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Published by sajidnoorani, 2017-03-16 06:39:04

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GWM Newsletter 16th March 2017 Highlights Message From CEO’s DeskBusiness Highlights Enterprise Highlights (COO’s Desk)Research From HR Desk

GWM Newsletter, 16th March 2017 From the CEO’s Desk Nitin Jain FY17 has been a very exciting year - the world witnessed CEO upsets and exits including Brexit, US elections, Demonetiza- tion, the refugee crisis, and so much more. Amidst all this, theGlobal Asset and Wealth Management year has been a good year for our business as well as Edel- weiss, both with respect to qualitative growth and financial success, and we are well poised for growth and scale in the years to come. Vision Statement Today, we are one of the fastest growing Wealth Manage- ment outfit in the industry and our AUM has crossed 50,000 To be a High crores. This is a huge achievement and the next step for us is Quality Organization to change our mindset and THINK BIG as we are no longer a small outfit, but a very important business for Edelweiss. From To be recognized as a loss making outfit to making profits and then doubling them, the most reliable and we have come a long way, and each one of you have played an important role in this journey. trusted advisor Over the years, we have sharpened our strategy to increas-To be one of the most ingly become more customer centric. I strongly believe thatexciting places to work our “Customer Obsession” is what will differentiate us from our peers, and we will continue to keep it as our prime focus in in the country the coming years. Though it might seem challenging to bal- ance profitability and customer focus, in the long run it is the latter which will help us sustain and succeed.You have been a great team & because of this, I have such great confidence in our future. Inclosing, please accept my very best wishes to you and lets gear for an even more exciting FY 18. Warm regards, Nitin JainStrickly for internal circulation only 2

GWM Newsletter, 16th March 2017Business HighlightsPersonal Wealth AdvisoryAchievements FY17: 15% and 40% YoY growth* in NR and NC respectively Inspite of a subdued market, our broking business grew by 20% v/s last year Acquisitions consistent at 2,500+ clients per month (nearly 30% YoY growth) Gross Assets stand tall at 3,600 cr (nearly 40% growth v/s last year) Customer obsession as our underlying themes has helped increase focus on enriching client experience leading to increased NPS Scores (PF% - 83% viz-a-viz 70% last year) We leveraged technology to aid our business growth and improve our internal process- es like - automation of incentives, 360 degree client profile and product suitability, dynamic meeting being some of the key initiativesHNI BrokingAchievements FY17: Average LAS book size has increased by almost 20% in the last financial year. The Customer complaint index was high i.e. 36% which has now reduced to 18% and the Customer satisfaction index has increased from 71% to 81%. This was achieved due to our focus on RM connect, Reporting, Account Opening & QRC. The HNI team has acquired 325 focused client accounts in this year. We have focused on technology development and have launched KRA dashboards for RMs, live incentive reports and review mechanism reports for weekly team reviews *As of Jan 2017 3Strickly for internal circulation only

GWM Newsletter, 16th March 2017Business HighlightsPrivate Wealth ManagementAchievements FY17: We are one of the largest WM practices in India (Top 3) We have been adding about INR 2000 crs AuA per month this FY and have grown from INR 16,000 crs to INR 40,000 crs in last one year We are growing at a speed faster than any other competitor in India Attention to right client segments 1. Stickiness of clients, deepening of relationships 2. Brought size, positioned us to build a sustainable business We are recognized as a ‘Serious’ and ‘Credible’ player by clients and competition People: 1. We have built a strong team- We now have more than 50 Financial Advisors in the team and our Senior FAs are doing extremely well 2. Stability in the team- We have not lost a single Financial Advisor in the last 3 yearsAlexAchievements FY17: Launched & optimized DIY Online Trading & Demat account opening process Opened 870 a/c in Feb 2017 and is set to cross the milestone of 1000 a/c in Mar 2017 Launch of new at the end of Oct 2016. We have around 60,000 sessions a week v/s 31,000 in December (93% increase in 2 months) Consistent enhancement of Edelweiss Mobile Trader which clocked monthly revenue of INR 2.09 Cr in Feb 2017 v/s INR 1.2 Cr in Apr 2016 (an increase of 74% during the 11 month period) Launch of WealthPack - has been received positively by the retail customer segment Built in-house technology capabilities with a high quality development team based out of Bengaluru to work on the, Edelweiss Mobile Trader and WealthPackStrickly for internal circulation only 4

GWM Newsletter, 16th March 2017COO’s OfficeAchievements FY17:We have worked on various new initiatives this year across teams in COO’s office: Launched new and easy 3-in-1 Investment account for PWM clients. Automation of MIS E-collect facility for Pay ins Outsourcing of account opening leading to reduction of cost and better TATs Compliance - CKYC implementation for ESL, EGWM, ECOL entities. Implementation of travel desk under the Kinken project We initiated the OCD theme this year and are very pleased to receive huge participa- tion by teams Our journey towards centricity has further progressed this year with increase in positive feedback up to 83% and significant improvement in NPS scores Online account opening has been made available through desktop application making the account opening process more seamless Implemented a structured framework for client communication across GWM 97% of all query/ complaints/ requests resolved within TAT Reporting - SB portal (v3), GWM research portal, Anytime payout, Automa- tion of all cost & business MIS, CTI Integration – HNI CIPStrickly for internal circulation only 5

GWM Newsletter, 16th March 2017ResearchAchievements FY17: Research Goes Online and in new avatars – Our research recommendations and ideas are now available at one single place Now you can watch videos, read reports and interact by posting comments and rating us online. Created content in the form of Blogs, Charts and videos to make ideas and concepts engaging. This is attracting more readership and social media interaction, our Budget related videos attracted more than one lakh views. Collaborated with L&D to created special training programs on equity markets for PWA RM, to further the knowledge quotient of our business teams. Touching clients across regions – We travelled across cities this year and interacted with thousands of clients at very high quality events conducted in conjunction with PWA, PWM and HNI businesses of GWM. Corporate Connect :- Keeping our leadership position in providing corporate access to our professional investors clients we have increased out footprint by nearly doubling such touch points. Coming Soon! GWM RnR ProgrammeStrickly for internal circulation only 6

GWM Newsletter, 16th March 2017Awards Best Equity Broking House Award (mid-size) By BSE - Dun & Bradstreet 2015 Best Use of Mobile Technology in Financial Services - ABP News (BFSI Awards) Wealth Management Excellence Award at The Economic Times Premium Brands Felicitation Best Consumer Mobile Service Award at CMO Asia-BBC Knowledge's National Digital Marketing AwardsStrickly for internal circulation only 7

GWM Newsletter, 16th March 2017 From the HR Desk Rashmi Nagori The annual appraisal process has been initiated. It has always Head HR been our endeavor to drive a fair and objective appraisal process which aims at monitoring & evaluating performanceGlobal Asset and Wealth Management against set goals & rewarding good performance. I would like to share few guidelines with you which should enable you to Vision Statement objectively run the performance appraisal process: To be a High How should you prepare & write your Self Appraisal? Quality Organization To be recognized as Reflect & Gather facts on the below mentioned elements (for the most reliable and the complete year): trusted advisor Detail your performance with the help of achievements & To be one of the most facts against each of the KRAs/Objectives exciting places to work Areas where you were able to meet/not meet expecta- in the country tions - Hits and Misses for the year Substantiate your performance with data, statistics, feed- back to support the progress made. Mention both quanti- tative & qualitative KRAs 1. E.g. Quantitative: AUM collected, clients acquired, revenue details 2. E.g. Qualitative: Process Improvement, Quality of Service, Customer Experience Methods used to track progress across the entire year Challenges faced & actions taken, if any Support & coaching required Ensure self appraisal consists of data for the entire year Be objective & factual while assigning a rating.How should you conduct yourself during Appraisal Review Meeting? Set up a planned meet with your appraiser Be sure of the content of your self appraisal, make notes of the talking points Make notes of the questions you have in mind regarding your performance or future prospects Be calm & open minded for the conversation. Discuss the form that you have filled in detail Discuss & mutually agree on the ratings against each of the KRAs Discuss your Strengths & Opportunity areas Share your career aspirations, summarize on how the entire year has been Listen, Absorb and Reflect on the Feedback Feedback can be both positive & corrective. Be objective in receiving the feedback. DO NOT reject the feedback. Giving any clarifications/ justifications towards the feedback received is equivalent to rejection of feedback Warm regards, Rashmi NagoriStrickly for internal circulation only 8

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