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A.C.E. - In a class of your own

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Accelerated Christian Education In a Class of YOUR Distributed by Distributed by

ACE your education TODAY! ccelerated Christian Education is a world-class trend-setter in education. For over 40 years, Accelerated Christian Education has Aoffered professional expertise in curriculum, values and in-service training for global Biblical educational reform. The character-building effect of this extraordinary educational strategy, that is values-based, individualised and promotes academic excellence, presents the answer to the global crisis in education. Utilizing this concept of individualised learning, learners don’t just get by—they get ahead! Leadership training for educators in the distinctives of the Accelerated Christian Education programme and methodology is provided. In addition, educators are updated annually through seminars and conventions. A worldwide Ministry Representative team of professional educators currently service over 7 300 schools and thousands of home educators in 135 countries. Accelerated Christian Education is a primary and secondary academic programme that combines the traditional one- room school with completely individualised, diagnostically- prescribed learning. ACE gives you an advanced, twenty- fi rst century educational programme .

DISTINCTIVES OF THE ACE PROGRAMME Bible-Based Instruction Academic Excellence Individualised Instruction Mastery-Based Learning Diagnostic Testing Biblical Values Computer Enhanced Learning Reasoning Skills Character Building Accelerated Christian Education is an excellent tool to equip the next generation to adapt to the changing face of modern education. Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. -Proverbs 22:6

READING ...the doorway to education! ...the READING IS ESSENTIAL! Reading is the doorway to education. The ACE programme or “whole language” method. It was thought this would offers several avenues by which children can learn to help students learn faster, but this was not the case. read or increase their reading ability. Conclusive studies demonstrate that children who are taught phonics learn to read better and faster than those In the 1930s and 1940s, most children learned to read by who do not receive phonics training. ACE incorporates studying phonics. Schools then began using the “look-say” the phonics method in all its reading courses. Reading Development Preschool -Grade R Preschool with Ace and Christi The Preschool with Ace and Christi programme is the fi rst building block towards learning to read. Four daily instruction manuals are provided for the instructor, resulting in minimal preparation. The preschool programme features a complete syllabus of concepts and skills needed to prepare Grade R children to be ready to read. Sixty workbooks (PACEs) fi lled with animal pictures, activities and full-colour picture stories encourage children to want to read. The learner learns social skills, the wonders of God’s world and the reality of God’s love. Another feature for the parent or instructor is the easy- to-use format for guiding children through a preschool graduation programme.

The ’s of ACE GOAL CHART FOR THE WEEK LEARNING TO READ The ABC’s with Ace & Christi is the second building block on the gap from Grade R into Grade 1. It is the miracle year the journey of learning to read. This is the most exciting of the ACE educational programme as learners experience year of any child’s schooling career. It is the giant step the joy of learning to read. Within 15 weeks learners will into “big school” where uniforms and school bags bridge be able to read words phonetically. A two-volume daily instructional manual contains detailed step-by-step, easy-to-follow, w, complete plans for each day. Learn to read...GUARANTEED!

How it works! BIBLE BASED > Goals and concepts are clearly defi ned > Students continue to build fi ne motor skills, particularly in the lower levels. BITE SIZE MODULES COMPUTER CONTROLLED VOCABULARY Accelerated Christian Education has taken the Throughout the programme the introduction of new conventional textbook and divided it into bite-sized, vocabulary words is controlled so that no word is used achievable worktexts called PACEs. Each PACE is more or without the learner fi rst learning its meaning and less equivalent to a unit in a textbook. Each level consists pronunciation. of 12 PACEs per subject. EXCITING PACEs integrate character-building lessons into the academic content and are carefully designed to develop Full colour explanations and illustrations add excitement thinking skills and create mastery learning. to each lesson, and innovative learning activities reinforce the interesting text material. LIFE SKILLS TRAINING ASSESSMENT Learners begin their PACE work by noting their goals, the concepts they will learn, a Bible verse, and a corresponding Each PACE contains Checkups which are mini-tests covering character trait. From the very beginning of each PACE they a section of the PACE. If mastery in an area is not achieved, know what is expected, and they assume the responsibility the Checkup will reveal that weak area. Learners can then for their own learning! take time to review and learn those concepts. “Life is too precious

Includes 60 character traits Appreciative Creative Fearless Merciful Responsible Attentive Decisive Flexible Observant Secure Available Deferent Forgiving Optimistic Self-Controlled Committed Dependable Friendly Patient Sincere Compassionate Determined Generous Peaceful Submissive Concerned Diligent Gentle Perseverant Tactful Confi dent Discerning Honest Persuasive Temperate Considerate Discreet Humble Prudent Thorough Consistent Effi cient Joyful Punctual Thrifty Content Equitable Kind Purposeful Tolerant Cooperative Fair Loyal Resourceful Truthful Courageous Faithful Meek Respectful Virtuous Upon completion of the activities and Checkups, learners prepare to take the Self Test - a practice test. Here learners evaluate themselves to determine readiness for the PACE Test. When the Self Test is successfully completed, the learner hands in the PACE and takes the PACE Test the following school morning. A Self Test helps learners > determine their readiness for the PACE Test. The PACE Test objectively measures the learner’s mastery of the material. On successfully passing the PACE Test, the learner progresses to the next PACE. to be left to chance!”

Sport Art Culture Student Leadership Development ALL AFRICA STUDENT CONVENTION Each year Accelerated Christian Education South Africa hosts the All Africa Student Convention, with competition in over 150 events in categories such as music, platform, art, athletics, academics, and numerous other aspects of service. This student “Olympics” is the highlight for schools and home schools using the ACE programme. The purpose of the All Africa Student Convention is to give Christian young people opportunities to develop leadership skills. God’s Word states that Christian youth should not only be different from the world (Romans 12:1, 2), but should also set a standard of excellence! Learners will grow, and schools will benefi t from participation in the student convention. Preparation and competition will develop skills and attitudes that will prepare them for life. INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CONVENTION Outstanding achievers at the All Africa Student Convention are nominated to attend the International Student Convention in the USA, where students from around the world gather to compete in events in which they have been placed. This premier event showcases the most talented performances from around the world and is an experience that will last a lifetime. TESTIMONIES FROM STUDENT CONVENTION -“God has worked in my life a lot this week. I have learned to love Him more than any other person, place, or possession, and to give my all to God in all that I do.” -- MO “I was blessed to see so many young people in one place that love the Lord. It was such an experience for me that I could not sleep after the service.” --TN

ACE offers a wide range of courses for learners E AC to choose from. The school staff, together with to c the support of professional educators at the the ACE National Offi ce, assist the learners with ACE their subject choices. the What type of Certifi cates can learners earn? Grade 12 College Entrance General Vocational International Certifi cate of Christian Education International Honours Certifi cate Do ACE graduates do a matriculation examination? From 2012, ACE graduates who wish to study at universities in South Africa will need to write the National Senior Certifi cate examination accredited with UMALUSI. Do ACE graduates qualify to study at tertiary Institutions? Yes, ACE graduates currently attend many Universities, Technikons, and Colleges in South Africa and worldwide. How do ACE graduates adjust and cope at University? Results have shown that ACE graduates have an advantage since they are able to set and achieve goals, are disciplined, work independently, and as a result, react positively towards their workload. “With the ACE system I feel that I have received a balanced, well-rounded education. Most importantly, I have been able to keep Jesus Christ central to my life through the Biblical principles that I have learnt.”- SA “The whole experience in the ACE system meant a lot to me, because even though it is a school, and you are there to learn, you also have the opportunity to grow more and more in Christ, and become the person He wants you to be. I have absolutely no regrets.” - USA “I know that I was privileged to complete my high school education at a school using the ACE programme. The standard of excellence is high, and I will take the principles I’ve learned from my school and the curriculum with me for the rest of my life.” - SA

Staff Training ...and qualifi cations The quality of a school relies on the quality of the staff who will impact the learners on a daily basis. Accelerated Christian Education places an emphasis on the importance of training committed, quality staff members in a school. To this end, all educators who will be responsible for the academic supervision of learners need to be suitably qualifi ed in accordance with national norms, which are consistent with the teaching profession in a nation. The ACE system focuses specifi cally on the learner learning rather than the teacher teaching; teachers or educators are referred to as supervisors and classrooms are referred to as learning centres. Qualifi ed educators are assisted by paraprofessional administrative assistants referred to as monitors. In addition to academic qualifi cations, staff members complete the Accelerated Christian Educators’ professional training course. This course provides training in the correct implementation of the system and highlights the unique Bible-based, individualised methodology of the Acccelerated Christian Education. V Various Training course topics include:arious Training The Five Laws of Learning The Five Laws o The P The Philosophy of Education hilosophy o Introduction Introduction to Reading Systems to Introduction Introduction to Organizationto O W Working with Parents orking with Pa P Practical application exercises in:ractical applica 1) Esta 1) Establishing a daily routine for processing students’ progressblis 2) R 2) Recording scores and keeping recordsecordi 3) Caring for, operating and managing all multimedia resources and 3) Caring computer softwareput com 4) T 4) The phonetic learning-to-read programmehe pho 5) Academic projection for learnersdem 5) Aca 6) Goa Goal control of learnersl co 6) 7) 7) Diagnostic and achievement testing of learnerss Diagno 8) Continual assessment evaluation u 8) Contin The Secret of Le The Secret of Leadership Keys to Effective Administration eys to Effective K Practical Essentials of Management ractical Essenti P Additional lectures on:ditional lectures o Ad T Time management and handling prioritiesime manageme Managing the sc Managing the school Hiring staff and staff issues, (i.e. labour relations) Hiring staff and Maintaining learner cumulative records Maintaining lear

ONGOING IN-SERVICE TRAINING Christian Educators’ ConventionEducators’ ConventionEhristian C C These conventions are held annually for educators involved in the h These conventions are held annually for educators involved in the ACEACEti Th programme. Christian Educators’ Convention is a time of refreshing, refocusing and reviving ideas. programme. Christian Educators’ Convention is a time of refreshing, refocusing and reviving ideas. It is a It is also a time for renewing fellowship and developing relationships with other schools. lso a time for renewing fellowship and developing relationships with other schools. (Whil i ti i d ti t d b ti ti l k (While new innovations in education are presented by motivational speakers.) ) Regional Meetings Realising that staff members need ongoing motivation and encouragement, ACE hosts regular regional meetings for educators at schools using the ACE programme. Staff members join together to learn of educational reforms on the market and to share ideas. Administrators’ Seminar The Administrators’ Seminar is the premier event of ACE and is aimed at the leadership teams of schools. This seminar provides updates on current developments. Future plans and goals of the ministry are shared to assist independent schools in their forward planning. Pastors, principals and administrators of schools using the ACE programme have the opportunity to share creative ideas and experience the dynamic ministry of gifted speakers. TEACHING LEARNERS HOW TO LIVE, NOT JUST HOW TO MAKE A LIVING...

Maths ENglish ScieNce ACCOUNTING EcoNomics Art + Character INcluded Contact Head Offi ce: Tel: 031-573 6500 • Fax: 031-569 1862 Email: [email protected] Postal Address: P O Box 22072, Glenashley, 4022 Physical Address: 13/15 Glen Anil Street, Glen Anil, 4051 #1000054 Website:

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