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External Affairs Ppt Report

Published by AMSUN External Affairs, 2021-12-12 17:59:20

Description: External Affairs Ppt Report
Designed by Samantha Mukonjia, External Affairs Secretary 2020/2021


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AMSUN AGM 2021 Author: Samantha Mukonjia AMSUN EA REPORT Office: AMSUN External Affairs Date: December 13, 2021

Strategic Objectives & Implementation The goal was to foster partnerships & linkages & increase visibility of opportunities 1 .Partnerships & Linkages Electives & Exchange Programs Opportunities shared via whatsapp, Clubs, Associations, Interest Groups telegram & Instagram Medic Member Associations - KMA, Database on preparation documents KPA, Lancet, Medixus, Daktari Online Webinars i.e Study Abroad Series etc Internship & Mentorship i.e Medixus Established Partners Database & AMSUN Corporate Engagement 2. Visibility of Opportunities Documents Departmental Engagements - Peds, Comm Health, Pathology, Ortho

3. Alumni Engagement Strategic Objectives & Implementation Active Engagement in Webinars Consultation on Facilitate Alumni Engagement, Mediate Mentorship opportunities for Prompt Engagement with Corporates & students Ensure Sustainability & Continuity 4. Corporate Engagement Subsidizing AMSUN Activities - BLS Training Fundraising for AMSUN Finalist Dinner 5. Continuity & Sustainability Drafted Templates for Stakeholder Engagement including an AMSUN MoU Document Google Drive with Minutes, Resources, Engagements, Mapped Partners & Opportunities Handover Report 2021

Photo Dump Some Activities

Challenges & QR Code link to Recommendations Comprehensive Challenges/Lessons Learnt Report 1. Documentation from previous groups 2. Late Stakeholder Engagement 3. Rigidity & Bureaucracies esp with Admin Recommendations 1. Early & Regular Stakeholder Engagements AMSUN EA Sub Committee - Ann, Diana hope, Lilian, 2. Early drafting of Proposals & Budgets Tess, Rajiv, Yassin, Siele, Doris, Faith & Victor 3. AMSUN Website for easier communication 4.Early Engagement of Administration Volunteers in the different action groups (long list) 5. Accessing/getting a domain email for AMSUN Individuals who stepped up in their own capacity to . For Comprehensive Report click link below assist wherever they could AMSUN Exec 2021 Acknowledgments

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