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Published by Hi-Vis Group, 2019-03-04 17:52:11



Read the Text Version 1300 857 500 CSusmtoamrtLEsDigns The ONLY TYPE APPROVED Type Approved Vehicle Activated Sign in Australia!

12 16 22 Contents Automatic Number Plate LED Enhanced Warning Sign 18 Green Alternatives Recognition Camera (ANPR) 06 to Main Power Variable Speed Limit Sign 20 26 Hi-Vis Sign Customised Colour Variable Variable Messaging Sign 27 Management System Speed Limit Sign 08 21 Fire Danger Rating Signage 28 Multi Screen LED 10 New South Wales Education LED Signage 30 RMS School Zone Sign 22 Custom LED Sign Solutions 32 Your Speed Sign 12 Queensland Other Hi-Vis Services 34 School Zone Sign Warning Display Sign 14 23 Digital Kiosk Freestanding All product details are correct at the time of Enhanced Static Signs  16 Digital Signage 24 printing but are subject to change at the discretion of the Hi-Vis Group. HIVE01869 2

Hi-Vis Group Warranty APPROVED SIGN MANUFACTURER Programme It’s no accident Hi-Vis are one of the leading signage manufacturers in the country. We work very closely with international and local material manufacturers. Unlike many sign companies we are approved converters for all the major international brands and have been a 3M Diamond Partner for over 25 years. Combine this with our expertise and experience and Hi-Vis can offer exceptional warranties on all its products. Just take a look! • H i-Vis Signs In House Warranty on approved media • F ull Warranty Guaranteed • 3 Year & 5 Year Warranty using EFI inks – 3 Year direct print, up to 12 years on reflective & 5 Year with protective clear over laminate. RMS Accredited The Hi-Vis Group is an RMS accredited supplier since 1989. So you can rest easy knowing all your road signs comply with the correct Australian Standards. Don’t be fooled by others! Ensure your signage is compliant with Australian Standards. Quality Assurance APPROVED SIGN MANUFACTURER Your Guarantee of International Quality! Hi-Vis Group first achieved ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems accreditation in 1994. In 2011, Hi-Vis was also Certified for 4801 OH&S Management Systems and ISO 14001 Environment Management Systems. These accreditations mean you are dealing with a company that values quality and continues to improve our processes, policies and procedures to International Standards. Certification AAAPPPPPRRROOOVVVEEEDDD AAAPPPPPRRROOOVVVEEEDDD AAAPPPPPRRROOOVVVEEEDDD Services CCCOOOMMMPPAPAANNNYYY CCCOOOMMMPPAPAANNNYYY CCCOOOMMMPPAPAANNNYYY AASAS/NS/NZ/NSZZS4S8404818001O1OHOH&H&S&SS ISISOISO9O090901001Q1QuQauluaitalyiltiyty ISISOISO1O410140401001E1EnEvninvrviorinoromnnmemnetenantlatal l MMaMnaangnaeagmgeememnetennSt tSySsytysestmetemsmss MMaMnaangnaeagmgeememnetennSt tSySsytysestmetemsmss MMaMnaangnaeagmgeememnetennSt tSySsytysestmetemsmss CCeCreteriftricftiacfitcaioatinotionn CCeCreteriftricftiacfitcaioatinotionn CCeCreteriftricftiacfitcaioatinotionn SSeSreverivcrivecisceess SSeSreverivcrivecisceess SSeSreverivcrivecisceess AAAPPPPPRRROOOVVVEEEDDD AAAPPPPPRRROOOVVVEEEDDD AAAPPPPPRRROOOVVVEEEDDD 3 CCCOOOMMMPPAPAANNNYYY CCCOOOMMMPPAPAANNNYYY CCCOOOMMMPPAPAANNNYYY AASA/SNS/NZ/NSZZS4S8408410810O1OHOH&H&S&SS AASA/SNS/NZ/NSZZS4S8408410810O1OHOH&H&S&SS AASA/SNS/NZ/NSZZS4S8408410810O1OHOH&H&S&SS MMaMnaanagnaegamgemeemnetneSnt ytSsSytsyetsmetmesmss MMaMnaanagnaegamgemeemnetneSnt ytSsSytsyetsmetmesmss MMaMnaanagnaegamgemeemnetneSnt ytSsSytsyetsmetmesmss ISIOSISO9O090091010Q1QuQauluaitlayitliyty ISIOSISO9O090091010Q1QuQauluaitlayitliyty ISIOSISO9O090091010Q1QuQauluaitlayitliyty MMaMnaanagnaegamgemeemnetneSnt ytSsSytsyetsmetmesmss MMaMnaanagnaegamgemeemnetneSnt ytSsSytsyetsmetmesmss MMaMnaanagnaegamgemeemnetneSnt ytSsSytsyetsmetmesmss

Do you have a problem with speeding on your site? Hi-Vis speed Below are graphical representations of: signs are proven to enhance speed REAL reductions in speed compliance on REAL increases in compliance your site. OverspOeveedrspeed SpeedSCpoemedpCliaonmcpeliance SpeedSCpoemedpCliaonmcpeliXanOceveXrspOeveedrspeed Comply Comply Overspeed Overspeed 65% 65% 59.67%59.67% 60% 60% 51.83% 55% 55% 5415..8931% 454.9016%% 51.83%51.83% 404.3063% 40.33% 50% 50% 48.17% 4548.1079%% 48.17%48.17% 545.9094% 595.9674% 45% 45% 59.67% 40% 40% 40.33%40.33% Mar 2016 MAparil22001166 MApayril22001166 MJunaye 22001166 June 2016 Mar 2016 MAparil22001166 MApayril22001166 MJunaye 22001166 June 2016 Mar 2016 Mar 201A6pril 2016 April 201M6ay 2016 May 2016 June 2016 June 2016 Where are Hi-Vis LED Signs installed? Hi-Vis LED signs are installed all over Australia & New Zealand! • Schools • Mining Sites • Airports & Ports • Car Parks • Traffic Control • Infrastructure Services • Retail Sites • Retirement Villages • Councils 4

All Hi-Vis signs... MEASURE RADAR ACTIVATED REMOTELY MONITORED SOLAR POWERED ENVIRONMENTALLY BEFORE & AFTER COMPLIANCE REAL TIME FEEDBACK FRIENDLY EASILY INSTALLED POST MOUNTED TRAILER MOUNTED RMS APPROVED BY HI-VIS GROUP PERMANENTLY MOVE DIFFERENT LOCATIONS FOR ROAD INSTALLATION Proudly 5 100% Australian, naturally. Hi-Vis is proudly an Australian 100% family owned and operated private company. Our products are made and produced in Australia by Australians. We value this so much we wanted to make it public so we have become a part of the Australian Made national campaign. This logo is your assurance you are dealing with an Australian company with Australian values. John Hunter Hospital, New Lambton Heights, NSW

UPGRADE TO AUTOMATIC NUMBER PLATE RECOGNITION Capture number plate nuemnbfoercrsemfoernt Automatic Number Plate Recognition Camera The Hi-Vis Group ANPR is a fully integrated Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and monitoring camera system and is the latest development in cost effective smart ANPR camera technology. A fully modular system, which gives users the ability to select the features and functions they require to meet their end requirements. Utilising Smart High Definition CCD cameras with full dual lane field of view capability, integrated ultra high intensity LED illumination and world renowned ANPR software, this ANPR has been selected for use by many police forces, local authorities and car parking management companies. Enforceable Inclusions  High power infra-red LED illumination in all  Infra-red high definition ANPR  3G, GPRS & ethernet communication Australian camera for 24/7 operation States  Data encryption, GPS module & image  High-resolution colour overview cropping 6 camera option  Transmit data to multiple hosts for cost-  Dual Lane capability, up to 6.1m effective resource sharing field of view from a single unit  Day/night sensor option for night time  On-board processor & integrated overview images ANPR software

Smart Cities READY! Dedicated engineering team available to assist with a solution. Hi-Vis Group has developed a highly specialised Example of licence plate capture vehicle/vessel and pedestrian monitoring and counting system to assist better decision making for Camera Name Timestamp Country VRN Overview smarter cities. Images are collected and analysed Lane Name Speed (km/ph) and stored in a centralised data pool. Decision Confidence Plate Patch Image makers have full access to a dashboard panel with full reporting capabilities. Site 1432 06/03/2016 15:26:32 AUS ZAD001 Newcastle 38km/ph 93 For Traffic Management Site 1432 06/03/2016 15:22:32 AUS ZAD009  Fully UTMC compliant, this ANPR is utilised Newcastle 31km/ph 93 by local authorities and highways agencies for journey time information, traffic flow monitoring Site 1432 06/03/2016 15:18:32 AUS ZAD003 and origin/destination information Newcastle 34km/ph 48  For car park monitoring, used worldwide with a Site 1432 06/03/2016 15:10:56 AUS ZAD007 number of car park management systems Newcastle 39km/ph 31 7

Hi-Vis Customised Sign Management System  Log onto our website using any  By using the environmental report web-based device to update you can view battery voltage, solar or view any sign current & load current so that you can see the health of the sign at any  Access a variety of statistics time of the day such as vehicle count, speed & location  By using the web-based portal you can have control of your sign  View reports on traffic data over & the ability to see current traffic time to see trends by hour, day conditions or month  Interface with Bureau of Meteorology  Update the speed or message & Rural Fire Service to display site on the sign through an easy to specific weather messages use web-based platform ONLY the Hi-Vis LED signage system gives you access to:  GPS  Battery Voltage  Speed  Speed Reports  S olar Current  E xport to Excel  V ehicle Count  Environmental  Remote Update Conditions Suitable for vehicle and pedestrian monitoring 8

 BEFORE 1 28 3 4 9 5  AFTER 6 1 Review statistics over different periods. 7 2 Easily select different signs 11 without leaving the page. 10 3 Hover the mouse over each 12 hour to reveal in-depth details such as average speed, high speed and number of cars. 4 Clicking over the hour will reveal the details by minutes within that hour. 5 Export the data log to CSV (Excel) files. 6 Find all your signs in the map. Click on each sign to view its report. 7 Hover the mouse over each time of day to reveal how many cars have been detected during that hour. 8 Check the reports within each hour. 9 Details about overspeed, comply, highest speed, average speed for every minute. 10 Use the configuration panel to change the signs settings remotely, including the speed limit. 11 Check all environmental variables in real time. 12 Receive email alerts if environmental variables report any warning values. Hi-Vis speed signs are proven to enhance speed compliance on your site. 9

Control Room Command Centre Size: 13.6 metres x 3.6 metres Multi Screen LED Sign Inclusions  Custom size and shape /  Any pitch down to 1mm,  Simple to service (front/rear service) modular and curved units (C.O.B chip on board) Technology  Highest Resolution available  Free hanging/wall mounted  Largest curved screen in the world  Any application to suit  2 year warranty/waterproof – Control room/command modules /dispatch room set ups  Pixel image high Internal and external units resolution at all sizes! NO QUALITY LOSS OR PIXELATION 8 Standard 16:9 Size 7 6 Pixel to Pixel 4K & HD Resolutions 5 4  Each module 1920x1080 pixels 3  Size A: 110” / 279.4cm 2  Size B: 137.5” / 349.25cm 1  Size C: 165” / 419.1cm  Size D: 220” / 558.8cm 1 2 34 5 67 8 10

Internal HIGH External RESOLUTION Size: 4.8 metres x 2.5 metres Size: 4.8 metres x 2.5 metres Pixel Quailty: 2.97mm x 2.97mm at all sizes Pixel Quailty: 6mm x 6mm 2,076,672 LED’s 315,000 LED’s Dispatching & Command Centre Options ABSEN Display Communication KVM broadcasting System System System platform Command Network Data Collection System Security System & processing Management Dispatching Monitoring System System System  Innovative  Advanced Technology  Faster Turnaround  Outstanding Image Quality  Smart Monitoring  Easy Install  Highest Resolution  Flexible largest curved LED screen in the WORLD! 39.51˚ 11

UPGRADE TO Slow speed on AUTOMATIC NUMBER your roads PLATE RECOGNITION Visit page 6 for details. Carrington, NSW Your Speed Sign Code: LEDYOURSPEEDSIGN Sign Inclusions  Doppler radar  Your choice of 3M Diamond Grade  Reporting on oncoming vehicle count reflective printed as pictured and speed, GPS, battery voltage and charge current  12V LED sign with controller & radar  Website for data collection &  Default function with radar:  Under set speed limit: vehicle managing sign configuration  Cabinet size: 1080mm height x speed is shown in green numerals  Over set speed limit: vehicle 780mm width x 180mm depth  Character height: 448mm speed is shown in red numerals  Cabinet is black powder coated  Numerals change as a vehicle 5251 Aluminium H32 moves through radar zone  Strut mountings are the same as  Blank by default  Maximum speed displayed: standard road signs  IP65 water & dust rating 99kms  Solar & battery kit  Minimum speed displayed:  SMS reboot 10kms 12

Central Coast, NSW Install available in 4-6 weeks* *Available if in stock. Iodveenrtsifpy eed Port of Newcastle, NSW to driver Reflective Cover plate strips options for ‘Your Speed Sign’ for added VISIBILITY 13

Warn oncoming drivers of road Improve safety at black spots Reflective strips for added VISIBILITY Maitland, NSW Port Stephens, NSW 14

RTYMPSEAAcPcPrReOdViEteDd Warning Sign Sign Inclusions Code: LEDWARNINGSIGN ITS-AN000039  Sign controller  IP65 water & dust rating  Solar & battery kit  2 sizes available  SMS reboot  Fully programmable  Bottom cabinet size: 525mm  Doppler radar  Fully customisable height x 919mm width x 180mm  Reporting on oncoming vehicle  Website for data collection & depth count and speed, GPS, battery managing sign configuration  Top & bottom cabinet are voltage and charge current  Over set speed limit: yellow black powder coated 5251 Aluminium H32 Install available surround flashes & slow down in 4-6 weeks* message is shown  Strut mountings are the same as  Under set speed limit: sign is blank standard road signs *Available if in stock.  Top cabinet size: 815mm height x 815mm width x 180mm depth  Rain & light sensor. Varies brightness of LEDs to suit local conditions & increases battery life Pole Restraint Device Booragul, NSW On impact, the Signfix frangible pole is designed to tear 15 and break away at the sleeve top and in some instances, could deflect into the carriageway. The pole restraint device will secure the base of the pole close to the sleeve top after the pole has separated from the sleeve, rather like an ankle tap. Signfix commissioned the Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW to carry out a series of crash tests at the RTA’s Crash-Lab in Sydney.

Alternate flashing LED’s drivers John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle, NSW Enhanced Static Signs Sign Inclusions Code: LEDTWOLANTERNSIGN  2 flashing lanterns/wigwams  Solar & battery kit  Choice of 3M Diamond Grade  SMS reboot reflective printed as pictured  Reporting on  Sign controller oncoming vehicle  Default function: count and speed, - Lanterns flash alternately GPS, battery voltage  Cabinet size: Custom size with and charge current 200mm lanterns  IP65 water & dust rating  Strut mountings are the same as standard road signs Pymble Ladies’  College, NSW Install Activation by available in 4-6 weeks*  Radar  24 hours/time of day  SMS  Motion detection *Available if in stock.  Key Fob  Pedestrian push button 16

Dora Creek, NSW Cessnock City Council, NSW Sydney Airport, NSW Teralba, NSW Swansea Channel, NSW Sydney Airport, NSW 17

LED LED Enhanced Great for: Warning Signs  Aged Care  Transport  Ideal for full outdoor visibility  Logistics Facilities  Perfect for pedestrian crossings on main  Car Parks  Airports & Ports roads  Retirement Villages  S et the sign to flash & have the benefit of  Retail Environments  Council Roads grabbing viewer’s attention more than static signs. Flashing also reduces the already low SOSLAOAR PLdOAdWRERED power consumption of LED illumination PANELS  Available in a range of sizes  S trut mountings are the same as standard road signs  IP65 water & dust rating  L ight sensor. Varies brightness of LEDs to suit local conditions & increases battery life  Solar & battery kit  SMS reboot  R adar activation  Reporting on oncoming vehicle count and speed, GPS, battery voltage and charge current 18

Flashing LEDs enhance ALERTNESS John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle, NSW Flashing flashing SEQUENCING Chevrons identify dangerous curves and highlight black spot areas. enhanced safety 19

CODE: LEDFIXEDSPEEDSIGN Variable Speed Limit Sign (VSL) Sign Inclusions  Cabinet is black powder coated  Sign controller  Monitoring of the individual LED performance  Fully programmable & customisable with variable  IP65 water & dust rating speeds  Light sensor. Varies brightness of  Website for data collection and LEDs to suit local conditions managing sign configuration & increases battery life  Default function with radar:  Strut mountings are the same as standard road signs - Over set speed limit: speed limit is shown in the red  Solar & battery kit annulus & ‘Slow Down’ flashes below  SMS reboot - Under set speed limit:  Doppler radar sign is blank  Reporting on oncoming vehicle - Maximum speed displayed: count and speed, GPS, battery 99kms voltage and charge current MOVETMRDTAIOFIRFLEEUARRENMINLOTTEULNEORTCDEADTIONS MPPOOESRPTMUOMANNOSUETTNNTTELEYDD - Minimum speed displayed: 20 10kms  B size cabinet: 1190mm height x 790mm width x 180mm depth

Code: LEDVARSPEEDLIMITCSIZE Colour Variable Speed Limit Sign Sign Inclusions  Strut mountings are the same as standard road signs  Sign controller  Any speed  Available on trailer or 240V  With or without flashing lanterns  Website for data collection and  Solar & battery kit managing sign configuration  SMS reboot  Default function with radar:  Doppler radar - Over set speed limit: speed limit is shown in the red  Reporting on oncoming vehicle annulus count and speed, GPS, battery voltage and charge current - Under set speed limit: sign is blank  Cabinet size: 1080mm height x 1080mm width x 180mm depth  Cabinet is black powder coated  IP65 water & dust rating  Rain & light sensor. Varies brightness of LEDs to suit local conditions & increases battery life 21

TYPE APPROVED Code: LEDNSWSZ New South Wales RMS School Zone Sign Sign Inclusions  M onitoring of the individual LED performance  3M Diamond Grade reflective printed as pictured  IP65 water & dust rating  R ain & light sensor. Varies  S ign controller brightness of LEDs to suit local  Website for data collection & conditions & increases battery managing sign configuration life  S trut mountings are the same as  Default function: standard road signs - L anterns flash alternately with  R MS approved annulus Options: - H ours to flash are  S olar & battery kit programmed through an easy  WIFI connectivity web based interface  SMS reboot - W hen outside set school zone  Installation times sign is blank  12VDC or 240VAC  C abinet size: 1135mm height x 1200mm width x 180mm depth  L antern size: 127.5mm diameter  A nnulus size: 571mm diameter  C abinet is grey powder coated 22

Did you know? In 1999, Hi-Vis Group invented the original Flashing LED School Zone sign. These signs have had a dramatic impact on the reduction of incidents and fatalities around NSW and QLD schools. Code: LEDQLDSZ Queensland School Zone Sign Sign Inclusions  C abinet contains all the electronics & our solar charging  3 M Diamond Grade reflective & batteries in the one box material printed as pictured  M onitoring of the individual LED  S ign controller performance  W ebsite for data collection &  IP65 water & dust rating managing sign configuration  R ain & light sensor. Varies  D efault function: brightness of LEDs to suit local - Lanterns flash alternately with conditions & increases battery life  S trut mountings are the same as annulus standard road signs - Hours to flash are Options: programmed through an easy web based interface  S olar & battery kit - O utside set school zone times  W IFI connectivity sign is blank  S MS reboot  Installation  C abinet size: 2400mm height x  1 2VDC or 240VAC 900mm width x 180mm depth  L anterns qty: 2  A nnulus qty: 1  C abinet is grey powder coated 23

Actsa lgikisaemntartphone! 24

Digital Freestanding Kiosk Sign Inclusions Key Features  D igital touchscreens assist  Industrial-grade design, heavy-duty built to customers locate or use suit super long hour loop-playing 24hrs a important information day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year about your organisation.  P lay software, browser, video, picture via Perfect For touching screen with digital keyboard input  R eception areas  Intel i3 CPU, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, with  M ine site guidance 64 bit Windows 7 OS  Schools  Events  B luetooth, WIFI, Ethernet connection and  Corporate office timer function, optional 3G /4G  Retail Stores  A udio output: 2 x built-in high quality stereo speakers  H ard housing with professional stand set, easy to use and stand Digital touchscreen bAradnddinygouhr ere Great for greeting or welcoming site visitors! 25

sSPpooelwacreiralists! Low powered devices in remote locations Hi-Vis are pioneers in Solar Powered & Wind Turbine technology as a more environmental option to powering remote sign locations. If you have a critical application that your sign must always be operating then our Hi-Vis solar/turbine is your best option. Offering two green alternatives can provide you with the security you require and your signs will be powered 24/7. GrGeoen 26

FULL COLOUR and VIDEO MOTION Variable Messaging Sign (VMS) Sign Inclusions  E nsure your messages are clearly visible day & night  F ull colour optics  R un a combination of photos, movies or text screens  F ull screen compatible  U pdate statistics quickly from an excel spreadsheet  M ultiple screens bolt on to create larger screen areas 27

RFS ENDORSED RMS APPROVED TYPE APPROVED Code: LEDFIREDANGERSIGN 28 Fire Danger Rating Signage Dependable and Easy Updating  A uto update every 4 hours from Bureau of Meteorology – region specific  A lternate full manual mode – customisable via website  C ustomisable full colour text section Ease of Install and Ongoing Reliability  A ustralian Standard C-Channel Strut on rear  T wo solar panels & large backup battery allows greater autonomy & continuity on rainy/cloudy days  P anel & sign plugs IP67 rated  B lack powder coated enclosure. IP65 dust & water resistant / vandal proof High Visibility both Day and Night  F ire danger rating. LED’s message unmistakable in direct sunlight

You maybe eligible for government CALL A HI-VIS REPRESENTATIVE TODAY! LED offers Greater Visibility to Save Lives  H i-Vis Group are the original designers of the LED Fire Danger Rating Signs developed in 2004  F irst LED Fire Danger Rating Sign was install at Northern Beaches Sydney in 2007  S ignFix Frame Post System  F urther add on options on request 29

PSScuchhbooololiclNNaSammcehe ool S St Paul’s Catholic College - Boorgul NSW Public School 30 School Carnival TShcihsooWl edCnaersndiavyal This Wednesday School Motto School Motto

Education LED Signage Sign Inclusions Hi-Vis manufacture a range of LED signs  S low speed on your site or campus with Flashing LED speed signs  V ehicle activated, solar powered, number plate recognition  C ustomised LED Noticeboards also available in a range of sizes and LED panel 31

solution!Request an LED LED Backlit, QLD Custom LED Sign Solutions Hi-Vis can tailor an LED solution for your site! Requesting a tailored sign solution is easy as 1 - 2 - 3! 1 Send Hi-Vis a brief of site problems or required outcomes eg: slow speed 2 Include site photographs  Claude Solar – night 3 Include aerial map views 32  Rural Fire Danger Rating

Hi-Vis will customise a solution for your site with a full outline of all costs & time frames! 33


The Hi-Vis Group can also help with...  Road Signs  Building Signage  Safety Products  Vehicle Graphics  Lightboxes  Stickers/Decals  C ommerical Signage  Event Signage  Customised Signs  Bannermesh solutionsEnd to end Visit 35

Contact the Hi-Vis Group to tailor a custom LED solution for your site! t 1300 857 500 f 1300 857 250 e [email protected] w ©HIVE MARKETING 2018 HIVE01869 a 40-42 Fitzroy Street, Carrington NSW 2294 p PO Box 178, Carrington NSW 2294 Find us on Connect on

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