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SALIMBAY: Rise Above Boundaries (The Official Student Publication of Early Christian College of Arts and Technology, Inc.)

Published by ECCAT School Paper, 2021-05-05 03:39:13

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The Official Student Publication of Early Christian College of Arts and Technology, Inc. ISSUE I APRIL 2021 YEAR-END ACTIVITIES APR 28 Pre-elementary Virtual Completion Ceremony APR 29 Elementary Virtual Graduation Ceremony APR 29 JHS Virtual Completion Ceremony APR 30 SHS Virtual Graduation Ceremony FEATURE Beauty in rhyme, a story in every line by Heather Ariadna Abando (Photo Courtesy of ECCAT Multimedia Team) EDITORIAL ECCAT celebrates its first online PASIKLABAN The Abusive Power that is Overlooked by Authorities by Arstin Daniel Aquino by Rainier Allan Dela Cruz To nurture the talents of students from Early cultural events get-together virtual set-up. The cultural Christian College of Arts and Technology Inc. categories are recorded while the academic contests SPORTS (ECCAT), the PASIKLABAN 2020 (that is equiva- are conducted live through the Google Meet Video lent to Intramurals) officially begun through Google Conferencing. The school administrators, students, A Legend of His Own: Meet last December 14, 2020. The participants were and teachers work together to make the events possi- JM Estrada Attempts to from pre-elementary to senior high school who repre- ble. This houses around forty events, with day one Smash the Victory sented their respective sections. consists of around twelve events from morning to afternoon, day two with eight events, and days three by Michaela Perez PASIKLABAN 2020 is a five-day- and four with a total of ten events. (continue on page 2) consecutive online event consists of academic and ECCAT launches its official YouTube Channel The Stronger One by Caitlin Eunice Lajarca by Rohvie Zymone Buan While in the midst of bringing education to life via online A defining global health crisis initially emerged in Wuhan City, Hubei classes, Early Christian College of Arts and Technology, Inc. Province, China way back December 8, 2019. Months passed by, the virus (ECCAT) released its official YouTube channel last December was named “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS- 14, 2020. CoV-2) by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV). It was said that it is “genetically related to the coronavirus responsible for In an interview with Mrs. Margarita J. Mercado, school the SARS outbreak of 2003”. Later on, the World Health Organization principal, the purposes of the channel are: (1) To \"document\" the (WHO) announced COVID-19 as the name of this on-going pandemic. activities at ECCAT to remember what the school is capable of doing, particularly to showcase how well the students are doing in (continue on page 5) honing their skills and talents; 2) To share to and to inspire everyone; and 3) To make use of this channel as an extension of learning for the students. With over 250 subscribers and more than 4,478 viewers, the school managed to achieve the goal of producing and uploading videos of ECCAT’s events and announcements. Upon the reach of the current administration together with the school principal, Mrs. Mercado along with Mr. Peter Vince Ro- gelio for technical matters, the Multimedia Team headed by Mrs. Jocelyn Samson for video presentations and editing, and teachers and students who participated and cooperated, the launch became a success.

Page 2 April 2021 ECCAT launches donation drive for Typhoon Ulysses victims by Rainier Allan Dela Cruz On November 14, 2020, many people from Luzon and tropical cyclone to hit the country in 2020 which pounded the region Visayas have witnessed the wrath of Typhoon Ulysses. Due to this, and some areas are still reeling from the effects of Super Typhoon several donation drives from various institutions including Early Rolly that hit the country over a week. In line with this, the ECCAT Christian College of Arts and Technology Inc. (ECCAT) have been family immediately organized a donation drive for the victims of launched. Donors who are willing to help brought their donations at Typhoon Ulysses. ECCAT’s Main Campus from 7 am to 4 pm and were received by Nurse Cyrl Colon. On November 17, over 101 bags of food packs and 20 clothes packs were distributed to those who were affected and this lasted until According to CNN Philippines, various organizations have November 20. Many people have also donated blankets, canned launched relief drives for the victims of Typhoon Ulysses. It is the 21st goods, noodles, rice, biscuits, milk, toiletries, and many more. (from page 1) ECCAT offers free TESDAcourse on Cookery (NC II) The pre-elementary level had their poster making, dance and vocal solo, and declamation contests. by Arstin Daniel Aquino On the first day (December 14), the elementary level conducted the following: Masining na Pagkukwento, Spoken On November 10, 2020, Early Christian College of Arts and Technolo- Word Poetry, and Young Writers while the junior high school gy Inc. (ECCAT) through their official Facebook page announced that they will level conducted the Math Quiz Bee, Poster Making Contest, be offering a free Technical Education and Skills Development Authority Craft Creation, On-the-Spot Essay Writing, Spelling Quiz (TESDA) course on Cookery (NCII) for high school and college graduates. Bee, and Photography. The senior high school held their Poster Making Contest, Photography, and Craft Creation. The enrollment for the TESDA scholarship started on November 10, On the second day (December 15), the elementary 2020 with the supervision of Mr. Alvin Salamat, TESDA focal person. All ex- level held the Poster Making and Playing Instrument; Junior penses were covered by the scholarship grant. High School Level: Science Quiz Bee, Pagsulat ng Sanaysay, and Craft Creation; and for Senior High School: Playing The first batch starts on December 9 with their class at ECCAT’s Instruments and Vocal Solo and Duet. Macaiban Campus. Eighteen scholars under the Training for Work Scholarship The third day (December 16) consisted of the follow- Program (TWSP) by the TESDA attended the Training Induction Program ing: Vocal and Dance Solo (elementary); Dance and Vocal (TIP) discussed by Ms. Mary Joyce Camula, TESDA Scholarship Coordinator. Solo, Spoken Word Poetry, Vlog, and Playing Instruments This year’s trainer is Mr. Andrew Joseph Valencia. (junior high school); and Broadcasting, and Spoken Word Poetry contests (senior high school). On the fourth day (December 17), the elementary has the following: Tula and Declamation; in the junior high school: Tula, Declamation, Acting, Oration, and Talumpating Handa; and from the senior high school, Tula, Talumpating Handa at Di-Handa, Declamation, and Oration contests were conducted. The virtual awarding ceremony was uploaded through the ECCAT official YouTube Channel and was also posted and shared through the official Facebook page of the school. - - - SALIMBAY: Rise Above Boundaries - (Photo Courtesy of Mr. Andrew Joseph Valencia) --

Page 3 April 2021 TheAbusive Power that is Overlooked by Authorities by Rainier Allan Dela Cruz In the country, we have witnessed numerous cases which could be classified as police brutality but what does it truly mean? Police brutality is defined by Amnesty International as various human rights violations by the police. This might include beatings, racial abuse, unlawful killings, torture, or indiscriminate use of riot control agents at pro- tests. What is concerning is that it is prominent in the Philippines and in several countries. According to the or even kill an individual. People ging Kian through the streets and opinions in assessing the situa- international law, the Philippine have always been on edge shooting him, contrary to what tions. authorities are obligated to: “(a) because of the killings and injus- they said that Kian shot them and investigate whenever there are tice of our judiciary system. What that they are only defending Police brutality does reasonable grounds to suspect happen now to the motto of the themselves. nothing but breeds crime. What acts of torture and other ill- police “to protect and to serve” the country needs are policemen treatment have occurred, even when most people are almost What could truly happen who will truly serve and protect when no official complaints have scared of cops because of the if there is no evidence in the first the Filipinos. been made; (b) bring those news that are prevailing in our place? With the injustice that responsible to justice; and (c) country? The most known is the continues to grow in our country: In those times that power provide reparation to victims.” case of a seventeen-year-old Kian Where will it truly lead us? is overlooked by authorities and Delos Santos who is killed near darkness seems to win over the Police brutality is abus- his home in Caloocan City. A We have eyes to see light, it is all the more important ing the rights of others. Instead of CCTV footage was released what’s happening in the country. that we know our rights as doing what is right, the police which showed policemen drag- We should use those eyes to edu- Filipino citizens and amplify our officers might even torture, rape, cate ourselves and form the right voices to be heard. Expectation vs. Reality by Rancie Meduaine Alcantara What a unique way to live live, better to live actually. We still life this year. got to see what happens next and maybe, who knows? We might It has been a pretty chal- become zombies. Kidding aside, lenging year. The way we imag- but guess what, eagles? New ined life was going to be the usual vaccines are to be tested that hope- way we lived it for the past years fully would really stop and prevent was nothing compared to the un- the coronavirus from spreading seen virus that came into our lives. and worsening. We all hope this It startled us. It changed us —- our would be our Savior or God’s lives, our bodies, our mental state, grand blessing for us. It means it’s and our emotions. It affected many not over yet for us, but for the things and made us immediately virus, maybe. conscious of our safety, health, and surroundings. Don’t be too anxious, too worried, too lonely, or too frustrat- Despite all these tremen- ed about everything. Don’t stop dous challenges, we survived. It’s climbing the ladder even though it like a big wave tried to tear us has a virus, you could always wash down but because of the spirit we your hands once you’re at the top. had, we never fell down. Well, some did but they remained strong Expect more and live and would still rise from the ashes. more. Today will be yesterday and Even if we really don’t expect too yesterday will be history and much for this year but it’s good to history will be a lesson. - - - SALIMBAY: Rise Above Boundaries - - -

Page 4 April 2021 AsYou Look Upon by Bea Xyrille Yabut Althea brushed her raven-auburn locks, as the day started to commence. The clock is ticking as the seconds pass, and she sat on her seat. She opened her laptop and began to type on her browser, so she can finally join her first online class. The quarantine started in March 2020 due to the tremendous phenomenon of the (Photo Courtesy of Voices of Youth) virus itself, COVID-19. People are still adjusting to the new normal up to this day. Wearing masks in public, sanitizing at all times, and maintaining social distancing at All students had finally foremost. Online classes and work from one’s home were ventured to ensure stability joined the meeting, and the throughout our country. teacher started to check their attendance. Althea ensured that And that’s not the only some reasons, we have a lot of yourself is better than just letting they are complete and none of problem that is conceding. things to do outside our home or yourself out in the open, as if it’s them is missing in action. Due to Many people have died due to sa ibang places pa. Sa health just a normal day. her being the class president the said virus and yet all these protocols naman, well iba-iba herself, she wanted to be a role human specimens linger in all naman yata yung way ng pag- Althea herself is an individu- model for everyone and prove kinds of places as if they’re not iimplement sa mga places, like al who’s coping with the new that there’s hope. putting their lives in danger. in other barangay, mas tight normal very well. As she had yung rules nila when it comes sa said, the quarantine teaches her Even if it’s hard and you feel “Next po, naranasan mo na paglalabas ng bahay. a lot of things imaginable and like giving up, there’s still a bang makalabas ng iyong ta- helps her grow as a more re- small light in the dark. It will be hanan? What can you say about From a student’s point of sponsible citizen, inside and out. always there, as you look upon. the new normal and health view, it is clearly obvious that It’s still a lot going on for her but protocols?” “Yes, multiple times not all of us are following the the only solution you had is to na. Actually, hindi naman maii- rules to the best way we can. keep fighting if you want to help wasan kasi nasa 10 months na Going outside is not a thing that your comrades inside this battle- tayong nakaquarantine and for can make someone drop dead, field. but being aware and protecting Beauty in Rhyme, a Story in every Line by Heather Ariadna Abando \"Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words.\"- Edgar Allan Poe Truly, writing is the most fascinating talent a person could ever possess, bestowed upon by the odds, a gift empowered by the voices inside our head, and the deafening silence of our surroundings, but to be able to write to reach out, to scatter knowledge, and to provide comfort to those who never dared to express themselves when speaking, is what makes that talent exceptional. Just like poetry, the one that we can consider as anyone's safest place, where they can seek solace. Of course, poetry is more than just rhyming words. It is how one can bring letters and emotions to life, to be able to touch a heart through unspoken feelings written on a piece of paper, with the letters entangled together by a pen, its ink gracefully forming the figment of the poet's imagination, train of thoughts, or even serving as the window to their soul. What our lips cannot speak, our pens will wholeheartedly shout. And to be able to understand everything, you must read between the lines. However, just like our emotions, poetry is utterly difficult to construct especially if you are unaware of what you feel, then you would most likely be unable to write anything, and that would certainly bring you emptiness just like the void in your heart. But worry not my friend, for there is always a time to write poems. And if you are dedicated, you might also be able to make more than one poem in one sitting. Sounds good, right? Another interesting thing about poetry is, it doesn't only revolve around one topic. You can make a poem out of any theme, any topic, or simply whatever you like. From your emotions, your pet, the things you bought, friendship, or relationship, you can even write a poem out of your random thoughts. It also does not just limit to rhyming words, because you write freely, as long as it follows the pattern you desire. It is a very explorative field. (Photo Courtesy of Poetry indeed can be our only friend in desperate times, when we can’t tell anyone what’s going on in our head, when the only thing that keeps us calm is silence, accompanied by thoughts being poured on paper. Writing poems can also be a good coping mechanism, it will help anyone control their emotions, especially when they are on the verge of lashing out. It’s not just the beauty we find in this master- piece, but also the comfort and peace our souls are always seeking. - - - SALIMBAY: Rise Above Boundaries - - -

Page 5 April 2021 Behind every inspiration cultivates an aspiration by Eira Louise Lajarca If 2020 made us remember something, this is it: “WE MUST STAY AT HOME”. Having that said, 2021 seems like it just rolled around the corner. Yet here are some exhilarating, inspirational, and amusing stories about students and teachers that I hope will inspire you. A gamer-honor student Irisse Serapio, a Grade 8 student, created a page way back October 17, 2020 which is all about her gaming experiences. On January 19, 2021, I personally interviewed her to ask her if she has issues when it comes to studying and how did she balance her time. This is her response, “Yes, of course, there are times when I play games until the next morning which destroys my body clock and causes my insomnia to worsen. I created a schedule that helps me balance my time on schooling and on gaming.” This is her advice “To keep in mind that our world doesn't only revolve in gaming.” A teacher admired by many Sir Mumar Burdoy is a teacher who is well-known at school. Conforming to my question, “What is the most important thing to remember in order to be a great teacher to your students?” He answered, “I can't tell how to be a great teacher because I don't claim to be like that. It is how the students make their teacher great. But in my opinion, to be a great teacher is something awesome more than anything and the stu- dents learn from him/her.” A student’s first experience According to Iden Dash, “My first experience in my first online class is that I was so nervous about what's going to happen. When I first met my teachers, I was so nervous and excited because I know I can learn new things from them. My first and second grading was devastating because I never took the time or give time to study. But now, I think I can do it, for some reason I got encouraged. I think this school year with online class is fun and amazing.” And here’s a piece of advice for everyone, hard work is not easy, even so, if we start some progress, bit by bit, we will see amazing results. The future entrepreneur Althea Francisco is a Grade 9 student who started her online business way back 2018. According to her, “The hardest challenge I've experienced was when my customer is complaining about the quality of his/her order which I told him/her not to expect too much because it is cheap.” I asked her about the advice that she can give to students who are interested to start their online business. She then stated, “Don’t be afraid to face those opportunity na even though you gave your best, talagang may masasabi pa sila. You should fight for your rights as a seller, but make sure that you're in the right place/side.” She added, “Balance studies and work din.” Amidst a Never-Ending Isolation by Caitlin Eunice Lajarca and Marylaine Fajardo Have you remembered the would simply be changed? Lots ment and relaxation from social always been on our side while we things that you have done so far of offices, establishments, and media platforms or indulging continue to face the greatest con- over the last few months before or schools were closed. No one saw themselves in one of the most flicts of the year. Though life may even during the pandemic? How this coming. The lives of the stu- popular trends nowadays, K-pop. give us surprises, we must re- did you feel during and after you dents and teachers have also Netflix has also been the source of member that we can still seek the have done that certain activity? changed completely since the entertainment during our quaran- answer no matter the length of the schools were closed. Gone were tine days. But beyond these path that we need to take. “Trials Several months ago, it was the days where we spent our things, we cannot absolutely for- teach us what we are; they dig up announced that our country will whole day at school with our get about the ones that we all the soil and see what we are made be put on lockdown because of friends, classmates, and teachers. recognize as family. They have of.” -Charles Spurgeon the COVID-19 pandemic. Every- Now, we spent it in the four cor- one was scared for their own lives ners of our home. --- scared of losing a job, losing life, and losing our education. On the positive side, it gives Since then, the lively and noisy us more time to spend with our but happy surroundings that we family and begin to discover our used to live in became a quiet, sad, talents and interests. Many people and depressing place. This is the have found plenty of other ways reality that we are facing right to restore entertainment like in- now. door exercises, recreation, board games and even house chores. On Who would have thought the other hand, most people, espe- that in just one snap the normal cially teenagers, seek entertain- life that we have been used to - - - SALIMBAY: Rise Above Boundaries - - -

Page 6 April 2021 Beyond the Mind's Boundaries by Heather Ariadna Abando \"Think outside the box\", a famous phrase everyone has heard at least once in their lives. And no, it doesn't just pertain to one's imagination, but an individual's determination to go beyond what the mind is capable of, to grasp and bring an idea to life. However, only a few people have dared to do that, and their courage is indeed commendable. Featuring in this article are eight researchers from two different groups. The first one is from the Inquiries, Investigation, and Immersion. The second is the Research Capstone. Starting with the group from the Inquiries, Investigation, and Immersion, the researchers namely: Ms. Jane Camille De Vera, Ms. Catherine Dolino, Ms. Kaye Anne Bernardo, Mr. Julian Leander Ramirez, Mr. Robert Marco Mistica, and Mr. Justine Mendoza from Grade 12-Vela conducted their study entitled Impact of Marketing Mix on the Purchasing Decisions of Grade 12 Senior High School Students of Early Christian College of Arts and Technology, Inc. in which it focuses on the effect of the marketing mix, which includes the product, price, place, and promotion on students' purchasing decisions. The researchers came up with this concept after observing the rapid technological and environmental changes in today's market conditions. It is a quantitative research study that utilized the Chi-Square Test statistical hypothesis to determine the outcomes of the analyzed data gathered from the respondents to test the null and alternative hypothesis of the study. Their study aims to see how the marketing mix influences students' purchasing decisions and to contribute to the expansion of knowledge and progression of society. This study is valuable to the field of commerce and mar- keting. Furthermore, the purpose of their paper is to serve as a reference for potential researchers who wanted to investigate the same subject in the future. Proceeding with the research capstone, this type of research is only exclusive to the STEM strand, in which it utilizes a series of scientific tests to determine the reliability and validity of the experiment. The researchers, Mr. Patrick Buan and Mr. Lucky Ace De Vera from Grade 12-Caelum, conducted their study entitled Innovative Technique on Using Recycled Coconut Coir for Making Face Masks at Early Christian College of Arts and Technology, Inc. S.Y. 2020-2021 in which they elaborated that coconut husks and shells are some of the most common agricultural wastes in the Philippines while the use of disposa- ble face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic contributes to the increasing percentage of plastic pollution in the world. Hence, the researchers created an in- novative technique to produce biodegradable face masks made from harvested coir husk and other necessary materials that would not destroy the researchers’ aim. Therefore, combining the idea of the two problems then creates one solution. The research was accomplished within three months. In that period, the re- searchers performed six different experiments to complete their final output. The materials used to create the face masks are recycled coir fibers, waste papers, used scratch papers, and sodium hydroxide. This research aims to create an innovative technique to turn waste coir fibers into a useful face mask, reducing the amount of agricultural waste as well as waste fromexisting disposable face masks that caused pollution. To sum up, these are the great minds that are behind these wonderful ideas. Their capabilities, efforts, and dedication contributed new knowledge to today’s society that is truly helpful for future generations. Prelude To The Home Ethereal Melody of by Angelette Celestino Darkness “Someday I will go back here but not as a student anymore, but as a teacher who will teach and inspire other students just like what this school had offered to me.” by Michaela Perez Out of the night that shelters misery This statement was one of the parting lines of my salutation when I graduated in high school. Truth has been deep-rooted behind the Just reminiscing that particular moment in my life already gave me chills and that nostalgic feeling for I know that I am already living that promise. amber of naked memory Unspoken glare under the fiery moon It was 2011 when I enrolled as a first year high school student in Early Christian School, now Early Christian College of Arts and Technology, Inc. I was then asked by the assistant to the school with breathless hush administrator during that time why I wanted to study in their school. Contemplating about the Fear of gloomy twilight casts deep question, I answered that when I first saw this school, I already felt home. Visualizing it, it’s like down on the child’s purest touch. Moana who was drawn to the ocean, and as for me, I was drawn to this school. Yet the yearning siren of falling Four years of staying here had given me a lot of significant darkness is anywhere experiences and meaningful opportunities. But what stood out among all those lessons I’ve learned from this institution has something to do Light of the burning torch wraps me in with being an eagle. As an eagle, I was taught the value of soaring its mortal flame high, although not merely soaring, but soaring high with a purpose. I have learned that I should not be afraid of storms but rather I should Shimmer every dazzling spark into the face those fears, struggles, and difficulties for me to be able to achieve soul of my wild despair triumph. Foster the heart’s horizon as soon as Although now that I am already a teacher, I also know that I am the angel wings clap of spirit came. still a student of this school by heart. I will always be one of the eagles The wind plays with my wisdom before who, no matter what, will always have my “hands putting love in action” and my “heart always feeling that compassion”. And as I “leave the rising sun greets me the gates of this beloved school”, I will still certainly bring the name of Steps out along narrow pathways with the institution wherever God will place me. After all, I am called an eagle for a reason. the twisted maze of secrets Presence that once lock up into the shadow Eventually, senses the warmth of light and nestles where the miracles persist. - - - SALIMBAY: Rise Above Boundaries - - -

Page 7 April 2021 Why Educational Platforms Matter Saving L ves Nw by Rohvie Zymone Buan by Marylaine Fajardo In this crucial time, we have the eagerness to address this The COVID-19 pandemic changes our way of life partic- threat to humanity. However, the thirst to bring the normalcy ularly in terms of businesses, communication, and especially and utter the chaos is still imprecise. No one has the power to education. Our knowledge of computers becomes our primary fight this pandemic not until an effective vaccine is manufac- way of adapting to the changes that are happening in the tured and entered clinical trials. world. How can we imagine the future of teaching and learn- ing without face-to-face interaction? Making COVID-19 vaccine needs to pass through differ- ent phases (exploratory, preclinical, clinical, and post- Educational platforms really matter now. The different marketing stages). types of educational platforms were introduced such as the DepEd Commons, Google Classroom, Google Meet, Quizlet, The guidelines for vaccine development are sterner than and many more. In a press release last 2020, DepEd Secretary those intended for drug development. It is necessary to be Leonor Briones said, “Education must continue even in times stored in a refrigerator between 2°C and 8°C for up to 30 of crisis, whether it may be a calamity, disaster, emergency, days. Test subjects are also needed to examine whether the quarantine, or even war.” vaccine is hazardous or not. School administrators and teachers are working hard to Developing an effective vaccine takes time but fortunate- give us learning and new tools. Adapting to the new platform ly there are currently more than 200 additional vaccine candi- is a big and technical challenge. Despite those, we must dates under development. They are being developed as rapid- embrace the educational platform that is offered to us. It may ly as possible because it is a massive global demand. also be the best time, a wake-up call, to explore and discover Vaccines that are being created by different countries might our skills that we haven’t known yet. As we live in the 21st save our lives and end this pandemic. For now, let the hope century, we need to strengthen, improve, and unbox ourselves brings the world back to its normal state. to modern technology for us to cope with reality. Home Learning during Pandemic The Stronger ne by Rohvie Zymone Buan by Rohvie Zymone Buan Because of the COVID-19 A defining global health crisis initially emerged in Wu- pandemic, we now stay indoors han City, Hubei Province, China way back December 8, 2019. to do activities, online classes, Months passed by, the virus was named “Severe Acute Respir- and more. But how do we learn atory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) by the Interna- online and communicate with tional Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV). It was said our teachers? Let’s find out. that it is “genetically related to the coronavirus responsible for the SARS outbreak of 2003”. Later on, the World Health We use different online Organization (WHO) announced COVID-19 as the name of platforms in learning. Google Meet, Google Classroom, and this ongoing pandemic. Zoom are just some of the commonly used online learning platforms. In close proximity, it can spread quickly from person to person. Infected one could pass this virus through his/her Google Meet works by giving people the link to join the saliva, coughing and sneezing or even through direct contact meeting. Another way is by adding the virtual meeting to as well as by touching contaminated objects and infected your Gmail schedule using Google Calendar; it is much safer surfaces. As this virus began to continuously mutate, this way because you can automatically join because of the transmission can happen even before symptoms show and be admin’s permission. Google Meet can allow 100 participants infectious for a longer time. Most key indicators are having to be invited in the virtual meeting. Zoom, on the other hand, dry cough, shortness of breath, and fever. It also has the can allow up to 500 – 1000 participants, but licensed users are inclusion of aches and pains, sore throat and new loss of taste the only one permitted. or smell. Possible symptoms may appear up to 2-14 days after being exposed to the virus. Due to its alarming exceeding of Google Classroom works by creating a classroom and cases, there are implemented practices and safety protocols to adding the students in it. Teachers can give them tasks and lessen the risk, such as maintaining physical distancing for activities through posting. Students will see their new about six feet apart, wearing protective gears (masks and face activities in “To Do List” or Google Calendar. shields), avoiding crowds, cleaning/sanitizing hands and regularly checking local regulations. Self-isolation and Fairly, there are many educational platforms around the community quarantine are also encouraged because limiting world that are available for the education to continue even face-to-face interactions is the most suitable means to diminish during these trying times. Many of them are very useful and COVID-19 transmission. help us to communicate with our teachers virtually. If this pandemic ends, then hopefully, we’ll be able to return to our normal way of schooling. For now, what we need to do is to stay indoors and follow the safety protocols. - - - SALIMBAY: Rise Above Boundaries - - -

Page 8 April 2021 ECCAT contenders pave their way in the world of Robotics by Rainier Allan Dela Cruz Robotics was first implemented in Early Christian College of Arts and Technology Inc. (ECCAT) during the school year 2019-2020. Learning about it strengthens the student’s skills that are needed in developing knowledge through means of creation, design, assembly, and operation of robots. This paved the path to enter the first CREOTEC National Robotics Competition. The competition was held in Santa Rosa, Laguna last October 23-24, 2019, gathering schools all over the Philippines to compete. The participants of ECCAT, under the name RoboEagles, were Andrei Marshall Molina and Kurt Daniel Caporado (RoboEagle X1) with their coach, Ms. Patricia Anne Mangubat; Earl Dwight Gallardo and Jeremiah Soriano (RoboEagle X2) with their coach, Mr. Robert Jayson Gabriel; Cristian Caparas and Aaron Albert Concepcion (RoboEagle X3) with their coach, Mr. Anjelho Kier Fulgencio; and Enrico Dwayne Gallardo and Althea Francisco (RoboEagle X4) with their coach, Mr. Pedierick Mendoza. They bagged the overall second place in the champion- ship round competing with different schools that have their Robotics curriculum already started in earlier years. “Our only goal and priority is to have fun and nothing else. They are compassionate in what they’re doing and I think that is our greatest edge against our opponents,” Mendoza said. One of the participants, the now 17-year-old, Earl Dwight U. Gallardo, showcased his talents and full potential in the competition. He said that it is all because of his parents and teachers’ encouragement that made it possible to even compete in the first place. The ECCAT RoboEagle X4 and X2 was awarded the second placer, RoboEagle X1 being fourth placer, and RoboEagle X3 won as the fifth placer. A Legend of His Own: JM Estrada Attempts to Smash the Victory by Michaela Perez To showcase the skills of Bulacan despite of his early played well with his every student-athlete in vari- age. “Simula noong 11 yrs old unyielding passion without ous sports, Central Luzon Re- ako nag-try na akong maglaro being distracted with others’ gional Athletic Association ng badminton, hanggang nang judgement. “Itigil mo na ‘yan, (CLRAA) is being held annu- tumagal ay nagustuhan ko na walang mangyayari sa’yo ally as the regional sports siya,” Estrada said. d’yan. Hindi ka lalakas,” are meet that nurture sportsman- Year 2019, under the su- the turn of phrases that ship, brotherhood, and core pervision of his long term Estrada used to shape himself values among the participants. eight-year coach, Angelino much powerful than before. Bernardo (“Copit”), Estrada With the help of his admirers Entering his match for the shined on the court and and the people who are Province of Bulacan, John Mi- attempted to smash for his interested in his success, he chael Estrada, a men’s sin- victory. Estrada was purpose- was able to absorb the most gles badminton player sets his fully striving at that time and remarkable portion of the rules not only to achieve the determined to pursue the game. Someday, Estrada’s goals but also to refine a big match until the last set. He did ambition to enter the Palarong role in sharpening his future not make it to reach the finals Pambansa as gold medalist in as an athlete. The natural bad- but to surpass the quarter-final badminton singles and be part minton player has an exten- round is already a triumph. of the National Team will take sive and still-growing poten- After all, he never doubted its place. Coping with failure tial in this kind of field. In neither his ability nor himself. has taught him the most fact, he started playing at “One step at a time,” he valuable lesson, and that is, to Shuttle Core Badminton added. Inside the court, he never let anything stop you Center in Santa Maria, from chasing your dream. - - - SALIMBAY: Rise Above Boundaries - - -

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