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His Heart Our Hands: Nov 2020

Published by media, 2020-11-14 13:16:54

Description: A handbook on the Missions Ministries and Personnel of St Andrew’s Cathedral, Singapore


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NOVEMBER 2020 HIS HEART OUR HANDS A handbook on the Missions Ministries and Personnel of St Andrew’s Cathedral, Singapore

HIS HEART OUR HANDS For God loved the world so much that He gave His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, so that everyone who believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. God’s heart is for the people of all nations to have life and to have it to the full. His plans are for good, to give each a future and a hope. This then is our calling: To share the good news of Jesus Christ so that people may believe in the Saviour of the world, and have everlasting life. To bring help to the poor and needy by way of education, vocational training, healthcare, crises relief and suchlike. JOHN 3:16; JOHN 10:10; MATTHEW 5:16 MAY HIS HEART BE REVEALED THROUGH THE WORKS OF OUR HANDS.

2020 was the year when Covid-19 struck the world and changed the way we shared the Good News and cared for others. We thank God for enabling our missions partners to continue the work of reaching out to people overseas, and opening new doors to share the Gospel. While mission trips had to be postponed, new ministries were birthed to meet the needs emerging from the coronavirus crisis. Join us to see how these ministries and missionaries continued to share the love of Jesus Christ, in obedience to His mission to “make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19).

CONTENTS Missions at Home 7 SINGAPORE 8 Befriending Migrant Workers 10 Boys’ Brigade 11 #loveyourneighbour 11 Foreign Workers Relief 12 Acts of Kindness 13 Happy Hands 14 Lazarus Ministry Missions Overseas 17 CAMBODIA 18 Project Khmer H.O.P.E. 20 INDONESIA 21 289 Fellowship of the Manger 22 Palu Earthquake Relief

Letters from Missionaries AFRICA 26 Koabike Sok Chin (nee Lim) 28 Joseph Koabike CAMBODIA 30 Joyce Carino THAILAND 32 Samantha Ooi

Missions at Home Befriending Migrant Workers Boys’ Brigade Love Your Neighbour Acts of Kindness Foreign Workers Relief Happy Hands Lazarus Ministry For “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in h im of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? Romans 10:13-14

SINGAPORE DID YOU KNOW? Any ethnic or ethnolinguistic nation without enough Christians to evangelise the rest of the nation is an “unreached people group”. In Singapore, it has been estimated that there are people from more than 20 Unreached People Groups living here. What an opportunity we have to share the Gospel! Many languages are Apart from the Singapore is the spoken in Singapore, mainland, Singapore smallest country including English, Malay, in South East Asia, Tamil, Mandarin, and has more than 60 at just 725 km2. Chinese dialects such as smaller islands. Hokkien, Teochew and 7 Cantonese.

BEFRIENDING MIGRANT WORKERS (BMW) Started in March 2018, the Befriending Migrant Workers (BMW) ministry focuses on two key themes, “Blessings and Boundaries”. “Blessings” reflects our aim to reach out to the hundreds of migrant workers, mostly domestic helpers from Myanmar, who gather on our church grounds every Sunday. BMW seeks to share God’s love and blessings with the people He brings into our midst each week. This reflects the Cathedral’s calling to be a House of Prayer for all nations (Isaiah 56:1-7) and to be God’s blessing to sojourners (Leviticus 19:33- 34; Hebrews 13:1-2). “Boundaries” reflects our efforts to manage the practical issues relating to the shared use of the Cathedral’s space and facilities, security, and crowd management. Each Sunday, teams of church members go around to chat and befriend these visitors, and invite them to join our Myanmar Worship Service and specially-organised events, such as English-language classes, talks on finance management and cookery sessions. For more information or to volunteer, please contact Lawrence Wee at: [email protected] 8

ONLINE ENGLISH PROJECT 2020 BMW was mobilised in conjunction with the Cathedral’s #loveyourneighbour programme, which reached out to migrant workers confined to their dormitories during the Covid-19 crisis. Volunteer teachers conducted online English lessons to help them improve their communication skills. It also gave us an opportunity to befriend and engage workers, and lend a listening ear to those struggling to cope with fears, frustration and anxiety. We hope to continue the friendships built when we are able to meet these workers in person, and share the love of Christ with them. Started in May, the project reached out to more than 30 students in 8 classes, served by 15 volunteer-teachers. Lessons were conducted via WhatsApp at least twice weekly, in small classes that gave teachers the opportunity to engage individual workers more. TESTIMONIES “At every session, we practised composing sentences, reading aloud and conversing, which led us to know one another better. We were touched by their sincerity and their desire to improve their command of English, and pray that God will continue to guide us through this ministry.” VOLUNTEER TEACHERS ANDY AND ALICE WONG “I have benefited and my “I use this time for English teacher taught me very clearly class to learn how to speak and patiently. Now I talk basic about Family, Numbers and my grammar English and my mind Friends. U give tips to use and is relaxed when I attend class. also provide us with notes too!” Really, I’m enjoying the class.” A WORKER, IN A MESSAGE A WORKER TAUGHT BY VOLUNTEER TO YEW SENG TEACHER LEE YEW SENG 9

BOYS’ BRIGADE (BB) The Boys’ Brigade 106J Singapore Company (Coy), at Gan Eng Seng School, has 28 boys on its roll under our Company Chaplain, Revd Joshua Raj; our Assistant Chaplain, Mr Peter Lim; our Captain, Mr Barnabas Sim; and Mr Shaun Foo, the Officer in Charge. This year, we focused on building up the Boys’ leadership capacity and character, with an aim of fostering a sense of ownership as the Boys took on more complex roles such as managing their own programmes. Under guidance from the Officers, Lead Boys and squad leaders helped to organise the activities and manage the different individual personalities. While BB meetings were stopped during the Circuit Breaker, the Officers continued to strengthen bonds with the Boys, meeting online to learn life skills and discuss current issues such as the plight of migrant workers. One of our Boys even wrote a testimony on how his understanding and perspective of the workers changed, and his article was published in the July 2020 edition of BB News. The Boys’ Brigade 106J Singapore Coy continues to stay true to the BB aim to advance Christ’s Kingdom among Boys and promote habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline and Self-Respect. For more information or to volunteer, please contact Shaun Foo at: [email protected] 10

Started during the Circuit Breaker, the #loveyourneighbour project aimed to bring tangible relief to people in difficulty due to Covid-19. We are encouraged to know many individuals and groups in the Cathedral have gone out of their way to reach out to their neighbours. Their initiatives include: RELIEF WORK TO MIGRANT WORKERS The Cathedral partnered Crisis Relief Alliance (CRA) to help migrant workers confined to their quarters after the coronavirus spread through their dormitories. In their visits, medical teams from CRA, a non-profit that brings relief to communities in crisis, provided medical support for the workers while volunteers from the Cathedral brought necessary supplies to them. With financial support raised from Cathedral members, we provided workers with regular care packages of fruits and snacks over 15 weeks. About $210,000 was raised for the project. 11

ACTS OF KINDNESS Under Acts of Kindness, individual members of the Cathedral offered their time and resources to support professional social workers caring for disadvantaged families and children at risk. Members supported three families in need. The first family was a sickly grandmother who had to care for 4 children whose parents are incarcerated. The 2nd family had fallen into hard times as both parents had lost their small-salaried jobs. The 3rd family was a daily-waged single parent who was also having to care for 2 mentally-challenged children. Members helped this family to set up their rental flat with household appliances and furniture. Through the interaction with the families, Acts of Kindness hopes to bring encouragement to them and walk alongside them in their time of need. 12

HAPPY HANDS St Andrew’s leads teams of volunteers to lend a hand at a local soup kitchen, Willing Hearts. Serving about 9,000 meals daily, Willing Hearts depends on volunteers to provide tangible support mainly in two ways, as kitchen hands and with meal delivery. Kitchen hands help with food preparation, cooking, packing and cleaning, while meals are delivered directly to beneficiaries or to Willing Hearts’ partner organisations, who distribute the food packs to the poor and needy. Since the circuit breaker started, St Andrew’s has led 12 teams of volunteers to help at Willing Hearts, and it has encouraged members to participate with their cell groups. For more information or to volunteer for #loveyourneighbour projects, please contact Adeline Hee at: [email protected] 13

LAZARUS MINISTRY Started in 2018, the Lazarus the areas around the Cathedral Ministry aims to bring hope to at night, befriending rough homeless people in Singapore, sleepers, listening to them enable the destitute to get back and sharing provisions. Where on their feet, and help them needed, we also link them up rediscover their purpose in with organisations offering the life. Named after the beggar in homeless Safe and Sound Jesus’ Parable of the Rich Man Sleeping Places (S3Ps). We and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31), it have been in contact with around reflects our goal to remember the 20 rough sleepers, including needs of the poor at our doorstep. Singaporeans and migrant workers. There are an estimated 1,000 homeless people in Singapore. Many of them are single, older men who have either separated from their wives, divorced, or widowed. A variety of factors contribute to the plight of these “rough sleepers”, including unemployment, housing problems, family conflicts and health problems. For a third of them, homelessness We are looking to expand our is a long-term problem, as they outreach to park connectors have had no place to call their nearby. We hope that the own for more than six years. relationships built would mature Financial needs is another into friendships and draw those common challenge: Many of them we meet to the true giver of life, survive on only one meal a day. Jesus Christ. Under the Lazarus Ministry, a small team of volunteers visit 14

Because God is good to us and has blessed us, and it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t bless others... “The rough sleepers we meet are often But when we know that a man with a skin frail, shabbily dressed, and dirty. Some condition is being looked after, when a who are more street smart know how previously resistant person opens up, or to find bathing facilities in swimming an old man smiles in appreciation of the complexes and public toilets, as well as human connection, we know God is at establishments that can provide them with work. meals, but many find it difficult to care for even their own basic needs. One old man, touched by our efforts to reach out to him, asked us why we did Almost all are lonely and face emotional it. Our simple answer was: Because God difficulties of some sort. Not all are is good to us and has blessed us, and it coherent, and some are guarded in wouldn’t be right if we didn’t bless others.” their interactions. Many show a sense — S­ haun Foo of hopelessness as they speak wistfully of loved ones, while others hide their For more information or to volunteer, emotions behind a sea of rhetoric. please contact Shaun Foo at: [email protected] This ministry is a long-term commitment. Very often, we do not see tangible results. 15

Missions Overseas Cambodia Project Khmer H.O.P.E. Indonesia 289 Fellowship of the Manger Palu Earthquake Relief And He(Jesus) said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” Mark 16:15

CAMBODIA DID YOU KNOW? There are six Chinese-language groups among the 600,000 or people who have largely assimilated into Cambodian society, but most of them remain unreached. With Cambodia receiving more Chinese visitors, doors are open for Chinese believers to reach out to them. The average person There are still some There is no in Cambodia is about 4 million to 6 million McDonald’s in land mines active in 25 years old. Cambodia. Cambodia. 17

Set up by the Cathedral in 2000, Project Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Khmer H.O.P.E. (PKH) aims to meet the Rehabilitation. Through three PKH Centres social and economic needs of the poor and a PKH English School in Kampong Speu and needy in Cambodia, where 30 per province, it provides residential vocational cent of the population lives on less than training for youth, equipping them to work US$1 a day. in the hotel, engineering, and construction sectors. PKH also supports the education of Cambodia has a population of more than poor children who cannot afford schooling. 15 million, the large majority of whom practise Theravada Buddhism. There In particular, PKH actively serves the Suoy, are 43 different ethnic and racial groups, an Unreached Peoples Group, by providing many of which remain unreached by the more than 300 tribal Suoy children with Gospel. education, meals, tuition in English and Bible knowledge. This ministry has enabled many PKH, an international non-governmental Suoy villagers to know God’s love and led organisation, works with the Cambodian them to believe in Jesus Christ. 18 Each year, PKH works with some 600 youth and children. In 2020, the Hospitality and Industrial Skills Courses had to be put on hold due to Covid-19, but teachers and staff took the opportunity to consolidate and refresh the course syllabus, and to renovate the

former ISC blocks in PKH Chbarmon. In out to the Suoy community, and for the many the meantime, they remained in contact who have come to faith in Christ. And we with the students through social media pray that PKH will continue to be a beacon to give them encouragement. of His light to the poor youth and children in Cambodia, to bring them hope and a future. PKH’s courses will resume as Cambodia reopens its schools in phases. We pray web: for the Lord’s protection over all the FB: teachers, staff, students and children as email: [email protected] operations resume. SAC’s Missions Staff, Lim Wei Inn and Joyce Carino, returned to Singapore, while Susan Goh remained in Cambodia. Deborah Teo, a missionary from Grace Baptist Church, also returned to Singapore. 2020 also marks PKH’s 20th anniversary. We give thanks to the Lord for blessing the ministry, for opening doors to reach 19

INDONESIA DID YOU KNOW? Only 225 out of 739 People Groups in Indonesia have the complete Bible or the New Testament in their own language. There is still much work needed to bring the Gospel to the rest of the country. Indonesia is the Indonesia is home to Sitting on the largest island nation the world’s biggest Pacific Ring of Fire, in the world, with a Indonesia has 139 flower and one total land area of of the smelliest volcanoes. 1.905 million km2. – the Rafflesia. 20

PALU EARTHQUAKE RELIEF Since a massive earthquake on 28 September 2018 devastated Palu in Central Sulawesi and killed thousands, many people are still living in refugee camps. St Andrew’s Cathedral, Crisis Relief Alliance (CRA) and SEAM have partnered to adopt Bangga Village, to supply about 120 children with food packages weekly. The package consists of Milo, eggs and bananas. Logistics and delivery has proved to be a challenge: Flooding of the areas around Bangga Village has necessitated the use of motorbikes and to deliver the food packets to the village. While the city rebuilds itself from the 2018 earthquake and the following tsunami and liquefaction, many of its residents still live in tents and temporary shelters. These shelters provide little space for safe distancing between families. The locals fear what might happen if the coronavirus enters the shelters that are home to tens of thousands of people across the city. 21

289 FELLOWSHIP OF THE MANGER 289 Fellowship of the Manger reaches out to villagers “ Praise the Lord, living in slums in Batam. With partner churches and with your support support from a non-governmental organisation, it tries and team in the to address their many needs, such as food, education, ministry, our medical and health. church members experienced an Before Covid-19 prevented us from travelling to Batam and increase of up to visiting churches, our Packs Distribution Project managed 38 families. to supply about 75 poor families in two districts with food and care rations every month. Each pack contained essential food supplies like rice, oil and beverages, and masks and hand sanitisers, at a cost of S$15 each. The coronovirus crisis has hit the families in Batam particularly hard. Apart from the endemic water- and airborne diseases, they now face the risk of being infected by Covid-19. With schools closing, children have had to continue with home-based learning via electronic platforms, but most villages and poor families do not have good Internet connections or proper electronic devices. Many workers have also lost their jobs, and families struggle to buy food, pay for their bills, and obtain medicine. Poor infrastructure has also made it difficult for local organisations and authorities to provide complete care to the communities. For more information, or to join 289 FOTM in Batam mission trips and ministries, please write to: [email protected] 22

“I always teach the congregation to share love with others as you and the team have done for them… “... even church members increase through the ministries of children that you and the team have done, so that their children experience changes, and encourage them to join our church. — A pastor 23

And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. Matthew 24:14 24

Letters from Missionaries Africa Koabike Sok Chin (nee Lim) Joseph Koabike Cambodia Joyce Carino Thailand Samantha Ooi 25

WEST AFRICA KOABIKE SOK CHIN (NEE LIM) Sok Chin, who has a long association with the Cathedral, is a missionary who serves with the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL), Togo and Benin of West Africa, a sister organisation of Wycliffe Bible Translators, in reaching Africans for Christ. She left Singapore in 1987, doing French studies in France before arriving in West Africa’s Togo in 1989, where she joined a Moba language team to do translation, literacy and Scripture promotion work. In 1992, the team began translating the New Testament into Moba. The work was completed in March 2008, when the Moba New Testament was printed, sold out and reprinted. By that time, Sok Chin had married Togolese Joseph Koabike, the main translator in 1995. Asked to take up other responsibilities after the project, the couple now serve together in Togo and Benin. Both are involved in training consultants: Sok Chin serves as a literacy and education consultant as well as training coordinator, while Joseph is a translation consultant and coordinator for more than 20 translation teams. He encourages the teams to move towards their goal of having the Bible in their language. They have an eight-year-old son, David. Dear friends and family, to pray for protection and observe wisely the dos and don’ts. The year 2020 has made its mark in This year also marks our 25th wedding history with worldwide restrictions on anniversary. Joseph and I celebrated our travel, school, church, and work. We are two dates (civil and religious), family- in our third month of observing these style: with a home-cooked holiday meal! restrictions. Our university students have David turned eight years old on March 11 resumed their courses online, but nothing (just before the second trimester exams) has been said for the students preparing and had friends over for playtime. He did for the year-end or final trimester well in the two trimesters of Third Grade, exams, which are normally held in June. or Primary Three. I am homeschooling The school year here normally starts him every day so his playtime is not too in September-October and ends in the excessive. following June-July. All routine has been upset while Covid-19 continues to wage Due to intra-travel restrictions, all our uncertainties in our midst. Let us continue Togo-Benin training events for translation, 26

literacy, Scripture Engagement as well as translation is in good progress but will still computer-related training, etc. had to be take a couple more years to finish before cancelled or postponed. the final stage of preparation for printing. A three-week translation consultants training seminar, which was to be followed The Moba language website (www. by a one-week translation conference for has just moved onto all French-speaking consultants, of which a new platform, which requires a lot Joseph was one of the organisers, had to more translation into Moba. As I am its be postponed from July in Cameroon, to website manager, I need good a Internet next year. Internet connection is limited in connection to upload and verify the Moba scope, depending on where one is. Most of page. I am also helping other language us are communicating and discussing via website managers do the same with their Zoom or webinar or Skype, but personnel language websites. On top of that, I will be in language projects need more face-to- organising a refresher course for some 20 face interaction and training. language website managers in September 2020, if circumstances allow. We are thankful for the successful translation workshops in November 2019 During this bizarre time of restrictions on and January 2020, which resulted in the our life and routine, we are grateful that recruitment of new translators for four everyone we know is well. May our loving language groups, three of which are in Lord continue to watch over His people Benin and one in Togo. Joseph was able to and grant us peace and patience over obtain a special travel permit two weeks confusion and frustrations. Be blessed! ago to visit and train the new translators of the language group in northern Togo. With love in Jesus, At the end of March, Moba literacy Sok Chin classes had to close before the final tests 4 June 2020 scheduled for April, but by then, everyone had already been trained to use the audio lessons in the microSD cards in simple phones. This group of literacy students did not get training in the use and reading of the Moba New Testament, because there was none available. There was, however, a “Jesus Messiah Picture Book” in Moba that they were taught to read. ATAPEB, the Moba language association and the churches are asking for prayers for another New Testament reprint, a complicated process involving some Bible partner organisations. The Moba Old Testament 27

WEST AFRICA KOABIKE JOSEPH Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord Jesus vital for our literacy programme as well as Christ, The Moba translation, literacy and for Scripture Engagement. Scripture Engagement team would like to invite you to join them in praises and During the last six months, the translation prayers in this 9th Moba Tidings report. team completed the first drafts of Ezekiel, Psalms 101-112 and Song of Songs. They The good reason for us to praise the Lord have team-checked the books of Jeremiah again and again is the fact that we see and 2 Chronicles; tested Leviticus, Ezra daily the impact of our work on the lives and Nehemiah for naturalness with of the Moba people. The impact is so great village people, and reviewed 1 Chronicles, that the hunger for reading translated Nehemiah and Ezra with church material becomes greater and greater. representatives. The consultant Issifou Just to give you an idea, as we mentioned Korogo has also checked the books of in the last report, all the reprinted Moba Nehemiah and Ezra. With the checking of New Testament books have been sold these two books, 56 per cent of the Moba out. We have tried to solve the problem Old Testament has been fully completed by suggesting that people buy the printed and is ready for public use (consultant Moba Old Testament books. However, most checked and approved), 65 per cent of the printed Old Testament We see daily completed at testing phase (pre- books – for example, Jonah, the impact consultant check), 71 per cent Ruth, Genesis, Exodus and completed at team checking phase (pre-testing), and 90 per “Joshua – are also completely sold out. of our work cent completed at first draft on the lives phase (pre-team check). Our main prayer request is to of the Moba find a way to reprint the Moba The literacy team trained New Testament books, which is people. teachers and supervisors in 28

November in order to start new literacy The Scripture Engagement team also classes as well as second-year classes. trained 32 new listening group leaders, 33 All classes started on January 6 and were church interpreters and 10 other people supposed to end in May when the rainy literate in Moba for teaching the Jesus season starts. The mid-point evaluation Messiah Picture Book. Everything started in February for new students showed well. that 65.57 per cent of the students passed the test. The second-year classes However, the team had to stop all also had a mid-point evaluation, which activities which involve gathering showed 84.21 per cent success. This was people. A temporary solution was found: very encouraging for the literacy team. encouraging people to listen to the By mid-March, new students completed recorded Scriptures on their phones. all primer lessons and have begun the This seems to be a very good solution. post-literacy lessons using microSD cards Many people have testified that they on simple phones. Their final evaluation have benefited a lot from the recorded was scheduled for April, but due to the Scriptures. coronavirus pandemic, all literacy classes stopped on March 23. 28 May 2020 Dago Matthias, TESTIMONIES Dapaong, 41 years old: I am a physiotherapist. I felt called to serve the Lord and the church gave me the responsibility to lead a small group of new converts in my community. It was a very big challenge for me because the entire group was made of Moba speakers only, and I could not read nor write the mother tongue. In 2015, when ATAPEB organised a training course for literates in French, I joined the group. Today, I can teach with a lot of ease using the mother tongue. It has helped me a lot in my daily job as well. I would like to encourage ATAPEB to make more publicity on the local radios and on other media so that more people would come to know of the great treasure you offer through your programme. I am so thankful to the Lord and to all the people who contribute to make this programme work. Kolani Yandame, Kpinkparpague village, 53 years old: I have been to formal school for only two years. Therefore I could not read nor write in any language. With the literacy programme, I have learnt to read and to write Moba. My understanding of the Scriptures has grown so much that my church has given me the responsibility to minister a small church in the village of Boguide. I am so thankful to the Lord and to ATAPEB. May the Lord bless all the people who work or contribute to the work that ATAPEB is doing for us. 29

CAMBODIA JOYCE CARINO Joyce Carino is a staff member with the Missions Department who previously served with the Filipino Ministry for 20 years, and has been serving as an English teacher with Project Khmer H.O.P.E. in Cambodia since September 2019. She returned to Singapore in July after Covid-19 struck the region. “As the Centre Praise God for Term 1 of the 2020 school year at has remained PKH Centre, Chbarmon, which started smoothly closed for on March 2. I was tasked to teach English to Year 1 students – a class of 19 girls and 12 boys. I was new almost three to teaching Term 1 students. It was quite challenging yet inspiring and joyful. I found myself learning from months now, we my students while teaching them. I’m grateful to thank God for God for my class! keeping all staff and teachers in For the safety of all students and staff, the Centre good health as was closed on March 27. As all the students went home, my co-trainers, Susan Goh and Lim Wei Inn we go about our and I stayed in the Centre together with the local life and work. staff. Arrangements were made for Wei Inn and I to go home, but due to travel restrictions, we had to We continue to stay in the Centre and wait for the right time to fly pray fervently for the outbreak back. (Wei Inn is heading back to Singapore on July 1. to stop in Thank God! Praying for my time to come soon, too.) Cambodia and As the Centre has remained closed for almost three around the months now, we thank God for keeping all staff and world. teachers in good health as we go about our life and work. We thank God for His peace and guidance to keep everyone calm and safe in all the three PKH Centres and PKHES amid the fears of Covid-19. We continue to pray fervently for the outbreak to stop in Cambodia and around the world. 30

At PKH Chbarmon, teachers and staff work prayers of Cathedral members being lifted together daily to keep the Centre clean and up on our behalf. It sustains us in countless orderly. This time of quiet at the Centre ways.  Thank you!  God bless you for your has allowed Wei Inn and me to update love and care for my PKH family and me. the English lesson plan. Staff meetings are done every two weeks, In this most unusual season, as I led by Susan, and the Zoom spend time praying, reflecting and meetings with Ds Bessie, I miss my meditating on God’s promises, family in the Lord has been reminding me “Adeline and some of the PKH to walk in His peace. To walk in committee members with Philippines all the staff of the three PKH but I am His grace. To rest in His love. To Centres have been a great blessed to trust Him. I need to be careful not blessing and encouragement to worry and be anxious about to us. We also connect with have a “PKH the future – for the PKH Centres our students, checking on family”, and the students, my family and them and encouraging them especially friends, the church and the world, during this global pandemic. during this and myself. To walk with Him, one Twice a month, Susan, Wei unforeseen day at a time. To lean into Jesus Inn and I take a break to do — my Stronghold, my Anchor, my crisis. Hope! grocery shopping in Phnom Penh. We keep a balance of work and rest, and enjoy May God help me to keep my heart in tune precious bonding time in cleaning up, with what the Spirit is saying as I face the preparing meals and eating together. I miss realities brought on by this pandemic. my family in Philippines but I am blessed to have a “PKH family”, especially during this 17 June 2020 unforeseen crisis. I am so grateful for all the 31

THAILAND SAMANTHA OOI Samantha Ooi, a member of the 8am Service, works with Youth with a Mission (YWAM) in Thailand. She has been serving among the Fang people in Northern Thailand since March 2018. I’m part of a team reaching out to migrant He’s playful and doesn’t always look like workers in Northern Thailand. Many of the he’s listening. One day, one of our team families we know have been struggling members visited his mum. She shared this to survive in the wake of Covid-19. Many story: One evening, they were preparing haven’t been able to find much work in to walk through the farm on which they recent months. They are feeling anxious, stayed. It was pitch dark and the little powerless and forgotten. Our team has boy is usually afraid of the dark. His mum been giving groceries to these families on told him to take his slingshot, to “shoot a regular basis. We let them know they the ghosts”. This time, the boy’s reply aren’t forgotten. Psalm 9:18 reads: “God surprised her: “I don’t need the slingshot. will never forget the needy; the hope of God is with me, so I’m not afraid of spirits.” the afflicted will never perish.” And he left the house without it! I believe one of the ways God does this is through His people, and it’s our joy to be a part of His big redemption plan. Through this giving of groceries, a door to the Gospel has been opened at a factory, as the factory leader and the families there welcome us to visit them and share God’s Word with them. One of our outreaches is a daycare centre for the children of the migrant worker families. Each morning, we sing truths about God and share Bible stories with the kids. One little 5-year-old boy has been coming Packing groceries to give to the families to our daycare centre for more than a year. 32

It was such a pleasure to know that even has grown from 6 to 16 students. We when we can’t see the seeds being sown in know that these kids do not just need the children’s hearts, we can trust our God food, money, knowledge, or love, but their who cares for them more than anyone else deepest longing is for the God who made and who is bringing the growth, coming to them for Himself, to know Him and enjoy meet them personally. Him. Another of our outreaches is a learning 14 August 2020 centre for children. It’s our hope that through their education, God will change the entire trajectory of their lives. Many of the children do not have opportunity to go to school, and some are under pressure to work to help with family finances. We pray that their families will see the value of education and that the children will grow to be all that God has made them to be. God has blessed our work and over the past four years , and our learning centre The kids playing games last Christmas 33

OUTREACH & MISSIONS FUND In 2O02u0,t2re0%acohf t&he MgenisesrailoinncsomFeunofdSt Andrew’s Cathedral(SAC) is allocated sfopretcwIhnifeoi2cr0kwas2lo0loy,rfk2fmso0ir%[email protected]ellooovcfeaSrttiaoAnnnddairsebwoov’[email protected](SroAevCcee) iivsdeaodlnlsoapcteaictoeinfidcsafolrlreytcfhoeerived missions. Termed the Outreach and Missions Fund, it provides support to: Termed the Outreach and Missions Fund, it provides support to: 1. 1S)ACSAMC iMssisisoionnssMMiinniissttrriieess,,EEvevnetsnatsndaPnedrsPoennrseol nnel 342AO)))[email protected][email protected]eedstseshateeohnfDedoSifoMiDnScgiieosiasnscpeigoeoonarsfeapeSroiieonrsegf aSpionrgeapore 2. 3. 4. Non-Anglican Missions Agencies and Missionaries In 2020, this [email protected] is [email protected] to amount to S$1,164,523. In 2020, this allocation is estimated to amount to S$1,164,523. SAC Organisa;ons Missions Ministries, within the Events & Personnel Diocese of Singapore 38% 41% 2020 Outreach & Missions Fund (S$1,164,523) 1% Non-Anglican Missions Agencies & Anglican Organisa;ons Missionaries beyond the Diocese of Singapore 20%

SUPPORT OUR MINISTRIES PRAY ALONGSIDE The Ministries and Missionaries require your prayer support as they work to bring the message of God’s love and Jesus Christ to people. Information for prayer can be found in the weekly church bulletin. GIVING All donations in support of the Cathedral’s missions work are appreciated and officially receipted. Kindly indicate the Ministry you wish to support under remarks or reference. (eg. 289, BB, BMW, LM, PKH, etc) BY CASH Enclose cash in a sealed envelope. Write on it, the name of the Ministry you wish to support together with your name and address. Drop the envelope in the Service offertory box. BY CHEQUE Please pay to: “St Andrew’s Cathedral”, and on the reverse side of the cheque, write the name of the Ministry you wish to support together with your name and address. Drop the cheque in the Service offertory bag or mail it to: St Andrew’s Cathedral, 11 St Andrew’s Road, Singapore 178959 Attn: Missions Co-Ordinator BY INTERNET BANKING* Account Name: St Andrew’s Cathedral Account Number: DBS Auto-Save Account 033-903411-8 BY PAYNOW via UEN* PayNow Name: St Andrew’s Cath Parochial Church C UEN: T08CC4055LT01 *IMPORTANT 35 - All givings to the Church are voluntary and non-refundable - Givings to the Church do not qualify for tax exemption - Givings with no indication of specific Ministry will be channeled to General Funds - For any enquiries, you may email [email protected]

GO WITH US The harvest is ripe! And the work in the mission field is growing, and evolving in the way outreach is done. There is a constant need for labourers and new ways of sharing the Gospel as seen through this pandemic. May we invite you to join us in reaching out to our neighbours, near and far. Email us at [email protected] or call us at 63376104 to register your interest in any of the ministries, and a member of the Missions Team will be in touch with you.


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