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SIKLAB 2021. The Teacher Education Student Council conducted the CTE Knights Cup with the theme: Blazing a New Trail of Excellence, Innovation, and Exploration through Online Education held on September 30, 2021, via Facebook Live. PHOTO COURTESY OF TESC Facebook Page CTE celebrates SIKLAB 2021 CYRA GUERRA The event was participat- Siklab 2021 started with PEP The Blazing Vermilion Phoenix Overwhelming happiness ed by four teams from College Talk, one of the highlights of the did not give up either, Juliet Gawat, said event participated by four the Phoenix's representative hailed was felt by the Assiduous Hunter of Teacher Education (CTE) representatives of each team. as the winner in Your Face Sound Familiar through her beauty and Roosters when they were declared sub-organizations: Blazing The Vivacious Castleton dulcet singing voice. Salamander( FEMS), was the first to be the overall champion with a Vermilion Phoenix (ASPHYTECH) team to achieve victory when they Meanwhile, nobody was able won the first contest – the Logo and to suppress the crowing Assiduous total score of 280 points. Vivacious Castleton Salamander Teaser Making Contest. Hunter Roosters as they won in the Short Film Making Contest with the To end the program, Dr. (FEMS), Dauntless Coral Dragon With hope to be the next theme ‘Imitacion: Lifting the Curtain champion, the Dauntless Coral of the Flaring Culture’. Robelyn Cunanan, BSEd Program (TEAMS2), and Assiduous Hunter Dragon gave a fierce and good fight by showcasing their dance skills in In addition, they accumulated Chair acknowledged the SIKLAB Rooster (TESLACOM). PPop Dance Showdown, they were an additional 160 points that gave able to attain their first-ever gold them the way to overtake Vivacious 2021 as aligned to the objective of To officially start the podium. Castleton Salamander who was the first to take the lead with a total of the BatStateU. event, Dr. Roldan A. Atienza, The Dauntless Coral Dragons 145 points, when their Mr. and Ms. are undoubtedly talented because CTE representatives succesfully \"It was very apparent in the Department Chair of the College of this is not the end of their winning clinched the crown. streak, as their loud chant won in different activities today how our Teacher Education, delivered the Bench Cheering Competition. students showed not only on their welcoming remarks, followed by diverse talents and abilities, but an inspirational Message given also in their competitiveness, by Dr. Rowena R. Abrea, Dean of teamwork, and determination to the College of Teacher Education, win. These are qualities that will with Vice-Chancellor, Academic of make them succeed not only in Affairs, Pablo Borbon Campus, Dr. school but also in life,\" Dr. Cunanan Charmaine Rose I. Trivino, and Dr. stated. Expedito V. Acorda, Chancellor of Pablo Borbon Campus. PAHINGA MUNA: BatStateU-SSC celebrates World Teachers’ Day 2021 SHIELAROSE FE DALANGIN Supreme Student Council conducted a virtual teacher’s Day THE event was hosted by Zorren college Governors amounting 4, 000 pesos Celebration with the theme “Pahinga Muna: PB Campus Teachers’ was all given to the ten Lucky Teachers who Day Celebration 2021, Teachers’ at the Heart of Education Recovery Chavez and Daniel Santos. Dr. Tirso A. will receive a cash prize of 400 pesos each. held on October 4, 2021, via Zoom and FB Live. Ronquillo, the President of Batangas State Selected teachers also received three sets of University, Dr. Expedito V. Acorda, Chancellor humidifiers sponsored by Liza Enriquez. PHOTO COURTESY OF SSC Facebook Page of Pablo Borbon Campus and Dr. Chramine I. Trivino gave their inspirational messages, Lastly, a gift certificate from Elitista followed by the opening remarks given by Salon was given to the Lucky draw winner Dr. Ms. Faith Averey Generoso, the OSC-VSPG Rowena R. Abrea. of SSC Pablo Borbon Campus who warmly welcomed all the teachers and students in the The Borbonian Super Star Kids event. Season 2 voice coaches: Noel Christian Salas, Mark Jerwin Abella, and Julianna Anne The intermission of Mr. Marvy Macabales Briones dedicated a song and a tribute to all was followed by the first highlight of the event, the memories and sacrifices of our beloved the Madlang Pipol “Poll-so ni Titser game that teachers. was participated by the College Governors and Professors of BatStateU. The event ended with the closing remarks given by Dr. Daryll M. Magpantay, Adviser of The total cash prize gained by the SSC Pablo Borbon.

BatStateU breaks ground for new facade GWYNETH SOLIS NEW “Gateway to Greatness” will soon open in Batangas State University after the officials held a groundbreaking ceremony for the new University facade at the Pablo Borbon campus. This project is part of expected to be complete after the University’s disaster six (6) months. preparedness measures, through the Adaptive The new facade is positioned facing west in front Capacity building and of the newly inaugurated Technology Innovation for Occupational Hazards and Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, and Natural Disasters (ACTION) Mathematics (STEAM) Library Center, in the anticipation of the bulk of students, faculty, staff, building to allow easier egress and avoid delay if immediate and visitors on the campus evacuation is required. once the University’s ‘normal’ operation resumes. The new facade, facing in the Batangas City GATEWAY TO GREATNESS. University President Dr. Tirso A. Ronquillo led It will provide additional Convention Center and other access and egress points to infrastructures, also symbolizes the symbolic time capsule-laying that signaled the official construction of the avoid traffic in the University the potential future during its usual operation and developments of the emergency. University. Social distancing and facade.  health protocols were observed PHOTO COURTESY OF The project has a contract throughout the conduct of the budget of Php 18,819,998.45, program. Red and White Apparel now available on Shopee JEWEL TABIRAO COLLAB 2021 takes another year of Legacy ALLYSON ALANO With the theme, “COLLAB 2021:The Undefeated Conquerors of the Six Mighty Kingdoms”, with approximately 500 participants, took place via Zoom live conference last November 4 and 5, 2021. Red and White Apparel, the back on how the Red and White Dr. Kristoffer Conrad M.Tejada, Mr.Emmanuel Mirus S. Ponon, Apparel started. Mr. Brian Dale Montano, Dr. Joseph Angelou I. Ng, and Mr. Qjiel official clothing line launched by Mariano were the five invited speakers for this year’s event. the Student Council of Pablo Bor- It is followed by showing Guest resource speakers in-talks about the values of resilience, bon Campus, conducted a Face- the various AWRA shirt designs excellence, patriotism, service, faith, and integrity. book live for the RWA relaunching modeled by stunning BatStateU on Shopee last October 26, 2021, students. “Take a risk, be vulnerable, stay true to your core, eventually at 5 pm. you will get the high of it,” Dr. Tejada said. After an intermission, Ms. The said event was led by Sunshine Olayo demonstrated a On the other hand, Magpalaya Conquerors from Taal earned Ms. Jaemee Peña and Mr. Jowa step–by–step process on how to total points of 1211.5 as they dominated this year’s activity. Abella. A memorable event purchase RWA on Shopee. launched to inform their be- The two-day event ends with all the participants carrying the loved Red Spartans that the Red In every portion of the event, knowledge, wisdom, and connections made through different and White Apparel is already on they had a raffle wherein the set-up activities. Shopee, an online shopping winners received an RWA shirt as application to make it more a prize. Pauline C. Maristela, the project head and OIC-President accessible and easier for every of SSC Pablo Borbon Campus, sent her gratitude to her fellow Red Spartan. At the end of the event, Dr. officers, student council adviser, and participants who actively Daryl M. Magpantay of SSC Pablo joined in the two-day training seminar and team building. The program began with Borbon Campus gave his closing an opening remark by Ms. remarks to everybody. The event Meanwhile, Dr. Daryl Magpantay, the adviser of SSC Pablo Daniela Joy L. Cuevas SSC was undeniably a success. Borbon Campus, ended the program with his closing remark, he Pablo Borbon President, followed expressed his gratitude to all the participants of the said event and by inspirational message given by To purchase RWA Apparel to all SSC officers who organized the victorious event. Mr. Ralph Lauren L. Mayuga. and be one of the stunning Red Spartans, go to Shopee and visit At the latter part of the event, Red and White Apparel BatStateU there was a vtr provided to look to buy these shirts!

BatState-U, Top Performing School in Sanitary Licensure Examination 2021 MARIA HELENA DALISAY Batangas State University is considered as the top perform- ing school in the Sanitary Licensure Examination given by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) last August 2021. A total of 43 out of 51 examination takers from BatStateU nailed the said examination. The students set a passing rate of 84.31 % for their beloved Alma Mater. Meanwhile, MAPUA University, the only other university to qualify on the list, with 15 out of 18 passers having an 83.33% passing rate, landed in second place next to BatStateU. To be considered as a top-performing school, a university must have 10 or more examinees with at least an 80% passing rate which is obtained by the BatStateU. In addition to this, Rey Vincent R. Coladilla, an alumnus of BatStateU, made it to the elite top four licensure examination with a rating of 80.05%. Coladilla is proud of BatStateU Alangilan Campus, took a BS in Sanitary Engineering. Through the outcomes-based teaching and learning and in- tegration of techno entrepreneurship, BatStateU's engineering program will remain to develop engineering professionals to lead innovations and transform lives. PHOTO COURTESY FROM FEMS reaches 103k Diamonds on 1st Kumu Stream SHIELAROSE FE DALANGIN THE Vivacious Castleton It was also participated by the Special Guests Salamander (FEMS) reached 103k Ms. Karen Norilene A. Relevo, Ms. diamonds on its first streaming on Shiena Mae Atienza, and Ms. Maria Kumu in the search for Mr & Ms. Catherine G. Pornela who shared Kumunity Award held on September their talents live. 25, 2021, as one of the highlights of Mr. and Ms. CTE 2021. In the latter part of the event, the team leader shared a glimpse of her The said event was hosted by first experiences as a team leader. the TESC assigned officers Ms. Sophia Yvonne Erni and Ms. Ivy According to Ms. Shielarose Princess M. Atienza, the President Fe A. Dalangin, \"At first it was not of FEMS. easy because of the workloads and pressures that I felt in the During its 15 minutes start. But when I felt their support, streaming, the team already efforts, love, and eagerness for the broke the record for having 11.47k team to win, it made me realize how diamonds. blessed I am that I have so much to support our team. The feeling of Everyone is surprised by relief knowing how worth it is all I've the love and support of all the done and given to them, indeed Kafemilyas, the combined efforts it was all a great and astounding and support for the candidates and experience”, she said. the team, the reason why Team Vivacious Castleton Salamander To end the successful event, broke the record for having 103k di- Ms. Ivy Princess M. Atienza, The amonds among all the teams who President of FEMS, thanked all the also streamed live. love and support that the whole team received. The Kumu Livestream was participated by the candidates of BECED and BEED, Ms. Karen De Austria, Mr. Samuel A, Rio for the BECED, and Mr. Jerald Q. Delica and Ms. Ice Edzel Abraham for BEED.

WHY A NECESSITY? EDITORIAL The Department of Education approved almost 120 schools in the Philippines to start the pilot run for implementing Limited Face to Face classes in areas with low cases and are in alert level 2 as per the Department of Health. With this issue, I am against opening limited classes because I know that even if they conducted pilot testing before implementing this, it is not that safe. After all, we didn't know if all the people in- side the classroom were not infected. I think it should be more planned because, in the opening of other schools, there are some teaching personnel and even some students who got infected by the virus be- cause of the limited face-to-face interaction the school implemented. As announced by the Department of Education (DepEd), three schools in Zambales had to postpone their pilot run or limited face-to-face classes set Monday, November 15, after some staff and teachers tested positive for Covid. I know that learning amid pandemics is not easy. Well, I can attest that learning online gives you the feeling of losing hope and even losing motivation to continue to study because of the struggles and hurdles that online learning causes us. But on the other hand, I cannot just agree with the limited face- to-face that they are planning, I just can't set aside my safety because I am so much worried about what if I get that virus when I am about to attend classes traditionally? The protection of students especially children will be harder to safeguard. “Kung safe ang pilot and it is effective, then we will gradually increase the number of schools. Ang mahalaga babantayan natin ang risk assessment. Kapag may pagbabago sa risk assessment, talag- ang ititigil natin, “Briones said. Is this real? We will wait for the first children or other teaching person- nel to get infected? To know if the planning of these face-to-face classes is a necessity? How come we think first about the safety of all before taking a step to get back to the traditional classes. “[Bagaman may mga nakapag-ulat] na ilan po sa mga mag-aaral ay nilagnat, ibig sabihin nito ay malinaw sa atin pong mga magulang na kapag ang mga bata ay nakaranas ng ganitong sintomas – ubo, sipon, lagnat, pananakit ng lalamunan – hindi na po nila pinapapasok sa paaralan. I think this is one of the things which we should highlight in terms of orientation and the knowledge of parents regarding the symptoms,” Asec. Garma expressed. In this situation the safety of all the students is not measurable, the planning of getting back to traditional classes needs to be planned and studied more. In my belief, why should they prioritize first the safety of the students and other personnel? Why should we put first the safety of the people, wait to be in a covid free country? This time, we are now getting lower cases of Covid- 19. For me, this should be maintained and considered to prioritize safety first before going back to classes. The more interactions we have, the higher the possibility that the virus will be gone for so long. Is the implementation of Limited face-to-face classes a necessity? or does it urge us to turn a deaf ear for our safety?

Maui Janine Noriega academic semester. This case is clearly a According to Rivas (2021), manifestation of the DYING failure of distance learning and cases of deaths due to self harm continuous increased in the Philippines, as the negligence of the duties and economy struggled to reopen amid responsibilities of School a failed pandemic response. Administrations and the Government. There are Students who How many deaths will it take for stop from attending school struggle at facing the adjustments Education Officials to Listen? since the Government have in a way that they harm themselves implemented Distance Learning. because of stress. Students' from The COVID-19 Some students' said \" Wala naman Saint Louis University (SLU) held pandemic has had a negative akong matututunan d'yan\" . They a candle lighting protest in front of impact on educational systems all chose to stop and start looking SLU calling for an academic break. over the world, forcing schools to for a job for them to survive in The struggle of the students of SLU close for extended periods of time. this time of pandemic. There were is no different from the struggles As per schools way to overcome students' saying \" Sayang yung that other students are facing as this, they conducted Online Class taon\" these people leave with no well. Learning and Modular Distance choice. As one of the students who Learning, this is to ensure that experienced this mode of learning, The student councils said there students' learning process there were times that its really hard were also confirmed cases of sui- continues. to adjust in this new normal way of cide because of pressure and stress teaching. There are experience in from their studies while some al- Students' became less class that makes us feel bad about leged cases were still under inves- encouraged than last school how poorly we performed this tigation. year. Some students' chose to “Regardless of the number, two youths giving up their precious lives because of academic pressure is still alarming to our institutions and the whole community,” the student leaders said. SAY NO TO – NO VAX, NO SUBSIDY As of November 11, 2021, a total Maria Helena Dalisay of 30.8 million Filipinos residing in the Philippines are fully vaccinated. Despite long as they do not harm nor hurt others. If no is important to be vaccinated. Instead of not the large number of those people who are vax, no entry is implemented, it is as if they giving subsidy, the government may give already vaccinated it is indisputable that have been deprived 4P’s the freedom to decide incentives to those members of the 4P's who many are still not vaccinated for their and choose. They may have a choice but they will voluntarily get vaccinated. Certainly personal reasons. So the government is are still left with no choice. Senate Minority many will want to get vaccinated because of doing everything to make the Filipino people Leader Franklin Drilon, Marikina Rep. Stella the practicality. Pressure is not the solution; decide to get vaccinated. One of these ways is Quimbo and other lawmakers said that this idea of it will only add to the problem. Junk the \"no the DILG's idea of no vax, no subsidy for 4.2 adding a condition to allow 4P's to get their vax, no subsidy\" now! percent of 4P's members who are still afraid subsidy is illegal and against the law. to get vaccinated so they will be forced to get vaccinated. Moreover, the subsidy is the only thing that 4P's members rely to, especially its members No vax no subsidy is a lame idea who have lost their jobs in this pandemic, if it conceived by Interior Secretary Eduardo is removed, it will be as if the government has Año for the alleged mandatory vaccination killed them. of the 4P's folks. If this will be approved, the government will not fulfill the There are many more ways to encourage word they left before vaccination began in the them to get vaccinated. One of these many Philippines, that no Filipino will be forced to ways is to open their minds to the benefits of the get vaccinated because it is voluntary and not vaccine and what is really true about it because mandatory. What's with the sudden change? some believe in fake news through forums or one-on-one talk, as did Iloilo Rep. Janette Garin In addition, the Philippines is a in her district. They can also find out why they democratic country so every person has the do not want to be vaccinated and explain why it right to choose and decide on their own as

No Vaccination. No Subsidy. No 4Ps. “Why does it need to be vaccinated to get the subsidy that is yours?” CHRISTELLE MANALO Administrators and common 7.8 million children as of June Senator Risa Hontiveros by another ill-conceived society associations hammer the proposition to set 2020. It has consistently shown also said that the conditions arm-twisting scheme by the immunization as aconditionfor the public authority's encouraging results in keeping under the 4Ps law are fixed and DILG in a desperate bid to leader hostile to neediness programs. Pantawid Pamilyang children healthy and in school. cannot be changed upon the boost the number of vaccinated Pilipino Program, is the flagship between the government and Both outcomes are important whims of any government agency. Filipinos,” she added. individuals. 4Ps is also a government program that indicators of human Meanwhile, the Justice It's also hard provides a subsidy allowance to individuals who are not capital accumulation Secretary Menardo to implement the capable of stability. It aims to reduce monetary child poverty, leading towards increased Guevarra said that mandatory vaccination among boosting school enrollment, increasing use of health services, productivity in non-vaccination should not 4P’s beneficiaries, there's a lot improving food intake and asset accumulation in poor adulthood and eventually, be a basis for withholding of circumstances that need to households. 4Ps is also a program of the government breaking the intergenerational benefits. \"Under the be considered. As lawmakers that grants at least P3,000 monthly to eligible poor transmission of poverty. COVID-19 Vaccination also pointed out that vaccine households.Every individual has the right and Vaccination is also Program Act of 2021, vaccination supply has yet to stabilize in freedom to choose what they want. Using mandatory important to individuals as cards shall not be an additional provinces, making it harder vaccination is not the answer. Unvaccinated people must it helps to avoid the spread mandatory for some to get inoculated. The also be eligible to receive what is for them. Every individual of Covid-19, but somehow requirement for government senators also said has the right to take or refuse immunization. making it mandatory to be transactions, among others,\" said government agencies must According to Unicef, In eligible to receive the subsidy Guevarra. According to work harder to address vaccine the Philippines, the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program allowance is not fair. There's also Gabriela party-list Rep. Arlene hesitancy by boosting (4Ps) is the flagship national social assistance programme a lot of people who don't want Brosas, the government should information campaigns. The directly benefiting around 4.3 million poor households with to get their vaccine because they instead focus on the vaccine government should don't trust it or they just don't information drive before continue to encourage the want it. And, using it against resorting to such public to get vaccinated by expl those unvaccinated people is not conditions. “Why not aining the benefits of vaccines acceptable and inhuman. focus on the effective vaccine and providing further incentives. Treating individualw with information drives fairness and equality is what instead of forcing 4Ps to our society needs. There are get vaccinated with lots of people who complained the new condition?” of not giving the subsidy Brosas said. “Vaccine allowance to those unvaccinated hesitancy among some people that the DILG proposed Filipinos cannot be solved but gladly the senators did not grant the request to pursue it.

A Christmas to remember JEWEL TABIRAO They said, \"no one can resulted in the alienation of each festive inside your home. The beat christmas in Philippines!\" person from each other the celebration we are doing today from the very beginning of former free celebration is now is unusual, but we are Filipinos the so -called ber months, limited, many things can not be and we have grown to believe in Filipinos began to shop for home done. But let's not make this an God, even if there is a pandemic, decorations, colorful lanterns, excuse for us not to we cannot be prevented from lights and a Christmas tree with celebrate Christmas with our celebrating the holiday season, various hangings christmas ball. family. There is a lot to do the celebration that can only Every Filipino feels unique when during this time. Let's not forget bring unity to every Filipino. It's they feel the holiday season, it especially the children who hope nice to remember our normal life brings them happiness for every that their holiday season will still back then so these memories can family and brings unity in each be good despite of pandemic. be an inspiration to all of us to get one another christmas is also Always remember, no matter everything back to normal. the reason for helping people in how you celebrate Christmas, need,and that’s the importance of don’t forget to keep yourself safe Christmas to the Filipino, every and healthy with your family memory is so sweet to remem- during the holidays. There are ber especially now that we are various government agencies facing a huge problem not only in that do not recommend visiting the philippines but in the whole distant relatives during the world. Christmas season, for only one reason, COVID-19. But so as In the year 2020, we not to spoil the mood of the experienced a severe holidays, still make the mood pandemic in the whole world, it

Axie Infinity PLAY TOEARN MAUI JANINE NORIEGA Axie Infinity has become a popular \"play to earn\" destination for many Filipinos. Axie Infinity is a Axie Infinity is a game However, unlike SLP tokens and the effort you put crypto-meets-Pokémon game about breeding, raising, and free-to-play games, Axie into the game. Axie Infinity has in which players raise, battle, battling cute creatures called requires players to make an undoubtedly emerged as a and trade Axies, which are cute Axies. Axie Infinity is best initial investment. To play the popular way for Filipinos to pass NFT pets. It has two native described by Sky Mavis as game, each player must collect the time during the COVID-19 crypto currencies: Axie a “real living organization” at least three Axies. It can be pandemic. Its 'play to earn' Infinity Shards (AXS), which that gives its customers the purchased through the official model enabled people to pay can be bought and sold on power to add to the developed marketplace using ethereum their bills and put food on the exchanges such as Coinbase, and economy, while bringing in (ETH) a cryptocurrency that is table after losing their jobs due to Small Love Potion (SLP), which cash. With its excellent design, widely traded around the world. the economic downturn. is awarded to players for playing Axie Infinity expects players Before , Axie Infinity and most the game. There are two special to have three pets called Axies of the people who work there make The NFT-based game cryptocurrencies used in the to play the game. around 30-50,000 pesos a month. operates on a play-to-earn game: (1) Axie Infinity Shards But of course, this also depends model, which means that (AXS), the main token, can According to Axie on the current market price of the players can convert their be purchased and sold on Infinity’s website, the tokens into real-world money exchanges such as Coinbase. majority of the game’s and support their families. To play the game, you must players are college graduates, have some AXS, but you can parents, and even grandparents Risk Factor also trade AXS like Bitcoin, looking for alternate Dogecoin, or any other major sources of income during Axie Infinity is a new model for cryptocurren- cryptocurrency. AXS will the pandemic. As the cy-based gaming. Because AXS and SLP prices may be also function as a governance popularity of Axie Infinity’s correlated with game popularity, they may fall if play- token, allowing holders to have pay-to- win concept grew, so ers migrate to a competitor or lose interest. a say in the game's future. (2) For did “scholarship” programs, spending time in the game, which allowed “scholars” players receive a second token who couldn’t afford to buy a called Small Love Potion (SLP). team on their own to rent one, Some can be obtained by defeat- assisting the community in ing an opponent's Axie or by dealing with rising prices. completing in-game quests. The more you play, the more SLP you can accumulate. PRICE CHART

MARIA HELENA DALISAY \"You wouldn't let you grandparents pick your playlist. Why would you let them pick your representative who's going to determine your future?\" - Barack Obama- May 2022 is approaching again, election day is fast approaching again, the day when everyone will choose the leader they think deserves the position. Here come the posters of the candidates, their smiles you don't know if they are true and promises you don't know if they will be fulfilled when they are put in the position they are running for. But these are not the only things that you can see in that important day, you can also notice and hear vote buying, vote selling, bribing and many illegal acts. According to the latest news of, a total of 69 million Filipinos are registered voters and more than half or 32.7 million or 52% of this population are the young voters or the youth sector. Now many youths are finally eligible to cast their vote for change, but how can they make a difference if some are just going with the flow, and letting the elders decide for them when it comes to choosing a leader? How can they consider themselves as wise voters? Scientific American gave 4 tips on how to be a wise voter. Don't just go with your gut. Don’t get all your news from social media. Jason Brennan, a political philosopher at Georgetown Uni- You may use social media when searching for an versity and author of The Ethics of Voting said that voting well information about a candidate but not all the time. Shore warns that means making your choice from a standpoint of informed consid- being mad at someone who have a opposite point of view gives eration and with an eye toward the common good. Never ever let rise to narrowed political views and groupthink. Always choose to your emotions fool you. Do your own research and think critically. broaden your sources, you may use newspaper, television and reliable sites for research, do not just rely on Facebook, Twitter Watch the next debate with your eyes closed. and other social media. Doing this will open you to reality and truthfulness. One of the toxic beliefs of Filipinos is that we believe that men are capable of leading than women. In addition to this, Know when to abstain. most people also get swayed by their eyes, they sometimes they base what they vote on physical appearance such as good looks You can think of casting a “bad” vote as being a bit like air or beauty and who is funny for them. Listening to them while pollution, Brennan says. Most of the people think that if you think closing your eyes will not only make you understand what they that there is no running politician that is deserving for that position are discussing but also make you feel their sincerity, through this it is alright to leave it blank. Leaving that position blank is better you will be able to avoid biases. than casting a “bad” vote. Now this is the problem. How will a voter know if a can- INTEGRITY. didate is deserving? What are the qualities that a candidate must It is defined as ‘the adherence to moral and ethical prin- possess? Contributors of gave 5 qualities of a good ciples; the soundness of moral character.’ Political leaders who politician. possess integrity can be trusted because he or she never veers from inner values, even when it might benefit them to do so. Integrity HONESTY. prevents corruption and any unethical acts that a politician might \"When you tell a lie, you steal someone's right to the truth\", do. said by Khaled Hosseini in The Kite Runner. Telling the truth is sometimes difficult for individuals. Honesty must be possessed by a CONFIDENT. candidate or aspiring politician. Honesty is the foundation of trust. An aspiring politician must believe in his or her capabilities. It is one of the important thing so that one could be trustworthy and Confidence affects his or her performance. credible. People love a candidate who tells nothing but the truth even in the simplest and little things. FLEXIBILITY. Flexibility is not just about the ability to adapt. A politician COMPASSION. must be open to criticism, opinion and listen to others. Compassion could lead to unbreakable connection. A These are just tips on how to be a wise voter and how to choose a good leader must put their feet on the shoes of their countrymen. good politician. It will still it still depends on your decision who Through this he or she will be able to know what his or her people you vote for. Remember that, money cannot match the future en- need that will later on lead to action for the benefit of all. trusted to the politician you vote for, so choose wisely and vote for the worthy. The future of our country depends on you.

Top 10 Korean Fashion Influence on Pinoys SHIELAROSE DALANGIN Nowadays, Korean fashion is a big hit among the youth, who try to copy their idols wearing chic and hip Korean fashion trends. Even if the style of Korean stars is not suitable in the Philippines, they still wear it and match it up with some edgy shoes, huge col- orful sunglasses, and different accessories from head to toe. Korean culture influences the Philippines, especially in Fashion trends. Everyone can't deny their love and support for the Korean culture. It means that even if they are Filipinos, we are adapting to the cultures of others, which means countries support one another. In fact, because of the hype and strong admiration for Korean stars, Filipinos tend to familiarize themselves with copying and searching for some pieces that are inspired by Korea. Here are the top ten Korean fashion influences on Pinoys. 1. Layering strappy tops over shirts This style became one of the most adopted styles in the Philippines, they used to layer a sleeveless top over a shirt which brings a girly, cute, and aesthetic look for girls and for boys who used to layer a vest over big- size shirts. 2. Wide-legged pants/baggy pants It is considered one of the trendiest pieces in Korean fashion, they are into baggy pants and wide garments that serve as their standard piece of clothing. In the Philippines, it is considered a 90's trend fashion which they say that the trends are getting back through the decade. 3. Long shorts Filipinos tend to be conservative but still trying new fashion trends, long shorts are also considered one of the trends in the Philippines today which are very suitable to those Pinoys who are conservative but wanted to be cool at the same time. 4. Oversized shirts Also, due to climate reasons in the Philippines, Filipinos prefer to wear big and oversized shirts paired with maong pants and shorts as their everyday look for casual get-ups. 5. Oversized Blazers Because of the different Korean dramas that have been adopted by the Filipinos, they used to incorporate their idol's styles wearing blazers into which can be wear also for casual days paired with some jeans and crop tops. 6. Long sleeves This piece is not that trendy, but one of the used pieces or garments of Koreans. Filipino use it also as their go-to outfit when it comes to both formal and casual gatherings. 7. Plaid Skirts It is also considered a forever fashion trend like the blazers. Their print may be traditional and simple, but it is all about how you style and layered it with accessories in your outfit. 8. Puff Sleeves In the Philippines, it is sometimes called a Maria Clara top, an item of clothing that gives Filipinos a bit of old-fashioned female-styled outfit gives you a classy, girly, and aesthetic Korean girl look. 9. Knitted Clothing Even this type of clothing is not suitable for the climate that the Philippines have, they still want this look if they want a little chic, artsy and vintage style, or outfit. 10. Denim Jackets This piece can never go out of style. In the Philippines, it is worn on different occasions if they want grunge, punk, and chic style. It seems the undeniable support and love of Filipinos to Korea from watching Korean Dramas and Movies, Filipinos have also loved the Korean pop culture through adapting the styles and fashion trends in their country. It is not surprising how Filipinos love to style and dress up like their Korean pop idols because of the Korean Hallyu that has been more adapted by the Filipinos.

Para Sa Kanila MARIA HELENA DALISAY Naaalala mo pa ba si Kian? Upang karapatan ng mga tao’y Marahil kinalimutan na siya ng maipaglaban ilan? Karapatan ng bawat tao ang Pamilyar ba ang inang namatayan mabuhay ng tatlong anak Ngunit bakit sila pinapatay ka- Mga dugong patuloy ang pagdan- hit walang sapat na ebidensya’t ak patunay Sila ang mga taong nawalan ng Kayo! Oo kayo, ang dapat nag- buhay dahil sa maling paratang tatangol sa mga Pilipino Lumaban at nagshashabu ra yan Ngunit bakit kayo ang siyang dahi- ang kanilang bintang lan ng pighati at pagkaksadlak ng Walang awang pinatay ng mga kapwa ninyo? taong kaluluwa’y halang Sagutin nyo ano nga ba ang hala- Ako ay narito upang imulat ang RESBAKUNADO ga? isipan Ng kampanya ng matataas kontra Maayos nawa ang mga problema MARIA HELENA DALISAY droga at masugpo ang kalaban artwork by Jewel Tabirao Sambit nila’y upang mabawasan Nawa’y huwag pera at kapangyari- gumagamit ng bawal na gamot han ang gamitin Magsisimula na naman ang pasu- Kahit mga protocols ay kanilang Ngunit dusa at kamatayan ba ang Upang apaka’t yurakan pagkatao kan sundin tanging sagot? ng kapwa natin Eskwelaha'y mapupuno na ng 100 porsiyentong kaligtasa'y ma- Mahihirap ang kalimitang biktima Kapayapaan ng mundong ito muli tawanan labo pa ring kamtin Sa buhay ay kapos sila sanang kamtin Mga silid ay magkakaroon na ng Kaya naman dapat lahat ay mag- Salapi at estado ba ang basehan? buhay ing bakunado Babalik na ang dati nitong kulay Para sa virus ika'y protektado Ngunit di pa rin maaalis ang pan- Tayo nang magpabakuna gamba Para sa ligtas na balik eskwela Sa kaligtasan ng mga eskwela Pumili Ka! Liwanag MARIA HELENA DALISAY SHIELAROSE FE DALANGIN Kabayan gamitin ang iyong kara- Mundong nabalutan ng dilim patan Mga pangarap ay naabutan ng lilim Sa kabila ng pag aalinlangan Ngayong darating na halalan Umaasang paghihirap na dinaranas ay may Para sa kapwa mo mamamayan hangganan Tila tinatanong ang Bathala At para na rin sa ating bayan Kung bat ito ang napala Huwag sanang magpadala sa Paligid na tila pagpatak ng luha ang siyang rinig Bawat paglabas ay kaakibat ang pangambang tinig matang naniningkit Pandemyang naranasan sa isip ay di mawawaglit O sa mga mapagkunwaring bait Sapagkat ito ay nagsilbing simbolo ng pait Ang eleksyon ay hindi katuwaan Pait ng buhay na naging daan ng kalakasan Kalakasang umaasang may inilaan na magandang Seryosohin nawa ang halalan kinabukasan Kung gaano ka metikolosong Sa hirap ng buhay nanatiling walang pangamba Bagkus alam kong Diyos ang syang tagasalba pumili sa makakarelasyon Liwanag na hinihintay ay alam kong paparating na Itaas din sana ang kwalipikasyon At sa pagsalubong sa liwanag na ito ay may ngiti sa aking mga mata. Sa mga pipiliin ngayong eleksyon Gisingin ang natutulog na diwa ngayon

Iba ang aking nararamdaman Ito ba ang Pag-ibig Sa tuwing ikaw ay aking nasa MARIA HELENA DALISAY harapan Lahat ng problema’y nalilimutan Mga pagsasamang kay sarap isipin Pati bahid ng sakit ng nakaraan Walang katapusang ika’y iibigin Pag – ibig na walang katumbas Kahit ano pa ang kanilang sabihin Na kahit Kaila’y di kukupas Lahat ng pagsubok aking tatang- Ito ay hindi mapapantayan gapin Handang suongin pati kamatayan Ito ma’y kahibangang itinuturig Ang puso’y di mapigilan sa pagpin- Ang puso’y ikaw lamang ang hini- tig hiling Palaging gusting marinig iyong Dalangin na balang araw ay maa- tinig layan ka ng singsing Sa tuwina’y ikaw ang bukambibig ‘Pagkat sa habang buhay nais kang Ito ng aba ang dulot nitong pag – makapiling ibig Sarili ang Kalaban ALEA RALF MANUEL created by ALLYSON ALANO Gusto ko laging umalis, Kung paano tatayo? pero 'di ko magawa ang sarili sa dati'y patuloy na gusto kong makawala lumalayo. o gusto ko na lang mawala. 'Di makahakbang, 'di makalakad Madalas na tulala 'di makaalpas, 'di makausad 'yung lungkot, bumubugso na Paano nga ba makakatakas? lang bigla kung ang kalaban ko'y 'di mo alam kung saan mag- ---sarili kong utak. sisimula. Mahiwaga Ka Dahil ang dulot ng bawat pagkabasag ay pagiging ALEA RALF MANUEL matatag artwork by MAUI JANINE NORIEGA Binibini, Babaeng kaibig-ibig, Napakaganda mo kapag ika'y Ang aking pangatlo at pang- ngumingiti huling hiling, dito sa mundo'y Kaya aking hiling, araw-araw, huwag kang makikinig sana'y pagiging masaya ang Huwag mong hayaang ika'y iyong pinipili madaig at manlamig Kahit madalas na ang mga Sa halip, magpatuloy ka't ku- nangyayari sa paligid ay hindi mapit sa Kanyang bisig mo mawari Huling paalala, at hindi isang Magandang dilag, hiling Kung minsan, ika'y mababasag Maalala mo sana sa iyong Ngunit ang aking pangalawang bawat paggising, hiling, sa Diyos ika'y tumawag Isa kang magandang sining Kaya't patuloy kang magningning.

Senators express support for a bigger PSC budget CATHERINE UBALDO Senators of the Phil- pride, honor, and med- and medals to our country all their time to practicing ippines expressed their als to our country, but will but also keep young peo- to be a good result of their support for the 2022 bud- also help us in keeping ple away from drugs and difficulty in training. They get allocation of the Phil- our youth away from ille- show their skills, talent want to show their tal- ippine Sports Commis- gal drugs and other harm- when it comes to sports. ent and give honor to our sion and called for higher ful vices,\" said the Sen- He is right to keep young country. Sports should be allotment for the agency. ate Committee on Sports people away from drugs given wide support and a I agree with the sup- Chair Christopher Law- and other things that can bigger budget. port given by senators to rence “Bong” Go. harm young people. Hence, through all the increase the budget of the In addition, I also agree Sports is not just about good intentions and goals, Philippine Sports Com- with what Senate Commit- the game, it is also about allocating a large budget mission. tee on Sports Chair Chris- the talents of the youth, for sports is a good goal. \"Investing in sports will topher Lawrence “Bong” the training of a sports not only allow our coun- Go said that it is not only to athlete is not that easy, try to develop world-class develop world-class ath- when they compete in a athletes who can bring letes who can bring pride competition they devote Hidilyn Diaz wins Gold! CATHERINE UBALDO Weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz PHOTO COURTESY FROM CNN PHILIPPINES wins first-ever Olympic gold for the Philippines Women's 55kg was divid- Meanwhile, on the second She was the first to score ed into two parts: the Snatch part, even though Diaz was 224 points in the Weight Lift- Hidilyn Francisco Diaz, and Clean & Jerk. having a hard time, she was ing Olympics Women's Cate- a 30 – year – old Filipina able to lift 119kg on the first gory. She was the first Filipi- weightlifter, born on Febru- In the snatch, Hidilyn Di- attempt, 124kg on her second no to win a Gold Medal at the ary 20, 1991, with a height of az's first attempt was scored attempt, and 127 kg. on her 2020 Olympics. 1.5m and a weight of 58 kg, 94kg, 97kg on the second, last venture. was the first Filipino to ever and 97kg on the last attempt Diaz is now one of the Phil- win an Olympic gold medal for because she failed to lift the Due to the successful lift- ippines' prides who proves the Philippines in a weightlift- 99kg properly. Diaz landed ing, she had a total point of herself in weightlifting. ing competition. in second place with a total 224kg., with courage and de- score of 97kg. Diaz, an Olympic weight- termination, Diaz was able to lifting record-holder won the women's 55 kg category for bring home the gold. weightlifting at the 2020 Sum- mer Olympics. The weightlifting 2020 Olympics took place at the To- kyo international forum which Hidilyn Diaz is a participant of the said Olympics. The said weightlifting com- petition was participated by Kristina Shermetova from Turkmenistan, Ham Eunji from Korea, Nouha Landoul- si from Tunisia, Ana Gabriela Loper Ferrer from Mexico, Zu- lfiya Chinshanlo from Kazakh- stan, Hidilyn Diaz from the Philippines, Kamila Konotop from Ukraine, Muattar Nabie- va from Uzbekistan, and Liao Qiuyun from China.

BSU MLBB Esports Tournament CATHERINE UBALDO With courage and determination, some students of Batangas State University participated in BSU MLBB Esports Tournament last November 11-12, 2021, via Facebook Live. BatStateU had an online two games is the winner. The first to final round and whoever loses this place in BSU MLBB Esports Tour- game tournament in which var- play was BSU Lobo versus BSU Ma- round will fight for 3rd place. In the nament is BSU Lipa. ious branches of BatStateU par- bini. first game, defending the champi- ticipated in the said game. Par- on, BSU Pablo Borbon unlike BSU For the final round BSU Pablo ticipants were from BSU Lobo, Both teams were great, but BSU Mabini, both teams did their best Borbon and BSU Alangilan, whoev- BSU Malvar, BSU Alangilan, Mabini won in game 1 with a score in this round but the winner was er wins 4 games will be the Cham- BSU Mabini, BSU Lipa, BSU of 2-0, followed by BSU Malvar BSU Pablo Borbon with a score of pion in this tournament both teams Balayan, and BSU Pablo Bor- against BSU Lipa. Both teams did a 3-0. gave their best to bring home the bon. great job. bacon. In the end, BSU Pablo Bor- The fierce game was followed bon failed to defend their tower, the Will Pablo Borbon defend the BSU Lipa won with a score of by BSU Lipa competing with BSU champion in the said tournament is crown? 0-2. The two teams were BSU Ba- Alangilan, the game was indeed BSU Alangilan with a score of 1-4 layan and BSU Alangilan. The team amusing, both teams were equal- and the 2nd place is BSU Pablo Bor- The first day of the BSU MLBB who defended the tower was BSU ly good but only one winner was bon. Both teams gave their best, ev- tournament was intense because Alangilan with a score of 0-2. BSU needed and it was BSU Alangilan eryone is excited for the next MLBB the participants had only one Mabini, BSU Lipa, and BSU Alan- with the score of 0-3. As a result, Esports Tournament, will BSU Al- chance to play to enter the semi-fi- gilan, the three winning teams who BSU Mabini and BSU Lipa were angilan remain the titleholder? nals. are ready to show their skills in de- the contenders for 3rd place, who- fending not only the tower but also ever wins the 3 games will be the When a team fails to defend their title. 3rd place in this tournament. Both their tower, the team will be elimi- teams showed eagerness, the 3rd nated and can no longer play in the In the semi-finals, whoever semi-finals. Whoever wins the first wins the first 3 games will go to the

If you’re not gonna tell truth, then why start talking? Gene Wilder

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