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Fouts Bros 2000 Gallon CJ Tanker Magazine 1

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Description: Fouts Bros 2000 Gallon CJ Tanker Magazine 1


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2000 Gallon CJ Tankerhttp://www.foutsfire.com1-8444-304-0010Fire apparatus manufacturer, has trucks in service in 49 states and 11

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-00102

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-00103

APPARATUS OVERALL DIMENSIONSOverall HeightOverall WidthOverall WheelbasePump Module WidthAngle Of ApproachAngle Of DepartureNot SpecifiedNot SpecifiedNot SpecifiedNot SpecifiedNot SpecifiedNot Specified........................................................................................................................................................................2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-00104WARRANTYApparatusPaintStructuralTankPlumbingElectrical

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-00105CHASSIS

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-00106CHASSIS OVERVIEWChassis ProviderClassModelCabRear Axle Engine MakeEngine ModelHPTransmission MakeTransmission ModelTransmission TypeFront AxleFront Axle CapacityFront SuspensionSteeringRear AxleRear Axle CapacityRear Axle RatioRear SuspensionTyre SizeFuel TypeTank CapacityDEFExhaust TypeSeatsBumperBrakesAlternatorBattery SystemHorn Selector SwitchMedium DutyT370/T440/T480Regular CabSinglePaccar (Cummins)PX-9330/380Allison3000 EVSManual/AutomaticMeritor14600 lbsTaperleafPower steeringMeritor26000/30000 lbsTandem Hendrickson 22.5Diesel56 US Gallons11 US Gallons13 US GallonsHorizontal/VerticalHigh black vinylHigh black vinylChromeAir Brake320 Amp12 VoltCab’s dashboardMedium DutyM2 106Regular CabSingleDetroitDD13505Allison4000 EVSManual/AutomaticDetroit18000 lbsTaperleafPower steeringDetroit31000Tuftrac Gen2 22.5Diesel50 GallonsHorizontalChromeAir Brake320 Amp12 VoltCab’s dashboardKenworthFreightliner

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-00107CHASSIS OPTIONSKenworth T370Freightliner M2 106Kenworth T440

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-00108CHASSIS PAINT COLORSingle ToneDual ToneOptionPaint - Primary/LowerPaint – Secondary/UpperCab Top Cap ColorSingle Tone/Dual ToneFouts bros. Red, 763572EA/Department ChoiceDepartment ChoiceFouts bros. Red, 763572EA/Department Choice

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-00109AIR HORNSAUTOMATIC TIRE CHAIN SYSTEMPASSENGER’S SEATHadleyMakeOptionOptionQuantityActivation2Hadley chrome platedNot ApplicableSeats Inc. 911 Series SCBA seatThe horn on the steering wheel Floor mounted Linemaster model 491-S foot switchesChassis manufacturer supplied lanyard (T440)Grover 21.00” Stuttertone chrome platedEquipped with an OnSpot Automatic Tire Chain SystemChassis suppliedA 12-volt dashboard switch will be provided so that the operator may engage the chains from the driver’s seat.The passengers seat shall be a Seats Inc. 911 Series SCBA seat. It shall have a RED NFPA compliant seat belt and a pressure sensor for the seat belt monitor.Grover Stuttertone

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001010TIRE PRESSURE MANAGEMENTHUB COVERS FRONT & REARCOVERS, LUG NUT, CHROMEThis active tire pressure monitoring system starts flashing RED if the tire pressure drops 5 to 10 psi.Stainless steel hub covers provided on the front axle and rear axle.Chrome lug nut covers supplied on front and rear wheels.

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001011BUMPERFRONT BUMPER HOSEWELL COMPARTMENTThe chassis frame extended XX.00” with a reinforced steel angle and channel framework. The extension adequately supports the bumper and other equipment to be installedA gravel shield constructed from NFPA compliant, slip resistant .125” aluminum tread plate material provided on the front chassis frame extension.A hose well is provided in the bumper extension. The hose well is designed to fit between the front bumper frame rail extensions is of maximum size using all useable space between the frame rails. Water drain holes drilled in the bottom.The floor of the hosewell is covered with Turtle Tile.The bumper compartment has hinged cover made of .125” treadplate aluminum, with push button latches that raise towards the chassis hood.A safety sign FAMA22, which warns of the need to secure hose, shall be visible to personnel at each hose storage area. ExtensionPurposeHosewell Capacity150 feet of 1.75” DJ fire hoseStandard (No Extension)Extended 12”Front Bumper MonitorExtended 18”Front Bumper CompartmentExtended 21”Hose Storage

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001012CHASSIS PREPARATIONChassis Tow HooksChassis SuppliedRear Tow Plates(2) rear tow plates with 1.50” I.D. holesFront Mud FlapsChassis SuppliedRear Mud FlapsWith the Manufacturer’s logoVehicle Data RecorderClass 1 (VDR/SBW) SystemSeat Belt Warning SystemSupplied in the cabVehicle Data Recorder Download HarnessA Class1 model #629-00025 USB VDRCenter ConsoleLocated between the driver and officer’s seatsBattery SystemChassis SuppliedKeyless Ignition SwitchChassis SuppliedMaster Battery SwitchChassis SuppliedKussmaul PackageKussmaul Pump Plus with Auto EjectElectrical Inlet LocationPump Panel /Cab Shoreline Power Inlet PlateAffixed at or near the power inletBack-up Alarm(1) 97 DB at the rear of the unit

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001013KUSSMAUL BATTERY CHARGERKUSSMAUL SUPER AUTO EJECTAUXILIARY AIR COMPRESSORSUPER AUTO EJECT COVER One (1) Kussmaul Auto Charge #1200 Series Model One (1) Kussmaul Pump 12V air compressor is #091-215-12, 40 amp battery charger and 3 amp supplied. The compressor system is designed to Battery Saver is be installed.maintain the air pressure in the chassis brake system while not in use. A pressure switch shall sense air pressure drop and engage the compressor which shall run until the pressure is restored.OptionCover colorIncludedYellowNot IncludedBlackRedDepartment ChoiceOne (1) Kussmaul “Super” Auto Eject model 091-55-20-120, automatic, 120 volt, 20 amp shoreline disconnect is provided for the on board, 110 volt battery charging systems.One (1) Kussmaul model 091-55-234-XX universal single battery bank voltage display/ auto eject cover is supplied with the charger.

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001014Federal Signal model ES100 Dynamax 100 wattspeaker is flush mounted as far forward and as low as possible on the front of the vehicle. A polished model ESFMT with ”Electric F” grille is provided on the outside of the speaker to prevent road debris from entering the speakerOne (1) Federal Signal Q2B siren model #Q2B-012NNSD electro-mechanical siren is mounted in the front of the vehicle on the left hand side.QuantityOptionMounting LocationMounting Type1Not Included LHRecess MountPedestal Mount (Applicable if bumper is extended)2Included LH & RHELECTRONIC SIREN SPEAKERQ2B SIREN

2000 Gallon Super Tanker1-8444-304-001015PUMP

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001016PUMP OVERVIEWMakeModel & GPMDrive LineGear BoxMechanical SealElectronic Pump ManualsPump WarrantyInlet CapPiping & ManifoldsDischarge ValvesHose ThreadsPump CertificationIntake Relief ValveU.L. Test PointsMaster Pump DrainEngine Cooler ValveChassis Engine Heat Exchanger Cooling SystemPTORemote Mounted Discharge Pressure GaugeInlet Driver SidePump ShiftIndicator LightsCompliancePump ShaftImpellerPump AssemblyNFPA 1901Heat-treated, electric furnace, corrosion resistant stainless steelHard, fine grain bronzeAssembled and tested at the pump manufacturer’s factory (ISO 9001 Certified)APS - 500 GPMDSD – 1000 GPMMBP – 500/750 GPMPTOHeat-treated chrome nickel steelYesElectronic fire pump service and operation manualsHale Pro-Tech 5-yearAs per inlet size304 Stainless steel/flexible piping304 stainless steelNSTManufacturer & Fouts BrosStainless Steel(2) U.L. test plugsA rotary type, 12 port master drain valveInstalled in the instrument panelEquipped with a heat exchanger for supplementary chassis engine coolingA ten (10) bolt Muncie model CS10-A1010-H3CX (1) 2.50” Noshok discharge pressure gauge (0-400 PSI) in the cab(1) 5.00” & (1) 2.50” AuxStationary PumpingPump Engaged(1) 6.00” & (1) 2.50” AuxPump & RollOk To PumpOk To Pump And RollHale

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001017PUMP OVERVIEWMake¼ Turn DrainsSmall LinesValvesTank To Pump LineTank Fill/ Recirculation LineDischarge GaugesConstructed from Synflex hoseAkron Brass with stainless balls(1) 3.00”(1) 2.00”Individual Class 1 2.50” line gauges for each 2.00” or larger dischargeHaleHaleEach gated 1.50” or larger inlet and discharge has a quarter turn drain valve installedHale

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001018PRIMING SYSTEMINTAKE RELIEF VALVEMASTER PUMP DRAINHale ESPA1821A Hale ESP priming pump is a positive displacement, oil-less rotary vane electric motor driven pump. The pump is capable of producing a minimum 24 Hg vacuum at 2,000 feet above sea level. The electric motor is a 12 VDC totally enclosed unit. The primer is capable of priming the pump through a 20’ section of suction hose with a 10’ lift within 30 seconds for pumps less than 1,500 gpm, and 45 seconds for pumps 1,500 gpm and larger.One (1) Task Force Tips model #A1821 pressure relief valve is provided. The valve has an easy to read adjustment range from 90 to 300 PSI with easy to read 90, 125, 150, 200, 250, 300 psi settings and an “OFF” position. Pressure adjustment can be made utilizing a ¼” hex key, 9/16” socket or 14mm socket. For corrosion resistance the cast aluminum valve is hard coat anodized with a powder coat interior and exterior finish. The valve is configured with a 2.5” male NPT threaded inlet. The valve has a 2.00“male NPT threaded discharge outlet. The valve meets NFPA 1901 requirements for pump inlet relief valve. A rotary type, 12 port master drain valve is provided and controlled at the lower portion of the side pump panel. The valve is located in pump compartment lower than the main body and connected in such a manner as to allow complete water drainage of the pump body and all required accessories. Water is drained below the apparatus body and away from the pump operator.

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001019PRESSURE GOVERNORTPG+FRC PumpBossSentry (SPGS)The Total Pressure Governor Plus (TPG+) places vital pump and engine control information in one easy-to-use compact package. Engine information including oil pressure, temperature, pump hours, fuel rate and engine hours. It utilizes the J1939 CAN bus for engine control but also has an analog throttle output for those engines that do not support CAN control.Fire Research PumpBoss series PBA401 kit includes a control module, intake pressure sensor, discharge pressure sensor, and cables.The Sentry Pressure Governor System (SPGS) is a J1939 CAN based pressure governing system that consists of a Sentry display, Twister throttle, pressure transducers and associated wiring.OptionSentry Pressure Governor System (SPGS)Total Pressure Governor Plus (TPG+) Fire Research PumpBoss series PBA401

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001020DISCHARGE OPTIONSFOAM CAPABLE DISCHARGESMakeLH Front Panel DischargeLH Rear Panel DischargeRight Side DischargeCrosslay Pre-ConnectRear Tailboard Pre-connect Booster ReelFront Bumper MonitorFront DischargeRear DischargeGround Sweep – Front BumperGround Sweep – Rear Bumper(1) 2.50”(1) 2.50”NA(1) 2.50”(1) 1.75” crosslay pre-connect #1(1) 1.75” #1NANANANA(1) 1.75” crosslay pre-connect #2(1) 1.75” #2(1) 1.50”(1) 2.00”(1) 2.50”(1) 2.50”NANA(1) 1.50”(1) 1.50”(2) 2.50”(2) 2.50”HaleOptionCrosslay Pre-Connect #2Ground Sweep – Rear BumperCrosslay Pre-Connect #1Ground Sweep – Front Bumper

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001021RIGHT SIDE DISCHARGEREAR TAILBOARD PRE-CONNECTSizeSizeLocationCrosslay CapacityValve OperatingHandleDrain ValveValveValve OperatingCrosslay SetupHandleDischargeCapDrain ValveValveAkron2.50”1.75”RH, forward of compartment R1200’ of 1.75” double jacket fire hoseManually operated with a Class1 locking push pull control rodChrome plated zinc handle with a recessed area for identification tagClass1 0.75“, The handle is lift, to open and push down, to closeAkronManually operated with a Class1 locking push pull control rod2.00” plumbing and a 2.00” valveChrome plated zinc handle with a recessed area for identification tagTerminate below the floor of the bumper crosslay with a 2.00” NPT female x 1.50” NST male chicksan swivel adapter2.50” chrome plated, equipped rocker lugs and chainClass1 0.75“, The handle is lift, to open and push down, to close

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001022HOSE REEL - ELECTRIC REWIND OptionHose ColorNote : Customers can chose either rear booster reel discharge or rear tailboard pre connect dischargeNozzle With ShutoffNozzle MountLocationHose CapacityNot ApplicableRed(1) Task Force Tips model # DS1040PPAC model # 1002-S-HD-Y Flexmount HD Short bracketBetween the frame rails at the rear of the chassis150’ of 1.00” rayon braided reinforced neoprene reel booster hose HANNAY painted steel hose reel with electric rewind YellowNot SuppliedNot Supplied150’ of 1.00” NST Reel-Lite booster lightweight woven TPU forestry reel hoseCompartment R1150.00’ of 1.00” booster hose Hannay hose reel, electric rewindNozzleNozzle Mount

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001023FRONT BUMPER MONITORThe monitor has a fully enclosed 12-volt motor and gears with a manual override for both horizontal and vertical rotation and may be operated simultaneously.Akron Model 3462 OptionCameraQuick ConnectMonitor NozzleLocationGPMNot ApplicableAkron Model 3462 Forestry MonitorWithout CameraNoNoPassenger Side30, 60, 95, 125 With CameraYesYesCentre

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001024FRONT DISCHARGE90 degree Mattydale swivel adapter with 2.50” NST male threads2.50” Female NST swivel rocker lug x 2.50” Male NST chrome adapter 2.00” NPT Female x 1.50” NST Male Mattydale swivel LocationValveValve OperatingDischarge pressure gaugeDrain valveCapDischarge AdapterAkron Brass 2.50” Generation II Swing-Out™ ValveManually operated with a locking push/pull “T“ handle located on LH pump operator’s panelOne (1) 2.50” (6.35cm) NoshokAn Innovative Controls 0.75” quarter turn drain valveLHRHCentre (Compartment)90 degree Mattydale swivel adapter with 2.50” NST male threads2.50” Female NST swivel rocker lug x 2.50” Male NST chrome adapter2.50” chrome plated, NST & equipped with rocker lugs & chainNot SuppliedOne (1) 2.00” NPT Female x 1.50” NST Male Mattydale swivel shall be located through the center of the hose box flooring

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001025REAR DISCHARGELocationValveValve OperatingPressure gaugeDrain valveCapDischarge AdapterAkronManually operated with a locking push/pull “T“ handle located on LH pump operator’s panelOne (1) 2.50” (6.35cm) NoshokAn Innovative Controls 0.75” quarter turn drain valveLHRH2.50” Female NST swivel rocker lug x 2.50” Male NST chrome adapter 2.50” Female NST swivel rocker lug x 2.50” Male NST 30 degree chrome elbow adapter2.50” chrome plated

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001026GROUND SWEEP DISCHARGES - FRONT BUMPERGROUND SWEEP DISCHARGES - REAR BUMPER One (1) 1.50” ground sweep discharge piping is piped to the front bumper area. Flexible 1.50” diameter high pressure hose is provided from the pump to the sweep nozzles with automatic low point drains where necessary. Two (2) 0.75” ground sweep fog nozzles installed, one (1) each side of the front bumper.An Akron Brass model 8620 2.00” Generation II Swing-Out Valve provided for the discharge. The valve is operated using an electric gear drive actuator. The valve(s) are controlled electronically with a KZ Valve model TSL Plus.One (1) 1.50” ground sweep discharge piping is piped to the rear bumper area. Flexible 1.50” diameter high pressure hose is provided from the pump to the sweep nozzles with automatic low point drains where necessary. Two (2) 0.75” ground sweep fog nozzles installed, one (1) each side of the rear bumper.An Akron Brass model 8620 2.00” Generation II Swing-Out Valve provided for the discharge. The valve is operated using an electric gear drive actuator. The valve(s) are controlled electronically with a KZ Valve model TSL Plus.

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-0010272.50” INDIVIDUAL PRESSURE GAUGESMASTER PRESSURE GAUGEMASTER INTAKE GAUGE(1) Class 1, 2.50” liquid filled gauges, one (1) for each discharge, unless specified otherwise. Gauges shall read from -30” Hg. to 400 psi and shall be accurate to within 1%. Each gauge has a white face and black markings. The gauges located on the pump operator’s panel near the respective discharge control(1) Class1, 3.50” liquid filled master pressure gauge with stainless steel bezel is provided, reading from 0 Hg. to 400 psi. It is accurate to within 1%. The gauge has a white face and black markings.The gauge is located on the pump operator’s panel(1) Class 1, 3.50” liquid filled master intake gauge(s) with stainless steel bezel is provided, reading from -30” Hg. to 400 psi. It is accurate to within 1%. The gauge has a white face and black markings. The gauge is located on the pump operator’s panel.

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001028WATER LEVEL GAUGELARGE TANK LEVEL INDICATOR DRIVER PUMP, MODULE, AND RELATED ITEMSOne (1) Hale model # “ITL-40R” Tank Level Gauge One (1) Hale Intelli-Tank model # 610-00049 remote for indicating water level is installed on the pump mini tank level gauge for indicating the water level of operator’s panel.the tank is provided in the cab.OptionMakeQuantityLocationApplicable1Rear 3Sides & Rear of the tankNot ApplicableWhelen PSTANKMakeHalePump Module BodyPump Panel Light ShieldWarning LabelPump Panel ID PlateColor Coded Pump Panel Labelling And NameplatesSide PanelsSelf-supported structureFAMA 18, 22 & 25Pump operator control panelNFPA standards14 gauge brushed stainless steelWaterproof strip light with 72 LEDsMaxxima model M84421 waterproof strip lights with 84 LEDsWhelen PSTANK

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001029FOAM SYSTEM- 3.3 Smart FOAMSystemTank Sensor(s)LED Foam LevelGauge, Class B (Pump Tank Level GaugePanel)Equipped with Class 1 3.3 Foam SystemNot ApplicableOne (1) Hale part# 200-2110-02-0side mount low level foam tank sensorOne (1) Hale model # “ITLF-40G”

2000 Gallon Super Tanker1-8444-304-001024TANK

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001031Tank MakeTank CapacityTank MaterialISO CertificationConstructionCapacity CertificationCenter of GravityTanknology™ TagWater Fill Tower & CoverSumpWater Tank Clean-out PlugMountingMounting BlocksRear Camera NotchTraffic Advisor NotchHose BedHosebed FloorHosebed Divider TrackBulkhead Hosebed DividerHosebed DividerHosebed CoverFoam Tank Foam CapacityRear Dump ValveSwivel Dump SystemTelescopic Extension ChuteDirect Tank FillOutletsUPF2000 US gallons / 1665 Imperial gallons / 7571 LitersPT3 polypropyleneYesOEMYesAs per NFPA requirements regarding rollover stabilityYesA combination vent and manual anti-surge fill tower(1) Sump standard per tankA 4.00” N.P.T. threaded outlet on the bottomRest on the body cross membersYesYesYesConsisting of two side walls and one front panelGroovedYesYesYes18 oz. vinyl Hosebed coverManual Fill Tower20/25/30 US GallonsManual/ElectricYesYesYes(1) for the tank-to-pump suction(1) for tank fill lineTANK OVERVIEW

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001032WATER FILL TOWER AND COVERMOUNTING BLOCKSREAR CAMERA NOTCHThe tank has a combination vent and manual anti-surge fill tower. The fill tower is constructed of 0.50” PT3 polypropylene and has a minimum dimension of 14.00” x 14.00” outer perimeter. The tower has a 0.25” thick removable polypropylene screen and a PT3 polypropylene hinged cover.The capacity of the tank is engraved on the top of the fill tower lid.A recessed mounting area for a backup camera is build into the rear of the tank. As high and as close to the center line as possible.QuantityCamera NotchTank SidesLocationTank Front (2) mounting blocks, LH & RHTank RearFill Tower Color1Yes(4) mounting blocks, (2) on each sideLeft front area of the tank A mounting block, cover the whole rear of tankBlue2NoLeft and Right front area of the tank

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001033TRAFFIC ADVISOR NOTCHHOSE BEDHOSEBED FLOORA recessed mounting area for a traffic advisor is build into the rear of the tank. As high and as close to the center line as possible.Hose bed area constructed of polypropylene on the top of the tank consisting of two side walls and one front panel. The hose bed is welded to the outside perimeter of the tank cover, and is approximately 9.00” tall by the length and width of the water tank. The hose bed is free from all projections, which may interfere with the unloading of hose.The floor of the hose bed is grooved by the tank manufacturer to provide an integral planking designed to allow the loaded hose to drain and allow airflow for ventilation.Traffic Advisor NotchOptionYesEquipped with Hose BedNoNo Hosebed

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001034HOSEBED DIVIDER TRACKSBULKHEAD HOSEBED DIVIDERHOSEBED DIVIDER(S)Hose bed divider tracks installed in the hose bed. The tracks allow hose bed dividers to be adjustable, from side to side in the hose bed, to accommodate varying hose loads.A stationary bulkhead divider is provided in the front area of the main hosebed separating the hosebed from the tank fill tower(s). The balance of this area that is not occupied by fill tower or other mounted equipment is used as a dunnage compartment.Full length, adjustable hosebed divider installed in the hosebed. The divider(s) 10.00” tall x 150.813” long and constructed of 0.75” polypropylene. Each divider has 1.00” polypropylene tube on the top and the rear for added strength.Hosebed Divider TracksBulkhead Hosebed DividerHosebed DividersQuantityTwo (2) Divider tracksNot ApplicableNot Applicable12No divider tracksA stationary bulkhead divider Supplied with Hosebed Dividers

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001035HOSEBED COVERFOAM TANK WITH FILL TOWERThe apparatus is equipped with a 18 oz. vinyl Hosebed cover with a rear flap and a hook and bungee fastening system at front and sides. The rear flap is fastened with three (3) 2.00” side release plastic buckle assemblies. The vinyl material shall be treated for protection against UV rays and mildew.A foam tank is installed inside the main water tank. The foam tank has a capacity of XX U.S. gallons for Class A foam and is constructed of PT3™ polypropylene material. This material is non-corrosive stress relieved thermoplastic and UV stabilized for maximum protection. Tank shell thickness may vary depending on the application and may range from 0.50” to 1.00” as required. Internal baffles are generally 0.375” in thickness.Hosebed CoverFoam TankColorCapacityLabelFill Tower Location Right front area of the tankFill Tower ColorEquipped with a 18 oz. vinyl Hosebed cover Foam Tank is InstalledRed20 US GallonsBlack25 US GallonsFAMA19GreenDepartment choiceNo Vinyl Hosebed CoverNot Applicable

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001036REAR DUMP VALVE, SWIVEL & EXTENSIONManual dump valveManual dump valve with swivel & extensionElectric dump valve with swivel & extensionThree (3) electric dump valves Dump ValveSwivel Dump SystemTelescopic Extension ChuteInstalledOne (1) ManualStainless Steel InstalledOne (1)ManualStainless Steel InstalledStainless SteelOne (1) ManualNot InstalledPaintedTwo (2)ElectricThree (3) Air OperatedOptionQuantityTypeMaterialOptionQuantityTypeMaterialOptionMaterialQuantityTypeNot InstalledTwo (2)ElectricPaintedNot InstalledThree (3) Air Operated

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001037REAR DUMP VALVE, SWIVEL & EXTENSION1050-34 Gate-Style Dump Valve - Stainless Stee1070-34 Gate-Style Dump Valve - Stainless SteelSwivel Chute - 6012SW-34 - Stainless Steel36” Telescopic Chute 4036-34 - Stainless Steel

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001038DIRECT TANK FILLLHRHDrop Down Tank fillStorz AdapterStorz AdapterTFT model AA1HSP-NPStorz CapTFT model #A01SPStorz CapProvidedProvidedAkronAkron2.50” (Akron)2.50” (Akron)OptionOptionMakeMakeSizeSizeNot ProvidedNot ProvidedFireman’s FriendFireman’s Friend3.00” (Akron)3.00” (Akron)KochekKochek4.00” (FF)4.00” (FF)YesYesYes5.00” (Kochek)5.00” (Kochek)NoNoNo


2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001040SUBFRAMEBODY CONSTRUCTIONBODY TYPEThe sub frame is constructed from structural steel channel and plate, welded together and bolted to the chassis frame. The main support is a 0.3125” thick steel plate under the tank floor with a 2.50” angle steel around the perimeter of the tank. Two (2) sub frame long sills constructed of 3.00” X 7.00” steel tubing with 0.1875” walls, run the full length of the subframe and be mounted to truck frame using 0.1875” angle clips and a minimum of ten (10) grade 8 bolts. The tank sub frame and attachments are in strict compliance with UPF poly-tanks engineering specifications.The body is fabricated of steel tubing, angle, smooth aluminum sheet and aluminum treadplate.The side compartments are modular in design and capable of being replaced if damaged. All body com-partments will have a method of ventilation provid-ed either by louvers stamped into a wall or another method to allow the compartments to aerate. The side compartments constructed of formed 0.125” aluminum. Compartment flooring will be of the sweep out design.Body TypeAluminium Tread PlateSmooth Aluminium Painted

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001041The side fender panels above the rear wheels is constructed of 0.125” bright aluminum diamond plate or 0.125” 5052-H32 aluminum. The rear wheel wells radius cut or angled cut for a streamlined appearance.Two (2) polished stainless steel or painted Fenderettes provided over the rear wheel well openings, one each side. Each fenderette is made of 14 gauge 304 stainless steel. The stainless steel fenderette is secured into place with stainless steel fasteners and is easily removable for replacement.The fenderette is bolted into place and removable for replacementFender TypePaintRadial Not ApplicableAngled CutPainted job colorFENDER PANELFENDERETTES

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001042DOOR TYPELOWER COMPARTMENTSDoor TypeNo of CompartmentsCompartments come with surface mount LED light(s) & an automatic “On-Off” switch.PaintLocationL1 DimensionPaintL2 DimensionR1 DimensionR2 DimensionRoll Up Door from Amdor4Satin finishNot ApplicableLH & RHHinged2Painted Job colorLHRH30”WX26”DX27”HNot ApplicablePainted Job Color24”WX26”DX27”H 70”WX26”DX27”H24”WX26”DX27”H

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001043UPPER COMPARTMENTSLADDER STORAGECompartmentsCompartmentDimensionDoor ColorWall MountLadder Storage LocationDoor TypeL3 & L4Not ApplicableNot ApplicablePainted job colorSatin finishNot ApplicablePoly mounting blocks Through the tank RH sideSCBA BracketsRH Side of the apparatusPac Trac tool boardLH under the tankRH under the tankR3 & R4L3 L4 & L544.00” Wide x 31.00” High x 16.00” DeepHorizontally hinged polypropylene door Roll up doors from Amdor

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001044THROUGH THE TANK – LADDER STORAGERIGHT HAND SIDE OF THE APPARATUS– LADDER STORAGESCBA/FIRE EXTINGUISHER BOTTLE COMPARTMENTSA “through the tank” ladder compartment is built into the tank on the right hand side. It is located just below the hose bed. Access is from the rear of the apparatus. The hinged door is constructed of smooth material, with chevron striping.The ladder storage capacity is for one aluminum 24 ft. two-section extension ladder, one aluminum 14 foot roof ladder, and one 10 ft. folding ladder.Two pike pole storage tubes are also provided in the ladder compartment.(1) set of cast aluminum ladder brackets is supplied and mounted on the right hand side of the apparatus. The brackets accommodate the 24.00’ extension and 14.00’ roof ladders.(1) set of folding ladder brackets is supplied and mounted on the left hand side of the apparatus. The brackets accommodate the 10.00’ folding ladder.Left Front Wheel WellLeft Rear Wheel WellRight Rear Wheel WellRight Front Wheel Well(1) SCBA Bottle Compartment(1) SCBA Bottle Compartment(1) SCBA Bottle Compartment(1) SCBA Bottle Compartment(1) SCBA Pack Compartment(1) Fire Extinguisher Compartment(1) Fire Extinguisher Compartment(1) SCBA Pack CompartmentNot ApplicableNot ApplicableNot ApplicableNot Applicable

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001045DROP TANK STORAGEHARD SUCTION STORAGEThere is room to store an appropriate size dump tank under the right hand side “T” portion of the tank. The area has a mechanical means to lock the dump tank in place while the apparatus is in motion. The tank is slide in horizontally into the hold from the right side of the body. The storage has the capacity for one (1) 2100 US Gallon Portable Tank with an aluminum frame.Hard suction storage tray located under the “T” portion of the tank. The hard suction hose storage is accessed from the ground at the rear of the unit. In order to provide a com-fortable and safe level of access to the hoses, there is no exception allowed to this feature.The suction storage has the capacity for two sections of hard suction hose.QuantityQuantityStorage LocationStorage LocationHose Size AvailableTank CapacityMakeMake2 1LH SideRH Side42RH Side6.00”X10.00’LH SideTop of the tank5.00”X10.00’KochekLH & RH Side2100 US GallonsFol-Da-Tank

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001046REAR TAILBOARDREAR CROSSLAY(S)A rear beavertail tailboard is provided and installed at the rear of the apparatus. The tailboard consist of two separate stepping or standing surfaces made of aluminum grip-strut material.The top step is 7.00” deep and the bottom is 9.50” deep. The rear tailboard is full width of the tanker body between the side compartments.The outside edges of the rear tailboard is trimmed with bright diamond plate aluminum.The tailboard meets recommended requirements for non-slip surfaces.The top step is hinged towards the rear of the body, and contain the crosslays mentioned in the pump and plumbing section.The sides of the crosslay shall be equipped with two aluminum diamond plate hinged doors, one on each side.Rear CrosslaysCrosslays End FlapsApplicableAluminiumNot ApplicableNetted (Red/Black)

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001047STEPSEXTERIOR GRAB RAILSAll steps have a surface area of at least 35 square Each grab rail is non-slip, 1.25” diameter extruded inches and able to withstand a load of at least 500 polished aluminum grab rails with rubber inserts pounds.Rear Folding StepsThree large, heavy duty chrome folding steps furnished and located, at the rear of the apparatus. The exact number of steps provided may vary Two grab rails, approximately 30.00” in length, depending upon body configuration and options.designed to provide maximum gripping ability, strength, and durability. The rails comply with NFPA 1901.Grab Rails, Rear Step, Verticalprovided and vertically mounted on the rear of the apparatus, one on each side of the body.

2000 Gallon Super Tanker1-8444-304-001024ELECTRICAL

2000 Gallon CJ Tanker1-8444-304-001049ELECTRICAL OVERVIEWElectrical SystemNFPA 1901 certified 12 volt electrical systemReserve Capacity TestAlternator Performance Test At IdleTest ConditionsManagement SystemLoad ManagerLow Voltage MonitorSwitch PanelCole HerseeWhelen 295SLSA1Centre ConsoleElectric Siren And ControlLow Voltage AlarmSupernodeYesYesThe engine compartment at approximately 200 degreesClass 1 ES-Key management systemThe supernode II has an integrated load managerBuilt into the es-key electrical systemMultiplexed switch panel located in the Center console between the driver and officer positionOne (1) Whelen model #295SLSA1 electronic siren is mounted in the cabOne (1) Cole Hersee model # 4112-RC light/buzzer located in the cabClass1 ES-Key system with a supernode II high density input output node. The supernode II has (24) inputs, (24) outputs, a universal system manager, a data logger, and programmable special utilities

2000 Gallon Super Tanker1-8444-304-001024LIGHTS

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