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Published by samuelgborden, 2018-12-06 10:16:40

Description: Cyber Magazine is a tech magazine, this issue is the sports edition. This 20-page magazine focused on the future of sports and how technology is impacting this field. New sports such as Major League Gaming/esports and Drone Racing Leagues are covered in this issue. The magazine is a modern design with bold colors and tech elements to capture its target audience.


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Volume 9 // Issue 5 // May 2020 //MaJorLeagueGamIngGet paid to play your favorite game! Drone RacIng Next level RealIty Is League Workout now vIrtual How DRL is quickly Examining electric muscle Frequently asked questions rising in popularity. stimulation workout suits. about virtual reality.$9.99 //

30. 148. 77. 14. EdItor's Letter// A few words from the executive editor. 23. Software// What’s new and changing the tech we use every day. 30. TrendIng// Sports Tech looking at the most popular trends in sports technology. 48. CIrcuIts// Staying up to date on hardware advances. 54. ArchIve// Exploring the possibilities of electronic muscle simulation suits. 60. Cache// Looking at historic technology that paved the way for modern tech. 88. Extranet// Interview with tech icon Bill Gates. 124. Render// Celebration 3,000 meters above sea level. 132. Code// Creative coding is all around us. 148. FAQs// Answering questions about virtual reality.6//Cyber

54. 124. 77. The Future of Sports// Competitive gaming and eSports has been growing at light speed. Players, teams, leagues, and developers have been making millions just like traditional athletic sports. 93. game of the month// Each month we rate and play the hottest of video games whether it be a console, PC, or on a mobile device. This month we are looking At the highest grossing mobile app Clash Royale. Drone racing leagues have taken the world by storm. To some, it might look like a bunch of nerds playing with their small model aircraft, but drone racing is becoming a serious sport. 110. Rarest AchIevement// Looking at people who are doing things that no one has ever thought of or has been able to do. Interviews to see what puts them above the rest of everyone else in their field. 136. VIrtual RealIty// VR has been one of the most talked about tech out right now. We are going to see how far we can take virtual reality space and what we can expect to see in the near future. May-7-2020//7

ContrIbuters EdItors Samuel g Borden WrIters James Kelly JOESPH BALY MIchah LandIs Tyler SPALDING Director VIckI Meloney Designers Samuel G Borden LINA PHAM Robbert SmIth Photographers AlIcIa MIller ChrIstIan Caba Producer James Borden Alex QuIn PublIsher Matthew Borden ACCOUNT MANAGER WILLIAM JANCZEWSKI WEBMASTER BrIan PEASE QuestIons and comment [email protected]//Cyber

Photo by Alicia MillerThe Future Is Now Technology is constantly changing and evolving the way people do things every day. Making everyday objections easier and more efficient for people to do. Technology is in every part of our lives from telephones to toothbrushes. The world has never been more connected and we want to ensure that you stay updated on the worlds fast-paced technological world. In this edition of Cyber Magazine, we are going to analyze the advancements in technology in the sports industry and talk about what the future of sports might look like. This month’s Features are focused on the future of sports. We are going to highlight Major League Gaming (eSports) and what it is. How the top MLG players are becoming rich from playing their favorite games. We will also be probing into the Drone Racing League to see why racing drones are becoming a serious sport that has quickly come to rise in its popularity in a short period. Cyber is going to examine how technology is affecting the world of sports and it’s athletes today. Can high-end high-tech training suites truly increase your workouts by ten times? How new state of the art equipment is giving athletes a slight edge and improving athletes overall game. The future is now, don’t be left out of date! Samuel G Borden Executive Editor May-7-2020//15


Competitive gaming, betterknown as eSports, is growingat light speed. Teams, players,leagues and game developersare pulling in multiple millionsin revenue every year.Los Angeles had never seen anything Gamesquite like it. The city’s Staples Centre When it comes to games, there are someusually played host to Lakers and Clippers unquestioned big dogs: Dota 2, Leaguebasketball games – or in the off-season, of Legends (LOL), Heroes of the Storm,rowdy rock gigs. It had certainly never Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).seen a capacity crowd turn up to watch a The first three are MOBAs (multiplayerbunch of geeks play video games. online battle arenas) – team games with complex rules, heavy difficult curves,And it wasn’t just the 13,000-strong crowd. and obsessive fan bases. CS:GO is a moreIt was the 32 million people watching straightforward first-person The event was the League of There are others, but really, these are theLegends Finals, and the prize for the most important ones; LOL alone pulls in overskilled team was the Summoner’s Cup – 67 million players every month. Muchand $1m in cash. Tickets for the event sold of its money comes from in-game micro-out in under an hour, and subsequently transactions.popped up on third-party sites likeStubHub with prices in the hundreds of The companies that make these gamesdollars. Riot Games for LOL, Blizzard for Heroes of the Storm, Valve for Dota 2 andBut the eyebrow-raising aspect of all this: CS:GO don’t feel a particular need toit happened in 2013. Competitive gaming discuss their finances with reporters.eSports, to use the most common term The leagues are a little more open. Takeis even bigger now. To pick a few more the European Gaming League (EGL), anumbers, the website UK-based organization that puts togetherestimates that over $181m in prize money tournaments and events for gamers.has been given away in the past few years,and game publisher Activision recently Glen Elliott, the man in charge, startedbought the biggest gaming league, Major his career in banking, but he’s alwaysLeague Gaming (MLG), for 46 million. been a competitive gamer. A few yearseSports is, by any metric you care to ago he decided that he enjoyed doing thatmeasure, a massive business. more than he enjoyed being a senior sales77//Cyber

The Futureof Sports Rob BoffardeSports arena showing the ROSSETTI’s Inverted Bowl arena concept/Image courtesy of ROSSETTI.

Top games awarding Prizes Top Paid Players by game Top Paid game platforms starcraft HotS Mobile 8% 15% Lol 17% 15% $$$$255160,133,40,163,7264,,5439,353311,18 FalleN Console 33% $3,572,777 $3,572,777 $12,176 23% 23%CS:GO Faker $1,169,713 pc $686,972 34% 5 71% $748,339 71% $290,000 KuroKyDota 69 91% ,741

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