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CHS Brochure - Homeschool Students - v12 - for printing

Published by stevenpal007, 2015-01-29 11:02:57

Description: CHS Brochure - Homeschool Students - v12 - for printing

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Citizens’ High School Accredited Diploma Programs Exclusive Start-to-Finish Exclusive Start-to-Finish Exclusive Start-to-Finish Student Protection Plan Student Protection Plan General Studies Diploma Academic Studies Diploma Student Protection Plan Gives You Peace of Mind Gives You Peace of Mind Our nationally accredited General Studies Diploma Most of our homeschool parents want their Gives You Peace of Mind Program offers a high school diploma for students high school students to attend college, so they Citizens' High School offers you our exclusive Start- who want to enter the job market, the military, or enroll them in our nationally accredited to-Finish Student Protection Plan, so you will have Homeschool Homeschool a community or technical college after graduation. Academic Studies Diploma Program — which confidence that we stand The curriculum consists of fundamental courses, prepares them to meet the demands of behind our high school Homeschool taught at a basic high school level. Your student college-level study. may earn an accredited high school diploma Our Academic Studies Program is made up of programs. This plan includes: Through Through without having to take any advanced math or more challenging courses, including advanced  30-Day Money-Back science courses. math and science. The program is designed for Assurance of Satisfaction -If Through As long as your student can read and write on an eighth grade those who want to attend a four-year college or university. you are unsatisfied with the High School High School level, he or she is eligible for our High School Diploma Sixteen credits (full-year courses) are required to graduate, first course during the first 30 Program. We will evaluate any previous high school including any credits we award for previous school work. days of enrollment, you’ll High School transcripts for credits toward graduation. You may have a Learn at an Advanced Level receive a full refund. state-certified teacher evaluate your student’s portfolio to  Student Refund Policy - If you withdraw your receive credit for courses completed through home schooling. The Academic diploma courses will prepare your student student from CHS at any time before completing for the ACT and SAT exams. We back this up by offering Graduation Requirements supplemental courses at no additional cost to you, should half the courses, you will receive a partial credit of And Free Yourself from And Free Yourself from Students who enroll in the General Studies Program must your student fail an entrance exam within six months after the total tuition. And Free Yourself from earn a total of 16 credits, or full-year courses, to graduate, graduation. This shows our confidence in the quality of our  SAT/ACT Exam Assistance Program - You are Public School Rules Public School Rules including transfer and award credits from previous study. Academic Studies Program. entitled to additional educational support from CHS Public School Rules Program Outline: Program Outline: at no extra charge, if your student should fail any -------- • 9th Grade • -------- Elective Courses -------- • 9th Grade • -------- part of the SAT or ACT exam within six months of English Grammar & Composition Choose electives from a wide range of more English Grammar & Composition graduation. Consumer Math than 20 courses in 7 subject areas, including: Algebra With Citizens’ You Can Homeschool Nationally Accredited Environmental Science  Science • Foreign Languages World History World History  Math • Life Management Earth Science All the Way Through High School and Affordable -------- • 10th Grade • --------  English • Social Studies ------- • 10th Grade • ------- Keep Your Educational Freedom! Keep Your Educational Freedom! Language Arts-Literature 10  Business Language Arts-Literature 10 Keep Your Educational Freedom! Applied Math For details on electives, please visit our website. Geometry Enroll Today Enroll Today Human Biology and Health American History Enroll Today Biology American History ------- • 11th Grade • ------- ------- • 11th Grade • ------- Language Arts-Literature 11 Enroll on our website, or fill out the enrollment Language Arts-Literature 11 Algebra II form included with this brochure, and mail or fax U.S. Government & Economics U.S. Government & Economics it to us. We’ll get you started right away! Two Electives Physical Science ------- • 12th Grade • ------- ------ • 12th Grade • ------ Got Questions? Give us a call: Language Arts-Literature 12 Language Arts-Literature 12 800-736-4723 (GRAD) 800-736-4723 (GRAD) Consumer Skills Consumer Skills 800-736-4723 (GRAD) Two Electives Two Electives or email us at [email protected] or visit us online at What Our Graduates Say About Us Our thousands of graduates over the past 30+ years can tell you why they enrolled with us. Many have completed college degrees and gone on to rewarding careers in fields of their choosing. We’ve got their stories to prove it! Take a look at our Graduate Success Stories on our website. Executive Offices: 188 College Drive, Orange Park, FL 32065 Mailing Address: PO Box 66089, Orange Park, FL 32065-0019 Phone: 904-276-1700

Thinking about Enrolling in Homeschool Your Students Thinking about Enrolling in Homeschool Your Students a Virtual Public School? Through High School Why Should You Enroll with Us? a Virtual Public School? Through High School The answer is simple: Help Them Earn a Nationally We offer America’s Best Value in the Florida Department of Education Directory of Read This First! We offer America’s Best Value in We offer America’s Best Value in Accredited High School Diploma Distance-Education High School! Nonpublic Schools, under the Clay County District as Distance-Education High School! Distance-Education High School! school #1345. As a homeschooling parent or learning coach, you may Be Aware of the Rules for Homeschools know of the obstacles set up by public school systems for Here are three big reasons why: 3. Our Methods are Academically Sound Most virtual public schools add extra requirements and homeschoolers who want to earn a diploma. As a private, 1. Affordable Tuition with No Surprises Citizens’ High School employs proven, traditional burdensome tasks to homeschooling families. For accredited institution, Citizens’ High School frees you educational methods to teach students. They earn an students to earn an accredited diploma at home from from these burdensome public-school rules and The low tuition for our diploma program makes quality accredited high school diploma at home, while studying these schools, they and their parents must give up some requirements – while your student earns an accredited high-school distance education affordable for all. This at their own pace using our high-quality textbooks and of the freedoms they have enjoyed with homeschooling. diploma at home. tuition includes: learning materials. Our Academic Advisors assist each But by enrolling with Citizens’ High School, you won’t deal The Citizens’ diploma is widely accepted by employers  All textbooks and parent and student with setting goals and deciding on with your public schools at all. As a private institution, we and colleges, because we are accredited by the Distance educational materials*, which courses to take. award a nationally accredited diploma to students who Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC.) Our flexible which you will keep These traditional academic methods have proven complete one of our high school programs – without all program lets you teach (and your student learn):  Easy-to-follow study successful for millions of distance-education students for those extra rules and regulations.  When you want, where you want, and guides, showing you just more than 100 years, so we know it is effective. Here are some points to consider, before deciding to  At a pace that fits your busy schedule. what to do On the other hand, we enroll your high school student into a state virtual school: Most homeschool students can speed through our four-  Personalized evaluations by state-certified teachers don’t believe in:  Many states don’t even allow a student to earn a year curriculum, because there’s nothing to hold them  Making students watch diploma by homeschooling. Instead, they offer an back or distract them from learning. They can earn our There are no hidden or added lab fees*, and we offer boring online lectures online diploma program with a schedule and pace of diploma up to twice as fast as in a public high school! an affordable monthly payment plan with no finance or  Assigning extensive learning that is the same as all classroom students.  There are no third-party interest charges. With this payment structure, your memorization or busy work By contrast, CHS students study when and where they evaluations or standardized student will be able to graduate with no student debt! want, at a pace that’s right for them. exams required.  “Teaching to the test” or  For those states that do offer a homeschooling option,  We don’t “teach to the test,” and * Our modest fees for mailing materials are not included in the using Common Core many do NOT award a diploma to homeschool  We don’t overburden students general tuition. To view details about our miscellaneous  Requiring students to take state-standardized exams students upon graduation, without extra requirements. with homework. student fees, please visit our website. Our courses are built around the latest editions of public- CHS awards an accredited diploma to all its graduates. Plus, our program is more affordable 2. We are Nationally Accredited school-accepted textbooks from major educational  With some homeschooling options, portfolios of work than many other distance-education Accreditation is the process of reviewing the quality of publishers. These have been incorporated into our must be kept, progress is monitored, and students or online schools, and we offer a education offered by an institution, to make sure it courses using easy-to-follow study guides that serve as must be evaluated yearly by a state-certified teacher. convenient monthly payment plan meets certain standards. your handbooks for coaching your student. CHS keeps all records and transcripts for parents and with no interest charges. All in all, This is the primary way the does not require any extra evaluations. we believe Citizens’ offers the greatest value in high public knows that a school Other benefits that make Citizens’ the greatest  These virtual diploma programs usually require school education for homeschoolers. provides a high-quality value in distance-education high schools include: students to take their state’s standardized exams, How Citizens’ Distance Education Works education.  Start now or anytime. We’re open year round, so you many times in a school classroom with a proctor. Your student will study and learn at a pace that’s right for  Citizens' High School has been accredited by the can enroll whenever you CHS doesn’t require these exams at all. him or her – not by following a “school calendar” that Distance Education Accrediting Commission want. There is no school  Most virtual schools admit students only once or twice dictates the pace of learning. If you feel you or your (DEAC) for more than 30 years, since January year calendar to follow. a year and won’t admit students over age 19 or 20. student ever needs help with a subject, you may fax, e- 1984. This Accrediting Commission is listed by the  Finish as fast as you CHS admits students of any age, year round. mail or write to a teacher, or simply call the school. U.S. Department of Education as a nationally want. We won’t hold you All states vary in what they offer and require in their As you work through each course: recognized accrediting agency. back! Each academic virtual public schools. But many parents choose CHS over  Your student will complete self-check exercises  Citizens’ has demonstrated, through self-study year may be completed in their state’s option, because they can enjoy the pleasures of homeschooling and an accredited high school diploma,  When ready, you’ll administer a chapter/unit exam, processes and evaluations by our peers, that we as little as four months. without taking on extra administrative burdens. They taken on the open book principle meet the academic standards and follow the Or take up to nine  Our state-certified teachers will personally correct and procedures established by the DEAC. To verify our months — the same as a public school year. keep their freedom to homeschool through high school! grade each exam – adding helpful comments. accreditation, please visit their website:  Your success is our success! We are dedicated to Don’t Sacrifice Your Educational  After you finish a subject, your student will receive a  In addition, Citizens' is registered as giving you and your student all the Certificate of Completion and a course grade report. a private high school in Florida, and support you need to finish high school Freedom to the Public School System After your student completes all the courses needed to is in compliance with Florida at home. We’re here year round, if For more information on how CHS compares with virtual public graduate, the proud moment arrives — he or she will be Statutes. We are listed in you should ever have any questions. schools, including details for certain states, visit our website at: awarded an accredited high school diploma!

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