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Published by erin.gardner, 2016-12-15 20:03:11

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Her. magazineHer.Inspirations. passions. Ideals. Beliefs. Voice.

Hello Friends.....My name is Erin Gardner and welcome to Her. Magazine. A little but about me: I LOVE coffee, cold pizza, and rainy days. My favorite movie is The Breakfast Club and myfavorite book is The Outsiders and On the Road.This is the product of my Senior Project, a feminine-basedmagazine created by women for women. I have always beenextremely interested in female empowerment and positiveinfluences, so I wanted to take this chance to learn more about the different perceptions of controversial feminine topics and how it carries within the individual.My overall hope for this magazine is to create anawareness and cultivate active change in the femaleculture. What you see in the magazine is an array ofopinion pieces by women regarding various feminine issues like feminism, the pay wage gap, social media influences, and the photoshop culture. Intermixed is also a variety of interviews about style, entertainment recommendations, and study tips.Throughout my high school career, I have been heavilyinvolved into female empowerment and body positivity, mostnotably with StrongHer. I loved being a part of StrongHerand what it stands for. This is my passion-to inspire womenof their own self-worth. This magazine represents that;it represent Her. inspirations, passions, ideals, beliefs. This is HER VOICE. erin/// ///Gardner //Inside cover photo courtesy of Kelsey Cappel //Back cover photot courtesy of Emilee Poehner2

Table of Contents Around the Table... 6- From Start to Finish... Release Your Inhibitions... Late Night Ramblings... Style Icon... Inner Thoughts... In Session... Last Words... 3

Photo courtesy of Emilee Poehner

Around The Table A collection of essays by women and for women on various feminine topics. The essays are raw and stripped bare of any sterotypes or premisconceptions. This is HER.6

I. Am. Me.Faith BreedenThe phrase “I Am Me” is just the beginning to many phrases and terms that de scribe me. I am not perfect nor am I even close to it. My flaws make me, me. I am not by any means quiet; I love to make others laugh, I am always doing something silly to make my day better along with everyone else’s day. I am probably the loudest on my dance team, in my family, and in my friend group. Some may see that as a flaw, but it my eyes it defines my identity.The term identity is defined as “the condition of being oneself or itself, and not another” (, which is a wonderful reference to my ownidentity. I am myself and not anyone else, I love to be me. In the modern world we often get caught up in being perfect, when being the best version of ourselves is as close to perfect as we can get. I hold myself to a highstandard, but throughout my high school career, I realized I cannot beflawless. I can strive to be perfect but it is an unachievable want. We all want to reach this goal but sometimes it is not possible. There is a journey incoming to terms with not being able to be perfect, especially in my mind. My journey began when I was young, I always wanted to make sure I was the bestperson I could be. I made sure I did not get in trouble, I kept my grades up high, and always made my friends happy. I put everyone’s needs in front of my own and one day I became unhappy. I was not fulfilling my own standardsanymore; I was not being the best version of me. I started to hate myself, I did not like who I was. I would find flaws; I did not like how I looked and I felt like my friends did not actually like me. I began to not like myself at all. Eventually I realized that it was not healthy to feel this way, I should love how I am, I should love my personality and how I look.I still struggle with accepting my flaws every day. Being short is not classified as a flaw anymore and my large teeth form a beautiful smile now-a-days. As partof my Senior Project, I strive to help young girls see themselves in a way that I wanted to see myself in grade school. I wanted to be able to accept who I was and what I looked like. It is a common issue in the “girl world” where weobsess over something that’s wrong with us. Maybe we are not the Barbie girl that boys want, or we are too “needy”, if there is something that makes us stand out, we are stressing about it. I want to make that change, I want to be the reason that a little girl thinks she is beautiful, the reason sherealizes that she is perfect in her own way. Someone said “Imagine if weobsessed about the things we loved about ourselves”, this statement could change the world if everyone followed it. Our society is very pessimistic; we should focus on the positives of someone not the negatives. We should not point out the flaws, but embrace the perfections we already have. A word that describes my identity is the word sunshine. I strive to be the sunshine in everyone’s day, whether their day is already full of sunshine and butterflies or it has been thundering all day. I want to be the reason someone sees the sun another day, that is my definition of perfect. I may not be perfect according to society but in my eyes I am the sunshine and this is as perfect as I can get. 7





Ms. H



Photos courtesy of Ellie Gardner

From Start to Finish A rapid fire dose of Q&A. Freshmen andseniors were polled and were asked to givehonest and raw answers. The repsonses aremeant to fully and completely reflect the individual. This is HER.

//// Question 1 //// “ ”Never give up, it will always get better Faith Breeden What would you want to tell yourself at beginning of the year? “To not stress over the “ Be yourself little things. There are going to be because you’ll find homework assignments people who are just that you forget to like you. Schr”amm do and you will most likely fail a test at Molly some point. It isn’t the end of the world. “ Don’t Realize that you made wory about maing a mistake and learn friends, you’llmake HafnrnomahiSt.m. it”h lots easily. V”ale Lindsey “ To not stress out about little things, Annie Haley ” That “everything “is going to be okay. You that eventually everything will work out. At the beginning of the year I told myself that will find some this is going to be my best friends that year with grades and friends. I'm not going to give up on my will accept you. You will school work just because it's senior year. I also told my- ”earn more self I'm going to have a drama free year and forget about all sisters. the petty drama. Ayana Lee Melanie McGrego”r

“ I regret not getting involved with the school earlier. Hannah S”mith//// Question 2 //// “Not giving my “To not stress over the What do you most regret not doing? little things. There are going to be opinion and doing homework assignments what IFawiatnhtBedreeden” that you forget to do and you will most likely fail a test at some point. It isn’t “ Joining more the end of the world. Realize that you made clubs and going to a mistake and learn sporting events. HafnrnomahiSt.m. it”h Molly Schram”m “ I regret not auditioning for‘Writing a Will Can be Murder’. Ayana Lee ” I kind of “wish I got “involved more, When I started at Seton I yes I am started conditioning for the involved with soccer team and then I just quit. If I could go some things, back to freshman year, I but I am not would’ve stuck with soccer because it is my favorite in any clubs, I sport. I regret not playing wish I got more soccer for Seton. involved with Annie H”aley Melanie McGrego”rthat.

“ I see myself having a family, graduated from college, and I would like to be an Athletic “ Annie”HaleyIn ten years I “hope to have finished//// Question 3 //// Trainer. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I see myself being a surgeon or in the college and hope to process with my have earned a degree sisters still from in nursing (or Seton.Ayana Lee ” something in the medical field). I would hope to be “ In 10 years I would either married or hope to have a job that I love to do and ”engaged. Hannah Smith Lindsey Vale”to have graduated college “ Hopefully a doctor working in Children’s Hospital with a family ” Faith Breeden “ “ Hopefully After I graduate, I am going into cosmetology and living in New that will take about a year. I York or London will then start a job in a salon. In about 10 years I writing about will be 27. I see myself owning my own business for music and in- cosmetology or having my own terviewing the booth. I also see myself being married and having a kid or 2. artists/bands I I will be living in Cincinnati love Schr”amm with aMbeelaauntiiefuMl chGomreego”r Molly

“ That there is a place for everyone somewhereAyana”Leeand to try new things, you might like it.//// Question 4 //// “ Seton has taught me “ Seton has taught What has Seton taiught you? how to be prepared for me many things, one the future. Whether of the things I take that be learning how to adapt to a pride in is being different learning myself, and that community, or simply people will like teaching me how to manage my time and teach me for who I am. me different learning Seton has helped me ”strategies. see that by being Hannah Smith someone else is not okay, and that I will still be loved, if not more if I am my ” true self. Annie Haley “ To never give up on my dreams, that Faith Breeden ”anything I want is within my grasp “ “ That classiness is Seton has taught me how spirited and welcoming our important. The school is. They also taught me way you act a lot in academics, Seton has represents so much more than Melanie McGregor”a wonderful education. just yourself, and the way you “present yourself Seton has taught me to be today, matters now and even in confident with myself and that Molly Schra”mm Lindsey”Valethe future. I have lots of people that care about me.

Photo courtesy of Erin Gardner

“ India ” I want to go//// Question 3 //// Bri Brumfield “ Hannah S”mithanywhere in Europe. What are a few place you want to visit before you’re 25? “ I want to travel “ Chicago M& ScGparieng”or the world and see a Melanie ton of different places, but the place “ London, New York, at the top of my ‘bucket list is defi- Paris, Los Angeles nitely Hawaii, it just Annie Haley ” Molly Schramm”seems so pretty. “ Hawaii, Carbine Island, Paris and Canada and Disney Land. “ ”I would love to Ayana Leevisit Montana and PerLuin”dsey Vale “ Europe,Hungary, “ I want to visit Russia, Australia, and IHndaiyaley”Dressler Korea, but one can only dream. And I also want to visit a few of “ ” Anywhere new my close friends Faith Breeden I met online who lives on the west side (AVriiczkoynaN)gu”yen

//// Question 4 //// “ Price hill chili, McDonald’s fries, LaRosa’s bread sticks, Dave and Busters and What are some of your hole-in-the wall places in Cincinnati? ”Tri-County Mall. Ayana Lee “ Honestly, I am “ Insomnia cookies not sure, I will try is an all-night place anyFtahiithngB!re”eden that sells delicious “ Over the Rhine, Lindsey Val”ecookies over by UC. Smale Park “ Izzy’s or Melanie McGrego”r Zip’s cafe. Hannah Sm”ith “ Shake It Records, Madison “Theater (technically Boba Cha, Price Newport), Any coffee HayleyHill ChiliDr”essler shop that’s not some ”chain company Molly Schramm “ ” I don’t know many “ Bri BrumfieldThe only one I can All of OTR, Price Hill Chili “think of is Tea n Bowl in Clifton. They Aroma’s, Bloc Coffee, make asian food, but Incline House ” I just go there for the bubble Ntegau.y”en Alexis Lambers Vicky

Photo courtesy of Rachel Schultz

Photo courtesy of Kelsey Cappel

Late Night Ramblings A personal peek into the editor’s (my)thoughts on feminine issues and why they should matter. This is HER.

This magazine means a lot to me. This magazine, to me, means that young women care enough about the injustices within society to see an email, stop, think, and reply from the heart. Piecing and knitting this magazine together over the past few months has shown me that people CARE, people want to care, and do care. I think in order for a change tohappen, there needs to be purpose, there needs to be a care because if not the movement, the idea, the passion has no fuel, no backing. What Isee here is people, women, giving a shit.When I sent the initial emails asking for responses, I was blown awaywith the amount of enthusiasm. I think of myself as an introvert, butwhen I am passionate, my voice will be heard. All of the sudden, I had these responses from women I 1) didn’t know cared, 2) never met before,or 3) never thought to ask. Now, these women wanted to send in theirop-eds, their style preferences, their tips of Cincy hotspots, or theirgeneral advice on high school. And I think that is rad.I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to share my opinions on severalissues discussed in the magazine. I wanted to include this so you, as the reader, understand where I’m coming from and can kind-of (some-what)trust me as a fellow woman trying to survive.Right, okay, me. The basics to me are that I LOVE coffee, cold pizza,and sitting on roofs (although I’ve never tried it). My favorite books are The Outsiders and On the Road, my favorite poem is “The Raven”, and myfavorite movies are The Breakfast Club, St. Elmo’s Fire, and TheOutsiders. I would consider my style as hipster. If anyone asks, I am non-identifying hipster. I do like quite large sweaters and slip-onsneakers. In the winter, I love me a scarf and a trench coat. I like my makeup to be simple, but noticeable. I like to fill in my eyebrows, and add a copper or gold eyeshadow. As far as accessories go, I stick withrings, maybe a watch, and my Kairos cross. They make me feel happyand whole. For the longest time, I thought I needed to rely on materialitems like makeup, to feel what I thought as naturally beautiful. 8 or soyears later and I’ve had my fair share of curveballs thrown at me. Iknow now that me is enough. Simply.From the beginning of my high school career, I have been heavily involved in StrongHer. StrongHer, for me, was a positive influence in a verynegative place. This is where I first came in contact with femalepositivity. Ever since then, it caught on like wildfire. I now ampromoting self-confidence and self-love. StrongHer was the place where I started to discover my position on hotly debated discussions.

Photo courtesy of Erin Gardner

Photo courtesy of Kelsey Cappel

Style icon An exclusive look into a few seniors’ fashion sense and inspirations. Therepsonses are meant to fully and completely reflect the individual. This is HER.

Photo courtesy of Megan Wils

Emily Erin Lipps Beiter1. How would you 1. 1. My style is very trendy and My style would bedescribe your style? tomboyish. I really enjoy clothes simple and comfortable - my Who is your so I am always on the lookout inspiration is I don’t knowinspiration? for what is new. I try to be really I just pick clothes different from the majority of I like and I know that I girls who often wear the same would want to wear.   types of clothes and add a little edge to whatever I am wearing to make it a little different.2. How do you 2. I like to wear makeup that 2. I don’t really wear like to do your accents my eyes and lips. I’m not makeup a lot but if I do it makeup? is foundation a little blush into all the contouring and and mascara and some lip gloss  excessiveness that comes with makeup becauase natural beauty trumps fake beaty anyday. I like to keep it simple by not wearing too much, but also by wearing just enough to make myself feel more confident.3. What is your 3. 3. It would be a cute My favoritypick me-up accessory would have to be shoes. pair of shoes, or a piece accessory? I adore shoes and will never have of jewelry or a hat to enough. I have at least 10 pairs of complement the outfit  gym shoes that I rotate between. ` I love booties and any type of fall shoe in general. But my all time favorite shoes would have to be converse-can never go wrong with all black high tops. 

Natalie R achel HaYwwleyLambers Lind Dressler1. 1. 1. It is hard for me My style used to be pretty My style doesn’tto describe my style because laid back, and I think it still is really follow any specific I love to mix it up all the sometimes. Sometimes I am in trend, I like winter/fall time. Sometimes I’m sporty sweatpants and a tee shirt. Other fashion styles. I really and causal and sometimes I’m times I am in jeans,booties, and like Mariska Hargitay’sdressed up or preppy. a bell sleeved top. I would like style, and Jaclyn Hill’s Sometimes I like boho and to think my style is kind of old style. I like sweaters,other times I switch it up country. I love lace, and clothes leggings and boots. Another with some dark clothes and that look like flower petals when I inspiration is my mom. She’s accessories but not full on spin. I am not really sure who I a very stylish woman, andgoth. It usually just get my style inspiration from. when we shop together we depends on my mood.  Probably just seeing what other usually pick out similar people are wearing, and what I see outfits.  when I go out. 2. 2. 2. I do my makeup the Week days I never do my I love doing mysame almost every time I go makeup unless I have auditions, makeup. It’s my favorite out. I like to keep it or a meeting. If I do it is pretty thing to do. I like to try subtle with light colors.  light. On the weekends I usually many different makeup looks have a good amount of makeup on and trends. As of recently, (foundation, contour, blush, I’ve been doing looks eyebrows, eye shadow, eye liner, with a purple/mauve eye 2-3 mascara’s, highlighter, and shadows, a nice highlighted usually a lip gloss or lipstick). cheek bone, and a dark lip. If I have a show or formal things It’s been my go to. (I love like prom, I will sometimes wear makeup I could go on fake eyelashes.  forever)3. My pick me-up 3.My pick me up 3. Definitely my smile.accessory is my Kairos accessory is probably my Particularly my smile with a cross. I love to wear it when I need some extra eyes, a necklace, or ring. I nice matte lipstick on it. support. It always makes me feel safe. Also, it’s always have my Kairos cross on, Or rings. I love wearingplain so it goes with rings.  and usually a necklace a friend gave me. My eyes are a really pretty blue, and sometimes I everything like I give them a little oomph with blue or a dark eye shadow. Sometimes I will add a bold ring or necklace, if it fits my outfit. 

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