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Published by Reese Miller, 2020-09-15 12:37:48

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Body Systems Flipbook 2B Health Science By: Reese Miller

Integumentary System Function: The integumentary system serves multiple functions, including: protection, body Key Terms temperature maintenance, excretion, and perception of stimuli. derm/o, dermat/o- skin Diseases/disorders: kerat/o- hard, horn-shaped tissue Acne- Inflammatory disorder of the xer/o- dry sebaceous glands xanth/o- yellow Albinism- An inherited condition that prevents the normal production of melanin, resulting in erythr/o- red lip/o- fat extremely pale skin and white hair. pedicu/o- fingernail, toenail onych/o- nail rhytid/o- wrinkle Gangrene- Necrosis , or death, of tissue due myc/o- fungus to loss of blood supply, followed by bacterial albin/o- white, deficient infection. pigmentation Keloid- An abnormally raised, thickened scar pil/o- hair; hair follicle Integumentary system continued on next page

Integumentary System Vocab: Healthcare Careers: Skin- the thin layer of tissue forming the natural outer covering of the body of a person or animal. Dermatologist- a physician who diagnoses and treats conditions and diseases of the skin, hair, and nails. Hair- any of the fine threadlike strands growing from the Dermatologists also perform surgery. skin of humans, mammals, and some other animals. Dermatology Technician- A dermatology technician, Nails- the flattish horny part on the upper surface of the also called a dermatology assistant, is a specialized tip of each finger. medical assistant who works in the skin-care field. Keratin- a fibrous protein forming the main structural Subcutaneous Layer- The subcutaneous tissue, also known as the constituent of hair, feathers, hoofs, claws, horns, etc. hypodermis or superficial fascia, is the layer of tissue that underlies the skin. Dermis- the thick layer of living tissue below the epidermis which forms the true skin, containing blood capillaries, Eczema- Eczema (atopic dermatitis) is a chronic or recurrent nerve endings, sweat glands, hair follicles, and other inflammatory skin disease that usually begins in the first few years structures. of life. Epidermis- The epidermis is the outermost of the three Acne- the occurrence of inflamed or infected sebaceous glands in layers that make up the skin, the inner layers being the the skin. dermis and hypodermis. Sweat Glands- a small gland that secretes sweat, situated in the dermis of the skin.

Integumentary System Dallas Vein Institute 4.9 (33) · Vascular surgeon 24.6 mi · 3500 Oak Lawn Ave Suite 760 Open ⋅ Closes 4:30PM · (972) 646-8346 Their website mentions integumentary system and treatment

Musculoskeletal System Function: Muscles attach to bones directly or through tendons or aponeuroses. Skeletal Key Terms: muscles maintain posture, stabilize bones and my/o- muscle joints, control internal movement, and myel/o- bone marrow, spinal cord generate heat. Skeletal muscle fibers are long, oste/o- bone multinucleated cells. cost/o- rib crani/o- skull Diseases/ disorders: -pexy - surgical fixation chondr/o- cartilage Arthralgia- pain in a joint or joints. arthr/o- joint -plegia - paralysis Chondromalacia- softening of the cartilage kinesi/o- movement Atrophy- Wasting away or shrinking of muscle size. Hemiplegia- Total paralysis on one side of the body. Musculoskeletal system continued on next page

Musculoskeletal System Vocab: Healthcare Careers: Ligament- fibrous tissue connecting bones to other bones. Orthopedic Surgeon- is a branch of medicine focused on treating or correcting Malleolus- round process on both sides of the musculoskeletal conditions, including spine ankle joint. and joint injuries or deformities. Osseous tissue- bone tissue Prosthetist- is a person who measures, designs, fabricates, fits, and services a Ossification- process of bone formation prosthesis, or artificial limb. Osteoblast- bone cell that helps form bony Suture joint- immovable joint, such as between tissue. the bone sof the skull. Physiatrist- medical doctor specializing in Synovial joint- a freely movable joint rehabilitation. Sinus- hollow air cavity within a bone Articulation- any type of joint

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Nervous System Function: The nervous system continuously relays messages to and from the brain or Key Terms: spinal cord and controls bodily activity. neur/o- nerve encephal/o- brain DIseases/disorders: myel/o- muscle ambul/o- walk Alzheimer’s Disease- A form of dementia -esthesia - feeling, sensation (progressive mental deterioration) resulting mening/o- meninges from atrophy of the frontal and occipital lobes psych/o- mind of the brain. concuss/o- shaken Brain Tumor- Any intracranial mass, which may be neoplastic (a new growth), cystic (a sac containing fluid), or inflammatory (an abscess). Cerebral Contusion- Bruising in the cerebral tissue. Tremor- An involuntary, repetitive trembling of the body or limbs.

Nervous System Vocab: Healthcare Careers: Dendrite- short fiber that conducts toward the cell body of the neuron Physician Anesthesiologist- A doctor who administers general anesthesia or an Neuron- a cell that is specialized to conduct anesthetic to patients before surgery. nerve impulses Neurosurgeon- A physician who specializes in Axon- long nerve fiber that conducts impulses treating diseases and conditions of the away from a cell nervous system. Central Nervous System- the portion of the Nerve- a bundle of fibers running to organs vertebrate nervous system consisting of the and tissues of the body brain and spinal cord Peripheral Nervous System- the section of the Nervous system- the sensory and control nervous system lying outside the brain and apparatus consisting of a network of nerve spinal cord cells Nerve Cell Body- Location of the nucleus in a Cell- the basic structural and functional unit of neuron all organisms.

Nervous System Neurological Surgeons-Dallas No reviews · Doctor 20.5 mi · 7515 Greenville Ave (214) 691-2111

Special Senses Function: The special senses are involved in the nervous system function of sensory input. Key Terms: The primary sense organ for vision is the eye. irid/o- iris The structures of the outer and middle ear -cusis - hearing are involved in hearing. The structures of the -opia - ear condition inner ear are involved in both hearing and ot/o- ear equilibrium. The nose is responsible for the tympan/o- eardrum sense of smell. The tongue is responsible for opthalm/o- eye helping articulate words. The skin is -metry - process of measuring responsible for our sense of touch. Diseases/disorders: Chalazion- A small, hard, cystic mass on the eyelid caused by a blocked oil gland. Dacryocystitis- Blockage, inflammation, and infection of a nasolacrimal duct and lacrimal sac. Exotropia- Form of strabismus in which one or both eyes turn outward.

Special Senses Vocab: Healthcare Careers: Special Sense Receptors- large complex sensory organs or localized clusters of receptors Optometrist- An optometrist is responsible for performing eye exams and diagnosing any Accessory Structures(of the eye)- Includes the injuries, impairments, or diseases of the eye. extrinsic eye muscle, eyelids, conjunctiva, and lacrimal apparatus Audiologist- An audiologist is a specialist who works with hearing, balance, and related Eyelids- protect the eyes anteriorly disorders. Audiologists test patients for hearing loss. Canthus- the medial and lateral commissure; corners of the eye Pinkeye- infectious form of conjunctivitis Eyelashes- project from the border of each eyelid Conjunctiva- lines the eyelids and covers part of the outer surface of the eyeball Tarsal Glands- modified sebaceous glands associated with the eyelid edges Lacrimal Canaliculi- where the tears flush across the eyeball medially Conjunctivitis- inflammation of the conjunctiva

Special Senses Dallas ENT Head & Neck Surgery (21) · Doctor 27.9 mi · Pavilion III Parking, 1411 N Beckley Ave #363 Open ⋅ Closes 5PM · (214) 438-5188

Cardiovascular System Functions: The cardiovascular system, or circulatory system, consists of the heart, the Key Terms: network of blood vessels throughout the cardi/o- heart body, the blood, and the blood cells. angi/o- blood or lymph vessels hem/o, hemat/o- blood Diseases/disorders: Brady- slow Tacky- fast Aneurysm- Localized, balloon like dilation of a thromb/o- clot blood vessel, usually an artery. -emia - ? leuk/o- white blood cells Bradycardia- Slow heart rate. erythr/o- red arteri/o- artery Flutter- Condition in which the atria beat more rapidly than the ventricles, causing a quivering movement; atrial flutter. Fibrillation- Rapid, spontaneous contractions of the muscle fibers in the atria or ventricles; atrial fibrillation or ventricular fibrillation.

Cardiovascular System Vocab: Healthcare Careers: Aorta- Largest artery in the body. Cardiologist- A cardiologist is a physician who Arteriole- Small artery. specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases and conditions. Atrium- (plural: atria) One of two upper chambers of the heart. Telemetry Nurse- A telemetry nurse monitors patients’ heart rhythm using sophisticated Atria- (singular: atrium) One of two upper equipment. Telemetry nurses work with chambers of the heart. physicians to develop treatment plans for patients in the telemetry unit. Deoxygenated Blood- Blood that is oxygen-poor. Pericardium- Double-layered membrane surrounding the heart. Endocardium- Inner lining of the heart. Sphygmomanometer- Instrument to measure Endothelium- Innermost lining of blood blood pressure. vessels. Venule- Small vein. Myocardium- Muscular, middle layer of the heart.

Cardiovascular System HeartPlace Baylor Heart & Vascular Hospital-BHVH 4.0 (4) · Medical clinic 26.4 mi · 3409 Worth St Suite 500 Open ⋅ Closes 5PM · (214) 841-2000

Respiratory System Function: The respiratory system has crucial, life-sustaining functions. These include Key Terms: 1.inhaling (breathing in) fresh air bronch/o- windpipe 2. Exchanging harmful carbon dioxide (a cyan/o- blue metabolic waste product) for life-sustaining laryng/o- larynx oxygen between the tiny air sacs of the lungs -oxia - ? and the bloodstream Oxy- oxygen pleur/o- pleura, serous membrane that enfolds lung 3. Exhaling (breathing out) old, stale air. pneum/o- lung; air pulmon/o- lung Diseases/disorders: thorac/o- chest trache/o- trachea; windpipe Apnea- Temporary interruption of breathing. Dyspnea- Difficult or painful breathing. Eupnea- Condition of normal breathing. Hyperpnea- Condition of deeper than normal breathing.

Respiratory System Vocab: Healthcare Careers: Bronchi- The passages that branch from the trachea and direct air into the lungs Respiratory Therapist- A respiratory therapist cares for patients who suffer from health Bronchioles- progressively smaller tubular conditions and diseases that affect their branches of the airways breathing. Mucus- protective secretion of the mucous Pulmonologist- A pulmonologist is a medical membranes doctor who diagnoses and treats conditions and diseases of the lungs and of the Breathing- passing or able to pass air in and cardiopulmonary system. out of the lungs normally Residual volume- air that cannot be Lungs- Main organ of the respiratory system voluntarily be exhaled (1200ml) Goblet Cells- cells that secrete mucus Epiglottis- protects the superior opening of the larynx Pharynx- Performs as a familiar passageway for food and air Main Bronchi- Division of the Trachea

Respiratory System Baylor Scott & White Pulmonary and Critical Care Specialists - Dallas No reviews · Pulmonologist 26.3 mi · 3417 Gaston Ave Ste 950 (469) 800-8070

Digestive System Function: The major functions of the digestive system are ingestion, digestion, Key Terms: absorption, and elimination. The organs of cholecyst/o- gallbladder the digestive system all participate in one or enter/o- intestines (small intestines) more of these functions. col/o, colon/o- colon (large intestines) hepat/o- liver Diseases/disorders: gastr/o- stomach or/o- mouth Appendicitis- Inflammation of the appendix; -pepsia - digestion caused by a blockage that results in infection. chol/e- bile; gall proct/o- rectum; anus Cholecystitis- Inflammation of the gallbladder. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)- Backward flow of stomach acids into the esophagus. Hernia- Protrusion of an organ or structure through the muscle that normally contains it.

Digestive System Vocab: Healthcare Careers: Ingestion- the act of eating food or drinking; the first stage of food processing Gastroenterologist- A gastroenterologist is a physician who specializes in diseases and conditions Alimentary Canal- digestive tube that extends of the digestive system. from the mouth to the anus Dental Hygienist- A dental hygienist works under the Pharynx- the junction in the throat of the supervision of a dentist. Dental hygienists are alimentary canal and the trachea licensed to clean and remove stains from teeth, take and develop X-rays, give fluoride treatments, and Undernutrition- condition caused by a diet educate patients about oral hygiene. deficient in Calories Ileum- the last part of the small intestine before the Obesity- condition of being significantly large intestine begins overweight Intestines- the part of the alimentary canal located Bulimia- eating disorder characterized by between the stomach and the anus bingeing and purging Transverse Colon- the part of the large intestine that Appendix- a small sac located on the cecum runs horizontally across the abdomen

Digestive System Digestive Health Associates of Texas 3.1 (7) · Gastroenterologist 20.6 mi · Lb. 101, 8220 Walnut Hill Ln Ste. 214 Open now · (214) 368-6707

Urinary System Function: The urinary system performs four major functions in the human body. These are Key Terms: filtration, waste storage and excretion, -cele - hernia, swelling, protrusion hormone production, and the maintenance of -lysis - breakdown, separation, loosening homeostasis. cyst/o- cyst; sac nephr/o- kidney Diseases/disorders: ren/o- kidney -uria - urination, condition of urine Cystitis- Inflammation of the bladder. -pexy - surgical fixation -ectasis - ? Cystolithiasis- Calculi of the urinary bladder; pyel/o- renal pelvis bladder stones. Diabetes- A condition characterized by excessive amounts of urine. Interstitial Cystitis- Chronic inflammation of the bladder wall.

Urinary System Vocab: Healthcare Careers: Arteriole- small artery Dialysis Technician- A dialysis technician Catheter- Tube for injecting or removing fluids operates machines that remove metabolic waste products and excess fluids from the Meatus- opening or canal blood of patients whose kidneys are not functioning properly. Nitrogenous Waste- substance containing nitrogen and excreted in urine. Urologist- A urologist is a physician who specializes in diseases of the urinary system Renal Artery- Blood vessel that carries blood to and the male’s reproductive tract. the kidney Urethra- Tube leading from the urinary Renal Pelvis- Central collection region in the bladder to the outside of the body. kidney Uric Acid- nitrogenous waste excreted in the Trigone- Triangular area in the urinary bladder. urine. Urea- major nitrogenous waste excreted in urine.

Urinary System Urology Clinics of North Texas No reviews · Doctor 19.8 mi · 007289001501A0000

Reproductive System Functions: (male) The primary function of the male reproductive system is to facilitate Key Terms: conception, or the fertilization of the ovum (the female sex cell) by a sperm. cervic/o- cervix salping/o- Eustachian (auditory) tube; fallopian tube (female) The female reproductive system is ov/o- ovum (egg) uniquely designed to produce new life. orchid/o- testis; testicle oophor/o- ovary Diseases/disorders: men/o- menses; menstruation mamm/o- breast Cystocele- Hernia of the bladder that protrudes gynec/o- female; woman (bulges) through the vaginal wall. colp/o- vagina prostat/o- prostate gland Endometrial Cancer- Malignant cancer of the endometrium. Azoospermia- Absence of sperm in the semen, leading to infertility. Hydrocele- Condition of a fluid filled sac in or around a testis; characterized by swelling of the scrotum or testes.

Reproductive System Vocab: Healthcare Careers: Amenorrhea- absence or suppression of normal menstrual flow Obstetrician/Gynecologist- A physician who practices obstetrics and gynecology is called Cervix- the opening to the uterus an obstetrician/ gynecologist (OB/GYN). Dysmenorrhea- painful menstrual flow Oncologist- An oncologist is a physician who specializes in patients who have been Endometriosis- the presence of endometrium diagnosed with cancer. elsewhere than in the lining of the uterus Meiosos- cell division that produces sex cells Gamete- specialized cell involved in sexual reproduction Spermatogenesis- the production of sperm cells Hysterectomy- surgical removal of the uterus Infertility- incapable or reproduction Mammogram- X-ray film of the soft tissue of the breast

Reproductive System Fertility & Advanced Reproductive Medicine Clinic - UT Southwestern 3.6 (5) · Fertility clinic 23.9 mi · 1801 Inwood Rd 6th Floor, Suite 616 Open ⋅ Closes 5PM · (214) 645-3858

10 extra points! I feel that I have earned the ten extra points because I organized my flipbook really well and I have also included examples of facilities in Dallas and Frisco that are specialized in that specific body area. Each facility is located on the picture slide of every system.

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