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Bahama Catholic - January 2020

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Follow Us @archdioceseofnassau THE NEWSPAPER OF THE CATHOLIC ARCHDIOCESE OF NASSAU JANUARY/ FEBRUARY 2020 APOSTOLIC NUNCIO MAKES FIRST OFFICIAL VISIT TO ARCHDIOCESE OF NASSAU His Excellency Archbishop Fortunatus Nwachukwu, Apostolic Nuncio for the Antilles Episcopal Conference (AEC) including the Archdiocese of Nassau made his first official visit to The Bahamas on February 2-7, 2020. Archbishop Nwachukwu presented his letters of Credence to Governor-General of The Bahamas, His Excellency The Most Honourable Cornelius A. Smith, at Government House on Wednesday, February 5 2020, accrediting him as Apostolic Nuncio, Holy See – Vatican Ambassador to the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. See highlights of the Nuncio’s visit on pages 2-6.

2 Apostolic Nuncio makes offical visit to Archdiocese of Nassau During the ceremony at Government House, the papal ambassador expressed wishes for well-being, happiness, peace and prosperity on behalf of Pope Francis to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, to the Governor General, the government and people of The Bahamas. In his address, the Nuncio recalled the commitment of Pope Francis to make the world “a better place.” Archbishop Fortunatus Nwachukwu gifted the Governor General, The Honorable Cornelius Smith with a Pope Francis Metal of “The Pope’s warm personality and Honor following the Letters of Credence ceremony. Pictured from left to right: Fr. Kendrick J. Forbes, Vicar General, Fr. Luciano approach have brought a freshness to Labanca, Vatican Embassy Apostolic Nunciature (Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tabago) Attaché/Deputy Head of Mission, His the way the Holy See and the entire Excellency, Basil W. Barnett, non-resident Ambassador of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas to the Holy See, Archbishop Catholic Church carry out their mission, Patrick C. Pinder, STD, CMG, Archbishop of Nassau, Archbishop Nwachukwu and The Honorable Cornelius Smith. especially with regard to the defense of the dignity of the human person, at every The Monsignor Preston A. Moss stage of human life, notwithstanding the Catechetical Centre Dedicated person’s particular socio-economic or other circumstances.” He underscored the intention of Catholic institutions to “always” work in partner- ship with the government for the benefit of all. “They try to cooperate with the pub- lic institutions in implementing projects of development in order to improve the living standard of the people, especially of the less privileged persons.” Archbishop Nwachukwu pledged his commitment to promote the “greater good” of the people of The Bahamas in mutual cooperation and strengthening the existing relations between the Holy See and this country. On Monday, February 3, Archbishop Pinder gave Archbishop Nwachukwu, a tour of Catholic schools and churches. The tour included: St. Anselm, Holy Family, St. Thomas More (new structure), Sts. Francis & Joseph School and Aquinas College. The Nuncio’s final stop was at St. Martin Monastery. During his visit he gave the sisters greetings and blessings and asked them to continue to pray for him. Archbishop Nwachukwu unveiled and blessed a plaque in honor of Monsignor Preston Moss during a dedication • Continued on page 6 ceremony officially dedicating the newly renovated structure: The Monsignor Preston A. Moss Catechetical Centre. The Centre will be used for the Cathedral’s CCD program and parish meetings. Several of Monsignor Moss’ family members attended the dedication. Monsignor Moss served the Catholic Archdiocese faithfully for fifty-three years.

3 Welcome Mass at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral PHOTO BY Poria Robinson Mrs. Renee Knowles, Finance Officer, Chancery Office reads the Second Reading at the Eucharistic Celebration on February 3, at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral. Archbishop Nwachukwu and Archbishop Pinder bless the throats of the faithful during the Eucharist Celebration on February 3, at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral. The blessing invokes the inter- cession of the fourth-century bishop and martyr St. Blaise, (his feast day is Feb. 3) credited with saving the life of a boy who was choking on a fish bone.

4 Papal Nuncio ON TOUR Archbishop Pinder points out features of Holy Family Church and (left photo) and St. Thomas More Church (new structure) during a tour of the parishes. Left photo: Archbishop Nwachukwu was presented with a bag of Bahamian goodies by student Danielle Whylly, Sts. Francis & Joseph School during his visit. From left to right: Elmer Bongon, Senior Master, Tiffany Glass, Principal, Archbishop Nwachukwu, Danielle and Vanta Culmer, Vice Principal. Top photo: following the school visit, Archbishop Pinder and Msg. Alfred Culmer (Pastor of St. Joseph’s Church) took the Nuncio on a tour of St. Joseph’s Church. Principal of Aquinas College, Ms. Shona Knowles, Malik Knowles, Head Boy and Jorden Freemantle, Deputy Head Boy welcomed the Nuncio on his arrival to the school.

5 Archbishop Nwachukwu applauded Aquinas College Choir members after they sang their rendition of the song “Lean on Me”. The final stop of the nuncio’s day tour was at St. Martin’s Monastery. During his visit he brought greetings and blessings and asked the sisters to continue to pray for him. Sister Mary Benedict Pratt, OSB, presented the Nuncio with a bag of Bahamian treats, including the monastery’s famous cookies and a copy of a 2020 calendar featuring the sisters. Pictured below Sr. Cecilia Albury, OSB, bids the Nuncio farewell. Archbishop Nwachukwu visited the storm-ravaged island of Abaco on Tuesday, February 4, when the Nuncio had the opportunity to view the rubble of St. Mary and Andrew Church, Treasure Cay, St. Francis de Sales School and Every Child Counts. Archbishop Pinder accompanied the nuncio to Abaco.

6 Prime Minister the Most Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis ( left photo) and Chief Justice Brian Moree and his wife, Mrs. Angela Moree (right photo) were among the guests at a wel- come reception hosted by non-resident Ambassador to the Holy Sea, H.E. Basil W. Barnett, and his wife Mrs. Margot Barnett to mark the visit of The Most Rev. Archbishop Fortunatus Nwachukwu to our shores. Apostolic Nuncio Visits Archdiocese •From page 2 • first official visit loves us, because He has given us the Holy Spirit, to the Pope, the Church, the Government and the fill our hearts with His love.” Peoples where he is accredited. That evening Archbishop Nwachukwu presided at Mass in the presence of Archbishop Pinder, at St. Following the Mass, Archbishop Nwachukwu unveiled Archbishop Fortunatus Nwachukwu was ordained a Francis Xavier Cathedral, where he was officially intro- and blessed a plaque in honor of Monsignor Preston priest on June 17, 1984, with incardination in the duced to the Catholic community. The Apostolic Moss during a dedication ceremony at the building, Diocese of Aba (Nigeria). He holds a Doctorate in Nuncio received a warm welcome from local Catholics formally known as the Madonna Day Nursery in the Dogmatic Theology and a Doctorate in Canon Law. who were excited to meet him. 1920’s. The Papal Nuncio officially dedicated the He served in the Apostolic Nunciatures – Holy See newly renovated structure as The Monsignor Preston Embassies in Ghana, Paraguay, Algeria, at the UN In his homily, he emphasized that we were all brothers A. Moss Catechetical Centre. The Centre will be used Offices and Specialized Institutions in Geneva, and at and sisters in the Lord. He explained the nature of his for the Cathedral’s CCD program and parish ministry the Secretariat of State at the Vatican – Section of role as Nuncio for our region and conveyed blessings meetings. Several of Monsignor Moss’ family mem- Relation with States. and gratitude from the Holy Father Pope Francis. He bers attended the dedication. Monsignor Moss served passionately noted that Jesus didn’t appoint his apos- the Catholic Archdiocese faithfully for fifty-three years. Archbishop Nwachukwu departed The Bahamas on tles to be pastors but fishers of men and women, bap- Friday, February 7, 2020. tizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the The following day, the Nuncio traveled to the storm- Holy Spirit (Mark 1:17). ravaged island of Abaco, where he had the opportunity What is a papal nuncio? to visit the rubble of St. Mary and Andrew Church in The Nuncio focused his message on the universal Treasure Cay, St. Francis de Sales and Every Child A Papal nuncio is a papal ambassador, i.e. a perma- scripture readings for the day. He pointed out that the Counts School. Archbishop Pinder, Fr. Kendrick Forbes nent diplomatic representative of the Holy See to a laity is called to be advocates of the Word of God wher- and non-resident Ambassador of the Holy See, Basil state or an international organization. According to ever we are. Speaking on the gospel story of Legion he W. Barnett, accompanied him. the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic touched on the strategies of the devil whose aim is to Relations, a papal nuncio is an ambassador equal to steal, to kill and to destroy (John 10:10). We must be In addition to presenting his Letters of Credence, The an ambassador from any other country. However in aware of and recognize the signs and works of the Nuncio made several courtesy calls, including the Catholic countries the papal nuncio may rank above devil (1 John 1). Archbishop Nwachukwu reminded the office of Minister of Foreign Affairs the Hon. Darren other ambassadors in diplomatic protocol. faithful that God calls not the righteous but sinners to Henfield on Wednesday, February 5, various diplomat- repentance. ic ambassadors and the Leader of the Opposition, the The papal nuncio serves as the liaison between the Hon. Philip Brave Davis. Holy See and the Roman Catholic diocesan episco- The Papal ambassador also made reference to pate in the nation, region or organization in which he Romans 5: 3 – 5: The Apostolic Nuncio resides in Trinidad and Tobago is placed. The region or nation is normally supervised “We can rejoice, too, when we are hemmed in with and also has concurrent accreditation to Antigua and by a regional conference of bishops, whose presiding troubles, because we know how troubles can develop Barbuda, Grenada, Barbados, Jamaica, St. Kitts and officer is often the highest ranking bishop of that passionate patience in us. And how patience develops Nevis, Suriname and St. Lucia, Dominica, Guyana, The nation. Alternately the presiding officer is elected strength of character and how character strengthens Bahamas and Belize. As Apostolic Nuncio for the from the diocesan ordinaries of the nation or region. our confident hope of salvation. This hope does not Antilles Episcopal Conference (AEC), His Excellency’s lead to disappointment. For we know how dearly God main duties are to maintain a relationship between - Source By

7 BEGINNING OUR LENTEN SEASON What to do The liturgical season of Lent signifies our path of conversion and promotes our con- before tinuing walk along that path. The three traditional pillars of Lenten discipline — prayer, fasting, almsgiving — help to reinforce our conversion to Christ and our begins dependence on God’s grace. Lent offers us all a very special opportunity to grow in FEB. 26 our relationship with God and to deepen our commitment to a way of life, rooted in our baptism. In our busy world, Lent provides us with an opportunity to reflect upon our patterns, to pray more deeply, experience sorrow for what we've done and failed to do, and to be generous to those in need. Anything worth doing is worth preparing for. Taking some time to get ready for Lent will ensure n't be embarrassed if we really haven't fasted in a that we aren't going to miss the first week or two long time, or perhaps ever before. We can plan to Just imagine that this Lent is going to be different of Lent, because we are just getting started. Lent intentionally have only one full meal on Ash from every other Lent we've experienced. Imagine begins on Ash Wednesday, but we want to be Wednesday. We can make that meal very mean- that there will be many graces offered me this ready to really take off on that day, rather than ingful and symbolic. year. Let's even imagine that God is going to help just beginning to think about Lent on that day. transform our lives, with greater freedom, greater Part of what makes a vacation or a special Getting ready, means getting my house ready, too. joy, deeper desires for love and service. anniversary so special is the build-up to it. And, it can means lots of choices. If we want it, we will choose it. Before we get to Ash Wednesday, we should start In the days before Lent, we can read some of the asking ourselves some questions and we should resources here that give concrete ideas of ways to Lent will be this wonderful season of grace for us start with some preparations. \"What does God get ready to begin. Choosing Lent, Acting Lent if we give ourselves to it. And, we will give our- want to give me this year?\" This question may gives a number of ways we can enter Lent with our selves to it to the degree we really want it require that I slow down a bit and listen to my whole selves, - as body-persons, who use our badly. So, in these days before Lent, we need to inner spirit. For example, even if I'm very busy, I senses to help us experience things deeply. The prepare our hearts. We need to prepare by realiz- realize I'm hungry when I hear my stomach start symbols in our home, and the concrete choices we ing how much we want to grow in freedom, how \"growling.\" \"What am I going to be doing on Ash make can shape the way we will begin Lent, as much we need to lighten our spirits and experi- Wednesday?\" Too often, Ash Wednesday is like individuals and as a family. ence some real joy, and how much some parts of every other day, except that I manage to get to our lives really need changing. church and get ashes on my forehead. Is there And, it doesn't take much time. anything else I can do on Ash Wednesday? How So, preparing our hearts is a process of preparing will fasting and abstaining happen for me, for my It doesn't a lot of time to prepare for the beginning our desires. This means practicing our sense of family on that special day? of Lent. It just takes desire and focus. God can do anticipation. If I imagine Lent as an \"ordeal\" or a so much with that. We can give God more of a time I dread in some way, then I've already pre- Lent is not something I need to do alone. space to touch our hearts if we begin to establish disposed myself to not get very much out of it. some simple patterns. We could wake up each These days before Lent are a time to start antici- If I have a spouse, or children, or some close morning, and for something like a half a minute to pating something wonderful that is about to hap- friends, or distant e-mail companions, I can begin a minute, stand by the edge of our beds, and just pen. now to talk about how we will support each other ask the Lord for the grace to let this day be one in in this Lenten journey. The anticipation and the which I long for the beginning of Lent. Perhaps we Our Focus: On what God wants to give us. preparation is transformed with the companion- need to ask for specific helps or graces to get ship of family and close friends. We shouldn't be ready to begin Lent. Whatever we try to say, our Our sense of excitement and anticipation will grow deterred by the fear that our spouse or children or Lord can understand the Spirit trying to speak more easily if we begin to imagine what God wants friends \"won't be into it.\" Jesus said, \"Fear is use- through our simple words. And all it takes is the to give us. There is really something coming that less; what's needed is trust.\" Let's begin now to time to find and put on our slippers. And each we can truly look forward to. If we get too focused tell others about our desires. Let's help support night, in the days ahead, we can practice giving on ourselves, and what we are going to do or not others' expectations. Let's help others see that thanks to God before I go to bed. This simple pat- do, we could risk missing the gift God wants to Lent doesn't have to be something I avoid, and tern, in the morning and evening can stir our spir- give us. We have to keep aware of the fact that certainly can't be reduced to \"giving up candy.\" We its to look forward to and prepare for Lent, as a grace comes from God. This is about God's great can help our loved ones to begin to imagine what season of grace. desire to bless us. Then, it is easier for us to imag- they could receive from God in these days. ine that we really want to do is place ourselves in May our Lord bless us all on this journey ahead. a space to receive what God wants to give us. Ash Wednesday is great place to start with our planning. \"What are we going to eat?\" We should- Not starting from a dead stop.

8 6 Catholic Lenten CustomsDuring Lent, when your friends or co-workers express curiosity External Sacrifice vs. Internal Conversion: about Catholic customs and symbolism, use those moments as I don’t get it —- All you do is give up candy? opportunities to evangelize!  The following are six common ques- tions Catholics hear during Lent and some evangelizing answers. Now, here is an interesting question. External sacrifices are the most obvious kind, so sometimes it does look like all we do is avoid chocolate. However, if you look clos- er, you’ll realize that fasting and abstinence have always gone hand in hand with two Ash Wednesday: of their best friends: prayer and almsgiving. External sacrifice is a manifestation of What’s with that dirt on your head? interior conversion: “…interior conversion urges expression in visible signs, gestures and works of penance” (CCC no. 1430). Interior conversion is where prayer and Who hasn’t gotten that question on Ash almsgiving come into play. In almsgiving, we show mercy and generosity to others, Wednesday before? Do you feel silly when people giving them a chance to experience the blessings we have. In prayer, we are commu- ask you about your ashes? And is it hard to answer nicating with God, asking him to bless and perfect our fasting and almsgiving: “… their questions? Having ashes on your forehead prayer is the living relationship of the children of God with their Father who is good isn’t just some weird Catholic thing: it’s a tradition beyond measure, with his Son Jesus Christ and with the Holy Spirit” (CCC no. 2565). that finds its roots in the Old Testament. “I turned It’s not just avoiding sweets. It’s glorifying God by growing in his Love. to the Lord God, to seek help, in prayer and peti- tion, with fasting, sackcloth, and ashes” (Daniel 9:3). When the ashes are placed on our foreheads Palm Sunday and Symbolism: in the sign of the Cross, it is a reminder of several Why are you carrying around tree branches? things. First, it is a call to repentance: a physical sign that we are sinners in need of forgiveness, Sometimes, one of the hardest things to which is how the prophets used it in the Old Testament. Second, it is to remind us explain as a Catholic is our attachment to that God created us from the earth and when we die, we will return to it. But here’s symbolism. Palm Sunday is a great example the best part: As Pope Benedict XVI has said, “Man is dust and to dust he shall of that. We come home from Mass holding return, but dust is precious in God’s eyes because God created man, destining him palm branches, and we tuck them behind a to immortality.” God so loves us that, even when our bodies return to the dust, our crucifix or next to the picture of the Last souls are meant to live forever with him. The ashes symbolize all of this. Supper. To anyone who does not know our Not so silly anymore, is it? faith, it looks as though we stuck a few weeds on the wall… imagine their questions! Abstinence: The truth behind this tradition, however, goes to the story of Palm Sunday, when the people heard that Christ was coming and So why aren’t you eating pepperoni pizza on Friday? “they took out palm branches and went out to meet him, and cried out ‘Hosanna! You love pepperoni pizza. You eat it all the time. Suddenly, you can’t have it on Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord, [even] the king of Israel.’” (John Fridays?! What could possibly be going on? It must be that Catholic thing, again. 12:13) . It was a tradition to spread palms before a king as he processed into his Absolutely! On Fridays during Lent, we particularly remember the sacrifice of Christ city. It was a way to welcome him, to show him glory and homage. Thus, Christ, the on the cross. In memory of this great sacrifice, we continue the tradition of penance true King, was welcomed into Jerusalem. This fulfilled the prophecy in the Old and sacrifice – abstaining from meat on Fridays is an outward manifestation of an Testament, which declared, “Behold: your king is coming to you, a just savior is he, interior reality: the conversion of our hearts. As Pope John Paul II has said, “In fact, humble and riding on a donkey.” (Zech. 9:9) It revealed that Christ was a great king, the external aspects of fasting, though important, do not convey the full measure of but also a humble king. The people greeted him with wild joy and cheers of Hosanna. the practice. Joined to the practice should be a sincere desire for inner purification, But one short week later, they crucified him. We celebrate this feast and carry palm readiness to obey the divine will and thoughtful solidarity with our brothers and sis- branches home with us to commemorate the great humility of Our Lord, who loved ters, especially the very poor.” Christ himself fasted and prayed in the desert. us so much that he chose the cross for our salvation. Through fasting and praying, we unite ourselves with the sacrifice of Christ and offer him reparation for our sins and failings. It’s a little thing to give him in the face of his Observing Good Friday vs. Opening Day: ultimate sacrifice, but what a grace that our God accepts and loves little gifts! So, why can’t you go to the baseball opener on Friday? External Sacrifice: In some years, Good Friday occurs on the same day major league baseball teams So why exactly are you not eating candy for the next month? have their”opening day” celebrations with games usually starting at 3:05 p.m.  While everyone else is heading to the stands, eager for hot dogs and home runs, all those This is a very popular penance during Lent, and the questions about it are just as Catholics are walking quietly towards churches.  Why??  Because at three o’clock on popular. Heaven forbid you should avoid the cake at the birthday party! You LOVE a Friday, on a hillside called Calvary, the Savior of the world took his last breath. All cake! But it’s Lent – a time for penance and sacrifice. Christ has said, “If anyone for love of us. “It was now about noon and darkness came over the whole land until wishes to come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and fol- three in the afternoon because of an eclipse of the sun. Then the veil of the temple low me” (Luke 9:23). Giving up something we enjoy strengthens our love for Christ was torn down the middle. Jesus cried out in a loud voice, “Father, into your hands I and our resilience against temptation. As Pope Benedict XVI said in his Lenten commend my spirit”; and when he had said this he breathed his last.” (Luke 23:44- address of 2009, “Through fasting and praying, we allow [Christ] to come and satisfy 46) At 3p.m. on Good Friday, we take the time to reflect on what Christ has done for the deepest hunger that we experience in the depths of our being: the hunger and us, not only by fasting, but also by the various devotions that our churches offer: ven- thirst for God.” It unites us with Christ’s own sacrifices and gives us a deeper appre- eration of the cross, the reading of the Passion and the Stations of the Cross. On ciation of the blessings in our lives.  Good Friday, we spend our afternoon walking with Christ to Calvary, immersed in his love and mercy… and that beats any baseball game, any time. Taken from USCCB website

9 The 75th Anniversary of St. Augustine’s College Archbishop Pinder’s remarks at the 75th Anniversary ceremony of St. Augustine’s College | January 29, 2020 Following are the remarks by His Grace Archbishop The first faculty at St. Augustine's were talented Patrick C. Pinder, STD, CMG, KC*HS on the occassion of Benedictine monks such as the famed mathematician, Fr. the Anniversary Ceremony marking the 75th Anniversary Magnus Weninger, OSB and talented musicians like Fr. of St. Augustine's College on January 29, 2020. Bartholomew Sayle, OSB all of whom were multitaskers, celebrating the Mass, building churches and schools and Dear Friends: it is a special pleasure for me to be performing acts of charity. There were laymen like Robert here for this celebration today. As leader of the Hanlon, who helped to expand the science programme. Roman Catholic community in The Bahamas and as an alumnus of St. Augustine's College, I stand firmly in Labouring in the same vein, were religious women. the tradition of the founders of this fine institution. This Eventually, Bahamians, like Fr. Bonaventure Dean, OSB school has produced a legacy that has continued to grow and Deacon Leviticus Adderley took the lead and contin- with the passage of the years. It has flourished in wit- ued the legacy of excellence. ness to the spiritual mission and social teaching of the Church. It has opened roads to knowledge, discovery and We must equally celebrate the graduates of Saint personal development for thousands of young men and Augustine's, whose personal achievements and contribu- women. It has prospered to help to build a nation and tions to building The Bahamas have brought honour to become a vital element of its democracy. the name of the institution. Today, we mark this 75th anniversary counting from Today, you who are students have important questions to January 4th of the year 1945, when Father Frederick Frey, answer and now is the time to choose the direction your of the Order of St. Benedict, the Order responsible for the life will take. What will you do to bring honour to those Catholic Mission in The Bahamas at the time, began a class for the whose vision and labour have academic uplift of thirty five given you the opportunity to grow young men. It was an act of and aspire to a better life and priestly mission, of God's grace even to greatness? and of human charity, which has yielded an amazing arithmetic. Will you become the scientists Over the past 75 years, thirty five who will contribute to stopping has multiplied into thousands. the advance of harmful climate Alumni of St. Augustine's College change, or one who will create have gone on to contribute valu- innovations in the world of algo- able knowledge, skills, accom- rithms? I know of a SAC graduate plishments and values in every who has become the senior vice area of Bahamian social and president in a giant international economic life. company because he excels at doing just that. We the alumni are priests, writ- for quality formal education were scarce in our country, You can too! ers, publishers, educators, physi- and even scarcer at the secondary level and beyond. cians, nurses, civil servants, While several schools offering higher levels of scholarship Will you lose valuable time in tex- entrepreneurs, musicians, attor- were built, they were open only to a select few. Many ting constantly, even when you neys, accountants, police offi- young Bahamians with fine minds met with an academic should be studying or otherwise cers, judges, parliamentarians, glass ceiling that limited their opportunities to develop doing something useful? Or will bankers, aviators, athletes and much, much more. Many their talents and advance in society. Then came religious you become an inventor of new and advanced communi- of this fraternity are counted among the country's lead- orders from abroad, such as the Sisters of Charity and cations technologies? ers, including the current Prime Minister, who is a med- the Order of St. Benedict, who made it a goal to improve ical doctor by profession. In fact, the graduates of this educational access for all Bahamians. Who among you will be the new medical researchers and school run the spectrum of vocations, professions and practitioners, whose discoveries and practices will halt occupations. Today, our celebration of this 75th anniversary must the progress of deadly diseases? Will you become educa- recall and praise the vision and mission of the founders tors to give new students the opportunities afforded you? Know today, however, that this glorious history begin long of such schools and those who continued and developed Will you join the forces of law and justice to uphold before 1945. Know also that it holds a precious message them. We must remember and give thanks for the dedi- human rights, to promote equality and bring greater for all who wish to live a life of meaning and quality. St. cation of all the teachers and administrators who commit- peace to our land and beyond? Who among you will inno- Augustine's College took practical form in 1945, but its ted selflessly to developing the knowledge and skills of vate to reduce the terrors of poverty and homelessness? roots lie deep in centuries of Christian heritage, Catholic others. doctrine and principles of the Benedictine Order of reli- Continued on page 11 gious men, a story well-told in the marvelous book titled, The Love of Learning and the Desire for God. Resting on this powerful foundation, your school was built to fill a pressing need. In the colonial days opportunities

10 Second Annual Catholic Schools Movin’ & Groovin’ Run Walk - a success Aquinas College student wins Bahamas Insurance Commission Essay Competition This newcomer to the Run Archbishop Patrick Pinder and Deacon Ricardo Walk calendar is fast becom- Demeritte, were among the participants at the ing a popular event. Held second annual Catholic Schools Movin’ and the first Saturday in February, the Groovin” Run Walk. Run/Walk culminates Catholic Schools Week. Catholic Schools Week is an annual celebration during which Catholic schools around the world engage in spe- cific, planned activities which focus on the value Catholic educa- tion provides to young people and its contributions to our church, our communities and our nation. The goals of the Run/Walk are to bring students, teachers, alumni and friends of Catholic schools together, promote healthy living among CBE families and to raise funds for Catholic education. Arianna Millsap, Grade 12, Aquinas College student, won the Bahamas Insurance Commission Essay Competition. Arianna was awarded $5,000.00 and a laptop.  Her win also resulted in Aquinas College receiving $1,000.00. Congratulations Arianna ! Archbishop Pinder’s remarks at the 75th Anniversary of St. Augustine’s College | January 29, 2020 Continued from page 10 world that works better, produces better products, a world Let us all build on the praiseworthy foundation of love, that enhances the abilities of every person, protects their resiliency and perseverance that the Benedictines and You can! rights and furthers their access to a decent quality of life. their successors established. Let us work, connect and collaborate more efficiently and effectively, adding passion God has endowed each of you with unique abilities, but I ask parents and teachers gathered here today never limit and commitment, to help those within our influence to the task is yours to work to discover, explore and perfect your child's self-worth or dreams or grand aspirations out realize their potential. them. Believe that there is nothing to stop you from of your own fears, doubts or anger. Even when it seems achieving the heights of human ability, the full extent of that you are dealing with what seems to be impossible, We can! which has not yet been discovered. speak possibility, speak hope. Ask yourselves how you wish to be remembered. We all must know and appreciate that the world is one. Students, whatever the present circumstances of your life You must see yourself as pioneers on the frontiers of a You are connected not only to your birth family and other and level of achievement, you can each become an agent brave new world, a world that is troubled by climate Bahamians, but also to fellow human beings everywhere. of beneficial change, striving for betterment until the Lord change, conflict and want, on the one hand. On the other Know too that what happens in other countries will even- returns to make the world anew. hand, appreciate and cherish the fact there is still much tually affect the quality of your life, whether to greater or beauty, much good and much opportunity in our world. lesser extent. It must therefore be our concern and our I take this opportunity to thank all of you, from administra- responsibility to play a role in making the world a better tors to alumni, who today contribute to the continuance of Consider the discoveries that are conquering or reducing place, starting with our homeland. this school. I thank you for your dedication and sacrifice, the devastation of terrible diseases. Just look at the new which will help the present and future generations to excel technologies expanding human knowledge and reach. I invite you to follow one of the fine precepts of the found- to the glory of God. Think of the ever-faster and more efficient and far-reach- ing fathers of this great school: \"... to ground teaching and ing modes of travel and communication. Imagine that learning in a commitment to God's presence in all truth May the Lord grant and perfect the next 75 years of St. your hand-held mobile phone or tablet has far greater and to ensure that connections between what one studies Augustine's College. computing power than those machines that used to fill an and how one lives are cultivated by all.\" entire room. There is a tendency in our country to spurn or even dis- To all of you gathered here, I invite you to reflect on this card history. This is a mistake. History can provide valu- challenge. With your passion, commitment and ability, able teaching on what is unprofitable, what works or what help others to realize their greatest potential and greatest needs to be fixed to make things better. I hope some of impulse to goodness. Make it your mission to create a you students will be historians, archivists and writers.

11 By Deacon William Fielding “Now two others, both criminals, were the criminal, but confirms for us what led away with Him to be executed.” Jesus knows, He will be welcomed into Good Friday. What images come to paradise by the Father, and we see that mind when we think of this day? - Luke, 23:32 Jesus has the authority to forgive sins Is it of a single cross on a hilltop and so welcome the faithful criminal into or is it of three crosses? Do we think of Photo Credit: Duccio di Buoninsegna (1255/1260 - 1318/19). Source: Wikimedia Commons heaven. the central cross being that of Our Lord’s and the others of two unnamed effectively saying, “He saved others, let One says, “Are You not the Christ? Save Deep down we all wish to be remem- “criminals”? him save Himself if He is the chosen yourself and us.” This is a request based bered after our death. But typically, this one, the Christ of God.” upon disbelief: “Are You not the Christ?” remembering is focused on a remem- As we will recall, crucifixion was a slow and it is a request that failed to grasp brance in this world. This criminal, this and painful death (lasting from 6 hours In echoing the cries of the crowd, the Jesus’ self-giving mission, as the crimi- sinner, reminds us that what is impor- to 4 days, according to some scholars) criminal makes a similar mistake about nal says: “Save Yourself and us.” The tant is that we are remembered by which the Romans imposed upon crimi- Jesus. Even after all the signs and won- criminal appears only to look to being Christ after our death. What is remark- nals as a deterrent to others who might ders they had witnessed, the sermons saved from death on the cross, a means able in the final moments of the crimi- wish to break their laws. We are told in focused on unlimited love of neighbour, to be let off, as it were. He had not nal’s life on earth is that he is looking Luke’s Gospel that Jesus was crucified the crowd expects Jesus to be as self- noticed that Jesus never used His power ahead to a time beyond this place, and alongside two criminals. To be called serving as their leaders throughout his- to benefit Himself, He only ever gives. In it is his “fear of God”, his knowledge of criminals, they would have been found tory and in the current time. They contrast, the other criminal offers a plea the Lord which, despite his sinful history, guilty of an offence by the Roman expected Him to save Himself; they which recognises the Kingship of Jesus, keeps him focused on what is to come. authorities. Unlike Jesus, whose trial failed to appreciate this was the very that He is the Messiah, that Jesus will He also recognises that it is the inno- was conducted in a questionable man- purpose which distinguishes Jesus from inherit a kingdom, even if the criminal cent Jesus who can give him a place in ner, the criminals appear to have been us. We are often self-centred, focused only has a hazy idea as to what this His Kingdom. convicted according to the criminal jus- on ourselves; we often seek to get in a means. He says, “Jesus, remember me tice system of the day (i.e., “justly”). As position to better promote our own self when You come into Your kingdom.” He Jesus’ reply to the criminal, “Amen, I say we read of the criminals, it was admitted interests. Jesus’ time on earth was to does not presume that Jesus will save to you, today you will be with Me in that they had been “condemned justly, give glory to His Father, to do His him or Himself from death, rather he Paradise,” is the response we all wish to for the sentence we received corre- Father’s will, as we heard in Christ’s looks beyond the cross, beyond his hear when we come to the hour of our sponds to our crimes, but this man great act of submission in the garden: death, to what happens after. The crimi- death, no matter what form our final [Jesus] has done nothing criminal.” But, “Father, if you are willing, take this cup nal believes that Jesus made promises cross may take. As sinners, we have irrespective of the path by which these away from Me; still, not My will but yours which are trustworthy and need no fur- much in common with the criminals and three men arrived to be crucified, all be done.” So it is clear that Jesus will ther confirmation. He believes that their reactions to Jesus reflect that of three of them faced one outcome: not help Himself, He will do only what Christ can forgive sins and, as a self- the world towards Jesus throughout his- death. the Father wishes. Yet that does not pre- confessed criminal, he had clearly com- tory - those who do and do not believe vent Jesus from being aware of those mitted sin of some sort. He is content to that Jesus is the Son of God. These dif- Death is an event which we all must around Him, even when He is hanging believe, as we say in our funeral rite, ferences are reflected by the way the face. Each Saint and sinner has had to on the cross. “Life is changed not ended” with death. two criminals approached their deaths. face death, and for each it is full of The criminal merely says, “Remember For those of us who do believe, it uncertainty. It is the gateway to the great Both criminals want to be spared but me”; just to be remembered by Jesus is changes how we approach death, unknown. It is unknown because we do they make two very different requests. sufficient. Jesus’ reply not only consoles despite its uncertainties. As we reflect not know what happens next, and of on the crucifixions of Good Friday, we course, we are anxious as to how we can only wonder at the unending self- shall be judged for our life on earth. giving of Christ and reflect on the prayer Shall we be exiled from the presence of of the penitent criminal, the so-called the Lord, or will we, after our purifica- first saint, “Jesus, remember me when tion, be welcomed and enjoy the Lord’s You come into Your kingdom.” presence? Sources: Kelly, M. (2019). Rediscover As the Good Friday crucifixions took the Saints. Blue Sparrow: North Palm place in Jerusalem during the major fes- Beach, FL. tival of Passover, we can expect that the two criminals were Jews. The fact that Martin, J. (2016). Seven last words. An one of the criminals tells us that Jesus invitation to a deeper friendship with did nothing wrong, suggests he knew at Jesus. HarperCollins: New York, NY. least that Jesus was not a criminal like himself. He may even have been aware Retief, F. P. & Cilliers, L. (2003). The his- of the events in Jerusalem leading up to tory and pathology of crucifixion. S Afr Jesus’ arrest and trial. The other crimi- Med J. 93(12):938-41. nal also knew who Christ claimed to be as he says, “Are you not the Christ? Save yourself and us.” In saying this, this criminal is daring Christ, testing Christ, to prove to him who He is. He himself does not believe that Jesus is the Christ. Rather, like the crowd standing by, he is

ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHDIOCESE OF NASSAU CITY-WIDE LEN EN MISSION THEME: “Called to be Missionary Disciples” Nassau: March 2 - 6, 2020 Loyola Hall, Gladstone Road 7:00 p.m. nightly FREEPORT: March 8 -11, 2020 Mary, Star of The Sea Church, 7:00 p.m. nightly MISSION PREACHER: The Most Rev. Charles Palmer-Buckle, Archbishop of Cape Coast, Ghana SHORT BIO: Most Rev. Palmer-Buckle was born on June 15,1950 in Axim, Western Region. He is 67 years old and was ordained a priest on December 12, 1976, in Accra. He was appointed as Bishop of Koforidua on July 6, 1992, consecrated on January 6, 1993, and appointed as an Archbishop of Accra on May 28, 2005, the second Ghanaian to be elevated to that position.

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