgemeemnetneSnt ytSsSytsyetsmetmesmss

Hi-Vis Warranty ProgrammeIt’s no accident Hi-Vis are one of the leading signage manufacturers in the country. We work very closely withinternational and local material manufacturers.Unlike many sign companies we are approved converters for all the major international brands as shown below andhave been a 3M Diamond Partner for 25 years. Combine this with our expertise and experience and Hi-Vis can offerexceptional warranties on all its products. Just take a look!• H i-Vis Signs In House Warranty on approved media• F ull Warranty Guaranteed• 3 Year & 5 Year Warranty using EFI inks – 3 Year direct print & 5 Year with protective clear over laminate Large Scale Production Place 60 + highly skilled professionals in a state of the art facility spanning 8000 square metres, operating cutting edge equipment and processes, and you have BIG capabilities to produce BIG volumes of signage both large and small. Check out our mega vehicle wraps for NBN Co and ABC on pages 24-25. Hi-Vis can turnaround BIG graphics in times that will astound even the most experienced signage professional. For one government organisation alone we produced 28,000 signs in six weeks [that’s over 900 signs per working day] and delivered them 3 days ahead of schedule! BIG signs with BIG volumes – no biggie at 5

Light Mobile Marketing is one of the Vehicles most cost effective means to drive your brand and key marketingCars, Wagons, Utes & Vans messages 24/7. Turn non-productive drive time into shameless self promotion. Hi-Vis vehicle graphics come will full protection and warranties under our Platinum Graphics Programme so rest assured your graphics will probably outlast your vehicle! From the smallest SMART car to the largest van, Hi-Vis has the expertise to design, print and install graphics onto any light vehicle. Any vehicle, any budget. Driving your brand harder.6

Did You Know? Hi-Vis has installed graphics on over 15,000 vehicles!High Visibility24 hours a day7 days a week! 7

Large Fleets From 1–1000, Hi-Vis Has You Covered!8

Fleet branding is a viable option for brand Your fleetsawareness, recognition, recall and even call are safe withto action. Hi -Vis!Branding or rebranding a fleet of vehicles can be adaunting process. Partnering with a sign company suchas Hi-Vis can take away an endless amount of hassle andlost time on the road.Hi-Vis only use high quality materials and digital printing andinstallation techniques so the entire fleet will be consistentwith your branding and key messages – from vehicle to vehicle.We also develop our own templates for most vehicle makes andmodels, so it really doesn’t matter what vehicle is in your fleet, wecan adjust the designs to suit the vehicle.We also understand that each driver will treat their vehicle in differentways, and offer a complete 3 year warranty on all our fleet graphics. OurPlatinum Graphics Programme aims to educate fleet drivers how to care forthe graphics over the longer term as well as understand what vehicle graphicsare designed to achieve whilst on the road.Did you know?INTEGRATED DESIGN & PRODUCTIONDesigning for a vehicle is more specialised design. Somecompanies go wrong by investing a lot of time and effort withdesigners who do not understand the different variables tobe considered.Door handles, bumpers, windows, wheel arches plus visibilityand presence on the road... it really does pay to come to aspecialised sign design team to have your vehicles designed forthe application. 9

Hi-Visdeliversthe goods –every time! Transport & Logistics Trucks, Cabs, B-Doubles, Trailers, Special Vehicles, & Machinery...10

Hi-Vis understands the old motto Hi-Vis has the capability to wrap Hi-Vis started as a sign writing company,“time is money”. Time off the road vehicles of any size. Our massive 8000 so it stands to reason we can offer sqm facility allows large vehicles to be our customers a range of graphic is non-productive. We understand quickly and easily driven in, wrapped applications, from traditional hand signyou need your vehicle back on the and then back on the road again. writing and vinyl lettering to large scaleroad in the fastest amount of time. digital graphics and full truck wraps. The vehicle comes in at a pre-scheduled time and is promptly completed and Our printers are the largest and most ready to be back on the road.At all times advanced in Australia, allowing Hi-Vis to our customers know exactly how long offer the largest scale scope and range the vehicle will be off the road so they of any sign company. can also plan within their own schedules. 11

Transport & Logistics Rail, Ships & Helicopters When large scale Hi-Vis regularly installs signage onto large metre elevated platform. Our team did a vehicles can’t be easily scale transport and logistics vehicles and great job and managed to install the ship’s transported to the Hi- vessels across NSW. name onto the port, starboard and stern of the vessel including the helideck.This all Vis facility, the Hi-Vis As an example, signage on the Ocean had to be done in a very short timeframe A-Team rolls into action Protector [pictured] was installed by the and had to take weather conditions into Hi-Vis A-Team.The team had to climb a account. At least we know the team is not and installs on site. scaffold mounted onto the Hi-Vis floating afraid of heights! barge, bobbing around the harbour, to reach the starboard side of the vessel, Every day the Hi-Vis team tackles large 20 metres above water level, and then scale, challenging projects.We have the be placed into the crane’s main bucket experience, expertise and equipment to to gain access from the port with a 40 make the seemingly impossible, possible!12

Did You Know? Hi-Vis are currently undergoing certification with CASA, so Hi-Vis can wrap large scale aircraft in thevery near future. 13


Case StudyCateringto your FleetHarness the power of fleet brandingOver 20 vehicles have been wrapped brand recognition while our fleet is onby Hi-Vis from small Holden Barinas, the road.”wagons, and utes right through to largescale Isuzu trucks. “Hi-Vis has been instrumental in our rebranding project and veryManaging Director of Frosts said, “Our professional to work with. Initially, thefleet is a critical part of communicating design we had done by our advertisingour marketing message of being a agency didn’t work with some of ourunique, modern, progressive company. vehicles, so Hi-Vis reworked many ofWe have worked with Hi-Vis to ensure the designs to ensure the applicationall our vehicles, no matter shape was consistent and without glitches. Ior size, have consistent corporate am very pleased with the results.”branding, allowing us to gain valuableThe key tofleet branding isconsistency! 15

Specialised Vehicles When It’s Bigger Than Big... NBN Co Discovery exhibition trailer  O ver 260 square metres of material used  Wrapped sides, back, front & even the roof!16

Hi-Vis has developed quite a Over recent times, Hi-Vis has wrapped recently spent time with the Hi-Visreputation...for big capabilities! many large scale specialised vehicles. crew. Stunning artwork was created by the ABC’s design team and then The NBN Co “Discovery” exhibition given the Hi-Vis treatment to ensure trailer was wrapped by Hi-Vis. It is application surety. now seen travelling across the country providing demonstrations of the new What makes Hi-Vis truly unique optical fibre cable roll out. Over 260 amongst other sign companies, is our square metres of material was used, BIG CAPABILITY. Investment in cutting wrapping sides, back, front and even edge equipment and in-house staff the roof! experience and training means we can do a lot of really big and very cool stuff... ABC National’s new trailer has alsoBig projects with ease! 17

Pleasure Time We Can Wrap Anything! Transform the Hi-Vis has wrapped some pretty cool ordinary into items.We love to be creative. Fridges treasured a become footy fans, skateboards become nd unique! the envy of friends, speed boats become faster with snazzy graphics. Anything is possible. No surface is off limits. Hi-Vis has access to all the latest in international materials and techniques enabling our teams to design and wrap any surface.  Custom Wrapped Helmet20

Did You Know? Hi-Vis can provide a unique modelling service. If you need to present your concepts to the powers that be – a real life model might be more powerful than a powerpoint!BOATS BIKES HELMETS FRIDGES SKATEBOARDS SURFBOARDSRACE CARS GO CARTS ROAD BIKES CARS CARAVANS TRAILERS 21

Paint Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,Protection consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur vitae massa neque. Duis feugiat tellusWhat will your vehicle sed sem scelerisque fermentum.look like in two years' time? Praesent imperdiet consequat scelerisque. Donec egestas lectus vitae ornare accumsan. Donec fringilla scelerisque viverra. Quisque mollis ex neque. Proin nec cursus est, eu auctor leo. Mauris sed nibh vel nibh sodales interdum.  Morbi commodo dolor eget erat scelerisque lobortis. Nullam a ornare erat. Nunc facilisis turpis nec urna malesuada, sed pharetra libero rutrum.  Morbi pharetra faucibus purus, a lacinia ligula aliquam vel. Morbi venenatis ut nunc at tincidunt.  Vivamus quis erat porttitor, imperdiet dui at, facilisis orci.  Mauris mattis tincidunt sapien, in consequat dolor elementum ut. In hac habitasse platea dictumst.  Pellentesque vitae nulla id eros tincidunt porttitor ut eget dui. Nulla a malesuada nulla, eu consectetur turpis. Contact Hi-Vis Group for a quote26

The Hi-Vis Group is home to a multi-talented design team that can  Marketing advice  Stationerytake your ideas, build on them and create the simplest of directionalsignage to beautiful wall graphics.  Rebranding roll outs  AdvertisingThe unique range of technology available at Hi-Vis also allows ourdesign team to offer new, unique signage solutions for your business.  Graphic design  PromotionalWe don’t just offer safety signage and products! materialsAnd when your business requires a bit more strategic direction and  Website design,assistance with overall marketing, Hive Marketing & Design [our in hosting &  Expos, Exhibitionhouse agency] can assist reach new customers, talk to your existing development stands & materialscustomers, rebrand your business – we offer full service integratedmarketing communications that delivers real results.  Vehicle graphics  Brochures & Catalogues  Building signage  Reflective Billboards  Logos(02) 4920 2757 [email protected] 27

Vehicle, truck, trailer, boat, train or plane...Hi-Vis can wrap them all!Find us on T 1300 857 500 F 1300 857 250 ©HIVE MARKETING 2016 HIVE01522 E [email protected] W A 40-42 Fitzroy Street, Carrington NSW 2294 P PO Box 178, Carrington NSW 2294

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