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Orange County HR Newsletter Issue 2, Vol 2

Published by Joshua Hunt, 2017-02-01 12:00:32

Description: Feb 2017 Newletter


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February 2017 Issue 2 Volume 2 2017 North Central Region Principal of the Year Kiley Brown, Principal Efland-Cheeks Global Elementary SchoolOrange County Schools is excited to announce that our very own Kiley Brown has beennamed the 2017 North Central Region Principal of the Year. A committee from theDepartment of Public Instruction reviewed a portfolio of work and interviewed. Through thisprocess, she was selected as the best principal to represent the North Central Region. Mrs.Brown is the currently serving as the Orange County Schools Principal of the year. She isprincipal at Efland-Cheeks Global Elementary School, where she has served since 2014.Since coming to Orange County Schools, she has worked diligently at Efland-Cheeks GlobalElementary to support the students and staff. She has worked to uplift the community and tocreate a positive culture of success. Mrs. Brown will now be one of eight finalists in therunning to be named the North Carolina Principal of the Year. We look forward to supportingher in this next phase of competition however; we already know she is the best in the state!Congratulations to Efland-Cheeks Global and Mrs. Kiley Brown! We are proud of you!Inside this Issue….. We’re Going PaperlessRegional POY --------- 1 Beginning with the first payroll in January 2017, Orange County Schools moved away from using paper pay stubs. Employees now have access to their pay stubs via the TimekeeperPaperless Pay Stubs .……1 system. The elimination of paper pay stubs will decrease printing costs to the district and will afford greater flexibility to staff in accessing pay information.Winter Weather ………. 2 “Employees have had the ability to check their pay stubs online for some time now,” offeredMerit Bonus Plan ………. 2 Ms. Rhonda Rath, Chief Finance Officer for Orange County Schools. “The only impact to the employee will be that they no longer receive a paper copy of their pay stub on payday,” addedLicensure Renewal …….… 3 Ms. Rath. “The Timekeeper system provides employees with a good amount of information on topics that they frequently contact the Finance department about,” said Ms. Rath.403B Transition--------------- 4 Now, employees will have the flexibility to view and change their demographic and taxEvaluations -------------------- 4 information as often as they like. In addition to viewing the pay stub for a pay period (under “Check History” in Timekeeper), employees can check their leave balances, get W-2s, checkStudent Teachers ……....... 5 personal and tax information, and make leave requests. Other than clocking in and out ofAccident/Incident Timekeeper for work hours, staff can access other functions without having to be in theReport…………………….... 5 district (including by mobile device). Please contact the Finance department if you have any questions.

2 Winter Weather Safety TipsWalking to and from parking lots or between buildings at work during the winter requires special attention to avoid slippingand falling. Slips and falls are some of the most frequent types of injuries - especially during the winter months.  Wear shoes or boots that provide traction on snow and ice. During bad weather, avoid boots or shoes with smooth soles and heels.  Choose appropriate clothing. Wear a heavy, bulky coat that will cushion you if you should fall.  Anticipate ice. Approach with caution and assume that all wet areas on pavement may be slippery or black ice.  Walk in designated walkways as much as possible. Taking shortcuts over snow piles or other frozen areas may be hazardous.  Walk like a “Penguin” for stability. Bend slightly and walk flat-footed with your center of gravity over your feet as much as possible.  Watch where you are stepping and GO S-L-O-W-L-Y.  Extend your arms out to your sides to maintain balance. Be aware if you are carrying a backpack or other heavy item-your sense of balance will be off.  Keep your hands free.  When walking on steps always use the handrail and plant your feet firmly on each step.  Enter building slowly. Remove as much snow from your boots as you can. Water from melting ice on the floor can cause slippery conditions especially near outer doors.  Use special care when entering and exiting vehicles; use the vehicle for support.  If you do fall, try to avoid landing on your knees, wrists, or spine; try to fall on a fleshy part of your body, such as your side.Try to relax your muscles if you fall; you’ll injure yourself less if you are relaxed Board of Education Approves Merit-Based Bonus PlanThe Orange County Schools Board of Education has approved a one-time merit-based bonus pay plan for non-educatorsworking for the school system. The merit pay plan is the result of State action directing local Boards to develop andimplement a one-time bonus plan. The State has provided $86,292 to fund the merit-based bonus pay plan for employeespaid with State funds. The Board of Education appropriated additional local funding to also allow the one-time merit bonusto be extended to locally paid employees who met the established criteria for merit pay. The Board of Education set as agoal that the amount paid to employees should be meaningful. Each of the more than 220 employees eligible to receive thebonus pay will receive approximately $500 (five hundred dollars) in net bonus pay.A district committee composed of school and district leaders formulated the plan for Orange County Schools. Afterconsiderable deliberation, the following eligibility criteria were established to determine recipients of the one-time meritbonus: 1. The employee must have a base pay that is less than or equal to $30,000 (thirty thousand dollars); and 2. By stipulation of the State, any employee paid on the teacher’s salary schedule is not eligible for this one-time merit bonus. The teachers’ salary schedule includes teachers, school counselors, school social workers, psychologists and nurses; and 3. The employee must be a full-time employee that is still on the payroll as of December 30, 2016; and 4. The employee must have at least one year of service in the Orange County Schools as of August 25, 2016; and 5. The employee must not currently have an unsatisfactory evaluation.Eligible employees received the merit bonus in their January 13, 2017 paycheck

3 2017 Licensure Renewal ProcessLicensed staff scheduled for licensure renewal in 2017 Your North Carolina Professional Educator's License will expire on June30, 2017. In preparation for your renewal, please carefully review the following instructions as the process has changed since yourlast renewal:NEW FOR 2017: Licensure Renewal Fee $35 - In the past; there was no fee for LEA Based 5 Year Renewals. Due to changes inthe fee schedule, effective 1/1/17, as a license holder scheduled for renewal in 2017, you will be required to pay $35 torenew your license. Payment can be made online with a Debit, Credit or Pre-Paid card. Orange County Schools will reimburse therenewal fee for all active employees scheduled for renewal in 2017 who meet the reimbursement deadline and requirements.Prior to the Renewal Period (April - June 2017)  Register through the Online Licensure System (if you have not already done so)  Once completed, you will be able to view your licensure information, print your license, submit requests, receive notifications from DPI regarding your license and complete required action for renewal.  Important: The renewal process cannot be completed until you have registered.  Please see the attached instructions. Review your contact and licensure information:  Go the Quick Start Menu of your online licensure account.  Select \"Show Details\" to review your License Information  Review your personal information: contact information - address, birthdate, email address (should be your personal email address, not OCS)  Select \"Update Contact Information\" to revise personal information.  Review your License Information: licensure area(s), education and experience. Please email your questions/concerns to HR.  Review your CEU Report:  Carefully review your CEU report in preparation for your renewal in 2017.  To view your CEU report, go to the OCS Intranet and select \"CEU/UID\". If you have technical problems with Chrome, please use Internet Explorer.  Note: You will not be able to access this information from a location outside the district (i.e. home).  If you have CEUs, either completed or in progress, that are not posted to your report, please make sure they are posted by June 1, 2017.  Only CEUs earned during your renewal cycle (7/1/12 - 6/30/17) will be accepted for the renewal process.  If you do not meet the requirements prior to June 30, 2017, your license will expire. To renew your license you will be required to submit your request for renewal through the Online Licensure System. You will be required to pay the $35.00 late renewal fee. Additionally, to renew an expired professional educator's license, 10 semester hours or 15 CEUs must be earned within the most recent five-year period.Licensure Renewal Requirements – Renewal requirementsVisit DPI site for additional information Period and Process (process is subject to change)  Renewal Period: April through June 2017  As soon as DPI opens the renewal period, you will be notified that an application to renew your license has been created by the Licensure Division.  You will be instructed to access your licensure account through the Online Licensure System to complete the Statement of Applicant and submit payment.  Print and retain a copy of your payment receipt.  Once you have met the CEU requirements, Orange County Schools will submit authorization to renew your license.To be eligible for reimbursement of your licensure renewal fee:  Once the renewal period opens, you receive an email from Human Resources which will include reimbursement instructions and the Reimbursement Request form.  Submit your reimbursement request form and payment receipt to Human Resources by June 1, 2017.  If you will be unable to meet this deadline, submit a written request prior to 6/1/17explaining why you will be unable meet the deadline. Only requests receiving prior approval will be eligible for reimbursement.Again, please begin preparing now for the renewal process outlined above.

34In partnership with the Department of State Treasurer and the North Carolina Total Retirement Plans, beginning February22, 2017, the NC 403(b) Program will transition from TIAA to Prudential Retirement®. Moving forward, Prudential willprovide the recordkeeping, communication and custodial services for the NC 403(b) Program.Now, three of the North Carolina Total Retirement Plans – the NC 403(b) Program, the NC 401(k) Plan, and the NC 457Plan - will be serviced by Prudential, and participants in all of these plans will be able to go to Prudential for informationand assistance.Prudential Retirement has been proudly supporting the retirement readiness of the North Carolina TotalRetirement Plans' participants since 2003—and is well versed in successfully addressing the needs ofadministration, faculty and staff, having serviced 403(b) plans for more than 50 years.Participants will also receive details about this transition in a letter sent in mid-January and a follow-up email in lateJanuary.Benefits of the Transition 4Drawing upon this experience and this new unified approach, this transition enables the Program to effectivelyLeverage: An expanded team of retirement  Convenient access to information: counselors: Prudential's statewide team of retirement o One educational website for all of the North education counselors will be available to assist NC 403(b) Program participants. There will be more Carolina supplemental retirement counselors than ever before, and they will be available locally. plans: o One point of contact (toll-free call Ease of investment selection: The optional asset allocation tool GoalMaker® will now become center): 866-NCPlans available to NC 403(b) Program participants, and can help participants quickly and easily choose their Program (866-627-5267) investments, at no additional cost. o One combined statement for the NC 401(k) and NC 457 Plans- Evaluations*Reminder* Any employee that will work for less than 120 days is considered a late hire and should follow an AbbreviatedPlan—See 2016-2017 Evaluation CalendarMay 13, 2016 ➢ End of year PDP completed (All non-tenured)June 3, 2016 ➢ 2nd informal evaluation completed (> than 3 years, career, career in renewal)June 10, 2016 ➢ Summary Evaluation completed (All non-tenured) ➢ Copy of Summary Evaluation sent to HR (All non-tenured) ➢ End of year PDP completed (career, career in renewal, instructional support staff) ➢ Summary Evaluation completed (career, career in renewal, instructional support staff) ➢ Copy of Summary Evaluation sent to HR (career, career in renewal, instructional support staff) All Classified employee evaluations due

5 HUMAN RESOURCES Student Teacher Welcome DEPARTMENT CONTACTS Lorem ipsum dolor sit amiracundia reFamily CHIEF HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICER Orange County Schools held their first Student Teacher Welcome at New Hope Elementary School on Thursday, Teresa Cunningham-Brown January 19, 2017. This was a great opportunity [email protected] student interns, cooperating teachers and university partners to get together, learn about our district, andHR EMPLOYMENT COORDINATOR prepare for their experience in Orange County. We Heather Witherspoon always look forward to hosting future educators and taking part in their preparation. [email protected] LICENSURE/HIRING MANAGER Jan Cain [email protected] RESOURCES SPECIALIST Phyllis [email protected] HUMAN RESOURCES SPECIALIST/SUBSTITUTE TEACHER COODINATOR Phyllis [email protected] HUMAN RESOURCES BENEFITS 4 Reminders for Filing an Accident/Incident SPECIALIST Meg Merritt Report [email protected]  Please remember to report any accident to your Workman’s HUMAN RESOURCES Compensation Administrator and submit an Accident Report ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT using PublicSchoolWorks (PSW). Arlie Kuzman  Please contact Phyllis Vincent, ext. 11504, if the accident [email protected] 3 requires further medical treatment at Orange Family Medical. Orange County Schools programs are  After an accident, the Employee’s Supervisor will be required staffed and offered without regard to race, gender, sex, age, color, religion, to conduct an Accident Investigation via PSW. national origin, citizenship status,  Any updates to the Accident Report or Employee status shall ethnicity, political affiliation, or disability. be updated in the Case Journal on PSW.  Any injury resulting in employee work restrictions or days away from work shall be reported to Phyllis Vincent, in Human Resources, and may require the employee to meet with the Return to Work Committee before returning to normal daily activity.

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