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How To Be A Great Listing Agent

Published by Kenneth Davis, 2016-05-05 17:46:58

Description: How To Be A Great Listing Agent
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Real Estate HOW TO BE A GREAT LISTING AGENT Being the best listing agent in your area is something every Realtor should be trying to achieve. Look at the steps below and work your way towards answering yes to all of these questions. • Do you visit neighborhoods and spend the proper amount of time and gas when pricing homes? • Do you have a team that includes home stagers? • Do you know at least three good contractors to refer for necessary home repairs? • Do you own a great camera or have a terrific photographer ready to take magazine worthy photos of your listings? • Can you write descriptive MLS remarks? • Do you make sure your MLS pages are totally correct? • Do you answer your phone? • Are you willing to pursue feedback? Sometimes you have to be very persistent. • Do you have a plan to communicate with your sellers and give them regular updates? • Are you able to build and maintain rapport with your Sellers? • Can you keep your flyer boxes full? • Are you willing to attend inspections, appraisals and closings with your clients? • Do you care more about your current clients than the ones you are trying to work with in the future? Work on answering yes to all of these questions and you will be a great listing agent! 8275 North Lake Pleasant Parkway, Ste. 103 Peoria, AZ 85383

Real Estate How to Run a Quick CMA Most Multiple Listing Systems have a built in program to run CMA. The one we use for Maricopa County here in Arizona is very nice and has simple programs built in so that running and emailing CMAs to clients is a very easy process. So for all of you that use a similar MLS here are the instructions. • Click on Quick Search • Then choose Residential • Then choose status, which will be Active, UCB, Pending and Closed. Hold control key down and select the four categories. • Make sure you look at the homes that have closed only within the last six 8275 North Lake Pleasant Parkway, Ste. 103 Peoria, AZ 85383

Real Estate • Now make other selections that match with the home you are trying to value. As you can see I have selected a sub-division, dwelling type, level and square footage. Remember, this is a quick CMA. You will complete more research once you know the client is 8275 North Lake Pleasant Parkway, Ste. 103 Peoria, AZ 85383

Real Estate • Them simply select your results (make sure there are at least six, click on CMA at the top of the page and you will have your quick CMA completed. • Email it to your potential client and keep in contact for the next 8275 North Lake Pleasant Parkway, Ste. 103 Peoria, AZ 85383

Prepare Your SellerChances may be that your seller has less experience selling homes than you do (I hope). For this reasonsellers do ’t k ow u h a out the selli g pro ess.It does ’t atter how up to date o the selli g pro ess your seller appears to be, never make theassu ptio that they u dersta d the full pro ess of arketi g, selli g a d losi g a ho e. It’s alwaystime well spent to explain the process thoroughly before a home is put on the market.Hopefully you are able to meet with a seller a little in advance so you can give them some of the pieces Ihave written on how to get your home ready for the market. Please see a sample of one of my manyblogs on the next page.Here are some other topics you will need to discuss with your seller.  Discuss what changes will be necessary in the day to day lifestyle of the seller. (When your home is listed you must always be cleaning and ready for showings).  How would the seller like to be communicated with; phone calls, email, text messaging. And how often?  All about the style of lockbox you use and how it works.  How showings and previews work.  How often you collect feedback and how you will report it.  Why you wo ’t e atte di g ost showi gs – explain about agency and how that works.Giving your seller information up front will help you avoid frustrations during the listing period.Getting calls from uninformed, frustrated sellers is something we all should try to avoid.

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The Listing Process  Lead contacts you.  Fill out a lead sheet.  Run a quick CMA and email to the lead.  Drop off a pre-list book, a small gift and a hand written note.  Call and set up an appointment to view the home.  Complete a comprehensive evaluation for the home.  Make the listing presentation binder.  Show up for your second appointment with the sellers overly prepared and looking your best.

Real Estate PHONE LEAD SHEET FOR LISTINGSAbout the home:Needs to sell a home byCurrent mortgage Buy after sellingOther features 8275 North Lake Pleasant Parkway, Ste. 103 Peoria, AZ 85383

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