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My story, did it spark for ispark?

Published by Yara Torky, 2021-03-28 11:12:03

Description: Did it spark for ispark?


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THE OPPUNTER Story of a marketing freak, hunting opportunities for personal and professional growth MADE IN EGYPT AQUARIUS HUMAN BEING SECOND-YEAR MARKETING STUDENT

\"I HOPE MY JOURNEY IS LIKE WALKING ON THE SAND; LEAVING AN IMPACT WITHOUT MUCH NOISE I once said \"Believe that you can do what you are dreaming of\" High Honour student of the class of 2018 Whenever you hear Egypt, what first pops up on your mind? Pyramids, Nile, pharos and now it might be Yara. I will tell you the story of a young pharos who is passionate about marketing. Asking the 11 years old version of yara what do you want to study or have as a career, I would say advertising I LOVE ADVERTISING. My knowledge was only limited to those TV commercials behind the screens. I grew up and in high school I started to take Business studies: where I got the chance to know about Marketing my teacher told me 'Yara your curiosity is your master key for this field, keep working you could go magic' I, however, at this time I didn't need magic I needed an opportunity t grow, learn, and see progress.

Suitcase of Lessons Are suitcases only used for clothes? I Would say No. I grew up believing that I am an introvert, I couldn't communicate well, my voice could crack when I just start to talk with anyone. Do you know that feeling of wearing a shirt that doesn't fit your size? Well, that was my case back then. I felt that I can do more, this is not me I have more to show. Marketing's about only commercials anymore, the big picture is now clear for me. I decided to pursue my career, grabbing my suitcase and travel, explore and learn about different cultures and perspectives. Yes! I continued my studies abroad. As I was looking for both personal and academic knowledge I chose to enrol in a Bachelor of Commerce and Marketing at Budapest Metropolitan University. I stayed for one year where I got the chance to meet new people and that helped me to burst from my self-doubts and bloom in my own way. Until I figured that this is not what I am searching for, education-wise I was not satisfied. As a result. I transferred to pursue my studies in Belgium at UC Leuven- Limburg. During my education journey. I was given a golden opportunity not only to step out of my comfort zone but to make sure that this is what I want to continue doing the rest of my life. PASSION is what makes the difference between great work and OUTSTANDING one. Stories are amazing. but evidence is still needed to back up my story. I will leave it for my Resume and motivational letter. \"It's okay to start all over again, you should be glad which direction you are walking to\" 1st Day in Budapest after classes




\"IF YOU ARE PASSIONATE, DON'T RESTRAIN YOURSELF FROM SPILING ALL THAT YOU ARE Overlyxclusive Getting to my final year of Bachelor next year. I am searching for an opportunity in an organization where I can be myself. Learn, share, and what is the most important is to leave an impact. As a firm believer that every human needs an opportunity to show who they truly are, apart from professional experience. I was lucky to know about your company Ispark where I was honoured to participate in one of the events (Young Entrepreneurs) back during my high school I would really appreciate it if you could help me pursue my dream career in marketing by starting a summer internship when I return to Cairo. With the main aim of learning and developing within an impactful organization as Ispark. Kind Regards, Your (maybe) future Intern


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